We've all daydreamed about it... Taking down an obnoxious colleague or pummeling a workplace rival. Produced by Authentic Entertainment, WHITE COLLAR BRAWLERS makes these dreams a reality. In every episode, two office adversaries push themselves to the limit and learn to box from some of the sport's most hardcore trainers. Finally, they'll step into the ring and put it all on the line - letting their fists determine the winner. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Atomic Wedgie 02x11
Family Fight Club 02x10
Clash of the Canucks 02x09
Tit for Tat 02x08
Chris Torres challenges Jon Boy Valena to a battle.
Dad Fight 02x07
Two men who have lost business to one another during the years, sort out their differences.
Bulgarian Beatdown 02x06
Two Bulgarian immigrants now living in Manhattan have decided that it's time to settle their workplace differences in the ring.
Left Hook Up 02x05
The are fisticuffs after a preppy Rhode Island slacker finds out that his sister was asked out by a local playboy.
Realtor Rumble 02x04
Two real estate agents decide to settle their differences in the boxing ring after a business deal goes sour.
Who's the Boss? 02x03
Girl Power 02x02

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