The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12247 2021x226

season 35

Ep. #8857 35x253
Jill worries that there is more wrong with her mother than she knows. The party gets under way. Jeff continues to spook Gloria. Sabrina convinces Victor to attend the party with her.
Ep. #8856 35x252
Sharon is worried that the vendetta against Gloria is being taken too far. Alistair gets drunk and is nearly discovered by Gloria. Daniel reconnects with his father. Phyllis, Nicholas, Jack and Sharon get ready for the launch party.
Ep. #8855 35x251
Ep. #8854 35x250
Ep. #8853 35x249
Jeff is delighted when he sees the plan against Gloria is working. Jack and Sharon employ a man to pretend to be John to try and spook Gloria even more. Amber is upset when Daniel burns what is left of the money. Kay refuses to listen to Cane's concerns about investing money in Amber's fashion designs.
Ep. #8852 35x248
Victoria isn't happy when she finds out that Adam has been working on the Beauty of Nature ad campaign without her. Adam learns how his brother and Phyllis first got together. Jeff works with Jack to freak Gloria out.
Ep. #8851 35x247
Neil begins to wonder if Victoria's concerns about Adam are correct. Jeff issues Gloria with an ultimatum. Chloe attempts to make Lily feel bad about herself.
Ep. #8850 35x246
Jeff wants Gloria to sleep with him. Sharon convinces Jack not to give up on owning the Abbott house again. Kay stops an argument between Jill and Nikki. Amber isn't happy that Daniel told Kevin about the money.
Ep. #8849 35x245
Daniel tells Kevin about the money that Amber has. Lily is angry when her father interferes in her business and decides to move out. Gloria is able to get the upper hand over Jeff.
Ep. #8848 35x244
Amber and Daniel try and decide what do with the money. Adam joins Nikki and the others for a family dinner and David notices how is seems obsessed with Phyllis. Victor is upset when he sees the family eating and invites Sabrina out to dinner with him.
Ep. #8847 35x243
Adam clashes with Victoria at work. Adam is upset when Victor sides with Victoria. Paul learns that Heather could loose her job.
Ep. #8846 35x242
Adam imagines being with Phyllis. Karen thanks Neil for his support. Amber admits the truth to Daniel about the money.
Ep. #8845 35x241
Adam shares his feelings about his mother's death with Phyllis. Jack finds out that Jeff has some sort of hold over Phyllis. Jeff shocks Gloria when he tells her he has decided to release her from their marriage. Daniel stumbles on the place where Amber has hidden the missing money.
Ep. #8844 35x240
Nikki decides to pay off David's debt. Nicholas clashes with his father. Adam finds himself attrached to Phyllis.
Ep. #8843 35x239
Nikki decides to stand by David. Victor invites Sabrina to see his personal art collection.
Ep. #8842 35x238
David fights with Walter after seeing him talking to Nikki. David is forced to admit to Nikki what his connection with Walter is. Victoria is pleased to see her friend Sabrina from Italy in town.
Ep. #8841 35x237
Jeff wants Gloria to move out and sleep with him. Eric turns down an ads deal with Nicholas and Jack's new company. Victor enjoys working with Adam.
Ep. #8840 35x236
Amber accepts a job offer from Nicholas and Phyllis. Victor is surprised to learn that his son is working with Jack. Adam manages to surprise both Victoria and Neil at work. Phyllis finds out that Adam is Victor's son.
Ep. #8839 35x235
Victor clashes with Nicholas on the phone. Victoria tries to find out more about Adam. Gloria shares her fears about Jeff with Kevin.
Ep. #8838 35x234
Nikki runs in to Adam. Nicholas isn't intersted in meeting Adam after Phyllis suggests it. Victoria returns to work and meets Adam.
Ep. #8837 35x233
Victor Jr tells his father he intends to use his middle name which is Adam. Adam tries to chat up Phyllis unaware she is married to his half brother. Gloria is shocked when Jeff tells her he was on to her plan and learns that he switched the poison with water.
Ep. #8836 35x232
Brad tells Victor about his decision to leave the company and go and work with Nikki and Jabot. Both Jack and Sharon are relieved when they learn that all the charges against Jack have been dropped. Jeff manages to really make Gloria angry. Amber pushes Daniel and Heather together.
Ep. #8835 35x231
Gloria and Kevin put the final touches to their plan to get rid of Jeff once and for all. Victor returns home and tells Victoria that he has offered Victor Jr a job.
Ep. #8834 35x230
J.T. starts his new job. Victor is hopeful that his son will return to Genoa City with him following Hope's funeral.
Ep. #8833 35x229
Gloria and Kevin continue with their plan to get rid of Jeff. Sharon is determined that Gloria's presence at the house wont upset her. Jack, Sharon, Nicholas and Phyllis step up their plans for the new company. Victor and his son say their final goodbyes to Hope as she passes away.
Ep. #8832 35x228
Jeff and Gloria work together to try and get rid of Jack and Sharon. Lily tells Colleen about her night with Cane.
Ep. #8831 35x227
Victoria wonders if it is her fault that her parents got divorced. Cane and Lily make love. Jana continues to plot to get Daniel and Amber together.
Ep. #8830 35x226
Jeff is determined to beat Gloria at her own game. Jack has news for Gloria concerning the Abbott house. As his mother's condition gets worse Victor Jr allows his father to get closer to him.
Ep. #8829 35x225
Lily is upset when she tells Cane that she loves him and he doesn't say it back to her. David gives Walter some of the money he owes him and Walter wants more and tells him to get it from Nikki. Victor Jr is upset when he learns his mother is dying and he then learns that Victor is his father.
Ep. #8828 35x224
Jack agrees to give Daniel a new job in the business venture. Brad tells Neil that he is leaving to go take a position at Jabot. Daniel regrets having slept with Amber but Jana wants to get them together. Victor agrees to look after their son when Hope dies.
Ep. #8827 35x223
Victoria and J.T. are married. Victor tells Kay that Hope is dying and that is the reason he is leaving town. Daniel ends up sleeping with Amber when they host a party.
Ep. #8826 35x222
Paul listens in to a conversation that Sharon and Jack are having. Kevin and Gloria step up their plan against Jeff. Victoria and J.T.get ready to become husband and wife.
Ep. #8825 35x221
Cane is suspicious of Amber's reasons to be friends with Kay. Gloria tries to turn Noah against Jack which infuriates Sharon. J.T. asks Paul to be his best man. Neil is offered Nicholas' old job and Victor makes plans to leave town as soon as Victoria's wedding is over.
Ep. #8824 35x220
Paul helps his daughter try and work out who Ji Min's killer is. Jack and Nicholas continue to work together. Phyllis offers her son a job. Gloria and Kevin plot to get rid of Jack, Sharon and Jeff.
Ep. #8823 35x219
Heather still finds it hard to believe that Victor didn't kill Ji Min. Victor makes sure that Heather is taken off the case. Korbel tries to console Heather and Colleen becomes jealous when she sees them together. Nikki offers David a job at Jabot. Noah wants to stay with Nicholas and Phyllis when he learns that Gloria are Jeff are moving in to the Abbott house. Jack is determined to make sure that Gloria wont be around for long.
Ep. #8822 35x218
Victoria wants to marry J.T. as soon as possible. Nikki agrees to run Jabot for Kay and Victor is furious when he finds out. Nikki offers Brad a job. When Jack sees Amber's designs he is impressed. Jack and Nicholas consider working together.
Ep. #8821 35x217
Jeff works out what Gloria is up to. Victor offers J.T. a job and he accepts the position. Victor and Nikki's divorce comes through. Victoria learns about her parents divorce and Nikki's engagement to David.
Ep. #8820 35x216
Neil sees how happy Cane makes Lily. Kya makes some decisions about her future and decides to give Chancellor Industries to Jill.
Ep. #8819 35x215
Gloria refuses to sell the Abbott house to Jack and Sharon and Sharon becomes intrigued by Gloria and Jeff's relationship. Jana offers to help Kevin in his plan to help his mother rid herself of Jeff. Nikki and J.T are relieved when Victoria tries to talk and place the baby in her arms. Victoria, J.T. and the baby bond as a family.
