This unscripted series details the weighty dramas and conflicts at an elite Beverly Hills gym owned and run by Jackie Warner. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Results Are In 03x09
Jackie and Brianna discuss their relationship. Greg and Renessa give Rebecca comfort after her romance fails. The clients participate in the final boot camp. Finally, Jackie and Co. celebrate the release of their workout DVD.
Make it Work...Out 03x08
Jackie is under pressure to choose four trainers for her new DVD. After auditions and repetitive shoots for the DVD, the trainers find themselves emotionally and physically drained.
Mom vs. Mom 03x07
The stress level rises as Jackie's mother arrives from Ohio and meets her daughter's lover for the first time. To make things more difficult, Brianna's family has also arrived. Meanwhile, Jackie consults her therapist to ease her emotional strain, Jesse's sister comes for a visit, Greg plays a gig, and Lisa gets liposuction.
Get Nasty 03x06
The end of their grueling fitness retreat finds the trainers celebrating at a bar, where a pair of trainers find themselves attracted to each other. Back in L.A., Peeler's life takes a downward spiral, while JD finds a common bond with a client, and Jackie and the crew attend a fund raising event.
No Pain, No Gain 03x05
Jackie brings her trainers and the SkyLab clients to a weekend retreat in Northern California, where a clients chain smoking habit becomes a weighty issue. Meanwhile, Renessa has eyes for another trainer, and group therapy sees emotions run high.
Hit the Wall 03x04
Jackie and Brianna hope they can keep the cruise romance going now that it is over. Two Sky Lab clients have problems pop up. Jackie has talks with the producer for fitness DVDs. Greg and Erika work together on a steamy photo shoot, and tensions arise between Jackie and Peeler.
In The Mud 03x03
While aboard the lesbian cruise, Jackie and the female trainers partake in the poolside activities. Meanwhile, the male trainers compete in a 6 mile obstacle course in the mud. Also, Renessa has eyes for Jackie, and Peeler finds out why Jackie dislikes him.
Sky-Lab 2.0 03x02
Jackie works on an elite fitness camp for plus size clients known as SkyLab. The trainers all join an all lesbian cruise, but all is not well when Jackie leaves Brianna out of the trip. Rebecca and Erica's boot camp aboard the ship is interfered by Jackie when she offers her own instructions.
Hard Body...Thin Skin 03x01
Rebecca becomes jealous when learning that Jackie Warner has a new girlfriend. Jackie has also hired on four new trainers, JD, Agostina, Greg and Renessa. Elsewhere, when Peeler is shunned from a fund raiser meeting, it starts a clash with Jackie, and Greg is chosen for the cover picture on a fitness magazine.
Workout for Life 02x08
Jackie returns to L.A. to the trainers to help them grieve Doug's loss. The trainers and Jackie have a private memorial to remember Doug. Jackie's business really takes an upswing. Jackie signs the papers for her Sonoma County location for future Skylab. Jackie's test clothing line finally appears in stores across the country. The Skylab clients' "afters" are revealed as we see how their experience has changed them inside and out. Skylab client, Star magazine reporter Meaghan Murphy, gets fitted for her Oscar dress. Jackie hosts a special gathering for the trainers, the clients, and friends.

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