This reality was about tenants that were either being evicted for non payment and or violating their lease. Now there were some episodes were people had been living on properties that they probably shouldn't have per legal provisions. Also there was a run of episodes were folk had pets of all kinds and either they complied with the pet policy of their lease or they were given a notice to vacate. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Full Moon Fever 02x10
Hot Rods 02x09
A billionaire races his cars on a private track; Todd and Rick are electrocuted in a booby-trapped house; an heiress has a collection of unauthorized dogs.
Naughty Nana 02x08
Haulin' A$$ 02x07
Fashionably Stupid 02x06
Todd and Rick take a beating for trying to remove a dead tree; a photographer risks burning down a church; an S&M dungeon in a pilot's apartment.
Rocketfish 02x05
Burning Man 02x04
Runaway RV 02x03
Todd and Rick investigate a report of public indecency; a runaway RV almost runs the guys over.
Motel California 02x02
Held at Gunpoint 02x01
A tenant is saved from carbon monoxide poisoning; Rick finds decomposing bodies in a funeral home.

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