Ep. #8818 35x214
Kay learns that she may have had a mini stroke and Amber convinces her to go to the hospital as Jill and Cane show up. Kay defends Amber to Jill and Cane. Michael tries to get the case against Victor dropped by going to the DA. Michael informs Victor that he has managed to get the case against him dropped. Phyllis wants Nicholas to start his own business venture. When the baby is left with Victoria he cries and she suddenly opens her eyes.
Ep. #8817 35x213
Amber tries to explain why she pretended to be Marina. Amber tries to explain to Kay that she entered the competition to try and win Cane back. Jill tries to offer Cane some advise. Gloria refuses to agree to Sharon's request to allow Jack to keep the family house. Nicholas is worried that his mother's relationship with David is moving too fast.
Ep. #8816 35x212
Lily and Cane act like they are just friends in public. Kevin makes love with Jana. Marina is exposed as really being Amber by Cane. Jack refuses to give Gloria the Abbott family home. Sharon wants to speak to Gloria alone.
Ep. #8815 35x211
Nicholas and Jack plan a day out with the children. Gloria wants Kevin to help her make it look like Jeff has tried to kill her. Victor fires Michael. Somebody gives Heather an alibi for Victor for the time Ji Min was murdered.
Ep. #8814 35x210
Michael and Lauren learn that Gloria married Jeff in Las Vegas. Michael decides to find out as much about Jeff as he can. Victor isn't happy with the judges decision. Victor wants all of Nikki's possessions removed from the ranch.
Ep. #8813 35x209
Lily ans Cane enjoy an evening out together. Amber convinces Daniel to continue to help her. Sharon and Jack reconnect. Victor and Nikki are in court to finalize their divorce.
Ep. #8812 35x208
Jack manages to surprise Sharon. Nikki tries to reason with Victor but when David show up he refuses to listen. Lily ans Marina (Amber) the the Fresh Face of Jabot competition.
Ep. #8811 35x207
Victor refuses to accept Nikki's offer of her N.V.P. shares in exchange for dropping the court case. Kay offers Nikki some advise. Heather refuses to drop the case against Victor. Heather informs Kevin that she intends to have the charges against Jana dropped. Kevin and Colleen surprise Jana with a party after she is freed.
Ep. #8810 35x206
Sharon tells Brad that she never actually truly loved him. Sharon tells Jack about Brad showing up in Chicago. David urges Nikki to sell her N.V.P. shares. Victor clashes with his son and fires him. Neil isn't happy when he catches Cane with his daughter.
Ep. #8809 35x205
Nikki refuses to agree to Victor's request of dumping David in return for her assets being unfrozen. Heather turns down Daniels when he asks her out on a date. Jack's actions manage to make Sharon proud. Nikki decides to accept David's marriage proposal. Colleen tells Jack what her father is up to. Victor tries to offer Heather some advise. When Brad shows up in Chicago, Sharon is surprised.
Ep. #8808 35x204
Heather admits to her mother that she wishes that she had never learned the truth about Paul being her father. April offers her daughter some advise. Korbel doesn't want Colleen helping in anyway in helping to get Jan released. J.T. tells Nikki that he saw David meeting a stranger. David lies to Nikki about the meeting. Nikki learns that Victor has frozen all of her assets. Reed's condition continues to improve. Gloria comes up with a plan to get rid of Jeff once and for all.
Ep. #8807 35x203
Sharon assures Jack that he doesn't have to be worried about Brad. Brad isn't happy when Jack agrees to accompany Sharon on part of the Beauty of Nature tour. Gloria wakes up in Jeff's bed and remembers what happened. Michael is determined to stop any wedding between Jeff and his mother. Both Paul and Heather are surprised when April shows up in town.
Ep. #8806 35x202
Jeff works out what Gloria is up to and attempts to play her at her own game. Neil isn't happy after seeing Lily kissing Cane. Neil and Karen take their relationship to the next level after she sings for him privately. Lily agrees to go out on a date with Cane. Nikki offers Phyllis her job back at NVP. J.T. looses his job and he later witness an argument between David and a stranger.
Ep. #8805 35x201
Karen ends up agreeing to stand in when a singer at Indigo cancels at the last moment. Cane gets promoted at work. Gloria agrees to Kevin's idea of getting Jeff drunk to try and get some information out of him. Cane ends up kissing Lily after admitting he was jealous after seeing her out with another man.
Ep. #8804 35x200
Michael and Lauren are shocked by Jeff's marriage proposal to Gloria. Gloria offers Jeff money to leave her alone but he refuses the offer. Gloria then admits to Michael and Lauren that she is being blackmailed. Sharon tells Victor that she believes he is innocent and he offers her some advise. Jack tells Brad to stay away from Sharon. Nikki clashes with Victor after finding out that he hired J.T to look into David's past.
Ep. #8803 35x199
Kevin visits Jana at the jail. Jeff tells Gloria's family that she has agreed to become his wife. Jack assures Phyllis that he didn't set Victor up for Ji Min's murder. After talking to Phyllis Nicholas realizes that his father could actually be guilty. Brad tries to get Sharon to admit that she still loves him and he tries to kiss her. Jack shows up to pick Sharon up and finds that she is locked in the conference room with Brad.
Ep. #8802 35x198
Jeff wants Gloria to set up a family dinner so he can ask her to marry him. Jeff also wants Gloria to pay for her own engagement ring. Sharon is upset when she sees that Jack is happy that Victor has been arrested. Michael is able to get Victor released on bail. Victor confronts Jack and accuses him of setting him up.
Ep. #8801 35x197
Sharon tells Noah about her decision not to leave Jack. Brad tries unsuccessfully to get Sharon to change her mind. Paul tries to offer J.T. some advise. Maggie has a warrant for Victor to be arrested.
Ep. #8800 35x196
Jack admits to his sister that he got his father to cut Gloria out of the will before he died. Ashley tells Jack that he should give Gloria what their father wanted her to have. Later John's ghost urges Jack to do the same thing. After talking to Nicholas, Sharon decides to get back together with Jack. Phyllis refuses to help Brad split Sharon and Jack up. Victor tells Nikki he will not recall all of her loans if she splits up with David but she turns down his offer.
Ep. #8799 35x195
Karen and Neil enjoy spending time with one another. Phyllis talks to Nikki about Victor and Nicholas. Sharon tells Jack about her future plans. Jack is determined to stop Gloria from getting hold of John's money. Noah runs away and shows up at his father's door and tells him he knows Sharon intends to leave Jack. Jack is surprised when his sister shows up for a visit.
Ep. #8798 35x194
J.T. tells Victor how the baby is doing and Victor asks him to help found out everything about David. Victor asks Michael for help dealing with the allegations that he was involved in Ji Min's death. Nikki talks to Kay about David's marriage proposal. Nikki admits to David that she is falling for him. Michael tries to find out out from Kevin what is really going on between Gloria and Jeff. Jeff continues to try and blackmail Gloria in to marrying him.
Ep. #8797 35x193
Sharon remains unable to forgive Jack. Nicholas offers Jack some advise. Victor is furious after being served with the lawsuit papers. Nikki is shocked when David asks her to become his wife.
Ep. #8796 35x192
J.T. spends Christmas Eve with Nikki and David looking at the baby at the hospital. Victor shows up and clashes with Nikki. Sharon spends Christmas Eve with Neil and his family. Cane, Esther, Kay and Jill enjoy a meal together as they celebrate Cane's birthday and Christmas.
Ep. #8795 35x191
Nikki, David and Kay ask Jack to join them in their plan to get even with Victor. Nicholas clashes with his father. Heather turns down Paul's request to spend Christmas with him and Maggie. After talking to Daniel though Heather decides to join Paul for Christmas after all.
Ep. #8794 35x190
Karen agrees to spend Christmas with Neil and the kids if the kids agree to it. Daniel wonders where she got the money from to buy Christmas presents and when she lies to him he knows she is lying. Cane refuses to accept the gift Amber has bought for him. Nikki wonders if she is doing the right thing in suing Victor. When Victor refuses to agree Kay's request not to recall Nikki's loans she decides to team up with Nikki. Victor learns from Maggie that the police have proof that he was with Ji Min on the day he died.
