Young Justice is an animated series about a squad of teenage superheroes from the DC Comics universe. Three years after Young Justice was cancelled by Cartoon Network, the cult action-animated series came back on DC Universe. Add to my shows

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Terminus 03x23
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Antisocial Pathologies 03x22
Secrets come out as Jefferson pieces together the secret conspiracy that has manipulated the League and the Outsiders. Helga takes Violet and the Markovs to Ultra-Humanite so that he can fulfill his side of their bargain, but Gretchen has other plans.
Unknown Factors 03x21
While Karen gives birth and makes a decision about her child, Aquaman and Wyynde break into Gretchen's home after Dick and Jefferson disappear during a recon mission.
Quiet Conversations 03x20
Violet goes to see Gabrielle's mother; Connor, Forager, and Jefferson look for a cure for Victor's condition; Aquaman takes the meta teen A-Four-One to Posiedonis; and Megan talks with a rebellious Harper.
Elder Wisdom 03x19
Lex Luthor tries to undermine the Outsiders, but his fellow Light members have something to say about his plans. The parents of El Dorado, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash object to their children putting their lives at risk and ground them.
Early Warning 03x18
The Outsiders travel to Cuba to stop Klarion the Witch Boy, who is representing the Light and tormenting captive meta teens. Meanwhile, Helga tells Violet some bad news.
First Impression 03x17
Beast Boy forms his own team of "Outsiders" to restore faith in metas, and on their first mission battle rogue Reach war bugs threatening a small town in Maine.
Illusion of Control 03x16
The heroes gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Vertigo plots to abduct his niece Perdita... but all is not as it seems.
Leverage 03x15
Tigress leads a team to Russia to find out about the Russian's Rocket Red Brigade, and runs afoul of the Suicide Squad.
Influence 03x14
A League team follows a trail of stolen rare metals to a mysterious asteroid base. On Earth, Lex Luthor and Gretchen take steps to promote Goode World Studios, and the League welcome the Outsiders onto their covert team.
True Heroes 03x13
Nightwing leads one of several raids on a meta-trafficiking depot, and the team finds Brion's sister Tara there. In Happy Harbor, Father Box takes control of Victor and Violet is unable to stop him because of her recent influx of emotions.

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