Wicked Tuna follows a group of salty fishermen from the nation's oldest seaport, Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they make their living the way it's been done for centuries - rod and reel fishing, one catch at a time - all in pursuit of the bluefin tuna. One "monstah" bluefin can be worth more than $20,000, and with that kind of money on the line, every captain is fighting to be the best in the fleet. Add to my shows

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The Final Tail 08x16

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The Final Tail 08x15
Time is up! The pressure explodes as the battle for the championship turns into a three-horse race and noncontenders struggle for final paychecks.
Pulling Out All the Stops 08x14
With the untimely death of Pinwheel first mate Nicholas "Duffy" Fudge, defending champion Capt. Tyler McLaughlin questions whether he will be able to defend his title.
Coming for the Crown 08x13
Capt. Dave Carraro commands the top-earning boat on the leader board, but nothing will stop the rest of the captains from pushing against all odds to take down the king.
The Sherman Tank 08x12
The captain must decide whether to risk making their way further out to sea 170 miles away from Gloucester, Mass., where the fish promise to be big.
Thick as Thieves 08x11
Capt. Tyler McLaughlin feels the pressure to stay ahead of Capt. Dave Carraro, but a new boat of friendly faces joins the fleet; mechanical troubles plague the Falcon.
Blood In The Water 08x10
One for the Money 08x09
As the season reaches a turning point, a change in the quota forces boats to push their limits, creating tension on the water.
Wicked Waves 08x08
When Mother Nature decides to flip her switch, the fleet must decide whether to stay or give up.
Double Team 08x07
It's almost the midpoint of bluefin fishing season, so the clock is ticking; new alliances are built and battles continue in the race for a payday.
Attack of the Pack 08x06
The captains are challenged when a large group of boats shows up for the weekend and Hot Tuna must decide whether to risk leaving a familiar spot.

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