The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12248 2021x227

season 30

Ep. #7594 30x251
Colleen tries to convince her father and Ashley to give her more freedom.
Ep. #7593 30x250
When Noah sits by Cassie's bedside Victoria and Nicholas see her lips move. Frederick has some news for Jill about her birth mother.
Ep. #7592 30x249
J.T. and Colleen find that their relationship is the main talking topic in Genoa. Mackenzie and Raul both try to offer advise.
Ep. #7591 30x248
Billy is surprised when he learns that Colleen wanted to sleep with JT. He also learns that JT said they should wait and not rush things.
Ep. #7590 30x247
Drucilla is furious with Neil with the methods he used to acquire Satine. She is also upset that he takes no interest in her career.
Ep. #7589 30x246
Everyone is determined to gain control of Satine. Jill finds herself in trouble.
Ep. #7588 30x245
Phyllis pleads with Victor to give her old job back. Jack wants her not to go back to work though so she can spend more time looking after Kyle.
Ep. #7587 30x244
Lily isn't happy with the fact that her mother wants to be a model again. Drucilla is happy when she is offered a job.
Ep. #7586 30x243
Isabella begs her husband not to see Christine ever again. Dr. Walker has some bad news for Nicholas.
Ep. #7585 30x242
Victor admits the truth to his daughter about really happened the night he and Sharon kissed.
Ep. #7584 30x241
Isabella is worried that the truth about what she and Michael have been up to could be exposed. Drucilla hears a secret from her sister.
Ep. #7583 30x240
J.T. tells Colleen that they will have to wait until they take their relationship to the next level. Raul is shocked when Brittany tells him she thinks she could be pregnant.
Ep. #7582 30x239
As Jill about to find out who her real parents are she is told that she will have to get a court order to see the records. Brad clashes with J.T.
Ep. #7581 30x238
Brad is furious after seeing a picture of Colleen and J.T. together and insists she moves back home.
Ep. #7580 30x237
Victor is able to convince Nikki that Sharon made the first move and not him. Cassie's condition improves slightly.
Ep. #7579 30x236
Phyllis runs into Diane whilst she is at the coffee house. Dr. Walker is forced to give Cassie's family some bad news.
Ep. #7578 30x235
Cassie's condition grows worse which leads to Victor pleading with her not to give up.
Ep. #7577 30x234
Jill receives advise from both Larry and Frederick about whether she should try and find her real mother or not.
Ep. #7576 30x233
Nikki is shocked when discovers the truth what has been going on. Wes and Olivia have to face the consequences about what they have been up to.
Ep. #7575 30x232
Nicholas blames his father for what has happened to Cassie. Isabella sees Paul with Chris in disguise.
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Ep. #7463 30x120
Ep. #7462 30x119
Ep. #7461 30x118
Ep. #7460 30x117
Ep. #7459 30x116
Ep. #7458 30x115
Nikki thanks Kay for being the most wonderful friend, and expresses how happy she is to be re-marrying Victor. Jack pays a visit to Victor, wising him well. Ashley refuses to understand Brads contempt with Victor. Brad exits and Ashley takes a nap. Ashley dreams about her daughter growing up without knowing her biological father. Brad oversees Ashley make a video diary for Abby. Larry and Jill joke about business and sneaking in and out of Jills bedroom. Larry also admits he had a strange conversation with Phyllis, and Jill suspects she just likes to shock people. Phyllis is alone with Kyle as Diane looks on from outside. Phyllis allows her inside, and Diane takes Kyle. They have a civil encounter and Jack is pleased that Diane finally understands the rules. Diane returns to tell Phyllis and Jack that her lawyer is filing a petition because Diane does not want Phyllis alone with her son. Victoria explains to Diego that Nikki already knows that they are much more than just friends. Diego and Victoria admit that theyre falling in love with each other. Sharon finally admits to Nick that she slept with Diego. She explains that she did it because she thought he was going to leave her. Nick finds that to be a lame excuse and demands to know how many times shes been with Diego. He storms out, and bursts in on Diego and Victoria. Nick lunges at Diego and begins choking him.
Ep. #7457 30x114
Victor calls Nikki to make sure she hasnt forgotten what day this is. Kay visits Victor to give him cufflinks for good luck. She also hopes that Victor has resolved all of his issues because this wedding means the world to Nikki. Victor promises he will make Nikki very happy. Nikki shows Cassie and asks her to be a junior bridesmaid. Nick notices something is bothering Sharon and wants to talk about it. Sharon wants to stop talking, and kisses Nick passionately. Sharon suddenly stops and admits to Nick that shes been keeping a secret from him, and its about Diego. Victoria purchases a suit for Diego to wear to the wedding. Brad cant understand why it matters so much to Ashley that she attends Victor and Nikkis wedding. Ashley wants to support Victor, and says shes going to the wedding whether Brad likes it or not. Jack fixes breakfast, while Phyllis bonds with Kyle. Phyllis is glad Kyle is going to be close, but she hates that Diane is going to be in Genoa City on a permanent basis. Isabella asks Diane about her situation with Jack, and Diane replies that shes more hopeful. Diane dismisses Isabella when her lawyer shows up.
Ep. #7456 30x113
Victor and Nikki go over final wedding plans. Nick and Sharon announce theyve decided to have another baby. Nikki states how everything is perfect, and Victoria toasts her parents. Nikki wants Victoria to invite Diego to the wedding since hes brought her such happiness lately. Nick admits to Victor he was hesitant about wanting another baby, and Victor advises him to hold on to his strong marital foundation with Sharon. Sharon hides her frustration when she learns that Diego and Victoria are seeing each other and coming to the wedding together. Victoria and Diego are glad Sharon is focusing on Nick again. In bed, Nick asks if Sharon is ready to make another baby, but he realizes shes fallen asleep. Jack tells John that Ashley opened up about the difficulty Brad is having dealing with her cancer. Olivia and Dru discuss her visit with Neil. Olivia hopes Dru and Lily can make amends with Neil. Dru asks about Olivias growing relationship with Brad. Olivia insists they are just friends. Brad and Ashley acknowledge that they are having marital problems due to Ashleys illness. Brad asks if he should be doing more for her, and Ashley replies that nothing is working.
Ep. #7455 30x112
Nikki sees Victor with Lorie, and storms out. Victor runs after Nikki and explains how Lorie deceived him. Nikki admits she was saying a final farewell to Max. They cant believe how much Max and Lorie didnt want them to marry. Nikki is touched when Victor reveals that his destiny is with her. Lorie regrets having gone along with Maxs scheme, and he chastises her for not activating the spy camera. Lorie accepts the reality that Victor is meant to be with Nikki, but notes that Max is still jealous of Victor. After Lorie exits, Max goes to order flowers for Victor and Nikkis wedding. Brad thanks Olivia for being a good friend, and letting him confide in her. Olivia offers to be there whenever he wants to talk. Ashley reveals to Jack that theres distance between her and Brad, and she cant get a handle on it. Jack assures her she will get through this and things will return to normal. Mac comforts Diego, who worries that Raul may never walk again. Raul reminds Brittany about her drinking and driving, and blames her for everything. Brittany begs for Rauls forgiveness. Adela and Vicente lash out at Frederick and Anita for letting Brittany recklessly take their sons life in her hands.
Ep. #7454 30x111
Nikki observes that Max has a secret agenda, and starts to leave. Lorie regrets taking advantage of Victor when they were first together. Victor admits he valued their time together, but its time to move on. Max bursts into Lories hotel suite with Nikki. Dru observes Serena visiting with Neil. After Serena exits, Dru enters and wants to talk about what made Neil hit rock bottom. Neil wishes he were warned they were coming to town, but seeing Lily really gave him a major wake-up call. Neil asks Dru to stick around so he can make amends to her and Lily. Olivia reveals to Brad what has happened since hes been away. Brad thinks it great that Neil is seeking treatment, and compliments Olivia on being a lifeline for him. Lily tries to persuade Wes to come save her by claiming that Dru misses him. Once Lily hangs up, Wes books a flight to Genoa City. Anita and Frederick order Brittany to meet with their attorney to avoid any lawsuit from Rauls family. Brittany finds it sick that money is all they care about. Raul demands to know from Dr. Walker if hes going to be paralyzed. Diego and Mac visit with Raul, as he realizes Brittany is the reason he may not walk again.
Ep. #7453 30x110
Serena visits Neil in rehab, and tells him that he cant fight the power of the liquor because it will beat him. Neil feels he needs to get better for himself as well as his daughter, but doesnt know if thats possible. Serena wants to know where their relationship is going, but Neil cant deal with that right now. Olivia wants Dru to stop judging Neil. Dru explains that she came back because of Lilys problems, and she was counting on Neil to be a father. Dru confesses she had been going out with Wes, a psychiatrist, for a couple of years. Lily loves him, but Dru admits she needed a break from him. Lily asks Olivia to explain to Dru why she wants to go back to Paris. While Lily is left alone, she calls Wes in Paris and begs him to come to Genoa City and save her. Victor thinks Lorie is romanticizing the past, but Lorie mentions what might have been could be again. Victor notes she is still a beautiful woman, and Lorie points the remote towards the TV. Nikki notices that Max is very intense, and insists on leaving. She notices Maxs TV is on, and turns it off. Max gets frantic and turns it back on. John approaches Caitlin because he is concerned that Colleen wants to date an older and more experienced boy. J.T. apologizes for yelling at Colleen, and realizes she is as misunderstood as he is. She is surprised J.T. doesnt see her as a kid anymore. She kisses him, and he lets her.
