A colorful spin on Charles Moulton's comic about the Amazon goddess battling evil during World War II and later, in more recent times, against new enemies. The change came after the series jumped from ABC to CBS, with the heroine joining a covert military agency. Wonder Woman began as two TV-movies (the first in 1974 with Cathy Lee Crosby) and several specials before finding a regular prime-time home in late 1976. Debra Winger appeared occasionally as Drusilla, Wonder Woman's kid sister. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Phantom of the Roller Coaster (2) 03x24
Leon begs his disfigured twin (Jared Martin in dual roles) to release the orphan (Ike Eisenmann) he has befriended.
Phantom of the Roller Coaster (1) 03x23
A man peddling U.S. secrets abroad wants to use an amusement park as a base, but the owner (Jared Martin) won't sell.
The Man Who Could Not Die 03x22
A scientist develops an injection that makes animals super-strong and invulnerable, then tries the formula on a human (Bob Seagren).
The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (2) 03x21
Diana discovers the invading aliens are taking over human bodies to allow them to capture an evil, criminal being.
The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (1) 03x20
A boy from a town where aliens are taking over everyone sees Diana change herself into Wonder Woman.
The Girl with a Gift for Disaster 03x19
A thief plans to use a jinxed girl in his plot to steal priceless historical documents.
A Date with Doomsday 03x18
A thief wearing another man's face steals a vial containing a deadly virus that could destroy millions of people.
The Richest Man in the World 03x17
An international incident looms after thieves kidnap a wealthy man and steal a missile-guidance system he sold to a foreign power.
Amazon Hot Wax 03x16
Diana poses as a singer to expose an extortion ring in the record business.
The Starships Are Coming 03x15
A fanatic plans to start a nuclear war by using his own television station to simulate attacks by alien spaceships.

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