A political satire set in the office of cabinet minister Jim Hacker in Whitehall. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Middle Class Rip Off 03x07
Jim and Sir Humphrey clash over those pillars of British culture: art and football.
The Whiskey Priest 03x06
Jim faces opposition from all sides when he tries to expose a munitions deal.
The Bed Of Nails 03x05
Jim takes on an unpopular role.
The Moral Dimension 03x04
Jim's plans to expose bribery are cancelled when Bernard manages to get a valuable vase under-valued, because Mrs Hacker has her eye on it.
The Skeleton in the Closet 03x03
Humphrey's past returns to haunt him.
The Challenge 03x02
Jim's efforts to make local authorities financially accountable are thwarted by an interview with Ludovic Kennedy.
Equal Opportunities 03x01
Jim attempts to instigate a policy of sexual equality in Whitehall, much to Sir Humphrey's disapproval.
A Question of Loyalty 02x07
Jim's loyalty to his department is put to the test.
The Quality of Life 02x06
Jim's eco-friendly policies are compromised when plans are hatched to turn a city farm into a Civil Service car park.
The Devil You Know 02x05
The date of a cabinet re-shuffle coincides with Jim's appointment in Brussels.

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