Ep. #7452 30x109
Colleen meets J.T. for another study session. J.T. is distracted by what happened the night before, and Colleen offers to get them beers. J.T. chastises her for trying to get beer at her age. John spies Colleen sitting with J.T., and asks Jill what she knows about him. Jill mentions J.T. has a colored past, but she likes his parents and hopes he has learned from them. She thinks kids are going to do what they want, but John says he cant look the other way. Max reviews the camera and equipment with Lorie, and emphasizes they have one shot at the plan. Lorie apologizes for deceiving Victor into coming to her hotel suite, and invites him in for an explanation. Lorie tells Victor how captivating he is, and that he has cast a spell on her. Victor is surprised since she has always seemed in control. Max invites Nikki into his hotel suite, stating he has no intention of trashing Victor. As a last goodbye, Max has ordered Nikkis favorite lunch. Diane agrees with Jacks decision, but would like to live as close to Jack as possible, for Kyles sake. Jack appreciates Dianes willingness and offers to expedite the process. Phyllis isnt sold that Jack will really make Diane move out this time. She runs into Larry at Ginas, and asks if he knows of any hit men for hire.
Ep. #7451 30x108
Nikki and Victor wonder if Victoria worked late since her bed had not been slept in. Diego tries to convince Victoria to play hooky and spend the day with him. She wishes she could, but has to leave for work. Nikki is crushed that Victoria no longer shares her personal life with her, but Victoria confirms that the man in her life is making her very happy. Max has set up a closed circuit TV camera in Lories hotel suite in order to catch Victor in a compromising situation with Lorie. They both agree to get Victor and Nikki to the hotel suites. Max calls Nikki, asking for some closure, and Nikki agrees to meet him in half an hour. Diane is determined to prove to Jack that Phyllis is unstable. Isabella comprehends Diane is trying to provoke Phyllis, but warns Phyllis might be really dangerous. Jack tells Diane that he has been thinking about their situation, and is concerned about the effect it has on Phyllis. Hes decided that as soon as Diane gets her cast off, she has to leave. Brittanys parents bail her out of jail, and assume that Raul caused the accident. Mac calls Diego to tell him what happened. Rauls parents learn that Raul is in stable condition. Brittany apologizes profusely to Vicente and Adela, and wants to see Raul. She feels she doesnt deserve him, but Raul tells Brittany that everything will be alright.
Ep. #7450 30x107
The police have to keep Brittany in jail until someone bails her out. She convinces the officers to let her have two phone calls so that she can call Raul and see how he is doing. Mac tells Brittany about Rauls unconsciousness and spinal cord damage. J.T. is shocked that Brittany has been arrested for drunk driving. After a failed attempt to contact her parents, Brittany is put into a holding cell with prostitutes. Rauls parents worry that he will be paralyzed, but the doctor tells them not to assume the worst. Max convinces Lorie to join him in his plan to break up Victor and Nikki. Max wants to plant doubts into Nikkis mind with very convincing evidence. Victor and Nikki share a romantic shower, recapturing some of their love from years past. Nick thinks its a bad idea for Sharon to want another baby, since she lost their little girl earlier this year. Sharon is ready to have another baby, and Nick finds this to be proof of their love. Victoria and Diego make love. He realizes she doesnt want to keep their relationship a secret any longer. Neil is shocked to see Dru and Lily, and tries to convince Juice to let them go. Neil pins Juice against the wall, but then Juice runs out of the apartment. Serena comforts Neil, who is begging for a drink. Olivia demands Neil enter rehab. Dru cant believe what has happened to his life. Lily states that Neil isnt her father and she never wants to see him again. Neil is scared and knows he needs help.
Ep. #7449 30x106
Nick, Sharon, and Victoria approve of their parents wedding plans. Instead of buying a castle, Victor and Nikki decide on the Colonnade Room, where they married the first time. Sharon asks Nick about the possibility of maybe having another baby. Victoria and Diego discuss making their relationship public. However, neither one of them want to define or label their relationship. Max wants Lories expertise to help break up Victor and Nikki. Lorie thinks hes chasing a fantasy and wants no part of it. Juice breaks into Neils apartment and threatens to hurt Lily if they dont give him money. Dru tells Olivia that Juice is bad news. Dru lunges at Juice, who grabs her arm and threatens to break it. Neil realizes that Juice is robbing his apartment, and Serena urges him not to risk his life. Neil barges into his apartment and wants to know what the hell is going on. Raul is unconscious and rushed into the ER. Brittany has some minor bruises, and calls Mac to come be with her. The police question Brittany, and order her to take a breathalyzer test. Her blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, and the officer places her under arrest.
Ep. #7448 30x105
Max confronts Victor at Ginas. He finds it sad that Victor talks about Nikki like his possession, and Victor suspects Max is still after Nikki. Lorie visits Jack and asks if he thinks Victor is really in love with Nikki. Jack suspects that Victor proposed to Nikki because he heard Max Hollister was courting her. Nikki interrupts their conversation, and Jack leaves for a business meeting. Lorie comments to Nikki that she wont believe the wedding will happen until it happens. Nikki storms out, and Lorie calls Max to learn about his plan to break up Victor and Nikki. Juice knocks Neil out, takes his money, and heads to his apartment. Serena returns to her apartment to find Neil passed out on the floor. Olivia is delighted to find Lily in Neils apartment. Dru tells Olivia that she hopes Neil can straighten Lily out if she lives with him for awhile. Olivia explains that Neil developed a serious drinking problem, and Dru gets annoyed that Neil is unavailable just when she needs him. Olivia is shocked at how self-centered Dru is. The two stop bickering as they hear a key in the door -- its Juice. Frederick and Anita feel Brittany and Raul are too young to be involved. Raul is trying to comfort Brittany as shes getting drunk in their hotel room. He tries to make her feel better, but she rushes out to her car and locks the door. Raul runs after her, gets in the car, and they take off. Brittany accelerates the car, and there is the sound of a crash.
Ep. #7447 30x104
Drucilla and Lily return from Paris, and arrive at Neils empty apartment. Lily thinks the place is a dump, and is envious that Wesley is still in Paris. Dru thinks Neil is staying somewhere else, and Lily thinks hes probably at his girlfriends place. Lily asks if Dru is giving up trying to straighten her out. Dru reminds her that Neil is her father and has a responsibility to her. Neil thanks Serena for being there for him, and he swears he will do his damnedest to beat it. Serena understands Neil wants to fight this on his own, and she leaves for work. Juice mentions to Rob that he wants to get some money out of Neil. Rob tells him that Neil has been staying at Serenas apartment. Juice barges into Serenas apartment and demands money from Neil. As Ashley tries on her wigs, she thinks Olivia is the best friend a girl could ever have. She takes off one of the wigs and looks at herself bald in the mirror, muttering that this is still her. Brittanys parents, Frederick and Anita, are pleased to meet Raul and ask him about his family and their line of work. Brittany is bothered by her parents ambivalent attitude about her going away to college. Raul wants to talk about it, but Brittany wants to get a room upstairs and something to drink. Jill wants Billy to reconsider his trip, but finally accepts that he needs to make his own decisions. Billy says he doesnt hold any grudges and that he loves her. A tearful Mac kisses Billy good-bye at the airport.
Ep. #7446 30x103
Raul is upset that Brittany didnt tell her dad that he was coming to dinner. She explains her parents are in their own little world. Brittany feels it would be really weird for her, but Raul explains how important it is for their relationship. Brittany meets her parents at the Lodge, and introduces Raul as her friend. Larry speculates Jill doesnt approve of what Billys doing, and that is why she wont see him. He urges her to respect Billys choices and say good-bye before its too late. Billy informs Mac that she cant come with him. He knows going to Louisiana is his dream, not hers. Mac dreams of going to college, and Billy will respect her decision. As they say their good-byes, Jill walks in. Isabella takes Ricky to visit with Mary. Isabella knows that Mary still has a hard time accepting their marriage, but she assures Mary that she makes Paul very happy. Lauren wants to understand why Christines feelings still matter to Paul. Paul senses Christine is unhappy, and he still cares about her. Lauren feels Christine is having regrets, and Paul wonders if those regrets are real. Michael apologizes to Christine for coming on too strong the other night. Christine accepts his apology, and is glad they can remain friends. Michael asks if they have a chance to be together, and agrees not to try so hard. Ashley tries to cancel her wig shopping trip with Olivia, but Olivia senses her insecurities and brings a sample of wigs to her home. They try on wigs, and discuss how her sickness is taking its toll on her marriage to Brad.
Ep. #7445 30x102
The Abbotts gather for breakfast to say goodbye to Billy, who is leaving for Louisiana later in the day. John supports Billys decision to go, as long as its for a limited time. They ask about how Jill responded, and Billy says shes against it but they said their good-byes the day before. John is affected by the feeling of an empty house -- all of his children have now left, and Billy was the baby of the family. Ashley promises to keep him company. Kay helps Mac pack all of her clothing. They talk about Jill and how she is not happy with Billys decision. Billy arrives and notices that Mac is still not ready. He asks her to look at him because he can tell that she is having second thoughts about the trip. Jill calls Larry into her office to discuss a new mens cologne. Larry pulls away from her advances, saying that nothing is going to happen until they talk about Billy. Christine informs Lynne about her dinner date with Michael at the Colonnade Room. Lynne wonders if things were awkward, and thinks Christine is still not over Paul. Lauren tries to get out of Paul that it bothered him seeing Christine and Michael at dinner. Raul tells Brittany that he made dinner reservations at the Lodge for tonight. He dials Brittanys cell phone and makes her call her parents. Brittanys father says hes free for dinner, but Brittany doesnt mention the fact that Raul would be joining them.
