Continuing the struggle of Minster Jim Hacker to actually get something done in Whitehall politics, Yes, Prime Minister saw Jim achieve every politician's dream and slide up the greasy pole, right to the door of Number 10. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Tangled Web 02x08
Hacker has committed the ultimate political sin - lying to the House. Humphrey feels he has a moral responsibility to tell the truth, unless Hacker can employ some gentle persuasion.
The National Education Service 02x07
The education system is a disaster. Jim could always axe the Department of Education. But what would Sir Humphrey say?
The Patron of the Arts 02x06
The PM is to speak at the televised British Theatre Awards Dinner. Unfortunately, the Arts Council grant was less than generous and the Director of the National Theatre is introducing Hacker's speech.
Power to the People 02x05
Hacker is having problems with local government, especially a member of Houndsworth Council, who wants to abolish parliament, the courts and the monarchy. Is it time for Hacker's Reform Bill?
A Conflict of Interest 02x04
As rumours spread of a scandal in the City, Sir Humphrey knows that the only way to avoid disaster depends on the new Governor of the Bank of England. But will the PM appoint the right man?
A Diplomatic Incident 02x03
The sudden death of the former PM gives Hacker an opportunity to host a state occasion and to make sure his predecessor is dead.
Official Secrets 02x02
When the former PM's memoirs have to be scrutinised for security reasons, Jim receives a chapter that makes him look bad.
Man Overboard 02x01
The PM is in favour of the plan to create civilian jobs by moving servicemen north, until Sir Humphrey hints that the Employment Secretary is plotting against him.
One of Us 01x08
Jim's sliding down the nation's popularity polls. It takes a spy, a sheepdog and an expensive army operation to improve his standing.
The Bishop's Gambit 01x07
Sir Humphrey wants the PM to appoint an old friend to the post of Bishop of Bury St Edmunds. But Hacker's got a nurse in a Middle East prison to sort out first.

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