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Island of No Remorse 01x06
Journey back to the volcanic Nunivak Island in central Alaska. The explorers will split up into three groups, and two hunting parties will scour the island for sustenance while one will build a base camp focused on food preservation. Mountain man Marty Raney and his son Matt are still searching for fish but after three days with no luck, the team is going hungry. With Marty seriously ill and unable to get out of bed, it's up to his son to turn their luck around and bring back food.
Predator and Prey 01x05
Re-visit the suspenseful 72 hours the explorers have to reach their next extraction zone: a very cold, distant 35 miles away. Check back on brothers Dallas and Tyrell as they break off from the pack, and travel into one of the most bear-populated areas in the world. Meanwhile, expert climber Willi Prittie, dog musher Brent Sass and survival expert Austin Manelick are making much slower progress using their environment to guide them after burning their maps.
To the Bone 01x04
Check back in with the eight explorers as they start on the fourth leg of the expedition. With currents rushing at dangerous speeds, it's no easy feat to navigate the winding turns, frigid waters and steep drops on the Talachulitna River. Discover new details on an alliance when expert climber Willi Prittie teams up with Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey and his brother Tyrell to find a much-needed food source.
Frozen Wasteland 01x03
Re-visit the exciting journey through a snow-capped summit when the explorers split into three groups to approach a 300-foot cliff one team at a time. They must rappel down in high winds and low visibility and descend a ravine, followed by eight miles of the Triumvirate Glacier. Austin and Tyler circumvent the glacier, traveling along the mountain ridgeline. Mountain man Marty Raney, his son Matt and Brent Sass take a low elevation route and are the first to cross.
The Mighty Yukon 01x02
Revisiting the challenge where the men are divided into two groups to build competing rafts.
Into the Wild 01x01

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