Wanted: Dead or Alive originally aired in black and white on CBS. The pilot aired on the series "Trackdown" in March 1958. Bounty hunter Josh Randall was unlike any bounty hunter, he usually gave half or all of his reward money to good causes. He was a gentlemen and very respectful of the elderly. He was a man of few words and seemed to lack emotion but he was adept at using his gun, not an ordinary gun but a .44-.40 sawed-off 1892 Winchester carbine which he had on his "Mare's Leig", BUT the cartridges in his belt were .45-.70! His catch phrase in almost every episode was "Let's Go" which he spoke softly and sounded more like les goo. A treasure one not to be missed, especially to see Mr. Cool himself, Steve McQueen. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Barney's Bounty 03x26
Josh tries to reconcile an old friend and his son while they pursue a pair of escaped prisoners who make off with Barney's horses.
Dead Reckoning 03x25
Barbara Decker asks Josh to find her husband Paul and bring him back alive before the Taggert brothers catch up with him for murdering their brother.
The Long Search 03x24
Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture.
Monday Morning 03x23
After being coerced into stealing a large amount of money from his workplace, Charlie Glover has a change of heart and hires Josh to help him return the money before his boss finds out.
Detour 03x22
Martin Fairweather has two lovely daughters which are the objects of a young man's affection. Papa doesn't want to lose his best cook and best cleaner so he proceeds to chase any possible suitors away. Josh's job is to distract Papa long enough for the girls to elope!
El Gato 03x21
A timid photographer named Archie Warner comes west with hopes of being the first to shoot a photo of a famous Mexican bandit. Josh happens to be a friend of "El Gato", and is hired by Archie to meet him.
The Voice of Silence 03x20
Josh is hired by Frank Hagen to protect his deaf-mute daughter Carol Hagen while he's away on business. During Josh's stay at the Hagen Farm, he encounters a strange drifter and former bank robber named Harry Brice accompanied by his criminal partners.
Epitaph 03x19
Josh tries to return an old friend and former sheriff who robbed a bank to stand trial, but the journey becomes dangerous after another bounty hunter gets involved.
Hero in the Dust 03x18
Josh is hired by Harry Weaver to find his twin brother Pete. Pete is using his resemblence to his brother to get away with murder.
Bounty on Josh 03x17
Josh is asked to meet a client at the hotel, at his arrival he is shot. Josh tries to figure out who is behind the shooting.

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