Often described as a tree whisperer by his clients, colleagues and contemporaries, Pete Nelson dedicates his life granting people's dreams of turning peaceful nooks in nature into the ultimate escapes. In Treehouse Masters, Nelson and his team execute the most outrageous treehouses designed to delight every whimsy, form and function. Whether he's contriving magnificent multi-bedroom treehouses with state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms or rendering simpler, peaceful one-room escapes, Nelson always goes out on a limb to create the most breathtaking treehouses with spectacular vistas. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Treetop Medieval Fortress 10x06
Pete builds a citadel fortress for a Texan couple who loves all things medieval; a 25 ft-high tower will hold a round table and thrones, as well as a glass floor loft; a metalsmith joins the build to craft medieval touches.
Treehouse Utopia 10x05
The Alaskan Treetop Sauna 10x04
Rusty Rooted River Shack 10x03
Off-the-grid Getaway 10x02
Double Treehouse Extravaganza 10x01
For the first time, Pete builds two treehouses at the same time! In ME, a couple wants a magical treehouse that evokes a famous children's book, with a grown-up twist. In MA, NTS raises the curtain on a whimsical Tudor-style theatre treehouse.
Alaskan Mountain Treehouse 09x09
Pete travels to Alaska to build a mountaineering lodge in the shadow of North America's highest peak; constructing an A-Framed masterpiece for the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge with breathtaking views of Denali.
Grace Vanderwaal's Got Treehouse 09x08
When asked in 2016 what she would do with her winnings, "America's Got Talent'' Season 11 winner Grace Vanderwaal said she wanted a tree house built by Pete Nelson; the 13-year-old singer-songwriter's wish comes true.
City Sleeker Treehouse 09x07
Pete is back in Texas to build a sophisticated, sleek-and-chic treehouse in the heart of Dallas; Daryl and the NTS team put treehouse engineering to the ultimate test at Washington State University, proving down-to-the-pound the power of the TAB.
The Bird Barn Treehouse 09x06

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