In early 2010 the Nine Network announced that three separate stand-alone crime telemovies will continue the Underbelly franchise. 1. Tell Them Lucifer Was Here Tell Them Lucifer Was Here depicts the tragic murders of Victorian police officers, Gary Silk and Rod Miller which occurred in 1998 and shows the enormous efforts of the Lorimer Task Force in leading the manhunt for their killer or killers. 2. Infiltration Infiltration is an adaptation for screen from an autobiographical novel written by ex cop Colin McLaren. He and his police partner lived undercover in Griffith, New South Wales for a number of years, in order to 'Infiltrate' the very closed and deadly Mafia community there. 3. The Man Who Got Away The Man Who Got Away will tell the story of David McMillan who was a British born Australian drug smuggler and the only person in history to escape from Klong Prem prison in Bangkok. Add to my shows

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The Man Who Got Away 01x03
Extremely intelligent and charming, McMillan came from a privileged background. He could have been anything, but instead chose a life of crime, which earned him a spot on Interpol’s Top Ten Most Wanted list whilst still in his early twenties. David McMillan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He could have been anything but he chose a life of crime. His partner in crime happened to be the love of his life, Clelia Vigano, the daughter of a respectable Melbourne restaurateur. Together McMillan and Clelia were an unstoppable force until she lost her life in a prison fire. McMillan blamed himself, and the guilt spurred him on to even greater risks. His personal journey ended in Thailand’s notorious Klong Prem Central Prison – the “Bangkok Hilton” - facing a firing squad… Or did it?
Infiltration 01x02
Posing as a ‘shady’ art dealer, Victorian detective, Colin McLaren, infiltrates the Australian branch of the Calabrian Mafia, and in doing so, embarks upon the most dangerous, gut-wrenching, journey of his life. Colin McLaren was a Victorian detective with an appetite for hard, if not impossible cases and a reputation for thumbing his nose at authority. Strong, capable and not afraid to take risks, he pushed himself to the limit and hated the thought of failure. So when the chance came to go undercover with the Australian branch of the Calabrian Mafia, McLaren grabbed it with both hands and gave it his all. It would prove to be the most dangerous, exhausting, confronting eighteen months of his life and placed him the position of having to betray a man whom he had come to regard as a friend. But it was also the most thrilling time he ever knew and resulted in the biggest win of his career, seeing eleven of the country’s most villainous Mafioso sent to prison.
Tell Them Lucifer Was Here 01x01
Tell Them Lucifer Was Here recounts the tragic story of the 1998 murders of Victoria Police officers Rod Miller and Gary Silk and centres on the enormous efforts of Operation Lorimer in finding the killers and bringing them to justice. A cold night in the industrial back roads of Moorabbin, Victoria. For two young police officers, Rod Miller and Gary Silk, it was just a routine surveillance operation. They had no inkling that it was to be the last night of their lives. But evil lurks in many guises and that fateful night it chose to manifest itself in the form of two men, pumped with adrenalin as they planned their latest assault on a suburban diner and its patrons. Being pulled over by cops as they made their escape wasn’t part of their plans. So when faced with the threat of answering for their crimes, their response was to coldly shoot Senior Constable Miller and Sergeant Silk. After all, they were only police and therefore the enemy But their callous execution of two decent men, who left behind families and colleagues numbed by grief, was not to be forgotten. Answers were sought and justice demanded. Enter Operation Lorimer, helmed by Detective Inspector Paul Sheridan and a crew of dedicated investigators determined to find the killers. But Lucifer looks after his own, and the men Paul Sheridan was convinced lay behind the crime proved to be terrifyingly cunning and ruthless opponents.

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