Brash, arrogant Park Mu-Yeol is the star player of the pro baseball team Red Dreamers, renowned for both his skill and his bad temper. Stubborn bodyguard-by-trade Yoo Eun-Jae hates him; she's a lifelong fan of the Blue Seagulls, the Red Dreamers' rival team. The two mortal enemies are suddenly thrown together by fate.A chance meeting during a drunken night of karaoke leads to a scuffle, which former judo athlete Eun-Jae easily wins, flipping Mu-Yeol on his back. The fight was captured on video however and soon erupts into a huge scandal, with Mu-Yeol's reputation and Eun-Jae's career as a bodyguard at stake. To fix things, their respective employers agree to assign Eun-Jae to act as Mu-Yeol's bodyguard. The mismatched pair are now around each other round the clock, and in the midst of constant battling and working to find each other's weak spots, they find out more about each other than they realized. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Uncaught Third Strike 01x16
Fielder's Choice 01x15
Sacrifice Fly 01x14
Very Close Tag Up 01x13
Appeal Play 01x12
The Losing Pitcher 01x11
Yogi Berra's Silence 01x10
Texas Hit 01x09
The Pickoff 01x08
Interim Backup Play 01x07

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