A pair of best friends strive to become famous skateboarders. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

There's No Business Like Bro Business (1) 03x25
Accidental Hero 03x24
After Zeke wins Yolo County's athlete of the year award, Luther feels he is living in Zeke's shadow. When Zeke performs another amazing act by rescuing a lost baby, he lets Luther take the credit.
Kojo Loses His Mojo 03x23
Zeke and Kojo compete in a crosstown skate race. Meanwhile, Luther accidentally breaks a chandelier while house-sitting.
Inside Luther's Brain 03x22
Zeke and Luther try to improve their grades so they won't lose their skateboarding sponsorship.
Skate or Swim 03x21
Skate Video Awards 03x20
Zeke and Luther enter a skate-video contest and are entrusted with a corporate credit card to produce their video, but they get carried away and quickly max out the card by buying expensive props and building elaborate sets.
The Gingernator 03x19
Zeke uses a behavior-modification chip to transform Ginger's personality so she will stop playing pranks on him.
Bro'd Trip 03x18
Zeke and Luther compete in an international skateboarding tournament and Zeke faces the reigning champion.
Lie Hard 03x17
Zeke and Luther lie about their families and are then adopted by foster parents from another country.
Bro, Where's Our Car? 03x16
Zeke and Luther are given a new company car and plan to use it to impress a couple of girls, but things quickly go awry.

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