Ep. #7444 30x101
Jack insists on knowing why Phyllis had to resort to hitting Diane. Phyllis replies that Diane provoked it and should have seen it coming. Jack claims she is going to have to learn to ignore Dianes attacks. Jack goes to speak with Diane, who thinks Jack married a crazy woman. Jack tells her to stick with the rules, and stop antagonizing Phyllis. Phyllis tears a photo of Diane into pieces and then lights it on fire. Victor and Nikki continue planning their wedding, discussing whom they want to invite. Brad and Ashley argue over Victors friendship. Olivia arrives and Brad leaves for London on a business trip. Ashley is glad Brad is going to London for a while because she thinks they can both use the space right now. Raul expresses to Brittany that he really wants to meet her parents. Brittany will try to set up a meeting next week sometime, but Raul would like to meet them tomorrow. Billy thought Mac felt the same way about going to Louisiana. Mac says that she was really looking forward to starting college, and that maybe they could go to Louisiana next year. Billy asks if she really loves him, and whether she feels she owes him something too. Mac admits she loves him and changes her mind she will go to Louisiana and postpone school.
Ep. #7443 30x100
Victor wants to make sure his wedding is an epic event that no one will ever forget, and offers to buy an English Castle for Nikki. They also set a date for their wedding, as September 5th. Caitlin tells Colleen that news spread very fast about her study session with J.T., and that he wants to speak with her. Colleen calls J.T. on his cell phone and he asks to meet her at the coffeehouse. Colleen expresses her pleasure that J.T. showed, and how happy she is to tutor him. Mac warns J.T. that Colleen has a major crush on him, and he should let her down easy. Brittany cant understand why Mac wants to blow off college for a year of manual labor. Mac is considering going because she does not want to disappoint Billy. Billy thanks Jack for supporting his idea to work in Louisiana. Jack senses that Billy wants to be his own man and get a new perspective on life. Later, Mac mentions to Billy that she doesnt know if she wants to skip college after all. Phyllis confides in Michael that she wishes she could get rid of Diane. Michael reminds Phyllis to focus on Jack and Kyle. Diane accuses Phyllis of being an unfit mother because of her history with Daniel. Diane knows this burns Phyllis, as she continues to rip into her. Phyllis belts Diane with her fist, and Diane tumbles to the floor.
Ep. #7442 30x99
Diego asks why Victoria wants to talk about Sharon since they are in bed together. Victoria wants to know if Diego thinks that Sharon is interested in him. Diego shares that Sharon turned to him for comfort when she thought Nick was cheating on her. Victoria thinks Sharon would move on if they let everyone know about their relationship. Sharon confides in Doris that she doesnt feel the same way about her marriage anymore. Doris wants Sharon to consider how lucky she is to have Nick and the children. Jill accuses Mac of being behind the idea to postpone college for awhile, but Billy insists that it was his idea. Larry knows Jill would never have agreed to Billys Louisiana plan, and wishes him well. J.T. states to Brittany that he doesnt have any intentions where Colleen is concerned. Brittany knows this is not the way Colleen sees things. Mac advises Colleen that J.T. only likes her as a friend. Colleen is crushed, and asks Mac not to tell Billy. Phyllis accuses Diane of trying to make sure her relationship with Jack and his son will not work. Jack promises to hold the line with Diane. Jack agrees with Diane that Kyle is what is important, but after ripping Phyllis character, Jack storms out.
Ep. #7441 30x98
Colleen is horrified by Billys accusation that J.T. was taking advantage of her. Colleen explains what really happened, and threatens to take off if Billy goes to her grandfather. Billy tells her J.T. is not her friend, and doesnt understand why she would want to help him. Mac asks J.T. to stay away from Colleen. J.T. doesnt like being treated like a pervert, and Colleen is the only one who doesnt see him that way. Mac informs Billy about her conversation with J.T., and believes J.T. is not going after Colleen. Raul tries to push the house-building idea on Brittany so they can be together, but Brittany is firmly against the idea. She realizes she insulted Raul, and reveals she has never felt as close to any guy as she does to him. Diane shows up at Isabellas and rants about Phyllis trying to pull Kyle and Jack away from her. Isabella reveals that Paul went through the roof when he found out they were friends. Diane complains that first Jack bans her from the house, and then her best friend turns on her. Phyllis and Jack return from their trip to Cannes, and go to play with Kyle. Phyllis is bonding with Kyle, when Diane enters. Christine warns Sharon to stay away from Diego, but Sharon just wants to make sure he isnt spilling the beans to Victoria. Victoria and Diego are in bed together, and discuss turning this one night stand into something more. However, Victoria wants to clean the slate and asks whats going on with him and Sharon.
Ep. #7440 30x97
Max is convinced that he and Lorie can break up Nikki and Victor. He knows that if Lorie even showed the slightest interest in Victor, his ego would kick into high gear. Lorie replies that she will think about it and be in touch. Kay and Nikki make wedding plans, but Nikki wants to make things small and simple. Kay is bothered by this because so many people have waited for it, and it should be the social event of the year. Nikki explains how satisfying it will be to exchange vows with Victor in front of everyone who thought it would never happen, including Leanna and Lorie. Victor feels he owed it to Ashley to tell her about the engagement in person. Brad returns and inquires why Victor is there. Victor claims it must be hard for Brad to see his wife having to deal with cancer. Brad states that things are difficult, but he and Ashley dont need his interference. Olivia goes to the Olive Tree in search of Neil. Juice says hes seen Neil, and will deliver her message to Neil in person. Serena worries about Neils health, understanding what hes going through, and offers to take him back to her place. Raul and Brittany join Billy and Mac for dinner at Yves. They discuss traveling to Louisiana to build homes for the homeless, and Brittany thinks theyre being ridiculous. Colleen is tutoring J.T. at the Boutique when Billy arrives and tells J.T. to take his hands off her.
Ep. #7439 30x96
Mac reveals to Kay that she and Billy have been thinking about holding off on going to college. Kay knows how much Mac has been looking forward to college, and wants her to think long and hard about her decision. Billy grills Colleen, wanting to know whats going on between her and J.T. Colleen states that they were just talking about books, and asks Billy to back off. Brittany teases J.T. about leading on Colleen, and reminds him that shes only fifteen. J.T. doesnt see it as a big deal because Colleen was just going to help him study. Billy informs Raul that he and Mac are thinking of skipping a semester to help build homes with Brock. Raul thinks its a great idea, and asks if he and Brittany can come along. Juice wonders why Serena gave Neil back his watch, and thinks she must have had an honesty attack. Rob, the barkeep, says it doesnt sound like her. Serena goes looking for Neil at his hotel room. She doesnt understand why hes toughing it out on his own, and urges him to go to rehab. Neil thinks if he doesnt do it alone, he will always wonder when it is going to sneak up on him again. Victor visits Ashley and wonders how the chemotherapy is affecting her. Ashley thanks him for his concern, and mentions she ran into Lorie Brooks. Victor remarks that Nikki already knows she came to visit him, and there is nothing to worry about. Nikki suspects Lorie hasnt gotten over Victor, and warns her to leave town immediately. Lorie mentions to Max that Nikki should be very afraid.
Ep. #7438 30x95
Victor and Nikki share breakfast together, and discuss Lorie Brooks return. Victor mentions that he didnt tell her about their engagement. He leaves for work, and Nikki goes to see Lorie at her hotel suite. Max realizes that Lorie still has feelings for Victor and offers to come up with a plan that will benefit both of them. Max believes the only way for Lorie to have a second chance with Victor is for Nikki to be out of the picture. Lorie thinks Max is ridiculous and yells for him to get out. Victoria states to Nick that her date didnt go well with Diego, and they will never see each other again. Nick feels terrible about this, and admits to Sharon that he wishes he would have left Diego and Victoria alone. Sharon and Nick express their love for each other, and promise to never lose sight of their love again. Victoria returns to the tack room and accuses Diego of rejecting her. Diego admits that he didnt want to lead her on and hurt her in any way. She admits she was angry with him last night, and Diego apologizes for starting off on the wrong foot. Colleen joins J.T. at the coffeehouse and he shows her a list of books he is supposed to read over the summer. Colleen suggests to J.T. that since she has read most of the books on his summer reading list, maybe they could get together and discuss them. In order to stay together with Mac, Billy wants to change his plans for the future. He thinks they should go to Louisiana with Brock and help build houses for the less fortunate. Mac thinks its a great idea, but knows Jill will disapprove.
Ep. #7437 30x94
Michael approaches Isabella and warns her to leave with Paul. He promises not to tell Christine about their conspiracy, but she needs to watch what she says to Lauren. Isabella and Paul stop dancing, and exit. Michaels non-stop concern for Christine is driving her up the wall. They leave, and Christine wants to call it a night. Michael becomes frustrated that Christine refuses to open up to him. She thinks she made a mistake by letting him into her personal life. While Sharon contemplates her marriage, Cassie enters upset from a nightmare. Nick walks in and takes Cassie back to bed. Sharon looks after them and becomes aware of all she could lose. Victoria is a little buzzed as Diego asks her about her past relationships. She explains her romance with Cole and then Ryan. She begins to kiss Diego passionately, but he pulls away. She gets upset and storms off. Max is shocked by Nikkis news, and thinks Victor will hurt her once again. Lorie arrives at Victors apartment to apologize for leaving him at the altar all those years ago. Victor states that he has already put her behind him, and escorts her to the door. Nikki sees Lorie exit, and asks Victor for an explanation. He reassures Nikki that shes the only woman for him.
Ep. #7436 30x93
Victor and Nikki decide to split their time between town and the ranch. Nikki receives a message that Max called, and Victor says she has no reason to speak to him. Nikki likes that Victor is protective, but she wants to return the call anyway. Lorie explains to Max that she wants him to sign their divorce settlement. She says she also came to see an old fiance, Victor Newman. Max cant believe that Lorie was engaged to Victor at one time. Lorie feels badly for hurting him, and they decide not to drag up their history. Max receives a call from Nikki to meet him at Jabot. Nick and Victoria share the wedding news with Sharon and Diego. Diego congratulates them, and notes to Victoria that it must mean the world to her. When Diego and Victoria are alone, Victoria finally asks Diego if there is anything going on with him and Sharon. Diego insists he has no romantic interest in Sharon. Later, at the tack room, Victoria and Diego toast to new beginnings. Sharon and Nick make love, while Sharon remembers her affair with Diego. Isabella admits to Lauren that she is insecure about her marriage to Paul. She still thinks Paul has unresolved feeling for Christine, and decides to test Paul by dining with him at the Colonnade Room. Christine admits to Michael that she is still healing, and just wants to be good friends. Paul and Isabella arrive and notice Michael and Christine dining together.