Ep. #8793 35x189
Everyone is pleased for J.T. when they learn that he fathered Victoria's baby. Nicholas isn't happy when he discovers that his father has called in his mother's loans. Phyllis wants Sharon to read the letter Jack wrote whilst he was trapped in the collapsed building. Summer celebrates her fist birthday. Kevin agrees to help Gloria make it look like she is really falling in love with Jeff.
Ep. #8792 35x188
Brad is upset when he learns that he isn't the father of Victoria's baby. Sharon tries to comfort an upset Brad. J.T. decides to name the baby Reed. Nikki is shocked when she learns that Victor intends to recall all of her loans. Victor later learns that Nikki intends to sue him. Kay offers Amber some advise after she admits to her that she still loves Cane. Lily is upset when Cane tells her that they should remain just friends because of their age differences.
Ep. #8791 35x187
When Jack sees Brad and Sharon together he gets the wrong idea about them. Phyllis admits to Jack that it her fault Gloria got hold of the letter. Sharon tells Jack that she intends to move out with Noah once Christmas is done. Kevin is over the moon when Michael agrees to try and help get Jana's conviction squashed. J.T. learns that he is the father of Victoria's baby.
Ep. #8790 35x186
Victor sees Nikki hugging David. Cane asks Lily to spend Christmas day with him. Daniel is involved in an accident and belongs the car belongs to Heather. Lily and Cane come close to sharing a kiss.
Ep. #8789 35x185
Colleen tries to be there for J.T. Brad clashes with Victor at the hospital. Gloria tries to convince Michael that she is in love with Jeff.
Ep. #8788 35x184
Sharon tells Nicholas that she is thinking of leaving Jack after Christmas. Phyllis realizes that she gave Jana the telephone number for Todd that she then gave to Gloria. Gloria believes that Jeff will still tell the police about the tainted cream after they are married.
Ep. #8787 35x183
David learns of Victor's plans to recall Nikki's loans. J.T. and Brad want to find out which of them is the father of the baby. Jack tells Sharon that he has decided to give up his seat on the Senate. Jeff tells Gloria that if she agrees to marry him he will keep her secret.
Ep. #8786 35x182
Jeff tells Gloria that he still has the contaminated cream and that he he knows what she did to it. Victor tells Neil that he wants all the loans that Nikki has recalled. Sharon and Victor discuss their relationships and Victor offers her a place to stay. Jack is visited by his father's ghost again and vows to turn his life around. When Brad calls her, Sharon agrees to meet him.
Ep. #8785 35x181
Gloria lean rs that she could end up very wealthy. Sharon is shocked when Jack admits to her that everything Gloria said is true. Phyllis tries to offer Nikki some advise.
Ep. #8784 35x180
Neil is given a search warrant by Maggie and Heather allowing them to search Victor's offices. Jack's hearing continues. Lauren and Michael are shown the letter John wrote before he died. Gloria is allowed to read the letter at the hearing and it becomes obvious to everyone that Jack made his father change his will.
Ep. #8783 35x179
Nicholas reads a newspaper report blaming his father for the building collapse and also implicating him in Ji Min's murder. Nikki decides to cool things off with David. Phyllis decides to go to Jack's hearing. Kevin finally manages to find Todd Scheller and gets the letter intended for his mother.
Ep. #8782 35x178
Nicholas and Phyllis get to spend some time alone. The Chamber of Commerce fundraiser is held. Victor and Nikki agree to move Victoria to the Newman ranch now that her condition has stabilized. Brad wants the baby named after his father.
Ep. #8781 35x177
Michael and Lauren are determined to stop Kevin from marrying Jana. Jan tells Kevin that they can never be married as it would be unfair on him. Jack is questioned at the Senate hearing and sees his father's ghost again. Jill and Gloria try to make Jack look bad. Maggie tries to talk to Victor about the tape Ben gave her.
Ep. #8780 35x176
Sharon is upset when Jack tells her that he has allowed Ben to talk to the police about Victor. Amber wears a disguise determined to enter the Fresh Face of Jabot contest. Victoria gives birth to a son. J.T. begs Victoria to wake up so that she can name her son. Phyllis tries to be there for Nikki.
Ep. #8779 35x175
Victoria is forced to under go surgery. Sharon tells Jack that she thinks it is wrong to try and put more pressure on Victor with everything that is going on with Victoria at the moment. When Ben talks to Maggie about the possibilities of Victor having been Ji Min's murderer an unseen person records their conversation. Jack discovers that it was Victor who told the press that he was Jabot's secret owner.
Ep. #8778 35x174
Gloria agrees to go on another date with Jeff. Gloria decides to try and make Jill look like the person Will was writing about in the letters. Everyone attends court so that they can air their views about what Victoria and the baby's fates should be. Victoria's condition continues to worsen.
Ep. #8777 35x173
Lily talks to Colleen about Cane. Jana has another CT scan at the hospital. Jack makes sure that some reporters find out that Victor is also a suspect for murdering Ji Min.
Ep. #8776 35x172
Jack learns that he could be removed from the Senate. Gloria works to make sure Jack looses his job. Nikki and Victor are still unable to agree about what is best for Victoria and a court administrator is appointed to hear both points of view before a decision is made.
Ep. #8775 35x171
Victoria's family and friends spend Thanksgiving at her hospital room. Devon isn't impressed by the food Lily has prepared for Thanksgiving. Lily decides she needs to be on her own for the day and Cane ends up spending some of the day with Amber. After talking to Neil and Karen, Lily decides to celebrate Thanksgiving after all and Cane leaves Amber to join the party. Kevin asks a surprised Jana to marry him when he visits the jail.
Ep. #8774 35x170
Karen tells Lily why she backed out of coming for Thanksgiving. Cane agrees to join Lily and her family for Thanksgiving. Karen agrees to come to the Thanksgiving dinner after all. Phyllis learns that she won the appeal and is freed and is then reunited with Nicholas.
Ep. #8773 35x169
Victor and Nikki disagree about what to do about Victoria and the baby. Nicholas ends up agreeing with his mother. Phyllis looses her visiting rights at the prison after getting in to trouble.
Ep. #8772 35x168
Neil, Devon and Lily decide to ask Karen and Sharon and her family to join them for Thanksgiving. When Karen hears Lily and Devon discussing that they wish she wasn't coming she makes up an excuse why she cant attend. Gloria decides to try and make Jeff fall in love with her. Nikki is unsure that Victoria would want to let her baby die so that she can survive.
Ep. #8771 35x167
Daniel is caught with his cell phone turned on as he attempts to let Phyllis know what is going on during her appeal when she is out of the room. Victoria's family are told that the baby will have to be delivered now if they are to have any chance of saving her life. They also learn that the baby's survival rate is very low.
Ep. #8770 35x166
Michael ans Lauren are shocked when Paul tells them he told Heather the truth about what happened with Sheila. Lauren urges Heather to give Paul a chance to be a father to her. Heather tells Paul that he wont face charges and that she doesn't want a father and daughter relationship with him. Gloria finds hard evidence that Jeff knows that she trained the Jabot cream.
Ep. #8769 35x165
Gloria finds out that Jeff is taping their diner conversation and wonders if he knows the truth about what she did to the cream. The Newmans and J.T. learn that the baby Victoria is carrying would not be able to survive outside of her womb.
Ep. #8768 35x164
Neil is worried that things are moving too fast with Karen. Victoria's family learn that she could have Preeclampsia and it could effect the unborn child she is carrying. Heather is furious with Paul for not telling her the truth earlier.
Ep. #8767 35x163
Phyllis is surprised by Jacks actions. When Michael tells Phyllis that her conviction is going to be appealed she is over the moon. Heather attempts to find out more about Sheila. Paul finally tells Heather that he is her father.
Ep. #8766 35x162
J.T. is worried about Victoria's condition. Lily is over the moon when she receives a call from Cane. Neil and Karen sleep together and Neil tells her he is ready to let go of the past.
Ep. #8765 35x161
Everybody attends the Enrique Iglesias concert. Lily is upset at seeing Cane with first Heather and then later talking to Amber. Maggie feels discomfort from her wound.
