Like Total Drama Island, this season is a fictional reality show that follows the competition of thirteen new contestants at Camp Wawanakwa, a summer camp on a fictional island located in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario, except now, the island is radioactive. The campers participate in competitions to avoid being voted off the island by their fellow teammates. At the end of the season, the winning contestant will win one million dollars. The competition is hosted by Chris McLean (Christian Potenza), who is assisted by the camp's chef, Chef Hatchet (Clé Bennett). At the beginning of the season, the thirteen campers are placed onto two teams, the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots. In each episode, the teams participate in a challenge, in which one or more campers can win invincibility for their team. The losing team is called to the elimination ceremony at night, where they vote one of their own members off the island. At the ceremony, Chris declares which contestants are safe by calling their name and giving them a marshmallow, while the one whose name is not called is eliminated from the game and given a radioactive marshmallow. The eliminated camper is then taken to the Hurl of Shame and catapulted to the Playa de Losers. However, an eliminated camper can still come back to the game if they find a wooden Chris head. About halfway through the season, the teams are disbanded, after which the challenges continue; the winner of each challenge then only receives invincibility for him or herself, whereupon a camper without invincibility is voted off the island. This process of elimination is continued on until two players remain on the island, where then they are subject to a final contest. At the end of the season one camper is crowned winner of the contest and is given the million dollars. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown 01x13
The Enchanted Franken-Forest 01x12
The competitors head to the Mutant Forest of Terror, where they must search for a rare flower.
Eat, Puke and Be Wary 01x11
The final four are forced to partake in a disgusting cooking challenge, due to the host falling into antagonist's trap. Two contestants align to get rid of their enemy, while their enemy tries to eliminate a physical threat. The host's substitute hunts the contestants down in the woods, and one contestant becomes tired of being pushed around. Someone steals immunity from someone else, and their enemy, along with his fear, is sent home for good.
Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon 01x10
The final five players compete on an aerial obstacle course.
Grand Chef Auto 01x09
The teams merge and ride go-karts to various island locations to draw graffiti.
The Treasure Island of Dr. Maclean 01x08
Teams float on rafts far from shore and must get back to land while avoiding a giant mutant squid.
A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste 01x07
The teams search a mine where radioactive waste is stored to find a golden object and return it to Chris.
Runaway Model 01x06
The Rat team is down to the four guys, and Sam feels like the odd man out because he's a gamer who's severely lacking in the macho department. Over in the Maggot camp, things are tense between Zoey and Ann Maria over Mike.
Backstabbers Ahoy! 01x05
Finders Creepers 01x04
The contestants participate in a midnight scavenger hunt in which they must find hidden objects in a haunted forest, a pet cemetery and a mysterious cave.

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