This series takes an in-depth look at some of the world’s most prolific serial killers and interviews those who were closest to them before learning about their secret, dark lives. Attempting to uncover the psychology of each killer – from Jeffrey Dahmer to the DC Sniper-–Twisted tries to get an understanding of what drove these serial killers down the path of murder. Was it nature or nurture? Through first-hand accounts and testimonies of the people who knew them best, this series provides fascinating insight into the characters of some of the most infamous icons of evil. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Railway Killers 07x05
Childhood friends John Duffy and David Mulcahy shared many common interests but as they got older their interests took a darker turn resulting in brutal rapes and murders of women in the 1980s.
Tampa Bay Slayer 07x04
Bobby Joe Long was a brutal and ruthless killer who terrorised women in Florida before his arrest in 1984 where he claimed to have also raped over 50 women.
Trail of Fears 07x03
California state parks became scenes of violence in 1979 and 1980 as convicted rapist David Carpenter took his crimes to a new and diabolic level, by brutally killing his victims.
Twisted Tourniquet 07x02
Women in Virginia were told to nail their windows shut in order to protect themselves from the 'Southside strangler' Timothy Spencer who climbed in through windows to kill his victims in their homes.
Killer Cousins 07x01
Cousins Waterfield and Gore hunted women in Vero Beach, Florida. Their perverse and violent acts resulted in the sexual abuse and murder of 6 young women before Gore was caught.
Dead End in Baton Rouge 06x07
Bus Stop Killer 06x06
‘The Bus Stop Killer’ Levi Bellfield targeted women using public transport in London and the surrounding areas, killing three females. And he is suspected of many more attacks.
Map to Murder 06x05
A nation is left in shock when they learn of Robert Napper's savage murders in London.
Prince of Darkness 06x04
A San Diego serial killer has been profiled.
Red Light Regular 06x03
During the 1970s, Richard Cottingham gained notoriety after being known as the 'torso killer' as he dismembered his victims.

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