Ep. #7435 30x92
Nick and Victoria are ecstatic as Victor reveals Nikki accepted his proposal. Victor claims that they were thinking about eloping very soon, but Nick and Victoria insist on a big fancy wedding. Ashley wonders why she cant get her mind off of Victor and Nikki, as she recognizes Lorie Brooks sitting across the room. She grills Lorie as to why shes back in town, and Lorie claims its none of her business. Jack runs into Max at the bar and warns him to stay clear of Nikki. Max approaches Lorie and asks what the hell she is doing there. Lorie answers that shes there to see him. Isabella is upset that Paul is trying to dictate who she can and cannot see. Paul suggests Isabella meet some new people, and Isabella replies that she can handle her own social life. Lauren arrives, followed by Mary, to deliver little Rickys christening gown for the baptism. After Paul and Mary leave, Lauren mentions that Michael and Christine are dining at the Colonnade room. Isabella is elated, but Lauren senses that shes hiding something. At dinner, Michael notices Christine is distracted and staring into space. Michael mentions how beautiful she looks in her new dress, but observes that the date isnt the same for her as it is for him.
Ep. #7434 30x91
Billy denies that he is jealous of Raul and Brittany. He thinks Raul is overwhelming Brittany with the constant attention, the locket, and talk about sticking together during college. Raul gets offended, and Billy apologizes if he is misreading things. Brittany denies to J.T. that she is in love with Raul. J.T. thinks Raul is dull, and that Brittany is falling into the trap for suckers. Brittany admits that shes a little scared. Raul meets Brittany at the boutique to make plans for the night, but Brittany is tired and wants to go home. Isabella admits to Paul that her mystery friend is Diane Jenkins. Paul is shocked and explains that he has his own serious issues with Diane that go way back. Isabella wants to give Diane the benefit of the doubt, but Paul orders Isabella to stay away from her. Lauren mentions to Michael that shes glad he is getting intimate with Christine. Michael is stunned, but Lauren is happy with anything that distracts Christine from thinking about Paul. Later, Michael surprises Christine with the dress she had been eyeing at Fenmores. Jack interrupts Ashley recording her audio diary. Jack wants her to talk to him, but Ashley wants to deal with things on her own. He mentions Victors proposal, and they both wonder if Nikki will say yes. Nikki fills Victor in about her trip and how she did a lot of soul-searching. Victor claims to be a different person, and asks how he can convince Nikki things would be different. Nikki believes they can have it all, and finally answers yes.
Ep. #7433 30x90
J.T. insists to Mac and Billy that something is wrong with Brittany and Rauls relationship. Billy hopes that Raul isnt in over his head with Brittany. Raul and Brittany return from their rendezvous at the Lodge. J.T. grills Brittany about her feelings for Raul. Brittany states that Raul treats her wonderfully, but shes confused since he mentioned the L word. Phyllis talks to Michael about her new approach to maintain her marriage to Jack and pull the rug out from Diane. Michael thinks Phyllis plan will work, but warns her to be leery of Diane because she may still want to fight dirty. Diane blames Victor for treating her poorly in the past and luring her away from her great love, Jack. Victor tells her to quit playing the victim, and that it is never too late to find love. Max asks Nikki how her trip was, and if she would be up for dinner. Nikki returns from her trip and runs into Max. She admits she has done a lot of thinking about her future, and he will hear about it very soon. Mac informs Victor that he plans on sticking around in Genoa City to pursue a relationship with Nikki. Victor replies that hes wasting his time because hes confident Nikki will marry him. Nikki confides in Jack that her remarrying Victor could be the fulfillment of a dream. Jack is astounded that Nikki is even considering Victors proposal. Victor sees Nikki standing at his office door.
Ep. #7432 30x89
Victoria and Sharon are upset with Nick for bringing them together to resolve their differences. Nick leaves them to figure things out for themselves, while he goes to speak with Diego. Victoria claims she knows the real reason why Sharon doesnt want her and Diego together. Sharon dodges Victorias accusations that she has stronger feelings for Diego. Victoria makes it clear that she is only trying to protect her brother and family, and reminds Sharon that she is not the enemy. Nick asks Diego if Victoria said anything to him as to why she and Sharon arent getting along. Diego notices Nicks underlying worry and asks if theres anything he can do. Nick asks him to just be good to Victoria, and Diego assures him he will. Raul and Brittany sneak into their hotel room and order room service. Raul gives her a locket and remarks that they are a cute couple. They fall down on the bed and kiss passionately. Mac asks J.T. if he would be honest with her and admits if he thinks Brittany is playing with Rauls feelings. J.T. tells her not to worry since Brittany seems to be the one whos in love. Diane is burning up inside as she sees Kyle nestled in Phyllis arms. Jack scolds Diane for showing up unannounced. Phyllis playfully feeds Kyle while Jack lovingly watches. Jack takes Kyle back to Diane while Phyllis waits for him upstairs. Jack points out that Phyllis has been making a genuine effort to get along, and suggests Diane do the same. Jack returns to the house and makes love to Phyllis. Diane comments to Isabella that Kyle is her son with Jack and she will not let Phyllis use him.
Ep. #7431 30x88
Diane expresses her unhappiness to Jack about the new living arrangements. Jack replies that its about him and Phyllis needing their privacy, and how he wants Kyle to feel comfortable around Phyllis. Phyllis is nervous Kyle wont like her, but Mamie reassures her they will get along fine. Jack re-introduces Kyle to Phyllis who is at first hesitant to hold him. As the evening progresses, Jack notices Phyllis make a connection with Kyle. Isabella believes Phyllis is a loose canon and will self-destruct, so Diane has nothing to worry about. Diane enters the house and witnesses Jack, Phyllis, and Kyle share a warm moment. Raul surprises Brittany by taking her out to dinner at the Lodge, where they had their first date. While they are dancing, Brittany admits that he makes her feel so good, and Raul says the same of her. As Raul pays the check, Brittany returns with keys to one of the rooms upstairs. Sharon confesses to Christine that she wants Diego gone because he is a reminder that she cheated on Nick. Christine thinks Sharon should deal with her feelings of guilt and jealousy, but Sharon decides she simply will not have them anymore. Victoria wonders why Sharon would risk losing her family, but Olivia believes shes making assumptions. However, Victoria believes Sharons opposition to her relationship with Diego is proof. Nick admits to Larry that he regrets both changing Diegos mind about leaving and encouraging Victoria to spend time with him. Nick arranges to meet with Victoria and Sharon to clear the air, once and for all.
Ep. #7430 30x87
Victor thinks Sharons concern for Diego is unnecessary, and wonders if shes being honest with him. Sharon admits she and Diego are friends, and doesnt want to see him leave town if things dont work out with Victoria. Nick argues with Victoria about why there is a rift between her and Sharon. Victoria thinks Sharon instigated the problem, realizing shes jealous and doesnt want her with Diego. While dining at Ginas, Michael and Christine run into Jack who informs them that Diane is still in town. Michael is surprised and comments that Jack should see a shrink. Diane enters the house, and Phyllis reprimands her for breaking Jacks rules. Diane protests Phyllis enjoyment of the situation. Jack returns and reminds Diane that they made an agreement. Jack wants Kyle to join them for dinner, and Phyllis makes it clear that Diane is not invited. Sharon calls Christine, worrying what to do about Diego. Jill comforts John who is upset about Ashleys chemotherapy. Jill sees that Ashley is fighting the cancer hard, and thinks she will survive and prosper. John breaks down and Jill embraces him. Brad feels he couldnt talk to Ashley about Colleen because he doesnt want to add to her problems. Ashley makes it clear she doesn't want to be treated like an invalid. They agree they dont want their relationship to be a faade, and he wants her to lean on him.
Ep. #7429 30x86
John wonders if everything is all right with Ashley and Brad. Ashley feels that the cancer is taking over their lives and driving a wedge between them. She realizes Brad missed Colleens dance recital because he was making Ashley his number one priority. Brad apologizes to Colleen for missing her recital. He feels guilty, but Colleen understands and tells him how proud she is of him for caring so much about the people he loves. Larry wakes up next to Jill, and tries to sneak out of her bedroom. Jill mentions she has no regrets and orders him to stay. However, Jill states that no one can know what happened between them. Larry understands and would not tell anyone. Billy and Mac arrive to see how Kay is doing. Billy heads upstairs to speak with Jill, but Mac stops him. Sharon warns Diego that Victoria is using him. Diego tells Sharon that he can handle Victoria and any other woman in his life. He claims he has put their affair out of his mind and suggests Sharon do the same. Nick visits Victor, and hopes Nikki accepts his proposal. He also hopes that Sharon and Victoria can overcome their differences and be close again. Victoria confides in Olivia that Diego has taken the bait. Olivia attempts to get Victoria admit her attraction to Diego, but she denies it. Olivia becomes skeptical that Victoria can pull off her plans without changing her agenda. Victor sees Sharon and questions why shes so protective of Diego.
Ep. #7428 30x85
Max arrives in Victors office and demands to speak with Nikki. Victor informs Max that even if he knew where Nikki was, he wouldnt tell him. They argue about the takeover of Julias company, and how Victor had a personal agenda. Max assumes Nikki turned down his proposal, but Victor gloats that Nikki will come on her own free will. Victoria confides in Diego about trying to get her parents back together. He feels she cant worry about it if there is nothing she can do. She admits to feeling better, and Diego asks her out on a date. Nick comments that things are heating up between Victoria and Diego, but Sharon has her doubts. Later, Sharon makes it clear to Diego that hes not going anywhere with Victoria. Colleen wonders if Brad is going to show up at her dance recital. After the performance, she realizes that no one came. J.T. surprises Colleen, who admits he just wanted to see what her dance recital was all about. Colleen is thrilled and thanks him for coming. Ashley, wearing a turban and looking run down, comments to Olivia that her nausea comes and goes. She wonders if Brad has commented to Olivia how this is affecting him. Olivia knows Brad is glad to help. Larry realizes Jill must be lonely since Sean is gone. Jill admits she loved him, and Larry admits he has a lot to learn in that area. Jill moves in and kisses Larry.