Ep. #8764 35x160
Lily continues to feel connected to Cane. Cane agrees to go an Enrique Iglesias concert with Heather and Lily is upset when she asks him to go with her and Cane tell her he has already accepted a offer to go with Heather. Victor holds a press conference. Jack gets some of the hairs of Victor's dog and asks Maggie to find out if they are the same hairs found on Ji Min's body. Maggie throws the hairs away after Jack leaves.
Ep. #8763 35x159
Katherine and Cane are relieved when they find out that the building materials where up to scratch. Jack is furious with Victor when a television reports that a drilling project Victor was doing several miles away could of caused the building to collapse. Later Victor breaks down when it hits home that he could be responsible for what has happened to his daughter.
Ep. #8762 35x158
Gloria and Kevin visit with Jena. Phyllis receives a message from Todd. Jack confronts Victor about Ji Min's murder. Kay and Cane receive a visit from an OSHA official who tell them he knows what caused the building to collapse.
Ep. #8761 35x157
Jeff attempts to impress Gloria when she agrees to meet him for dinner and after it is revealed he taped their conversations. Paul decides the time is right to tell Heather he is her father.
Ep. #8760 35x156
Nicholas takes Noah trick and treating around the hospital. Sharon urges Jack not to resign from the Senate. J.T. clashes with David.
Ep. #8759 35x155
Phyllis finds the note Jack wrote when he thought he was going to die. Nikki and J.T. learn that Victoria's baby should be fine. Victor is determined to fond out who is responsible for the building collapsing.
Ep. #8758 35x154
Can is worried that he will be blamed for the building collapsing. Phyllis is let out on day release so that she can go to work. Noah is upset when Phyllis cant come to see him. Victoria's family are worried about her condition.
Ep. #8757 35x153
Victoria is helicoptered to the hospital. J.T. is upset that he is not allowed to see Victoria as he is isn't a close family member. Things heat up between Paul and Maggie.
Ep. #8756 35x152
Noah has to undergo surgery. Nikki realizes her daughter is trapped in the rubble. Korbel is revealed as being trapped with Victoria. As Korbel and Victoria are rescued some rubble hits Victoria on the head. Jack ends up being rescued by Victor.
Ep. #8755 35x151
Jill informs Nikki that Cane, J.T. and Katherine are all still missing. J.T. and Cane try to find away out and it is revealed that Amber is also trapped. Cane and J.T. manage to get out and inform everyone where Kay is. Cane is determined to go back and help rescue his grandmother. J.T. is worried that nobody has heard from Victoria.
Ep. #8754 35x150
Lauren blames herself for Noah being trapped with her. Nicholas unsuccessfully tries to rescue his son. Everybody is relieved when Paul, Maggie, Lauren, and Noah are finally rescued. Jack writes a note to his family and friends in case he isn't rescued.
Ep. #8753 35x149
Sharon is trapped under some debris following the building collapsing. Jack and Nicholas desperately try to free her. Jack manages to get Sharon and Nicholas out but remains trapped himself. Nikki and Victor learn that Paul, Lauren, Maggie and Noah are also trapped inside the collapsed building.
Ep. #8752 35x148
Nicholas isn't happy with his son living with Jack now that he is a suspect in Ji Min's murder. Nicholas vows to help get his mother the money she needs after learning his father recalled his loans. A building collapses at the project.
Ep. #8751 35x147
Phyllis is happy when she learns that she is going to be allowed out on work release. Victor tells Neil, Nicholas and Victoria his visions for the future of the company.
Ep. #8750 35x146
Amber books some time in a studio to record a new song. Victor gives Victoria a baby naming book. Daniel agrees to look after Summer whilst he is out of town for a few days.
Ep. #8749 35x145
Sharon learns from Jack that he is now the number one suspect in the Ji Min murder case. After talking to his father's ghost Jack is determined to work out who really murdered Ji Min. Jeff flirts with Jill.
Ep. #8748 35x144
Sharon asks Nicholas to help her plan a benifit in Cassie's name. Jack is questioned about Ji Min's death. Amber witnesses Cane kissing Heather.
Ep. #8747 35x143
Phyllis learns her appeal has been turned down and Nicholas turns to his father for help. Michael comes up with a plan to help Phyllis. David visits Jana in the jail.
Ep. #8746 35x142
Nicholas goes to see Phyllis on his birthday and takes Summer with him. Nicholas hopes her appeal with get her released. Kevin visits Jana. Jeff tells Gloria the truth about why he and Will weren't close.
Ep. #8745 35x141
Victor and Nikki tell the children about their decision to get a divorce. Brad over hears Victoria telling her brother about her decision to marry J.T.
Ep. #8744 35x140
Neil isn't happy when the children treat Karen badly after he invites her over to the house for the evening. Heather agrees a deal with Jack and he then tells her what he knows about Ji Min.
Ep. #8743 35x139
Both Sharon and Phyllis that the story about Sharon and Nicholas sharing a kiss has been exposed in the newspapers. Sharon urges Jack not to give up his seat on the senate. Victor refuses to go along with Nikki's requests.
Ep. #8742 35x138
Nikki learns some information about Victor from David which effects the Clear Springs project. Victor and Nikki decide its best to start divorce proceedings. J.T. proposes to Victoria.
Ep. #8741 35x137
Brad calls the newpapers to tell them about Nicholas and Sharon kissing. After talking to Jill, Jeffrey realizes why his brother sent him the Jabot cream. When Gloria asks him for the cream Jeffrey switches the jars.
Ep. #8740 35x136
Lily admits to Colleen that she has a crush on Cane. Sharon visits Phyllis at the prison.
Ep. #8739 35x135
Jack and Nicholas argue about Nicholas kissing Sharon. Cane and Lily learn more about each others pasts.
Ep. #8738 35x134
Nicholas admits to Phyllis that he kissed Sharon but tells her that he now only wants to be with her. Neil and Karen continue to grow closer. J.T. sets up a romantic surprise for Victoria.
Ep. #8737 35x133
Sharon is upset after being confronted by Jack. Jill learns that Ji Min's death definitely wasn't an accident. Phyllis tells Nicholas and Daniel that she needs their help to get her moved to a different cell.
Ep. #8736 35x132
Jana annoys Phyllis. David tries to make it sound as if Jack could be Ji Min's killer. Brad makes sure that Jack can hear a conversation he is having with Sharon.
Ep. #8735 35x131
Everybody wonders who leaked the tape. Jeff tells Gloria that Will send him a parcel before he died.
Ep. #8734 35x130
Jack makes a statement stating that none of his family knew about him owing Jabot. Some of the investors in the Clear Springs project decide to pull out. Jana is moved to prison and is happy to see Phyllis there as somebody she knows.
Ep. #8733 35x129
Nicholas admits to his sister that he has fallen in love with Phyllis again. J.T. is worried that he isn't good enough for Victoria. After Noah gets into a fight at school defending him Jack realizes that he has to be honest about everything bad he has done. Before Jack can call a press conference the tape of him and Ji Min is played.
Ep. #8732 35x128
Sharon walks away after Brad tells her that he loves her. Noah gets to visit Phyllis and later so does Nicholas. Nicholas is determined to get Phyllis out of jail.
Ep. #8731 35x127
Victor is determined to make Jack pay. Brad tries to convince Sharon that it is him that he should be with. Jack decides to be honest about owning Jabot. Victor tells Phyllis that he can help her be released from prison if she agrees to help him bring Jack down.
Ep. #8730 35x126
Jill realizes that she never really knew Ji Min. Michael manages to cut a deal for Kevin, Daniel and Amber.
Ep. #8729 35x125
Daniel and Amber are upset at having seen the kiss. Devon tries to offer his father some advise. Neil ends up sharing a kiss with Karen. Amber's plan to keep the money seems to have worked.
Ep. #8728 35x124
Daniel and Lily see Lily and Cane kissing at Lily's divorce party. Jana thinks that she and Kevin should stop seeing one another.
Ep. #8727 35x123
Nicholas and Victoria try unsuccessfully to get their parents back together. Amber comes up with a plan to keep all the money for herself.
