Young Justice is an animated series about a squad of teenage superheroes from the DC Comics universe. Three years after Young Justice was cancelled by Cartoon Network, the cult action-animated series came back on DC Universe. Add to my shows

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Early Warning 03x18
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season 3

First Impression 03x17
Beast Boy forms his own team of "Outsiders" to restore faith in metas, and on their first mission battle rogue Reach war bugs threatening a small town in Maine.
Illusion of Control 03x16
The heroes gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Vertigo plots to abduct his niece Perdita... but all is not as it seems.
Leverage 03x15
Tigress leads a team to Russia to find out about the Russian's Rocket Red Brigade, and runs afoul of the Suicide Squad.
Influence 03x14
A League team follows a trail of stolen rare metals to a mysterious asteroid base. On Earth, Lex Luthor and Gretchen take steps to promote Goode World Studios, and the League welcome the Outsiders onto their covert team.
True Heroes 03x13
Nightwing leads one of several raids on a meta-trafficiking depot, and the team finds Brion's sister Tara there. In Happy Harbor, Father Box takes control of Victor and Violet is unable to stop him because of her recent influx of emotions.
Nightmare Monkeys 03x12
Gar tests Perdita's Goode Goggles and enters a nightmare mental realm where he has to watch everyone he knows die again. In Happy Harbor, the team learns more about Victor while Megan wonders if she and Conner will ever have any time alone.
Another Freak 03x11
Violet and Forager make a new friend on their first day at Happy Harbor High School, but Violet's powers draw her to STAR Labs, where Victor Stone is undergoing a startling transformation.
Exceptional Human Beings 03x10
While Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho infiltrate Santa Prisca, Nightwing continues training the Outsiders while Victor Stone plays a championship football game and Jade pays her a daughter a visit.
Home Fires 03x09
While an unseen villain prepares to strike at the spouses and children of the superheroes, a mysterious client hires Lobo to go after one of the Outsiders.
Triptych 03x08
Teams of superheroes take on three groups of villains to take down a new group involved in meta-trafficiking.
Evolution 03x07
While Vandal Savage battles an alien armada, his daughter Cassandra reminisces about his long history as the protector of Earth. Meanwhile, Dick, Conner, and Artemis train the new Outsiders.
Rescue Op 03x06
Dick learns that Brion's missing sister Tara may be a member of the League of Shadows, and Brion and his team of "Outsiders" travel to Infinity Island to confront Ra's al Ghul and rescue Tara.
Away Mission 03x05
Miss Martian leads a team to New Genesis, while Dick and the others test Brion and Halo's powers.
Private Security 03x04
After Dick's team brings the Markovians back to the States, they try to figure out what to do with them. Zatanna has a reunion with her father, and Dick teams up with the Harpers to do Will a favor in return for some help... and advice.
Eminent Threat 03x03
After the team frees Brion, he goes to confront Frederick. Meanwhile, Vertigo, Plasmus, and Ecks take on the team and Halo-Girl.
Royal We 03x02
Dick, Artemis, Jeff, and Conner infiltrate Markovia to bring down the Bedlam meta-trafficking operation. However, they soon discover that there's more going on then they expected, and Conner is taken prisoner.
Princes All 03x01
Batman resigns from the Justice League after a series of metahuman trafficking incidents, and Dick Grayson brings together a group of his former teammates for a one-time mission into Markovia to strike at the meta-traffickers.

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