From the producer of Angel and Firefly comes Wonderfalls. Although a recent graduate of Brown University, Jaye Tyler decides to ignore her degree, live in a trailer and work at a tourist gift shop in Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls—-much to the despair of her well-to-do family. But Jaye's aimless life takes a startling turn after a lion figurine begins talking to her. Her family calls it an "episode," but Jaye knows better.Fearing for her sanity, Jaye nevertheless starts doing exactly what an increasing number of inanimate objects tell her to do and is amazed when her outrageous actions begin changing people's lives in unexpected ways. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Caged Bird 01x13
Jaye has one last chance to reveal her true feelings to Eric before he leaves town with Heidi, but a dangerous hostage situation at the Wonderfalls store complicates her plans.
Totem Mole 01x12
After visiting the Satsuma Reservation, Jaye tries to help Bill Hooton follow in his grandmother's footsteps as spiritual leader of the tribe – but all the signs suggest that Jaye is the real seer. Meanwhile, Sharon has an unpleasant encounter with former law school rival Diana Littlefoot, and Mahandra tries to verify her own Satsuma heritage so that she can qualify for a grant to pay off her student loans.
Cocktail Bunny 01x11
Heidi announces that she and Eric are returning to New Jersey. Jaye begins spying on Heidi after a brass monkey warns that "she's going to kill him."
Lying Pig 01x10
Heidi appears to suffer a case of amnesia after Jaye accidentally hits her on the head with a television set, and claims that she can't remember her infidelity. Jaye admits to Aaron that inanimate objects have been speaking to her, and tries to decide whether to tell Eric about her feelings for him. Jaye's mother goes out to dinner at the Barrel with a handsome doctor.
Safety Canary 01x09
Jaye inadvertently causes zookeeper Penelope to lose her job, and tries to make amends by helping her to get a couple of endangered macaws to mate. Turns out mating is on everyone else's mind too, as Sharon works to win over Beth and Aaron flirts with Mahandra. Jaye is floored when Eric's unfaithful wife Heidi re-enters his life.
Muffin Buffalo 01x08
Jaye tries to help out neighbour Fat Pat, who's been secluded in his trailer as he struggles to lose weight. But things go awry when Pat mistakes her friendship for romantic interest. Meanwhile, Aaron talks to psychiatrist Dr. Ron about Jaye's conversations with inanimate objects.
Lovesick Ass 01x07
Jaye's growing attraction to Eric is complicated by the fact that he's still married. However, her romantic problems seem to pale in comparison when she meets Katya, a young Russian woman who has come to Niagara Falls to marry the man she met online, only to discover that he's really a 13-year-old boy.
Barrel Bear 01x06
A barrel bear at the gift shop steers Jaye toward Millie Marcus, the first American woman to successfully plunge over the falls in a barrel. Jaye arranges for her to speak at a charity fundraiser, but gets a shock when another elderly woman shows up and accuses Millie of stealing her life.
Crime Dog 01x05
When the Tyler family's Canadian housekeeper Yvette is deported, a cow creamer sends Jaye across the border to retrieve her. Aaron, who accompanies Jaye on her strange mission, is increasingly suspicious of his sister's behaviour, and demands to know why she's conversing with inanimate objects.
Pink Flamingos 01x04
Jaye ignores the advice of some talking lawn flamingos, inadvertently causing a car accident that injures her father. Guilt-stricken, she agrees to help former high school nemesis Gretchen Speck organize a class reunion – until a ceramic rooster hairpin instructs her to "destroy Gretchen."

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