Ep. #8726 35x122
Amber decides not to tell Daniel that she has found the money. Jack is visited by his father's ghost again. Nikki sleeps with David.
Ep. #8725 35x121
Lily jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Amber at Daniel's apartment. Daniel and Lily sign the divorce papers. Amber and Daniel are determined to get their money back and Amber finds it hidden in Ji Min's old room.
Ep. #8724 35x120
Nikki is made to see by Jack that Victor released the tape about Jabot. Nicholas isn't happy with Noah living with Sharon and Jack whilst the scandal unfolds. Jack hold a press conference where he lies and stakes the tape is a fake.
Ep. #8723 35x119
Noah wants to visit Phyllis at the prison. Nicholas is caught when he pretends to be Phyllis' lawyer so he can visit her. Jill tells a reporter what really happened with Jabot.
Ep. #8722 35x118
Jill learns that Ji Min was murdered and wonders if Amber could be the killer. Jana's surgery is a success.
Ep. #8721 35x117
Phyllis learns that Summer's condition has improved. Jill is shocked when she finds Ji Min dead and Amber in his room. Kay tries to comfort her daughter.
Ep. #8720 35x116
Amber is determined to prove that Ji Min took the money. Jack is worried that Ji Min's revelations could cost him his seat on the senate. Phyllis is taken into custody.
Ep. #8719 35x115
When Summer becomes ill Phyllis doesn't want to leave her. Carson agrees to help Amber find the missing money. Jack attempts to stop Ji Min from going public. It is revealed that Ji Min took the missing money.
Ep. #8718 35x114
Phyllis gets to spend some final time with Nicholas and her family. Jill is happy when Ji Min stands up to Victor and Kay. Amber asks Daniel for help.
Ep. #8717 35x113
Jana under goes the surgery. Jill refuses to listen to Ji Min's attempts to apologize. Later she agrees to get back together with him if he tells everyone about the part he played in what was going on with Jabot.
Ep. #8716 35x112
The judge tells Phyllis she will have to spend six years in prison. Michael is determined to try and get Phyllis' sentence reduced. Jana gets ready for her surgery and Kevin promises to be there for her.
Ep. #8715 35x111
Sharon tries to explain to Neil why she spoke on Phyllis' behalf. Things heat up between Nicholas and Phyllis. Korbel asks Colleen to move into his place. Jana learns the risks about having the surgery.
Ep. #8714 35x110
Nicholas goes to the sentencing hearing with Phyllis. People say what they feel at the hearing. Sharon brings Noah to the court room and they both speak on Phyllis' behalf.
Ep. #8713 35x109
A meeting is held to discuss the future of the Clear Springs Project. Sharon admits to Neil that she is beginning to develop feelings towards Nicholas again. Jill breaks off her engagement to Ji Min after he admits that he lied to her. Phyllis tells Nicholas that if she is sent to jail she will end their marriage.
Ep. #8712 35x108
Phyllis spends some time with Daniel before her sentencing. Kevin wants Jana's sentencing moved up. Kay attempts to make Ji Min doubt Jill.
Ep. #8711 35x107
Colleen tells her father that she no longer wants him in her life. Colleen agrees to allow Korbel to write about her family's history. Logan decides to leave town. Jack surprises Sharon. Nicholas starts to see Phyllis in a new light.
Ep. #8710 35x106
Phyllis learns that her bail is being revoked. Colleen learns the truth about her father costing Korbel the Paris job. Colleen and Korbel visit Jana who attempts to say sorry to him for the bad things she has done. Korbel learns something interesting about Brad from Jana.
Ep. #8709 35x105
Ben advises Jack to stay away from Phyllis. Jana learns that she is going to have the surgery she needs but also learns of the risks involved.
Ep. #8708 35x104
Phyllis is found guilty but released on bail until her sentencing. Lily, Devon and Neil feel that Phyllis being found guilty brings some closure for them about Drucilla. Phyllis is upset at the the thought of being sent to prison.
Ep. #8707 35x103
Phyllis shows up at the courtroom at the very last moment. Phyllis learns about Daniel being fired from his job. Cane wants Amber to sign some papers invalidating their marriage.
Ep. #8706 35x102
Nikki tries to raise the money she needs. Phyllis learns the jury have come to a decision in the trial. Phyllis decides to flee with Summer. Kevin attempts to blackmail Gloria into giving him the money he needs for Jana's surgery.
Ep. #8705 35x101
Nicholas tells Sharon that he wishes things had worked out differently between them and they end up sharing a kiss. Victor refuses to lend Nikki the money she needs to get rid of the methane gas in Clear Springs.
Ep. #8704 35x100
Cane and Jack disagree about the methane problem at the Clear Springs project. Daniel asks Jack to give him a job. Gloria tries to find out more from Jeff about his past.
Ep. #8703 35x99
Gloria is shocked to meet Will's twin brother called Jeff. Ji Min and Jill decide to start their own company. Ji Min refuses to allow Kay to try and buy him to leave Jill. Amber and Daniel are shocked when they see Lily and Cane out together.
Ep. #8702 35x98
Kevin decides to sell the coffee shop to pay for the surgery Jana needs. Amber begs to Cane to give her another chance and after they make out he tells her they are through. Gloria sees a man who looks like Will at his memorial service.
Ep. #8701 35x97
Kevin ponders the fact whether Jana really isn't faking her illness. Kevin is determined to pay for the surgery Jana needs. Jay is furious when she learns that Jill and Ji Min are engaged. Daniel is fired from his job by Neil.
Ep. #8700 35x96
Nicholas believes that Phyllis is guilty. Lily decides to divorce Daniel. Kevin visits Jana.
Ep. #8699 35x95
Phyllis attempts to explain her actions to the jury. The prosecution and the defense make their closing statements. Victor is furious with Brad and gives Devon his projects to work on. Victor argues with Nikki.
Ep. #8698 35x94
Amber lies to Bonacheck hoping he will let Cane go. Bonacheck walks into a trap set by Kevin and Daniel. Cane tells Amber that they have no future together.
Ep. #8697 35x93
Phyllis' trial continues. Amber manages to get out of the cupboard and faces off with Carson. Cane receives a phone call giving him mysterious instructions. When he shows up at the meeting point Cane is surprised to find both Amber and Carson tied up and Bonacheck with a gun.
Ep. #8696 35x92
Phyllis' trial gets underway. Neil isn't happy that Devon and Lily have put themselves in danger. Jill and Kay agree to pay the ransom money to free Amber. Daniel and Kevin work together in an attempt to help Amber.
Ep. #8695 35x91
Kevin, Daniel and Cane find themselves being questioned by a U.S. Treasury Agent. The agent learns that Amber has been kidnapped.
Ep. #8694 35x90
Nicholas and Sharon flirt with one another in front of Phyllis. Cane learns that Amber has been kidnapped. After hearing everything Cane goes with Daniel and Kevin to dig up the money and discover that it has gone.
Ep. #8693 35x89
After Devon comes too, Daniel and Lily phone the cops. Cane is furious with Amber. Daniel tells Lily about the money he, Kevin and Amber hid.
Ep. #8692 35x88
Bard and Victoria sign the papers to end their marriage. Cane finds out that Amber tricked him into becoming her husband. Lily and Daniel are shocked to find their place turned over and Devon passed out on the floor.
Ep. #8691 35x87
When Logan and Brad become stuck in a lift together they flirt. Nicholas stops things from going to far when things heat up between himself and Phyllis. Amber, Kevin and Daniel try to find out more about Carson.
Ep. #8690 35x86
Jill and Ji Min decide to elope and get married. Logan decides to stay in town for a while. Lily refuses to listen to what Daniel has to say.
Ep. #8689 35x85
Kevin learns that Jana’s condition means that she might not be well enough to stand trial. Cane confronts Amber when he learns the truth about Plum. Nikki tells Victor that she has decided to separate from him.
Ep. #8688 35x84
Victor finally sells his shares in NVP to Nikki. Victor isn't happy when he finds out that Jack sold Jabot to Kay and that Nikki knew about it. Nikki asks David to stay in town to help her with the Clear Springs project. Gloria learns that Will was a wealthy man.
