"The X-MEN" reunite when a fellow teammate is killed. Charles Xavier calls the team to Japan to investigate the kidnapping of Hisako Ichiki (Armor). Once there, they are confronted by "U-Men", a cult that is determined to steal mutant organs and implant them so they are able to produce an army. With the army, they plan to take over the world. The X-Men fight to restore balance and stop the evil cult. Created by Stan Lee, the series ran from 2011 to 2012. With the collaboration of G4 and Marvel, the series failed to captivate audiences and was cancelled after airing 1 season of 12 episodes. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Destiny 01x12
Professor X summons the X-Men to protect humanity as the world is on the brink of destruction.
Revenge 01x11
Marsh traps Emma Frost, Hisako and Yui; Neuron subdues Wolverine and Beast; Hisako reflects on a mutant who went into hiding.
Countdown 01x10
The X-Men best Hedgehog and follow Marsh and Mastermind deeper into Yui's laboratory.
Revelations 01x09
Yui's experimental drug fails to stop the mutant gene from awakening.
Lost 01x08
The X-Men battle a giant monster that turns out to be a transformed research assistant.
Betrayal 01x07
An unknown foe rises as Wolverine, Storm and Beast investigate the Blackbird.
Conflict 01x06
The X-Men return to Japan to probe the site where mysterious secondary mutations have occurred.
Power 01x05
Emma Frost joins the X-Men; Hisako begins training; Professor X probes Emma Frost's mind to explore her past.
Transformation 01x04
Professor X runs tests on Emma Frost out of concern for her safety after learning that the mutants that were captured by the U-Men are forming secondary powers.
Armor, Part 2 of 2 01x03
A deadly U-Men member confronts the X-Men and uses his data on their abilities against them.

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