In a 21st-century world, we're increasingly living our lives online, sharing everything in one quick click from vacation photos and observances of daily life to breaking news stories and expressions of our deepest insecurities. It's easy to ignore or forget the millions of people who suddenly have access to your life online, but behind the clever screen names and witty captions hides a dark digital world with real dangers and risks. Add to my shows

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The Deadly Hoax 06x05
When a computer wizard fails to make the grade as a professional video gamer, he becomes obsessed with achieving internet fame; what starts as an online prank spirals into a new and deadly crime called swatting that chills the nation.

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Exposed 06x04
Three girls meet a flirty and friendly guy online, then his demeanor shifts, and he traps the girls in a vicious game they can't escape.
The Devil's Pact 06x03
The Girl in the Photo 06x02
After a teenage house party spirals out of control, a shocking photo goes viral around the local schools. A vicious campaign of cyber bullying ensues that drives an innocent girl to take desperate action.
Love at First Text 06x01
When a single mom finds her dream man online, she can't believe her luck. But her quest to meet him soon turns into every mother's worst nightmare. As police scramble to avert tragedy, they discover the most elaborate web of lies they've ever seen.
Swipe Right for Murder 05x10
When Ashley Pegram goes missing after meeting a man through a dating app, the race to find her focuses on her internet admirer. Detectives soon discover she is caught up in a nightmarish trap set by an online predator with murder on his mind.
Hunting Ground 05x09
Nicole White is in the middle of a bitter custody battle when she vanishes. Suspicion falls on an online date until her husband turns up unexpectedly with his face scratched. Who is responsible for Nicole's disappearance - and can she be found alive?
Be Right Back 05x08
When Alicia DeBolt goes missing, a helpful neighbor points the finger at an older kid she's been hanging out with. When police discover a string of texts on her cell phone, the net closes in on a sadistic killer whose obsession leads to tragedy.
D Is for Deadly 05x07
Dallas teen track star Shania Gray is left traumatized after being raped while babysitting. When a new Facebook friend offers support, she opens up to him. But he is not what he seems, and Shania is about to walk into a trap that will end in tragedy.
Control Alt Delete 05x06
Maribel Ramos is a U.S. Army veteran with a complicated love life. When she arranges to meet an online date, she disappears, leaving family and friends desperate for news. Detectives are left to uncover a twisted tale of jealousy and rage.
Partners in Crime 05x05
Firefighter Sam Dreher and his wife Danielle are the perfect couple. But after their hopes of happiness are dashed, their marriage fails. When Sam falls in love with another woman, his affair triggers a chain of events that spirals out of control.

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