Wicked Tuna follows a group of salty fishermen from the nation's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they make their living the way it's been done for centuries - rod and reel fishing, one catch at a time - all in pursuit of the bluefin tuna. One "monstah" bluefin can be worth more than $20,000, and with that kind of money on the line, every captain is fighting to be the best in the fleet. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Keep The Tradition Alive 10x01
Luck on the Line 09x17
All About Paul 09x16
All Out of Tomorrows 09x15
The fleet battles extreme weather, monster bluefin and uncertain profits as the captains fight to land their last catches — and the No. 1 spot. 
Brawlin For Bluefin 09x14
As the captains fight for what could be their last bluefin, the battle between the Pinwheel and the Kraken turns into an all-out war. 
Crunch Time 09x13
As the bluefin quota quickly diminishes, the competition hits its fiercest point yet. With the time left in the season ticking down, the captains are tested — who can withstand the pressure, and who will crack? 
Pineapple Mafia 09x12
Angry Waters 09x11
Extreme weather and high seas force the captains to decide between fight or flight. 
Mate Debate 09x10
With the markets reopened, the mates step up to help out and prove their worth. 
Back To Business 09x09
Though the bluefin market is open again, it hasn't fully recovered, leaving everyone disappointed when giant catches result in meager payouts. 

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