How well do you know your friends? Would you bet your life on it? That's the question in Traveler, an action-packed drama series that taps into 21st century paranoia with provocative themes, complex characters and pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Exchange 01x08
Will Traveler's past is revealed when he reunites with Jay and Tyler to bring down Jack Freed, the man behind the Drexler bombing. Meanwhile, Marlow is suddenly taken off the case.
The Reunion 01x07
Jay and Kim reunite for the first time since the bombing, while Will Traveler hunts down Maya's killer in New York. Meanwhile, Tyler discovers FBI ties to the bombing and has to stop Jay and Kim from taking evidence to Agent Marlow.
The Trader 01x06
Tyler and Jay head back to New York to examine financial ties to the bombing. Meanwhile, Will Traveler sets out to avenge the death of his girlfriend and bring down his organization, and the FBI discovers one of their own undercover agents is involved.
The Tells 01x05
Tyler and Jay find a security box with Will Traveler's aliases and evidence about the bombing. Meanwhile Will returns, only to be captured and interrogated by his bosses, and the FBI makes a key arrest that shows the Drexler conspiracy goes way beyond Jay and Tyler.
The Out 01x04
Jay and Tyler take their search for Will Traveler to Will's hometown, Deer Harbor, Maine, while the FBI finds new evidence on the bombing in New York. In Maine, the guys meet a woman who planned to escape with Will after the bombing, and their search becomes deadly when Jay and Tyler uncover more of Will's associates.
New Haven 01x03
Tyler and Jay return to New Haven to retrieve items that may exonerate them from the terrorist bombing and implicate Will Traveler instead. Meanwhile, Carlton Fog issues a press conference regarding his involvement in hiding his son, and Kim's daily life begins to crumble as she searches for proof of the ever elusive Will.
The Retreat 01x02
After being framed for a terrorist attack and fleeing New York, Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog are now on the run from the FBI. They escape to Carlton Fog's private retreat, but begin to question the loyalty of a power broker whom Fog has hired to save them. Meanwhile, FBI agents question Kim Doherty, Jay's girlfriend.
Pilot 01x01
Jay Burchell, Tyler Fog and Will Traveler -- friends who have spent virtually every minute of the last two years living, working and partying together as grad-school students -- set off on a road trip to New York. Once there, the three enter New York's oldest art museum for an innocent prank: Jay and Tyler lace up their rollerblades inside and speed off to see who can make it out of the building first. When they're both outside, Will calls on his cell phone saying, "Sorry, I had to do this" -- and then the building blows up! Now, with Jay and Tyler's rollerblading prank on the museum's security tapes, blame for the attack focuses on them; they in turn realize that their "friend," Will, may have set them up. Unable to find him or indeed any evidence that the Will Traveler they knew even existed, Jay and Tyler flee the city and go on the run.

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