Ep. #7427 30x84
Victor informs Leanna that Julia, Ramona, and Hope are planning a lawsuit against her with his financial backing. He offers her a way out; if she retracts everything and makes a public apology to him and the other three women, they will forget it. Leanna assumes that Victors offer is not negotiable, and decides to make the retraction and apologize. She also mentions that Max is quite smitten with Nikki. Victoria accuses Max of filling Nikkis head with a bunch of lies about Victor. Max denies it, and hopes that Victoria realizes that Nikki is a changed woman. Jill suggests to Billy that he travel abroad during college, but Billy wants to stay closer to his family and friends. Mac arrives and remarks that they cannot let themselves be ripped apart. Kay makes an observation about Jill and Larrys friendship. Larry wonders why Jill is acting so weird around him. Jill states there is no relationship between them. John tells Colleen that he has an emergency meeting and can't attend her dance recital. Colleen cant admit that she sneaked out last night to go to the keg party. J.T. warns Diego about Brittany doing a number on Raul. Diego and Raul argue over Brittany, and Raul realizes that Diego has been talking with J.T. Raul admits to Diego that falling in love with Brittany is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Phyllis accuses Brittany of using Raul, pointing out that theyre an unlikely couple. Brittany firmly states that she will not give in to love until she is good and ready.
Ep. #7426 30x83
Jack explains the new ground rules to Diane, to which she accepts. Phyllis asks Jack if he thinks Diane will follow the new rules, and he counters by questioning if she will. Phyllis admits she has no hidden agenda, and Jack replies that he could have handled things better. He tells her he loves her, and she kisses him. Olivia reprimands Nate for calling and getting together with Neil behind her back. Brad insists that he made a judgement call in letting Neil stay, and that Neil was sober and on his best behavior. Olivia is skeptical, surmising that Neil will become a full-blown alcoholic. Neil explains his visit with Nate to Serena, and how angry Olivia was when she showed up. Serena denies calling Olivia, but admits to snooping around Neils apartment since she wanted to get to know him better. J.T. shows up late for work at the boutique, and observes how happy Brittany and Raul look. Colleen approaches J.T. and asks if he likes Brittany. J.T. denies it, saying he is just concerned about her. Victoria is upset that Nikki turned down Victors proposal. Victor declares he has fought for Nikki before, but this time she will make her own decision. Leanna isnt worried about meeting with Victor since he cant hurt her anymore. She enters Victors office, and he claims shes got him this time.
Ep. #7425 30x82
Hope tells Victor that shes very upset at Leannas expose and has gotten in contact with Julia and Ramona to figure out what to do next. Victor is struck by Hopes anger. He calls Leannas voice mail and leaves a message that he wants to see her. Leanna and Lou discuss her next report a two part on Victor Newman. When Leanna learns that Hope is presently located in Victors jet, she becomes determined to end his womanizing once and for all. Victoria and Diego share ice cream and talk about their past relationships. Victoria marvels at how liberated Diego is, and Diego asserts that she could be the same way. Olivia catches Serena snooping around Neils apartment and demands to know where Neil is. Brad calls Olivia on her cell phone and informs her that Neil is with him and Nate at the diner. Serena sees a photo of Drucilla and Lily, and jots down Drucillas phone number. Olivia blasts Neil for going against her wishes, and is tired of his excuses. Neil insists hes not drunk and wants Olivia to hear him out, but Olivia exits with Nate. Jack is still angry that Phyllis walked out on him, but wants to hear her plan that will work for everyone. Phyllis states that Diane can stay in the pool house, but her access to the main house should be strictly limited. Jack thinks Phyllis plan is more than she can handle, but Phyllis will do everything possible to make it work. Diane complains to Isabella that Phyllis moved back in just when she was starting to get to Jack. Diane thinks Phyllis has changed, and wonders what her next move is.
Ep. #7424 30x81
Phyllis fantasizes about strangling Diane, but her alter ego advises her to focus on establishing a relationship with Kyle as a means to drive Diane away. Phyllis likes this idea and decides to get access to Kyle without Diane around. Diane is secretly thrilled to learn from Jack that Phyllis moved out. Diane apologizes to Jack, and offers to talk to Phyllis on his behalf. Jack insists that she stay away from Phyllis. Diane smiles with satisfaction, until the door opens and Phyllis enters with her suitcase. At the keg party, Raul feels a bit shaky from drinking and his diabetes. He takes Brittany someplace private while J.T. tries to put the moves on Erica. Colleen shows up and latches onto J.T. The cops show up, and everyone drives off leaving Brittany and Raul behind. J.T. and Erica try to find out where the party has moved to, while Colleen watches J.T.s every move. Thinking he is just being brotherly, J.T. tells Colleen she cant come to the party and is going to drop her off at her house. Diego and Victoria pick up Raul and Brittany, and drop them off at the coffeehouse. Brittany accuses Raul of judging her and wanting her to change. Raul denies this, explaining that he doesnt care about parties. Nick comments on how well the barbecue turned out, and notes the connection between Victoria and Diego. Diego shares with Victoria that he feels he has been a lousy role model for Raul. Victoria encourages Diego to feel good about himself.
Ep. #7423 30x80
Mac visits Billy in the hospital, and is glad they found their way back to each other since she would not have made it without him. Larry stops by the house to see how Mac and Kay are doing, and Kay invites him to move in. Larry isnt sure its a good idea, but later accepts the invitation. Jill thinks this is another one of Kays schemes to push her out of the house. Colleen tries on one of the skimpy halter tops in the Glow By Jabot Boutique. J.T. comments that its too small, but if she likes it, thats fine with him. Brittany teases J.T. about Colleen. John arrives and also notices that Colleens top is too small. He tells her theyre going home and she cant go out with the rest of the gang. Raul follows Brittany to the keg party but is hesitant about drinking. Brittany twists his arm, and they toast to new experiences. Nick and Sharon prepare the barbecue as Diego and Victoria flirtatiously discuss work, business, and swim styles. In the kitchen, Sharon warns Diego about Victorias intentions and Diego says hell keep his guard up. Serena watches Neil rush out of the bar, leaving his keys behind. Juice mentions to Serena that hes resentful toward Neil since he stole his girlfriend, Drucilla, several years ago. Neil meets Nate and Brad at the diner, much to Brads surprise. Brad notes to Neil that he doesnt appreciate being put in this position, since Olivia doesnt know about this.
Ep. #7422 30x79
Brad arrives at Olivias and wants to take Nate out for the day. Olivia thanks him for the offer and says his timing couldnt be better. Nate agrees and calls Neil to the baseball game. Neil is taken aback, but agrees to meet him at the diner. Serena overhears this and wonders if Neil is any shape to meet Nate. Neil sweeps his glass of whiskey away, and worries aloud that he might mess things up. Lauren gives Paul and Isabella a silver cup for Ricky, and they are very impressed. Isabella asks Lauren to be Rickys godmother because she is grateful to Lauren for helping her and Paul get together. Nick thinks its a good idea to help push Victoria and Diego together, but Sharon is unsure. Diego and Victoria are swimming, as Nick calls to invite them to a barbecue. Raul visits Billy in the hospital and mentions how well things are going with Brittany. Billy wonders if shes really changed, and Raul insists that she has. Colleen, J.T., and Brittany are getting the cameras ready in the Glow By Jabot Boutique. J.T. asks Erica if she wants to go to a keg party. Brittany overhears and invites herself and Raul along.
Ep. #7421 30x78
Nikki is speechless from Victors proposal. He pleads with her to stay together and have back the dream. They both admit that they have been waiting so long for this. Victor admits he has been waiting for the right moment to propose, but Nikki is going to need more time and will give him an answer in a couple of weeks. Victoria doesnt understand why Nick doesnt want their parents to get back together. Nick admits he has the same hopes she does, but is being realistic. Sharon enters and begins arguing with Victoria about Nikki and Victors situation. Nick breaks it up, and Victoria storms out. Paul and Isabella explain how much they have brought to each others lives as well as their sons. She mentions it has not been the smoothest road for them and it is because of her. Paul assures her that is all over, and they are a family now. Michael and Christine share a romantic dinner at Ginas. Christine and Michael toast and share a dance, as Lauren watches them the entire time. John comforts Ashley, and wants her to stay home and rest. Ashley feels badly about burdening John and Brad with her feelings. Brad runs into Olivia at Ginas while he is picking up Ashleys favorite soup. Brad confesses he is scared of losing Ashley. He then changes the subject to Nate, and offers to take him to a baseball game. Olivia thinks Brad needs this as much as Nate does. Juice eyeballs Neil as Serena takes his drink order. Neil confides in Serena that his family has been on his mind and that he is upset that he has failed Nate.
Ep. #7420 30x77
Ashley is numb from the realization of the side effects from the chemotherapy. Brad reassures her that they will get through this crisis. Christine accepts Michaels dinner invitation, as long as there is no shop talk. Michael reminds her that she always said he was a changed man. He also thanks Christine for being such a good friend. Jill and Larry, having just finished dinner, discuss their failed relationships. They toast to no more failed romances. John assures Phyllis that Diane is not a threat to her. Phyllis knows Diane is using Kyle to steal Jack, but John wants Phyllis to give Jack some credit. Diane suggests to Jack that she and Kyle continue to stay in the pool house until her leg heals. Diane wants to make the situation best for everyone and will accept whatever decision Jack makes. Jack tells Phyllis that Diane is staying, prompting Phyllis to pack her bags and leave. Nick wants Victoria to accept the fact that things might not work out for their parents. Victor tries to explain to Nikki that the purpose of his trip was to do some soul-searching. He admits that he doesnt want to repeat his mistakes from the past. Victor wants to marry Nikki. He pulls out a diamond ring and proposes.
