The latest incarnation of the Transformers franchise, the series has been resurrected yet again after the success of the Transformers (2007) live action movie and is the first of the series to be produced exclusively by the U.S. The first incarnation was a join effort by American and Japanese studios, Transformers. The series was then animated by the Japanese, Robots in Disguise. Some other anime versions of the story included Armada and Energon. There are currently 8 versions of the show from the original back in 1984 to today. In this incarnation the young Optimis Prime and the Autobots must stop the Decepticons from getting the powerful artifact called the Allspark, an artifact capable of changing all of Earth's machines into an army of Decepticons. Set in the near future Detroit, the Autobots have a new human ally, a girl named Sari, who after an encounter with the Allspark, gains the ability to heal and revive the Transformers. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Endgame, Part 2 03x13
Endgame, Part 1 03x12
This is Why I Hate Machines 03x11
Decepticon Air 03x10
Human Error, Part 2 03x09
Human Error, Part 1 03x08
Predacons Rising 03x07
Five Servos of Doom 03x06
Where Is Thy Sting 03x05
Three's A Crowd 03x04

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