Set in Mansbridge Manor, Vampire High is the story of an isolated boarding school for children of the wealthy. During the day, or light hours, the school appears typical and normal. But during the dark hours of night the school is home to an experiment to civilize vampire teenagers. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Vampire's Patient (2) 01x26
After Dillan is attacked by a crazed Karl, Drew must choose between saving her life or helping her face the possibility of becoming a vampire.
Blood Trip (1) 01x25
Evading government agents, a rogue vampire finds Mansbridge Academy and not only threatens the Experiment but tries to turn Karl to the dark side.
Breaking Up 01x24
When Karl asks Essie to acknowledge their love, Essie falls sick with an illness that proves dangerous even to vampires.
Lost Weekend 01x23
Merrill and Marty have the school to themselves but they discover their blood supply is locked up. The pair go through withdrawal while resisting the urge to feed from each other, but temptation arises when a lone day student returns from Spring Break early.
Sunrise 01x22
An embittered Drew embraces his predatory nature and invokes an ancient force to become all powerful.
Both Sides Now 01x21
After Merrill is accused of attacking day student, her fellow night students stand by her. But when Merrill realizes her doppelganger is responsible, she must destroy her or be destroyed.
The Awakening 01x20
After being expelled from Mansbridge Academy, Drew reveals his true identity. However, before he can leave, Sherry becomes mysteriously ill and he considers turning her and taking her with him.
The Portrait 01x19
While pursuing their romance, Sherry persuades Drew to paint her portrait which leads to unexpected results.
The Huntress 01x18
An evil spirit targets Drew and his love for Sherry. Meanwhile, Merrill and Essie investigate the new Day School girl, Dillan, and try to determine what her story is.
Love's Labours Not Lost 01x17
When Dr. Murdoch is the victim of a haunting, Merrill and Marty discover the only way to get rid of the ghost is by Merrill allowing it to possess her and speak to Murdoch.

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