Series in which British families are given a look at life in Australia ahead of possible migration. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Pinder Family 14x13
Onaivi Family 14x12
Krystyn wants to uproot her family to Australia, but husband Jo isn't on board. A trial week gives them the chance to see if it might be doable, but it might drive the two further apart.
Larkin Family 14x11
Mum Anna wants her baby son to grow up in the sunshine in Oz. Dad Aaron isn't convinced just yet. Will a trial week persuade him to make her dream come true?
Hood Family 14x10
Beth Hood has spent all her life caring for her mum, but now she feels her own family life is suffering. She believes a new start in Australia just might provide the answer. But will a trial week in Perth prove to her reluctant husband Ben that life indeed might be better down under?
Hegarty Family 14x09
The great adventure Donner Hegarty never got to experience was to go to New Zealand. But while husband Peter was born there, he has no desire to return. Will a trial week sampling the life they could have down under be enough to convince him the UK is worth leaving for good?
McCrory Family 14x08
Life with triplets is chaotic. Mum Sarah, the main breadwinner, thinks life would be easier in Australia, but stay-at-home dad Conor has major concerns.
Thorn Family 14x07
Cassie Thorn wants to take her family to Oz, but husband Aaron doesn't want to move. Will a week in Brisbane change his mind?
Parsons Family 14x06
The Parsons are like 'shifts' that pass in the night, and it's ruining any quality family time they manage to grab with their kids. Dad Lee believes life would be better if they lived in New Zealand, but has mmum Abby the emotional energy to leave?
Duffy Family 14x05
Discovering her daughter has cystic fibrosis has inspired Claire to be brave and suggest a dream move to New Zealand, but dad Russell is not so convinced. A trial week shows them the sort of life that could transform their lives, but will it go as smoothly as Claire has planned?
Campbell Family 14x04
Nathan Campbell wants to start a new life in NZ with his wife and two children. But he's on his own as they don't want to leave Belfast. Can a trial week provide a change of heart?

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