This high stakes series captures the physical and emotional struggles four sets of gold miners face as they chase their individual goals over the 16-week Yukon gold mining season. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Winter's Grasp 05x08
The Razor's Edge 05x07
PJ & Andy's main investor gives them an ultimatum, Chris discovers a clue that could lead to a huge payout, and Ed & Riley's season might end early.
The Cost of Gold 05x06
Big Al's plans are hurt by no-show staff, PJ's wife questions if mining is worth it for their family, and Ed & Riley hit their stride - til they run out of fuel.
No Backing Down 05x05
A desperate Big Al pushes Hiro to the limit, Chris looks for big gear to salvage his season, while PJ & Andy's camp has a mini-revolt.
Hard Lessons 05x04
Chris risks his season on a new cut, Andy struggles to manage the mine on his own while Ed and Riley go hunting.
The Hiro Curse 05x03
Works grinds to a halt for Big Al when Hiro's Curse returns, while unstable ground shuts Chris down, and Riley clashes with Ed's father-in-law.
Bloodied, Not Beaten 05x02
Big Al's health takes a hit, Chris struggles with a rookie mine hand while PJ & Andy battle floods and breakdowns.
Strike While the Iron is Hot 05x01
A new season starts with a bang for Chris & Nika, but Big Al has devastating setback and two new camps fight weather & bad mountain roads.
Grits, Guts & Glory 04x11
This special episode tells the story of what it takes to be a Yukon Gold miner by featuring the most emotionally dramatic and explosive content from four seasons of Yukon Gold. The special explores the themes Grits, Guts and Glory to reveal the true character of Yukon gold miners, including fan favourites Big Al McGregor, Nika Guilbault and Chris St. Jean.
Race to the Finish 04x10
Big Al puts his health on the line to break even; Nika's brother surprises Chris with a sudden decision; Ken & Guillaume dig deep for one final pay day; and Karl fights water & time as he tries to top his 1,000 oz. goal.

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