Ep. #7419 30x76
Victoria questions why Victor hasnt explained his reasons for his trip. She mentions her run-in with Max, and wants Victor to find Nikki and talk to her. Max comforts Nikki and assures her that she is an amazing woman who deserves someone better than Victor. Nikki realizes that she must move on, but when she returns home, she finds Victor waiting for her. John comforts Jill, knowing how close they came to losing their son. Jill also agrees with John that they close the Glow By Jabot House this summer. She thanks Larry for saving Billys life, and invites him to dinner. Brad and Ashley make love, and express how lucky they are to have each other. Brad is still concerned about Ashleys health, and notices her hairbrush with clumps of hair. Although the Jabot House is cancelled, Phyllis assumes Jack will make good on his promise to get Diane out by July. Jack mentions that he was thinking of telling Diane to stay somewhere in town and not move to Denver. Phyllis believes Jacks reasoning is ludicrous, and wants to know if he is going to ask Diane to stay or not. Michael is amazed that Diane created a phony job offer, and wonders if she got her leg broken on purpose. He suggests that Diane leave now while she still has some dignity left. Jack enters and wants to know what the hell Michael is doing there.
Ep. #7418 30x75
Victoria confronts Victor about the tape, demanding an explanation. Victor is angry that Victoria refuses to give him the benefit of the doubt. He states his reason for seeing those women had nothing to do with romance, but about him and Nikki. Max consoles Nikki at Ginas. He states that she doesnt need a man to be happy, and should cut ties with Victor. Phyllis explains to Michael all of the stunts that Dianes been pulling to stay at the house. Michael stresses that she must fight for her marriage. As Diane is recuperating from her accident, Jack mentions that she needs to move out as they agreed. Isabella concludes that its time for Diane to say goodbye and move to Denver. John explains to Jack that the Glow by Jabot House is cancelled because of the recent incident with Mac and Billy. Phyllis, fearing that Diane will remain in the pool house, demands that Jack does something about Diane, or she will. Larry is stirring and Ralph, still bleeding from the knife wound, limps away. The officers spot Larry and call an ambulance. Jill thanks Larry for saving her sons life. Amanda finally reveals to Mac what happened with Ralph and why. Mac cant believe she let Amanda back into her life. Amanda tells Mac that Jill has agreed to drop the robbery charges if she leaves town and never contacts her again. Amanda is truly sorry, and leaves. Jill embraces Mac, and tells her its all over.
Ep. #7417 30x74
Kay is admitted to the hospital for observation. John advises Jill and Amanda that Kay is exhausted and suffering from extreme stress. Raul feels terrible about telling Ralph about the park. Mac and Billy explain to the police officers what happened, and that Larry saved their lives. Billy is taken to the ER because of a minor concussion. Jill tells Billy this ordeal is over, and they have a lot to be thankful for. Amanda admits to Mac that she knew Ralph was in town, but wants to explain. Mac doesnt want to hear it. Larry is washed up on the lakeshore and is not moving. Olivia and Nate arrive at Brad and Ashleys for the barbecue. Ashley admits to Olivia that shes feeling a little queasy from the chemotherapy. Brad offers Nate advice about dealing with family members who are sick, like Neil. Brad assures Nate that no one is giving up on Neil. Isabella states to Michael that she is keeping her mouth shut about their secret. Both of their dreams have come true, and shes not about to give up Paul. Michael realizes it must be very difficult for Christine to see Paul and his new family, but Christine claims she is fine and has nothing to prove. Nick explains to Sharon that he and Victoria saw Leannas expose of Victor. He hopes his father can explain it to his mothers satisfaction. Nikki cant believe that Victor never thought about how his actions would impact her life. Nikki states that Victors trip was a selfish way to satisfy his needs. After Nikki storms upstairs, Victor takes the engagement ring out of his pocket and looks at it.
Ep. #7416 30x73
Victoria and Nick view a tape of Leannas expose, and insist that it must be a fake. Victor demands to know why Max was visiting Nikki, but Nikki refuses to explain. She reminds him that he didnt feel compelled to answer her question about where he has been. Victor wants to know why Nikki is so upset, and Nikki claims she knows what hes been up to. As Leanna digs into Max for flaking on her the night before, Victoria enters and accuses Leanna of slander. Max steps in and tells Leanna to leave. He introduces himself to Victoria, but she insists her family doesnt need his sympathy. Isabella thinks the whole family should spend the day together, so Paul and Ricky go along with her to meet Mary for lunch. Michael and Christine decide to take the day off from working, and enjoy the holiday. They arrive at Ginas, and Christine spots Paul and the others at their table. Larry asks Raul to go inform the Abbotts whats going on while he goes looking for Ralph. Amanda admits to everyone that she has been helping Ralph for months, but never thought he would go after Kay or Mac. John alerts the police, who are headed to Lakeside Park. As Kay lashes out at Amanda, she stumbles and falls limp. Jill exclaims they have to take her to the hospital. Ralph holds a knife to Mac, who struggles to tear herself loose. Larry arrives and tries to persuade Ralph to let her go. Mac breaks free, and Ralph lunges at Larry with a knife. They struggle and fall off the ledge.
Ep. #7415 30x72
Jack comes to Dianes rescue and grills Phyllis like a criminal. Phyllis insists that her running over Diane was an accident. As the paramedics wheel Diane away, Phyllis asks Jack to give her the benefit of the doubt. Victor returns and is very happy to hear his children are doing well, but is anxious to see Nikki. Max makes it clear to Nikki that Victor doesnt deserve her. Victor walks into Nikkis living room and sees Max holding her. Ralph enters the hideaway and finds that Billy and Mac had been there. Raul questions Ralph and offers to warn the Abbotts that Mac and Billy are in danger, but Ralph tells him not to say anything. Later, Raul learns from Larry that the cop was actually Ralph in disguise. Kay and Amanda go to Jabot and alert Jill of whats going on. Jill threatens Amanda that if Ralph harms Billy, then her life wont be worth living. Billy and Mac flee to the lake, and Billy decides to turn himself in for Ralphs murder. Mac assures Billy that she wont ever leave his side. As they hold each other and express their love, Ralph whacks Billy unconscious with a rock.
Ep. #7414 30x71
Diego and Sharon wonder what is the reason behind Victoria suddenly acting friendly with him. Diego decides to play along with Victorias game in order to keep her from focusing on them. Nick thinks Diego is definitely interested in Victoria, and wants to know how she feels about him. Jack and Phyllis continue to disagree about Dianes intentions on staying at the house. Jack agrees that theres tension between them, but Phyllis is the cause, not Diane. Phyllis thinks Jack is a fool if he cant see what Diane is trying to do. Diane mentions to Jack that shell be moving to Denver soon, and Graziella enters to say shes quitting. Later, Diane sees Phyllis backing out of the driveway and gets behind the car, gives the trunk a big whack and falls to the ground. Phyllis continues backing out. Jill tries to fix things with Sean, but her actions have told him that they dont have a future together. Sean exits, and John comforts Jill. Jill begs John not to let Mac participate in the summer campaign, insisting it would be a public relations nightmare. Raul and Brittany discuss their prom night and how excited they are about college. Ralph enters, disguised as a cop, and questions Raul about Billy and Macs whereabouts. Billy and Mac decide to wait until dark in order to find another hiding place. Larry confronts Amanda about Ralph. Larry and Amanda find Kay lying on the motel room floor. Kay blames Amanda for having done all this. Ralph appears outside the Abbott hideaway with a switchblade.
Ep. #7413 30x70
Ralph blindfolds Kay and tapes her mouth shut, dragging her to a motel room. Kay informs him that her necklace is in a safe deposit box at the bank, and he is crazy if he thinks hes going to get away with all of this. Ralph calls the police station and learns that Amanda is being held responsible for his crime. He also realizes that Billy and Mac havent gone to the police because they believe they had killed him. Ralph makes it clear to Kay that he will definitely get what he wants. At the police station, Larry wants Amanda to tell him everything thats going on, but Silva arrives to post bail and Amanda runs off to find Mac. Mac realizes that Ralph was telling the truth about her mother helping him rob the house. Mac apologizes for dragging Billy into this, but Billy will never regret that she came into his life. At the coffeehouse, Victoria begins to warm up to Diego and asks him about his prom. Nick notices the way Victoria is acting around Diego, and thinks she has a crush on him. Sharon informs Diego that she revised the work schedule so they shouldnt cross paths very often. Diego is concerned that Victoria wants to spend more time with him. Michael gets Diane to finally admit that she hopes to get Jack back. Diane claims Michael put Phyllis up to her latest scheme. The plumber informs Jack that he found a propane torch in the attic, and that someone purposefully damaged the pipes. Jack confronts Phyllis about the incident, and Phyllis refuses to dignify his question with an answer.
Ep. #7412 30x69
Raul cooks Brittany breakfast by the lake. He admits he cant find the words to tell her how he feels. Brittany felt being with him was like her first time. Christine awakens Michael and mentions that she feels less lonely and more content, and that he could be the reason. Michael volunteers to be on call to sleep at her place anytime. Later, Christine receives flowers from Michael with a card stating how wonderful it was to wake up with her. Victoria states to Olivia that she hasnt given up on Diego. Olivia warns that she should know where her boundaries are, and advises her not to get in too deep. Diego reveals to Nick and Sharon that Victoria is warming up to him. Nick and Sharon decide to tell Victoria that they are trying to fix her up with one of Christines lawyer friends. Jill views her camcorder tape and finds proof that Amanda stole her necklace and tried to wipe away the fingerprints. She gives the evidence to Officer OBrien who arrests Amanda and takes her into custody. Kay is afraid to let Mac see her mother behind bars. Larry mentions the sketch of the phone repairman looks familiar. Billy and Mac overhear a radio news report that Amanda has been arrested for suspicion of burglary. Ralph returns to the house and attacks Kay, covering her mouth with chloroform.
