Welcome to the You Can't Do That on Television guide at TvRage This was a sketch comedy show for young adults that was very popular in the 1980s. It started in 1979 as a (partially) live, local show in Ottawa, Canada, with comedy, music videos (or musical guests), and local, phone in-contests. After two seasons (the latter of which was later edited into the new format when shown nationally and internationally), the show's format changed to a half hour sketch comedy. It retained this format for the rest of it's 11 year run. This show had a huge impact. It was picked up in 1981 by the fledgeling US network Nickelodeon, which had only gone national a year earlier. This was the network's first big show and made the network what it is today. YCDTOTV became one of the most popular kids shows of the decade and featured a rotating cast of very talented actors and actresses. It was a very funny program that featured alot of humor that was not only aimed at kids, but at adults as well. The show gave us many great catch phrases, and memorable characters as Barth, Senator Prevert, Snake Eyes, El Capitan, and Ross. Also came the mysterious green slime that was dropped on anyone who said "I don't know" and the water that was dropped on anyone who said "water." YCDTOTV Broadcast History: 1979-1981 - CJOH TV, Ottawa, Ontario 1981-1990 - CTV (in Canada), Nickelodeon (in USA) YCDTOTV Re-Run History: In Canada, the YTV kids network aired reruns throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. In the USA, Nickelodeon continued to air reruns of YCDTOTV until January 23, 1994. It has not been aired in the USA since then, except for 3 episodes that aired as part of Nick's 20th anniversary marathon. You Can't Do That on Television conventions: 2002- SlimeCon. Featured cast reunion, a prop/costume/set museum, a marathon of great episodes, a tour of CJOH studios, and tours of the sites around Ottawa used in YCDTOTV. These bus tours were led by some of the cast members themselves. There were also games and a raffle to be slimed on stage. Episodes: 143 color episodes, 1 video release, 1 reunion episode Production Company: CJOH-tv, Carleton Productions Spin Offs: Whatever Turns You On Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Inventions 10x06
To improve the cast and add a new edge to the show, Ross buys a robot to use as a cast member.
Privileges 10x05
Ross gets angry and revokes the cast's phone and ball-playing privileges.
Learning 10x04
The cast tries to do an educational episode.
Secrets 10x03
All the show's secrets are uncovered. Ted finally finds the secret ingredient to the green slime.
Blame 10x02
The cast is very upset that kids get blamed for everything.
Goods 10x01
Embarrassment 09x25
Ross, in an effort to embarrass the cast, has their parents come to the studio.
Generosity 09x24
In order to get him slimed, Chris lets Patrick do the introduction. The make-up lady makes Stephanie look like a senior citizen. When the boom mike breaks, Ross makes Christian hang from the ceiling to operate the mike.
Smoking 09x23
The cast begins to think that green slime is made from the mucus from the lungs of smokers.
Sports 09x22
Ross goes sports crazy. He makes Chris use the eternal flame to light the gas grill, causing him to blow up, he uses special effects to give Carlos athletes foot, and he uses a "Test Your Strength" machine to scam the cast out of money.

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