Ep. #8687 35x83
Amber is worried about the man who is trying to find Plum. Amber admits to Kevin that Plum wasn't her cousin but in reality was an ex lover. Victor refuses to sell his share of N.V.P. to Nikki. Will stops Gloria from confessing the truth when he writes a note with the words I love you on it. Gloria is shocked when she discovers Will dead.
Ep. #8686 35x82
Lily refuses to listen to Daniel. Brad is worried about Korbel's new book. Things heat up between Victoria and J.T. Michael tries to convince William not to turn against his mother.
Ep. #8685 35x81
Kevin and Colleen lie to Maggie about what happened. Jana tells Kevin that she a tumor in her brain. Brad isn't happy about the book Korbel is writing. Lily is furious when she finds out Daniel has been in trouble again.
Ep. #8684 35x80
Paul meets the new assistant D.A. Heather Stuart and later informs Maggie that Heather is his daughter and she doesn't know it. Kevin's friends try to get him to put the gun down that he points at Jana and Jana ends up being arrested. Amber lies to Cane who ends up spending some time with Logan.
Ep. #8683 35x79
Jana has a seizure when Colleen tells Kevin to burn the place down. Michael and Daniel show up as Kevin threatens to kill Jana. To try and please Noah, Nicholas decides to move back in with Phyllis. Nikki wants to buy Victor's share of NVP.
Ep. #8682 35x78
When Noah runs away he is found by Phyllis. Ji Min proposes to Jill but Kay is far from happy. Amber is secretly watched as she buries her share of the money. Jana walks into the trap that Kevin has set up.
Ep. #8681 35x77
Kevin is unable to make Jana agree to meet with him. Kevin refuses to give up with his plan and is relieved when Jana has a change of heart about meeting him. Cane continues to try and find out more about Amber's past.
Ep. #8680 35x76
Colleen catches Amber, Daniel and Kevin digging the money up they have hidden. They come up with a story as to where the money came from which Colleen believes. Nicholas tells Logan that he wishes he was still married to Sharon. Both Maggie and Paul work out that Gloria is hiding a secret.
Ep. #8679 35x75
Nicholas spends the day with Phyllis and Summer to see if he can remember anything. Nicholas learns that Phyllis is facing a court trial and learns about everything that has been going on. Victor and Nikki learn that the plane crash may not have been an accident. William manages to get a not to Maggie.
Ep. #8678 35x74
Daniel has another session with the therapist. Cane telephones Brooke in Los Angeles to find out more about Amber's past. Cane is surprised by what he learns. When Jana calls him Kevin sneaks out of the hospital taking his gun with him to meet her.
Ep. #8677 35x73
Nicholas is determined to win Sharon back. Jana calls Kevin's phone which Colleen answers. Colleen goes a long with Kevin's plan and lies to Jana that he has been involved in a serious car accident.
Ep. #8676 35x72
Kevin explains his plan to bring Jana out into the open to Colleen. Nicholas tells Phyllis that he wont be able to return to married life with her. Will works out that Lauren knows the truth about what Gloria has been up to. Lily asks Daniel to move back in.
Ep. #8675 35x71
Kevin decides to try and lure Jana out into the open. Despite Phyllis' attempts Nicholas is still unable to remember anything. Nikki insists to David that their relationship can go no further. Daniel finds himself in trouble again.
Ep. #8674 35x70
Nicholas enjoys spending time with Noah. Victor clashes with David. Victoria tells Brad that she in sure whether he or J.T. is the father of her baby.
Ep. #8673 35x69
Nicholas still cant remember anything about his life with Phyllis. Kevin gets a lead on Jana's whereabouts. Brad learns that Victoria is pregnant.
Ep. #8672 35x68
Logan finally manages to get Nicholas to a hospital and contacts Nikki. Sharon is shocked when Nicholas kisses her and realizes that he is suffering from memory loss when he thinks they are still married. Phyllis id devastated when Nicholas doesn't remember being married to her.
Ep. #8671 35x67
Jack is declared the winner in the election. Nicholas finds it frustrating that he isn't well enough just to leave the woods. Jana telephones Colleen. Colleen and Kevin decide to work together to try and catch Jana. Korbel isn't happy about the idea.
Ep. #8670 35x66
The day of the election finally arrives. Gloria is worried that Will remember the truth. Amber buys Cane an expensive gift. Jana makes contact with Kevin again.
Ep. #8669 35x65
Nikki and Jack clash with one another during the live televised debate. Victor isn't happy after learning that David and Nikki shared a kiss. Cane and Amber spend some time alone together.
Ep. #8668 35x64
Jack pretends that he knows nothing about what is going on between David and Nikki when he is questioned. Amber, Kevin and Daniel attempt to hide the money on the Chancellor estate.
Ep. #8667 35x63
Sharon isn't happy when she learns that Jack owned Jabot and that Phyllis knew about it. Jack learns about Nikki kissing David. Lily and Daniel start to grow closer again.
Ep. #8666 35x62
Amber, Kevin and Daniel hide the money on the Chancellor estate. Their secret is nearly found out though as Gloria and Michael show up at Kevin's to tell him that they need to use his place at somewhere were Will can recuperate. Nikki and David end up sharing another kiss and their secret is learned bu Sharon. Logan tries to explain to Nicholas where he is and that she is a doctor.
Ep. #8665 35x61
Victoria is unsure as to whether J.T. or Brad is the baby's father. Ben makes it clear to Sharon and Phyllis that if Jack is involved in any more scandals he will have no chance of winning the election.
Ep. #8664 35x60
Jack wants a debate set up for the campaign for him and Nikki. Nikki and her team continue to look for ways to disincredit Jack. Nikki and David continue to grow closer. Amber is surprised when Plum's body vanishes. Kevin, Daniel and Amber decide to split the money between the three of them.
Ep. #8663 35x59
Amber, Kevin and Daniel are shocked when they discover Plum's dead body. Daniel finds a suitcase of money in the room. Gloria is worried when Maggie informs her that she intends to solve the Jabot case now that Will is out of action. Phyllis dreams about Nicholas. Nicholas tries to leave but when Logan finds out she ties him up to stop him from attempting to leave again. Jack decides it's time Phyllis left.
Ep. #8662 35x58
J.T. and Brad clash over what is best for Victoria. J.T.lets Victoria know that he knows that she is pregnant again. Kevin is shocked when he hears from Jana who attempts to apologize for trying to kill him. Plum blackmails Amber into making sure that he gets a job. Plum lies dead on the floor in his room as Kevin knocks on the door.
Ep. #8661 35x57
The woman looking after Nicholas continues to help him and tells him that her name is Logan. Michael learn that Will might suffer from some memory loss. Gloria discovers that Will is in debt. Sharon tries to get evidence that Phyllis is faking her injury. Daniel learns that the cheque that he wrote to the therapist has bounced. Kevin is determined to find out where Jana is at any cost.
Ep. #8660 35x56
Lily agrees to see a therapist with Daniel to try and help him get his problem sorted out. After the session is over she informs him that she won't be going again it the problem is his and nothing to do with her. Brad learns that the charges he has been facing will be dropped once he has testified against Phyllis. Gloria tells Michael that she is responsible for causing Will's stroke as he had discovered the truth about what she had been up to. It is revealed that Nicholas is still alive and he wakes up to find a strange woman tending to him.
Ep. #8659 35x55
Phyllis is worried that she could end up spending time in jail. J.T gives Victoria a key to his place so that she can drop by anytime she likes. Will tells Gloria that he knows she is responsible for tampering the cream at Jabot and as she pleads with him not to tell anybody he collapses in pain.
Ep. #8658 35x54
Brad wants Jack to do with business with him. Brad wants Will to do a deal with him about testifying against Phyllis.
Ep. #8657 35x53
When Will has Evan arrested fro previous crimes he has committed to admits that Gloria paid him to try and make Will jealous. Victoria tells J.T. that the time isn't right for her to move in with him. Nikki agrees to let her campaign manager to play dirty like Jack has been. Nikki becomes very upset when she learns that the remains of the plane that was carrying Nicholas has been found.