Ep. #7411 30x68
Billy is shaken and cannot believe that he just killed Ralph. Mac insists they go to the police to explain what happened. Billy is confused and afraid of what might happen if he turns himself in, so instead, they go to the Abbott hideaway. Amanda returns to the house and awakens Ralph. She panics, fearing that Mac and Billy will be back soon with the police, and heads for the back door. Larry attacks Jill for putting Amanda in such a foul mood. Jill insists that Amandas behavior is not that of an innocent woman. Jill also breaks it to Esther that her phone man is the thief. Nikki calls Kay, and informs her that any ideas of marrying Victor are over. Kay tries to reason with Nikki, saying that she has no reason to trust Leanna or Max. Hope introduces Victor to his son, Victor Jr. Victor is surprised when Hope mentions that she no longer has reservations with Victor bonding with his son. After Victor says goodbye to Hope and their son, he calls Nikki. She doesnt want to answer the call because she knows it is Victor. Michael and Christine share take-out, and begin to bond while discussing a divorce settlement theyre working on. Michael spends the night on Christines couch. Raul and Brittany try to get past hurt feelings and come clean with each other. Brittany admits that being with Raul is not like being with other guys. Raul tells her not to be afraid, and they make love.
Ep. #7410 30x67
Serena allows Neil to stay at her place and advises him to eat something if hes going to keep drinking. Neil doesnt want to deal with his family right now, and adds that hes not going to cross any lines with Serena. Victor and Hope discuss their failed relationship. Hope senses Victor still holds feelings for Nikki, and is making some personal changes to make their relationship work. Max and Nikki are enjoying dinner together. Max comments to Nikki that if Victor is off re-sowing his oats and looking for someone more submissive, then all the more reason Nikki should be glad to be free of him. Nikki replies that shes trying to take that point of view. However, Nikki is crushed when she sees Leannas expose of Victor on television. Brittany takes Raul to the lake and apologizes for hurting him. He cant seem to forgive Brittany, but wants her to explain to him why she treated him the way she did. As their confrontation escalates, they share a very electric kiss. Sean informs Jill that hes leaving tomorrow and Jill sarcastically thanks Kay for ruining her financial and personal life. Larry notices that Amanda has been acting very unusual and Amanda tells him that their relationship has ended. Kay explains that Billy went back to the house to look for Mac. Mac figures that Ralph came to town to steal and stalk her. She calls him a liar as he reveals how Amanda has been helping him out since coming to town. Billy shows up and knocks Ralph unconscious with a poker.
Ep. #7409 30x66
Embarrassed by being put on the spot, Brittany throws her crown at Raul and storms off with J.T. Raul is devastated as Rianna explains that she pulled the king and queen stunt. Mac breaks up a catfight between Jill and Kay. Kay apologizes to everyone for causing a scene at the prom. Billy warns Jill to back off her vendetta against Amanda. Larry worries about Amandas whereabouts. While helping Ralph search for Kays necklace, Amanda steals another piece of jewelry from Jills bedroom where a surveillance camera records her every move. Ralph heads towards Kays room, as a torn Amanda slips out of the house. Having returned home to fix her dress, Mac gasps as the sight of Ralph. Nikki thanks Max for informing her about Victor and not letting her chase after him. She draws some parallels between what Max is saying about his ex-wifes infidelity and what she is feeling about Victor. Hope and Victor discuss their past relationship and all the regrets they have. Neither one are aware that a man at the counter is recording them with a hidden briefcase camera. Olivia finally agrees with Brad and Ashley that Neil needs to go to a rehab clinic as soon as possible. When they go to confront Neil, Olivia discovers that hes already left. Confused about what to do about his drinking problem, Neil sinks into a state of self-pity. He leaves his apartment and asks Serena if he could stay with her.
Ep. #7408 30x65
Olivia blames Serena for letting Nate into Neils apartment, and Serena advises Olivia to keep a better watch over her kid. Serena returns to Neils apartment, and informs him of what just happened. Neil goes to talk to Nate. Olivia seeks advice from Brad and Ashley on how to deal with Neil. Brad suggests they get Neil into detox tonight. Victor enters a Kansas diner and meets with Hope. She questions why he came to visit, but he avoids an answer. Victor takes her hand and expresses his admiration of her independence and how happy he is to see her. As they hold hands, the man at the counter records their interaction. Max visits Nikki to apologize for putting her in the crossfire regarding Victor. He adds that even though Leanna kept her part of the deal, he will not keep his. Max suggests that Nikki strike out at Victor by going out to dinner with him. Leanna is frustrated that Max isnt coming through on his end of the deal, and insists she struck out on exposing Victor. Jill gets annoyed when Billy mentions that Mac has decided to join the Glow by Jabot house. J.T. is upset that Rianna, Mac, and Billy are working on a plan to get Raul and Brittany back together, and threatens to tell Brittany. As Brittany accuses Raul of playing games with her, the principal announces their names as prom king and queen. They reluctantly move to the dance floor and romance takes over. Kay and Larry wonder where Amanda wandered off to, as Jill calls her a crook. Ralph scolds Amanda for going to the prom, and forces her to stay until he gets what he wants.
Ep. #7407 30x64
Sean gives the cameramen instructions on the live prom web-cast. Colleen gets overly excited when Sean introduces her to the band a1. Brittany cant believe that Raul showed up to the prom when she thought he decided not to go. Rianna enlists Seans help in making Raul stay at the prom. Larry and Amanda arrive at the prom, and comment on the wonderful decorations. Billy is so glad that he and Mac are at there as friends. Mac admits that Billy will have a permanent place in her heart as her first love. Ralph hides out in front of Kays house, and is furious that Amanda left with Larry to the prom. Diane accuses Phyllis of trying to sabotage her stay at the house. John overhears Phyllis threats, but brushes it off as Phyllis just trying to protect her marriage to Jack. Serena is visiting with Neil when Nate arrives. Serena knows Neil is too drunk to see Nate, and also realizes that Olivia doesnt know that Nate is there. Brad and Ashley visit with Olivia, who expresses her concern about Neil falling off the deep end. As Olivia goes to call the mother of Nates friend, Nate enters with Serena.
Ep. #7406 30x63
Ralph insists Amanda cancel her prom plans in order to help him steal Kays necklace. Larry informs Kay that the phone repairman wasnt there to repair anything but to case the place. Mac is overjoyed by the news of her mothers innocence, while Amanda is startled by Larrys investigation. Larry begins to wonder if Amanda really is innocent. Diane informs Isabella about her plans to move into the guest suite. She assures her that when it comes time for her and Kyle to move out, Jack will give in. Phyllis overhears Jack tell John that hes torn between his wife and his son. Phyllis causes a pipe to burst in the guest suite so Diane and Kyle cant move in. After seeing Brittany flirt with J.T., Raul decides not to go to the prom. Rianna can see that Raul and Brittany still have strong feelings for each other, but Brittany doesnt believe a word Riannas saying. Sharon confides in Christine about her affair with Diego. Christine understands her torment, but warns her that Victoria is on to them. After Diego dodges the bullet with Victoria, he calls Sharon to assure her that they have nothing to worry about. Unknown to Diego, Victoria overhears his phone conversation with grim satisfaction.
Ep. #7405 30x62
Victoria explains to Olivia that Diego has an agenda to break up Nick and Sharons marriage. Olivia wonders what Victoria will do about Diego, and Victoria insists that shes determined to show Sharon what a bad influence he is. Diego reassures Sharon that not telling Nick was the right thing to do, but now Sharon has the burden of losing Diego as a friend. Brittany fills Raul in on her plans to take J.T. to the lake after the prom. This makes Raul jealous, but Rianna comforts him and kisses him on the cheek. J.T. rubs in the fact that Raul and Rianna are back together, and reminds Brittany that if they go to the prom together, theyll go all the way. Diane traipses about the pool area in her bikini as Jack looks after Kyle. Jack turns down Dianes proposition to move into the guest suite. Phyllis shows up, naked, and says shes ready for a swim. Mac points out to Amanda that if they left town, then it would make her look guilty. Jill agrees to stay out of Mac and Billys way so that they can enjoy the prom. Billy pleads with Jill to let the police handle the theft situation because its ruining Mac and Amandas life. Larry questions Esther on the identity of the phone repairman. Felix presses Ralph on stealing more jewelry from the Chancellors. Ralph admits hes a novice, but assures Felix that he has all the right connections.
Ep. #7404 30x61
Victoria urges Sharon to stay away from Diego because he is using her. Sharon lashes back that Victoria couldnt be more wrong. As Sharon storms out, Victoria wonders if Sharon has romantic feelings for Diego. Nick asks Christine to keep a look out for single men to date Victoria. Nick had hoped it would be Diego, but realizes that Victoria has had it in for him ever since he came to town. Raul tries to convince Diego and Rianna that he and Brittany are over, but Rianna get him to admit that Brittany is the one for him. Brittany is overwhelmed by jealously when she witnesses Rianna kiss Raul. J.T. realizes that hes in the middle of Raul and Brittanys little game, and wants no part of it. Phyllis approaches a bikini-clad Diane, warning her not to play any more games and that Jack is off limits. Phyllis grimly watches Diane, Jack, and Kyle looking like a family. Billy pleads with Jill to drop the burglary charges against Amanda. Mac cant believe that Amanda wants to leave town and start things over. Mac picks up on Amandas nervousness, and asks if there is something that she is keeping from her. Sean and Larry discuss the fact that there was another set of prints in the house. Larry decides to pursue the phone repairmen since thats his only lead in proving Amandas innocence.
