In a 21st-century world, we're increasingly living our lives online, sharing everything in one quick click from vacation photos and observances of daily life to breaking news stories and expressions of our deepest insecurities. It's easy to ignore or forget the millions of people who suddenly have access to your life online, but behind the clever screen names and witty captions hides a dark digital world with real dangers and risks. Add to my shows

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The Girl With the Lotus Flower Tattoo 06x11
When Jasmine Nunez moves to New York, a chance encounter leads to romance, however, her new boyfriend finds her popularity on social media hard to swallow; after she goes missing, her lower-back tattoo plays a key role in the investigation.
Fatal Fa├žade 06x10
When two teenage girls fall in love, their hedonistic lifestyle is played out on social media for all to see; behind the facade, petty jealousies and insecurities escalate until finally the pressure erupts in a frenzy of shocking violence.
Death of an Internet Star 06x09
When a young fashion designer and mother of three becomes a YouTube star with her online sewing tutorials, the money starts rolling in. But her obsessive and violent ex-boyfriend isn't prepared to let her rise to the top without him in her life.
Webcam of Lies 06x08
When a hopeful 12-year-old singer looks for fame online using her webcam, she gathers many admirers, and soon finds a boy who flatters her so much she falls for him. But her dreams become her worst nightmare when a shocking photo is shared online.
Murder Goes Live 06x07
After a woman tries to move on from her open relationship, she unwittingly gets into a war of words with her boyfriend's lover; as the online insults begin to escalate, he takes matters into his own hands with devastating consequences.
The Social Media Butterfly 06x06
When a beautiful young woman moves to New York City, a chance encounter leads to romance; however, her boyfriend finds her popularity on social media hard to swallow; tragic chain of events unfolds in which her unique tattoo plays a critical role.
The Deadly Hoax 06x05
When a computer wizard fails to make the grade as a professional video gamer, he becomes obsessed with achieving internet fame; what starts as an online prank spirals into a new and deadly crime called swatting that chills the nation.
Exposed 06x04
Three girls meet a flirty and friendly guy online, then his demeanor shifts, and he traps the girls in a vicious game they can't escape.
The Devil's Pact 06x03
The Girl in the Photo 06x02
After a teenage house party spirals out of control, a shocking photo goes viral around the local schools. A vicious campaign of cyber bullying ensues that drives an innocent girl to take desperate action.

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