The series focuses on the unlikely partnership between the very intelligent and charming con-artist Neal Caffrey and the hard-working and earnest FBI agent Peter Burke. In exchange for his freedom, and on the condition that he wear an ankle bracelet at all times, Caffrey provides his expertise in thievery to help Burke and agents Clinton Jones and Diana Berrigan catch other elusive white collar criminals. Add to my shows

season 4

In the Wind 04x16
In the Season 4 finale, the guys are almost able to retrieve the evidence box from the Empire State Building, but their efforts are impeded by Senator Pratt, who hired FBI agents to find the box first.
The Original 04x15
Neal goes under cover as sculpture forger in order to help the FBI arrest an art forger. Also Neal and Mozzie narrow down the location of the evidence box.
Shoot the Moon 04x14
Peter and Elizabeth are kidnapped by a young couple on a romantic crime spree. Meanwhile Neal tries to plot where the couple will strike next.
Empire City 04x13
Neal and Peter investigate Mozzie's claims of taxi cab forgery and money laundering. Which leads to back to a jazz club owner.
Brass Tacks 04x12
Neal and Peter investigate Senator Pratt's involvement with corrupt cops, which leads to a real estate developer running a kickback scheme.
Family Business 04x11
Neal, Peter, and Mozzie take down the Irish mob's whiskey counterfeiting ring, and Neal learns more about his father's past.
Vested Interest 04x10
Despite their bitter row over Sam Phelps, Neal accepts to keep collaborating professionally with Peter, even appearing together as 'model team' agent-informer at agent Walt Furlong's international law enforcement convention. Together, they counter Ted Anderson's presumed evil plans at Dr. Drugov's presentation of a revolutionary new bullet proof vest. While Mozzie helps Neal contacting Sam again, Burke's men discover he stole that identity or as Neal presumes staged his death, but a killer is also on Phelp's trail.
Gloves Off 04x09
Neal has to resume his Wall Street alias to apply for a broker position in the investment firm of slick 'friend' Eric Dunham, who is suspected of systematic insider trading. That requires tipping him off and entering the inner circle, an after-hours boxing club, where only the winning fighters share in the valuable secrets. Peter insists to enter and win, but Neal is in no mood to help him after finding out Peter's suspicion scared off Sam Phelps, the undercover cop who promised Neal to tell what happened to his absent cop father.
Ancient History 04x08
The team investigates a series of museum heists where ancient artifacts were the target.
Compromising Positions 04x07
A political fixer attempts to undermine the trial of a criminal Peter wants behind bars.
Identity Crisis 04x06
Mozzie discovers clues to a treasure he is convinced were left by a spy ring.
Honor Among Thieves 04x05
Unbeknownst to Peter, Neal assist an art thief in stealing a valuable painting in exchange for information about his past.
Parting Shots 04x04
When Neal and Peter go undercover to investigate a beautiful widow about to receive a huge life insurance payment, things become complicated when Neal begins to develop feelings for her.
Diminishing Returns 04x03
Neal, Peter, and Mozzie track down a sly thief long sought by the FBI.
Most Wanted 04x02
Peter must devise a plan to return Neal to New York and avoid Collins.
Wanted 04x01
Peter must locate Neal on a tropical island before an FBI-sanctioned bounty hunter does.

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