Zakon i Poryadok. Otdel operativnykh rassledovaniy - the Russian version of the world famous American series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A special department investigates sex crimes. A team of specialists, consisting of two pairs of detectives, their chief and a prosecutor brilliantly reveal the most intricate and complex cases. The work on the show involves a forensic expert, who, in addition to advising in the adaptation of scenarios on technical issues, is also directly involved on the set as one of the episodic characters. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Расправа (Reprisal) 04x24
In the district school shooting occurs, resulting in several wounded students. One of the students - Denis Pogoreltsev - tells investigators that the home of a classmate Bory Skvortsov saw the gun. When it appears that Skvortsova - an airtight alibi, the experts are on the next roof shotgun. No doubt remains: all the shots were fired from this weapon ...
Наследник (Successor) 04x23
At the supermarket, underground car park was an audacious young businesswoman Krutin rape. After reviewing the criminal file, the investigators concluded that the similarity of the handwriting of a crime with a well-known handwriting of serial killer, nicknamed the Flying Dutchman. Despite the fact that the Dutch have long hid, Gray decided to develop this version ...
Кровавый след (Bloody Trail) 04x22
Downtown brutally murdered a young pregnant girl. Found the corpse of Major Trokhin convinced that the victim was a prostitute, and the nature of the crime like writing a long time is in search of a serial killer. But experts have refuted this version. After analyzing the lists of missing persons, establishes the identity of the deceased Bobrov. She is a young medical school student Tamara Nechaev, who worked in a drug treatment clinic ...
15 минут славы (15 Minutes of Mame) 04x21
At the request of his daughter Masha Pankratov begin the search for an unknown attacker, who raped her classmate Faith Kuzin, in broad daylight at the station. He manages to get out and find witnesses to the operative, who first arrived on the scene, but none of them saw the faces of the assailant, hidden under a mask. Meanwhile, there are two more similar attacks. The victims - a famous socialite and a student ...
Идеальный план (Perfect Plan) 04x20
In his apartment was raped and killed an employee of Victoria Realtor Kozyrev. After talking with her colleagues, the investigators discover that the victim was preparing for a wedding with some Roman Dobrovolsky. Marianne friend Vicki argues that the deceased had a secret passion - it incognito striptease in night clubs. Suspicion falls on one of her admirers, doggedly pursued the girl. However, and Dobrovolsky, and Timur - alibi ...
Истина превыше всего (Truth is above all) 04x19
The family lawyer Oleg Rumyantsev was attacked. Waking up after the bounce, the lawyer saw the terrible scene, his wife was killed and her daughter had disappeared. Investigators were able to find out that the girl is hiding at his friend Vanya Matveeva, with whom she strictly forbade parents to meet ...
Последний миг счастья (The last moment of happiness) 04x18
Known TV presenter, was brutally raped. As one of the identikit assailant identified the spectators of a young man - Sergei Markin. In his apartment, investigators found numerous photos and female ritual accessories, confirming the hypothesis of its possible involvement in the crime. But whether he is guilty? ..
Страх (Fear) 04x17
Rising star movie Alice Karetnikau found on the site. The girl had been raped. Girl's stepfather initially flatly refused to cooperate with the investigation, but at some point changed his attitude. According to the victim, dragged her to the construction guys are strangers, whom she accidentally met on the street, but from conversations with her classmates, investigators learned that the girl is someone covers ...
Девушка-оборотень (The girl werewolf) 04x16
The park is found murdered and raped schoolgirl Angelica Volodin. According to the testimony of parents, she had to spend the night with girlfriend Katie, but she denies the existence of such an agreement. Suspicion falls on Angelica's friend Sergei, whom she has changed with the musician Igor, but both guys - a solid alibi ...
Тени прошлого (Shadows of the Past) 04x15
Group Gray investigates the reasons for the systematic beating Ksenia Malygina. The girl's mother accuses her ex-husband in all of David Akopyan, he is confident that his daughter was the victim of his stepfather, Igor. Alternately interrogating the two men, Bobrov and Pankratov realize that they each had their own reasons for committing a crime ...

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