Wicked Tuna follows a group of salty fishermen from the nation's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they make their living the way it's been done for centuries - rod and reel fishing, one catch at a time - all in pursuit of the bluefin tuna. One "monstah" bluefin can be worth more than $20,000, and with that kind of money on the line, every captain is fighting to be the best in the fleet. Add to my shows

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Game Of Fins 08x02
Battle Cry 08x01
Fight To The Finish 07x17
With less than four days left in the season, the fleet races to claim the title of top-earning boat, but with two captains sidelined, it's anyone's game.
100 Wicked Episodes 07x16
A look at seven past seasons as the show celebrates 100 episodes on the air.
Path To Pissah 07x15
Paul Hebert finally got the keys to the Wicked Pissah after losing more mates AND boats than any other captain in the Wicked Tuna fleet.
Shock and Awe 07x14
Captain Brad Krasowski is just one big catch away from completing his "worst to first" comeback over last year's performance.
A Fin and a Prayer 07x13
Southern boats Reels of Fortune, Fishin Frenzy and Doghouse have emerged as the frontrunners this season. Fishin' Frenzy has the Doghouse hot on their trail both on sea and on the Leaderboard. With only five days left to fish, the pressure is palpable, pitting boat against boat.
Point Break 07x12
On the Hard Merchandise, the past few weeks filled with bad luck and few fish push Captain Dave Marciano to his breaking point.
Road to Redemption 07x11
Captain Brad Krasowski of the Fish Hawk is on a hot streak and is ready to make good on his promise to go from "worst to first."
Mutiny on the Water 07x10
Captain Herbert's constant negative attitude creates escalating tensions with the crew of his boat, and one of his mates, Rick, finally reaches his limit, so their interactions and conflicts begin to cause problems for the operation of the ship.

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