Each episode of "Who Gets the Dog?" tells the story of one shelter dog's quest to find the perfect family. Turning the tables on humans who always pick their pets, the one-hour program has the dogs deciding where and with whom they live, with a little help from a panel of pet experts. Each week one lucky dog will pack his or her bags and journey to three different homes in search of a new family. The shelter dog will spend 24 hours in each home, playing and participating in various activities, ultimately deciding which family to call its own. Animal Planet and LMNO Productions developed "Who Gets the Dog?" with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to pre-approve families for dog adoption and to ensure the dogs' experiences result in finding a happy home. Together the organizations created a questionnaire for the show's potential dog owners modeled after animal shelter adoption applications, and HSUS recommended activities to acquaint the dogs with the families. The dogs in the series come from local shelters in the Los Angeles area and are fostered by Bark Avenue. Hosted by Dorothea Coelho, "Who Gets the Dog?" features a panel of three animal/pet experts who will comment on the dog visits and help the pooches choose the family they will spend the rest of their lives with. Add to my shows

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