A comedy about how friendships and romances both enhance and complicate our lives, which centers on three longtime friends and their attempts to navigate the demands of their relationships. Add to my shows

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Help Wanted 01x13
Mike objects to the attractive babysitter that Lisa hires. Adam and Callie fight over her habit of going nude in the privacy of their home, and it is magnified when the guy Adam hires to fix their computers accidentally sees her naked. After Ethan is convinced to get rid of his lucky necklace, he loses his touch with women.
Tommy Guns 01x12
The guys decide to go hunting for their annual guys trip. Lisa wants some photos taken of Tommy but when Callie volunteers, their friendship is challenged over Callie's bill.
Where the Heart Is 01x11
Mike and Lisa use various methods to to keep track of each other's location. Adam gets an assignment to write an article about intimate behavior, but Callie misunderstands when she sees his research material. Ethan makes extra money delivering human organs until he loses a delivery.
Bonebag 01x10
Mike and Lisa ask Adam and Callie to watch Tommy so they can have a night to themselves. Adam tries to curb Callie's quick temper. Ethan thinks he has found his soulmate.
Best Man 01x09
Lisa gets assigned a project that takes her out of town with an improper co-worker, so she recruits Callie as a photographer to hopefully curb his behavior. Adam takes advantage of a work assignment to make up for ruining Mike's original bachelor party, but he soon loses control of the party.
Kiss Me, Kate 01x08
Callie's sister is driving Adam and Callie crazy, and Callie has Adam get her a job where he works. Predictably, the situation worsens when she starts fooling around with Adam's boss. Ethan saves Lisa's life, and Mike seeks a way to pay him back.
Stealth Bomber 01x07
Mike hosts a barbecue to celebrate Lisa's promotion; Adam has proximity issues with his daily business; Callie's sister is an emotional mess and looking for relief.
No Good Deed 01x06
Adam borrows Callie's car and allows it to be stolen. He decides to surprise her with a new one and asks the guys to help get the best deal.
Breaking Bread 01x05
Callie seeks to return a lost puppy but Adam gets the credit; Mike confronts a noisy neighbor; Ethan's current girlfriend meets his shut-in neighbor in person.
Credit Balance 01x04
Adam discovers that Callie is deep in debt and doesn't seem to care; Mike switches with Lisa on morning baby duties and bonds with the other neighborhood mothers. Ethan tries to break up with a girl but she sees his bluff.

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