Well-known Australians play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past. Taking us to all corners of Australia and the globe are six stories of individuals seeking to find the definitive answer to where they came from. Along the way secrets are uncovered and histories are revealed—from adultery and madness to children born out of wedlock and even the whiff of a right royal scandal—with each individual discovering that their ancestors form an integral part of not only their own identity, but that of the nation. Combining emotional and personal journeys with big-picture history, these inspiring and sometimes challenging stories remind us how Australians have come to be the people that we are today. Considering Australia's multicultural background, this is a global story, with each celebrity tracing their ancestors around the world... Add to my shows

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Troy Cassar-Daley 11x08
Julie Bishop 11x07
Australia's first female Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has always had a love for the world, and she's now on a mission to discover where she inherited her globetrotting, adventurous spirit from.  
Kat Stewart 11x06
Kat Stewart's stable and loving upbringing instilled in her a strong sense of ethics, and it's with this belief that she goes on her ancestral journey, seeking characters who were both principled and just a little bit colourful. She'll soon discover a strong Irish woman who experienced her fair share of tragedy, and an Englishman who had a pioneering role during a contentious time in Colonial Australia.
Denise Scott 11x05
Comedian Denise Scott's search to find the truth about a dark family secret brings surprising results, while her Dad's family tree produces a highly unconventional ancestor. On her maternal side, she uncovers dark secrets, and closes a chapter on a long-standing family cover-up.
Lisa Curry 11x04
When swimmer Lisa Curry delves into her maternal family past, she finds hard working German immigrants who risked everything to become the masters of their own destiny in Queensland. Lisa's distant relationship with her late father had a profound effect on her life. But by tracing his life and her paternal ancestors in war-torn Ireland, Lisa comes to terms with who her father was, and finally gets to farewell him in her own way.
Cameron Daddo 11x03
Long intrigued by the origins of his surname, actor Cameron Daddo travels across the globe to the Channel Islands and discovers a thousand years of noble ancestors. Meanwhile, his mother's lineage, though devoid of noble origins, reveals a surprising parallel to his father's. Cameron will discover both sides of his family feature love stories of staggering proportions.
Bert Newton 11x02
Veteran entertainer Bert Newton discovers the father he never knew was a true patriot who devoted his life to his country. His maternal grandmother Alice leaves a lasting impression of a woman of great fortitude who fought for women's rights and was surrounded by the love of her children, despite the criminal neglect of her husband.
Lisa Wilkinson 11x01
Journalist and television personality Lisa Wilkinson is on a deeply personal quest to unearth the truth about her maternal ancestors. Lisa's mother, Beryl, was born illegitimately, and right up until her recent death, had many unanswered questions about her identity. Lisa encounters her Irish three-times great-grandmother, Eliza O'Brien, whose complex, troubled life has uncanny parallels with her own mother's story. On her father's side, Lisa travels to colourful India, where she discovers her two-times great-grandmother, Ann Beech, whose life shifts from poverty to privilege and back again.
Rodger Corser 10x08
Kerri-Anne Kennerley 10x07

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