How would you react if you just gotta dream job at the age of 15 in a major company? Do you know how you'd decorate your office? Or, who you'd hire? True Jackson will soon find out after being hired by her idol and named VP of his fashion empire. Can True learn to navigate within this scary new adventure? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Mystery in Peru Part 2 of 2 02x34
Mystery in Peru Part 1 of 2 02x33
The Mad Style gang have a chaotic time in Lima, Peru, where they go to attend Amanda's wedding. Meanwhile, Max makes retirement plans, which center around True.
Ditch Day 02x32
True Mall 02x31
Principal for a Day 02x30
Field Trip 02x29
True Fame 02x28
The Disaster 02x27
True Drive 02x26
True has to juggle planning a birthday party, making a coat for Mr Madigan and taking her driver's test all in the same day.
Class Election 02x25
True and her friend Shelly decide to run for class president against the current president Kyle Sandbox. Mikey J and Lulu decide to run as well thanks to Lulu's encouragement.

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