Ep. #8656 35x52
Nikki learns that she is ahead in the election polls. Ben tells Jack if they are to close the gap on Nikki they need to discredit her. Phyllis has another vision of Nicholas. Amber is worried when Plum befriends Cane. Phyllis fakes an injury so that she can stay at Jack's house a bit longer. J.T. asks Victoria to move into his place.
Ep. #8655 35x51
Gloria asks Kevin if she can borrow some money so that she can get rid of Evan. Will secretly takes a strand of Gloria's hair. Lily refuses to speak to Daniel. Sharon is surprised when she returns to Jack's place to find Phyllis there. Sharon learns about Brad and Victoria's plans to divorce. Victoria tells her mother that she has been seeing J.T. Victoria is surprised when she learns she is pregnant.
Ep. #8654 35x50
Gloria is relieved when the DNA results come back as not a match. Gloria agrees to marry Will that day and they become husband and wife. Will witnesses Gloria acting strangely with Evan. Daniel is warned by Cane to stay away from his wife. Jack tries to console an upset Phyllis.
Ep. #8653 35x49
Daniel collects his belongings after Lily throws him out. Noah refuses to believe that his father is not going to return. Jack surprises Noah with a puppy. Things heat up between J.T. and Victoria again. Kay hopes that Extreme Catwalk won't show the stuff they have on Amber. Phyllis has some disturbing nightmares involving Nick.
Ep. #8652 35x48
Amber is horrified when footage of her argument with Lily is shown on the Extreme Catwalk show. Amber lies to Cane and manages to convince him that the picture wasn't of her. Lily refuses to listen to anymore of Daniel's lies. Brad agrees to give Victoria a divorce.
Ep. #8651 35x47
Gloria asks Kevin to help her stop Will from discovering that she was responsible for tampering with the cream. Michael offers Phyllis some advise. Lily realizes that Amber was in one of the porn pictures that Daniel has. When Lily confronts her, Amber tries to deny her involvement.
Ep. #8650 35x46
Brad asks Sharon to lie in court so that Phyllis won't end up in jail. Sharon finds herself unable to lie in court. Kay makes an official statement announcing that she is now the new owner of Jabot. Kay allows Ji Min to keep his job. Gloria tries to avoid having the DNA test. Jill is determined to get even with Gloria for drugging hers and Ji Min's drinks.
Ep. #8649 35x45
Gloria agrees to marry Will. She wants to marry him as soon as possible as she is worried that her role in the cream tampering will be exposed. Jill attempts to help Amber get a part on the 'Extreme Catwalk' show. Victoria talks to J.T. about the state of her marriage and he tries to convince her that she would be better off with him.
Ep. #8648 35x44
Jack and Sharon try to help Noah deal with the loss of his father. John's ghost gives Jack a message to give Sharon from Cassie. Jill continues to try and save Ji Min's job and her mother comes up with an interesting proposition. Gloria's plan to get Will to ask her to marry him works when he proposes.
Ep. #8647 35x43
Lauren decides to help Gloria try and get together with Will in the hope that she move out once they are together. Brad learns about the new book Korbel is planning to write. Colleen is furious with her father when she learns about him cheating on Victoria with Sharon. Kay buts Jabot back from Jack at a knock down price. Kay refuses Jill's request to allow Ji Min to keep his job at the company.
Ep. #8646 35x42
Victor gives Nikki NVP to run after getting the company back from Jack. Victor agrees to pretend that he is running the company until the election campaign is over. Nikki informs Phyllis that her services are no longer required at NVP. Gloria tries to make Will jealous. Victor decides to go to Sri Lanka to look for his son.
Ep. #8645 35x41
Victoria and Brad make love after making up after having had an argument. Victor asks Michael to talk to Kay and ask her not to buy Jabot ad he wants revenge against Jack and wants to see him in jail. Kay informs Ji Min that once Jabot is back in her hands he will be fired. When Victor learns that Hope hasn't heard from their son in a while he employs Paul to locate him.
Ep. #8644 35x40
Nicholas' family and friends prepare to attend his memorial service and they all remember good times they spent with him. Brad comforts Victoria after she becomes upset at the loss of her brother.
Ep. #8643 35x39
Brad wants J.T. to stay away from his wife. Brad isn't happy when Victor promotes Neil over him. Daniel and Lily kiss and make up. Kay tells Michael that she is buying Jabot from Jack.
Ep. #8642 35x38
Phyllis is worried what will happen to Summer if she goes to jail and Lauren agrees to look after her if it happens. Brad isn't happy when he finds Victoria with J.T. Evan agrees to help Gloria in her pursuit of Will. Paul returns from Australia and fills Kevin on what he has learned about Jana.
Ep. #8641 35x37
Nicholas' family remember his life as they await any fresh news. Sharon has to break the news to Noah. Kay agrees to but Jabot from Jack.
Ep. #8640 35x36
Victor tries to find out what has happened to the company jet and he and Nikki are worried about Nicholas and Sharon. Victoria and Phyllis are both devastated when they hear the news. Everyone is surprised when Sharon shows up and she lets them know she got off the plane at the last minute as she had a change of heart about going.
Ep. #8639 35x35
Sharon admits to Nicholas that even though she married Jack she still has strong feelings towards Brad as they wait on the Newman plane. Colleen and Amber decide to work together to get Lily and Daniel back together. Victor blackmails Jack into selling NVP back to him. Jack admits the truth to Kay and offers to sell Jabot to her. Victor finds out that the Newman plane has gone off the radar.
Ep. #8638 35x34
Daniel moves out after Lily tricks him into replying to an email she sent him whilst he is on the porn site. Phyllis is relieved when Sharon tells Will that she doesn't have anything to tell him about the blackmail charges that Phyllis is facing. Sharon admits to Brad that she still has feelings towards him. Victor confronts Jack with the hard evidence that he knows he is the real owner of Jabot.
Ep. #8637 35x33
Jack finds himself being questioned by reporters regarding the saga involving his wife and Phyllis. Phyllis learns that she is being suspended from her job with N.V.P. Ji Min is forced to do as Victor wants. Gloria makes plans to try and make Will jealous.
Ep. #8636 35x32
Victoria loses the baby she was carrying and has to tell Brad. Cane starts working for Katherine. Victor issues Ji Min with an ultimatum.
Ep. #8635 35x31
Ben Hollander is employed as Jack's new campaign manager. Korbel confronts Brad after he gets proof that he stopped him from getting the job in Paris. Gloria drugs Will's drink again.
Ep. #8634 35x30
Sharon takes Victoria to the hospital when she suffers with stomach cramps where she is relived to learn that baby is fine. Victor tells Michael to get him the firm proof that Jack owns Jabot. When Michael gets the proof, Victor confronts Ji Min and tells him that he is going to help him ruin Jack.
Ep. #8633 35x29
After her mother tells her that she made Brad turn Phyllis in, Victoria confronts him. Gloria steals the Jabot file from Will's office.
Ep. #8632 35x28
Nicholas and Michael want to know who turned Phyllis in but Will refuses to tell them as they wait at the police station for Phyllis to be bailed. Victoria works out that Brad turned Phyllis in. Nikki tells David that she wants to use Phyllis' arrest to their advantage in the campaign.
Ep. #8631 35x27
Victor learns that Nikki has hired David but he remains committed to Jack winning the election. Nicholas talks to his father about his concerns over whether he should postpone the wedding. The wedding goes ahead and Nicholas and Phyllis are married. As the wedding ends Maggie shows up to arrest Phyllis for extortion.
Ep. #8630 35x26
When the minister fails to show up for the wedding rehearsal Phyllis sees it as a bad omen. Lauren tries to convince her everything will be fine. Gloria ignores her sons warnings to stay away from Will. David humiliates Nikki to try and boost Jack's chances of winning the election. Jack fires David for what he has done but David finds himself being offered a job by Nikki.
Ep. #8629 35x25
When Victor learns that Brad cheated on his daughter he hits him. Nikki decides to do what ever it takes to win the election. Nicholas and Phyllis have their wedding rehearsal. Colleen realizes that somebody stopped Korbel from being able to take the job in Paris.
