Young Justice is an animated series about a squad of teenage superheroes from the DC Comics universe. Three years after Young Justice was cancelled by Cartoon Network, the cult action-animated series came back on DC Universe. Add to my shows

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Early Warning 03x18
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season 2

Endgame 02x20
Young Justice takes on The Reach in final battle and discovers that victory may cost them everything.
Summit 02x19
The villains allied with The Light hold a meeting to determine the fate of Earth.
Intervention 02x18
The team attempts to free Blue Beetle from The Reach's control and avert Impulse's prophecy
The Hunt 02x17
Lex Luthor sends his new team of super-powered teenagers on a mission... to rescue Young Justice.
Complications 02x16
While Cheshire and Sportsmaster hunt down Aqualad to take revenge for Artemis' death, Black Manta gives his prisoner, Miss Martian, 24 hours to live.
War 02x15
An intergalactic conqueror comes to Earth with plans to take the planet for his own.
Runaways 02x14
When The Reach's teenage experimental subjects take off on their own, Nightwing sends Blue Beetle after them. Jaime catches up to them but soon has to deal with a marauding android, Red Volcano, and the teenagers help him out.
The Fix 02x13
To save his son, Black Manta sends Artemis to abduct Miss Martian and repair the mental damage that she did to Aqualad. Meanwhile, Young Justice tests their new ally, Green Beetle, and Lagoon Boy and Superboy learn the truth about the undercover operation.
True Colors 02x12
Blue Beetle's enemy, The Reach, join forces with LexCorp and Robin takes a team undercover to investigate the new alliance.
Cornered 02x11
An alien gladiator traps Young Justice in the Hall of Justice for a winner-take-all combat.
Before the Dawn 02x10
Blue Beetle and Miss Martian go on a mission to help their teammates and discover something unexpected.
Darkest 02x09
Black Manta sends his son on a mission and Aqualad finds himself torn between his undercover mission and his friends.
Satisfaction 02x08
Roy Harper goes after the man responsible for keeping him imprisoned for eight years and making a clone for him.
Depths 02x07
A former Young Justice member returns to the team to help defend a satellite launch against enemy attack.
Bloodlines 02x06
A traveler from the future visits Young Justice but may not be who he claims. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire go on a quest to find Roy Harper.
Beneath 02x05
The female members of Young Justice travel to Bialya on a reconnaissance mission, while Blue Beetle tries to help a friend.
Salvage 02x04
Superboy and the Blue Beetle go on a mission against Intergang, while Nightwing tries to help a former teammate.
Alienated 02x03
The Kroloteans receive help from an unexpected source as Young Justice and the Justice League try to stop the invasion.
Earthlings 02x02
Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy team up with Adam Strange to travel to the planet Rann and stop the source of the alien invasion.
Happy New Year 02x01
The intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo arrives on Earth and fights Young Justice... but his arrival is only the prelude to a greater threat.

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