In a universe where men and women are raised on different planets that are at war with one another, a third class laborer named Hibiki Tokai decides to steal one of the elite Vanguard units of the men’s army in order to prove his own existence. However, when he gets captured in the process due to a change in the army’s schedule, he finds himself imprisoned and facing execution. When all hope seems lost, the men’s ship is attacked by an unknown force, though when it turns out that the unknown force is actually a female group of pirates, Hibiki decides to make a break for it in order to steal the Vanguard and get back to his home world. One event leads to another and Hibiki soon realizes that he must work with the females if he wishes to survive, though his involvement in the female crew soon permits both the males and the females aboard the ship to better understand more about one another. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Trust 02x13
As thе final battle аgаіnѕt thе Harvest draws tо а close, males аnԁ females alike lооk forward tо аn era оf peaceful coexistence bеtwееn thе genders.
Himegoto (Secret) 02x12
Rakuen (Paradise) 02x11
Easy Come, Easy Go 02x10
Zenbu Dakishimete (Embrace Everything) 02x09
Reality 02x08
Hoho ni Kiss Shite (Please Kiss My Cheek) 02x07
Orizunaru Sumairu (Original Smile) 02x06
Somedays 02x05
Everything 02x04
In an effort to get some supplies, the crew of the Nirvana decides to head to an old space satellite that still has some individuals living there. However, when they arrive, BC is insulted by the leader of the satellite and she decides to challenge her to a duel, in order to see who the best fighter is, though a harvester attack soon causes them to change their plans. However, when the crew of the Nirvana realizes that their high-tech weapons aren’t capable of hurting the new from of their enemy, they decide to use some old-fashioned weapons in order to defend themselves and the rest of the people onboard the satellite.

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