Ep. #8628 35x24
Brad manages to get Korbel's job offer in Paris taken back to stop Colleen from leaving with him. Lily helps Neil pack away Drucilla's things. Jack agrees to stay in his marriage to Sharon. Gloria spikes Will's drink to find out some information she needs.
Ep. #8627 35x23
Brad isn't happy when he learns of Colleen's plans to go to Paris with Korbel. Phyllis admits to Nicholas that she knew about Brad and Sharon's affair and that she had been blackmailing them. After sleeping with J.T., Victoria tells Brad that she doesn't want their baby to grow up without a father. Jack tells Sharon that they can get their marriage annulled.
Ep. #8626 35x22
After Brad tells Sharon that Victoria knows the truth she is worried that Jack will find out. Later Sharon admits the truth to Jack. Amber continues to try and manipulate Cane. Victoria talks to both Nicholas and her mother about Brad's deceit. J.T. tries to offer Victoria some comfort and they end up kissing. Nicholas decides to confront Brad.
Ep. #8625 35x21
Sharon agrees to elope with Jack and they are married. After Victoria confronts Brad he is forced to admit to her that he did sleep with Sharon.
Ep. #8624 35x20
Brad lies to Victoria about what he and Phyllis were discussing and Phyllis backs him up to keep her promise to Sharon. When J.T. finds out about the affair he tells Victoria the truth. Daniel continues to deny that he has a problem with porn.
Ep. #8623 35x19
Neil finds it hard to believe that Sharon is responsible for Drucilla's death. Brad tries to calm down an upset Sharon. Korbel is offered a job in Paris and Colleen wants to go with him. Jack isn't happy when he finds out that Brad bought the land where he wants to construct the new shopping mall. Phyllis tries to blackmail him into selling it by threatening to tell Victoria about his affair but Victoria walks in and overhears the truth.
Ep. #8622 35x18
After Lily confronts Daniel he tries to deny that he is addicted to porn. Jack wants Kay's construction company to build the Clear Springs resort. Neil and Phyllis aren't happy when they learn that picture from what happened on the cliff are to be published. Nicholas manages to get a court order stopping them from being shown but somebody posts them on the Internet and Nicholas is shocked when he sees them. Nicholas tells Phyllis that the pictures make it look as Sharon is to blame for Drucilla's death. After seeing the pictures Neil sets off to confront Sharon.
Ep. #8621 35x17
William cant believe what he has seen. Jill tries unsuccessfully to apologize to Will. Lily discovers the true extent of Daniel's addiction to porn.
Ep. #8620 35x16
Kevin and Gloria make plans to use the Viagra pills on Jill and Ji Min. Gloria lies to Will so that she can spend some time alone with him. Kevin and Gloria's plan works after Jill and Ji Min get passionate after taken the pills. Gloria makes sure that Will sees what is happening. Neil continues to drink.
Ep. #8619 35x15
Olivia and Katherine are worried about Neil drinking again. At the service held for Drucilla many kind words are said by her family and friends. Victor isn't happy when Nikki refuses to give up the race for Senate. After the service over come with grief Neil has another drink.
Ep. #8618 35x14
Michael attempts to do some damage control for Amber's newspaper quotes. Gloria and Kevin watch in on the meeting via Michael's computer but Kevin turns it off stating what they are doing is wrong. When Kevin agrees to turn it back on they see Jack giving Ji Min an order and realize that they really are working together. They copy what they have seen on to disc and give it to Michael. Olivia returns to town. Amber asks Daniel for help in getting rid of her profile from the sex site. Victor tries to offer Neil some advise.
Ep. #8617 35x13
Sharon pulls away from Bard and tells him kissing him was a mistake. Before Brad leaves they bring closure to their relationship. Phyllis doesn't tell Jack the truth about Sharon and Brad's relationship and instead urges him to make things work with Sharon. When Will sends Jill flowers Gloria throws the card away but Jill later finds it in the bin. Gloria and Kevin tell Michael that they have been reading Ji Min’s emails and Micheal asks Kevin to work with him to prove that Ji Min and Jack have been working together all along.
Ep. #8616 35x12
A drunken Neil blames Brad from Drucilla's death. Colleen tries to offer Lily some advise about Daniel. Jack and Noah take Sharon home. Phyllis tells Michael that she was arguing with Sharon because she was blackmailing her and she makes him promise not to tell nobody. Brad and Sharon end up kissing when Sharon admits to him that she doesn't love Jack enough to get married. Jack questions Phyllis about Brad and Sharon's friendship.
Ep. #8615 35x11
Drucilla's family and friends are devastated by what has happened to her. Phyllis tries to explain to Neil what happened. Lily is surprised by a picture she sees stored on Daniel's camera. Nicholas takes Noah to see Sharon. When Neil visits Sharon she tells him about Phyllis blackmailing her. Phyllis goes to see Sharon and she tells her that nobody will ever find out about her affair with Brad as enough lives have been destroyed already. Neil is disgusted with Phyllis. When Lily logs onto Daniel's computer she finds more porn and demands to know what is going on.
Ep. #8614 35x10
Maggie lets everybody know that it is Sharon who is being taken to the hospital. Jack is allowed in to see her at the hospital and he feels guilty for what has happened. Daniel and Lily tell Maggie their version of what happened whilst Phyllis tells Brad her version of events. Drucilla's family and friends learn that her cost has been found downstream and that the prospects of finding her look bleak.
Ep. #8613 35x09
As Phyllis and Daniel try to help Sharon she slips further down the cliff. When Jack calls Daniel he is shocked when he finds out what has happened. Jack tells Victoria and Neil what has happened and they call the police before rushing off to the cliff. Lily tells them what happened when they arrive. Maggie learns that one of the two women has been found and is being air lifted to hospital.
Ep. #8612 35x08
Daniel manages to cover when Lily asks him about what she saw on his computer. Brad isn't happy with Sharon's decision to marry Jack. Drucilla is thrilled when Victor asks her to go to Japan for the summer on company business. Sharon isn't happy when she arrives for the cliff site photo shoot and Phyllis has arranged a new outfit for her. Phyllis and Sharon argue and Sharon slips and as Drucilla tries to help her they both tumble off the side of the cliff.
Ep. #8611 35x07
Daniel finds himself becoming hooked on more and more on line porn. Lily is shocked when she turns on Daniel's computer and a porn site pops up. Kay asks Michael to help her avoid being charged for Cane's kidnapping as a baby. Jill isn't happy when both Cane and Will decide no charges shouldn't be charged against Kay. Jack decides to help Colleen with her school fees.
Ep. #8610 35x06
Phyllis continues to blackmail Sharon. Colleen decides to volunteer to help on the Clear Springs project so that she can spend more time with Korbel. Sharon tells Brad about finding Korbel and Colleen together. Brad decides to make his daughter pay for her own college fees. Drucilla offers to help Sharon pay Phyllis back for blackmailing her. David looks for something he can use against Nikki in the race for Senate.
Ep. #8609 35x05
Sharon catches Colleen with Korbel and Colleen makes her promise not to tell Jack. Cane turns down job offers from both Jill and Kay.
Ep. #8608 35x04
J.T. gives Colleen a hard time. Korbel agrees to help Victoria and Nikki. Victor has some words of warning for Nikki.
Ep. #8607 35x03
As Nikki files papers to run for senate Victoria offers her support. Victor isn't happy when he learns from Jack that Nikki intends to run for senate. Colleen and Korbel continue to keep up their ruse. The second DNA test results prove that Cane is really Jill's son.
Ep. #8606 35x02
Gloria is furious with Jack for pulling the plug on her television career. Kay offers to back Nikki if she runs against Jack for senate. Emily Stewart arrives from Oakdale looking for her sister Alison. After being questioned by Emily, Amber calls Alison telling her not to ever return to Genoa City and to call her sister. Amber is worried that the truth about her past in LA will come out.
Ep. #8605 35x01
Gloria finds out that Jack is responsible for her being removed from the television show. Devon, Daniel and Lily try to help Colleen get over Korbel. Jack sees a vision of his father again and he wants to know why he proposed to Sharon. Victoria is upset that Brad wont open up to her and is upset that he voted against her mother. Brad makes things up to Victoria and she agrees to return home.