Spider-Man has learned what it means to be the ultimate hero. He's fought alongside the Avengers and led a team of heroes at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. But now that Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Doc Ock, Hydra, and the Sinister Six, are working together to destroy him and S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man requires a special new team: a team of Spider put together by Spider-Man himself including Agent Venom, Iron Spider, Kid Arachnid, and Scarlet Spider! Spider-Man will need all his power, and his knowledge, and all his friends to stop the Sinister Six and Hydra. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Graduation Day - Part 2 04x26
Peter Parker must find a way to stop Doctor Octopus and the Superior Sinister Six from destroying all of the heroes in New York and taking over the world.
Graduation Day - Part 1 04x25
Doctor Octopus threatens to harm Aunt May if Spidey ever puts on his mask again; Spider-Man must track down Doc Ock before he has a chance to put his plan into action.
The Moon Knight Before Christmas 04x24
On Christmas Eve while house-sitting, Spidey must team up with the half-crazed Moon Knight to defend the house against the new Mysterio.
Spider Slayers (3) 04x23
Spider-Man puts the Triskelion on lockdown when a mysterious villain begins to take out the heroes one at a time.
Spider Slayers (2) 04x22
Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to infiltrate the sunken Hydra Island so Scarlet can destroy the lab that created him.
Spider Slayers (1) 04x21
Spider-Man must team with the former traitor, Scarlet Spider, to stop Doc Ock from reawakening a secret program designed to create evil duplicates of Spider-Man.
Strange Little Halloween 04x20
Return to the Spider-Verse (4) 04x19
Spider-Man returns to Miles Morales' universe after collecting all the shards of the Siege Perilous and finally confronts Wolf Spider.
Return to the Spider-Verse (3) 04x18
Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid attempt to prevent Mr. Negative from using the Siege Perilous to drain all the life and color out of the Noir Universe.
Return to the Spider-Verse (2) 04x17
Spider-Man and Miles track the missing pieces of the Siege Perilous to a tropical pirate dimension, where they encounter Web Beard, the Spider-Pirate.

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