Ep. #7403 30x60
Jill assumes that Ralph came to see Esther, and goes back to her bedroom to speak with Sean. Sean admits that he has turned in his resignation and wants out of Jills life. Ralph plays with Esthers flirtations in finding out her daily schedule. Esther responds that Jill, Kay, and Amanda will be chaperoning the prom while she sets up the after party at Crimson Lights. Ashley is about to tell Victor something very important, when she is interrupted by a call on her cell phone from Brad. Brad reveals that the biopsy results are good and the cancer hasnt spread. Ashley is relieved by the news, and decides not to confess to Victor her secret for now. Sharon continues to ask Nick why he wanted Diego to stay so much. Nick responds that he only wants to repay Diego for getting them back together. Diego begs Sharon not to inform Nick that he is still leaving, and she promises not to ruin her marriage by confessing her affair. Nick accuses Victoria of wanting Sharon to have issues with Diego too. Although Raul doesnt like to play games, he and Rianna continue their charade to make Brittany jealous. J.T. is confused by Riannas interest in Raul again and wonders why shes questioning him about Brittany. Lauren shows prom dresses to Mac and Amanda. Amanda receives a call from Ralph who demands that she help him get the necklace on prom night.
Ep. #7402 30x59
Ashley asks Victor if he ever thinks about them, and if he wishes things were different. Victor admits to wondering about the two of them and what might have been, but doesnt feel they should have regret. He thinks everything is settled, but there is something she needs to tell him. Nikki confides in Brad about her pending relationship with Victor. Brad is sorry to hear about the situation, but Nikki doesnt plan on chasing after him. When she considers what he and Ashley are going through, things are put into perspective. Isabella is upset to learn that Christine is still in town and staying. As a wedding gift, Michael wants to give Isabella a vow of total silence about their conspiracy to break up Paul and Christine. Isabella mentions that its time to tell Paul everything and start their life together with total honesty. Michael exclaims that she is out of her mind. Lauren approaches Christine at Ginas and wants to know the real reason behind her decision to stay in town. Lauren finally gives up and leaves, when Michael calls Christine on her cell. Kay seeks Pauls help in exposing Jills scheme. Larry agrees with Mac that Jill has set up the entire robbery. Ralph presses Amanda for information on breaking into the house one last time in order to steal an expensive necklace of Kays. Sean is arguing with Jill about jumping to conclusions about Amanda, when Ralph arrives to repair the phones. Jill shrugs it off, but then questions his frequent visits.
Ep. #7401 30x58
Paul is startled to see Christine, and asks that she keep her distance. As Christine turns to leave, she tells him to think of her as being in Australia. Michael notes that Christine still has some feelings for Paul and vice versa. Lauren threatens to make Isabellas life a living hell if she doesnt make him happy. The doorbell rings, and Lauren is surprised to see Michael standing there. Larry confronts Jill, trying to get her to drop the charges against Amanda. Jill accuses Larry of working with Amanda in the robbery. Detective Joyner informs Jill that Amandas and an unidentifiable set of fingerprints were found at the house. Billy and Mac both support their mothers stories, and think something else could be going on. Ralph threatens Amanda with the tape if she squeals. Amanda just wants to come clean with Mac and everyone, but Ralph says he will get revenge if she crosses him. Brad tries to get Ashley to think optimistically about receiving the biopsy results. He goes to the office to ask Nikki to keep Victor away from Ashley. Olivia interrupts Ashley filming a video diary of herself for Abby. Olivia questions Ashley about what she cant tell anyone, and Ashley asks to be left alone. Ashley decides to call Victor and tell him something very important.
Ep. #7400 30x57
Diane doesnt like to see Jack working all night, and wants him to spend more time with Kyle. He insists his working late has had nothing to do with them, and explodes by telling Diane that Ashley has cancer. Diane apologizes, and offers to help him get through this. Phyllis seeks Ashleys help about getting Diane out of Jacks house. Ashley advises her to be sensible. Brad is disturbed by Phyllis arrival, and Ashley reveals that the cancer is back. Phyllis had no idea and feels bad for dumping her problems on her. Billy believes that Jill is telling the truth about her bracelet being stolen, but cant understand why Jill is blaming Amanda. Jill is convinced Kay is involved in order to get her out of the house. Mac tells Kay about her date with Billy, and how theyre just friends. Kay drops the news that Jill called the cops on Amanda. Mac thinks Billy can get his mom to drop the charges. Amanda reveals to Larry that she cant leave town because the police wont let her. Paul recalls his dream of Christine and the baby. Isabella asks what Paul was dreaming about, and he replies that he cant remember. Isabella decides to throw a dinner party for all of Pauls friends so she can get on their good side. Mary insists that Christine hasnt accepted Pauls marriage to Isabella, and wishes Isabella would have stayed with Michael. Christine is stunned to learn that Michael was involved with Isabella, and Michael tries to play it off as a fling. Paul is getting a cup of coffee at Ginas when he runs into Christine.
Ep. #7399 30x56
Officer OBrien recounts the events according to Jill, and wants to run fingerprints. Kay thinks Jill is being ridiculous. They get into a catfight as Amanda and Sean break it up. Ralph tries to convince Amanda that as long as Kay is on her side she has nothing to worry about. Amanda is opposed to Ralph planning another robbery attempt. Michael returns from winning a court case, and thanks Christine claiming without her help, he couldnt have won. He thinks they make a great team and is so happy shes back. Paul and Isabella spend their honeymoon in her apartment looking after Ricky Carl. Isabella is very happy being married to Paul, and they take a family photo. Paul imagines that he and Christine are the proud parents of little Ricky. Feeling the pressure from Nick, Sharon persuades Diego to stay to make things much simpler. Victoria badgers Diego, insisting that he has an agenda and she will soon find out. Nikki informs Max and Leanna that shes not falling for anything that they say about Victor and Ramona. Victor apologizes for misleading Ramona since he just wanted to see her and talk. Ramona kisses Victor and tells him how lucky he is to have Nikki in his life.
Ep. #7398 30x55
Neil is angered by Olivias arrival, and storms out to the liquor store. Olivia and Serena introduce themselves, and share an awkward moment. When Neil returns with a bottle of scotch, Olivia insists he get some help and quit feeling sorry for himself. Victoria accuses Sharon of having something to do with Diegos plans to leave town. Raul pleads with Diego to at least stick around until his graduation. Nick feels he owes Diego, and informs Sharon that they should try to get Diego to stay. Ramona mentions to Victor that he has been nothing but a positive force in her life. Nikki refuses to believe Maxs accusations until Leanna arrives with a picture of Victor embracing Ramona inside the jet. Larry wonders if Amandas weekend getaway offer is about the two of them getting closer or just a distraction. Ralph accuses Felix of trying to rip him off. Esther is stunned when Sean tells her hes moving out. Jill orders Officer OBrien to arrest Amanda for theft.
Ep. #7397 30x54
Nikki meets with Max at Jabot to discuss his competition with Victor. Max mentions that Victor destroyed his business deal and helped his ex-wife Julia win her company back. Nikki isnt bothered by this, so Max drops the news that Victor is visiting Ramona in New Mexico. Nikki is thrown by the revelation. Ramona meets Victor on his jet, and they discuss their past relationship. Ramona thanks Victor for helping establish her laboratory for medical research. Amanda reminds everyone that she wants Ralph to remain in the past and doesnt want to talk about him. Larry persuades Amanda that he is genuinely concerned for her and Macs safety. Amanda appreciates how protective he has been and suggests the two of them go away for the weekend. Raul informs Rianna that he and Brittany ended their relationship. Rianna offers to accompany Raul to the prom and make Brittany jealous. Having had enough of Jills drama, Sean decides to move out. Jill notices her ruby bracelet missing and blames Amanda. Ralph meets Felix at the diner to determine how much cash he can get for pawning Jills bracelet. Neil invites Serena over to his apartment for a drink. As Serena turns to leave, Neil pulls her into an intense kiss. Olivia arrives and witnesses the kiss.
Ep. #7396 30x53
Jill is livid, and demands to know what Amanda is doing in her room. Ralph stands unnoticed behind the door, as Amanda explains that she cut her finger and was looking for a bandage. Amanda helps Ralph escape, who reveals that he will be back and make the place look burglarized. Jill yells that Kay is behind Amanda being in her room, and Mac tricking a prom invitation out of Billy. Mac feels more relaxed that she and Billy are just friends. Larry is happy for Mac, but still concerned about Amandas safety. He insists on going to Tucson, when Amanda bursts in and yells that hes not to do that. Raul is stunned that Brittany asked J.T. to the prom, and informs her that theres no reason to use J.T. to get at him. Rianna returns from her semester in Spain. Jack wonders if Brads conversation with Victor will cause Ashley more grief. Victor stops by to see how Ashley is doing. He thinks she in one of the strongest women he knows, but Victor still feels he should cancel his trip. Ashley appreciates his concern, but doesnt want him to change his plans. Kay wants to start planning Nikki and Victors wedding, but Nikki is afraid they will jinx everything if they keep talking about it. Leanna reveals to Max that she believes Victor plans to marry Nikki, but is going back to some former wives and lovers for one last sexual encounter.
Ep. #7395 30x52
Max and Leanna discuss Victors visit with one of his ex-wives, Julia. Leanna realizes that Victor and Julias meeting was before her and Victors meeting, when he was trying to make amends for the past. She discloses her theory that Nikki senses Victors restlessness and doesnt want to be left again. Nikki mentions to Kay that she found an engagement ring at Victors and wonders why he is so determined to go on his trip. Kay reassures Nikki that Victor is focused on their relationship and that she shouldnt be worried. Victoria interrupts Victors phone conversation with Ramona and demands to know whats going on. Victor is tired of Victorias attitude, and she is tired of not getting answers. Nick explains to Victor that Victoria has been involving herself in other peoples lives and work to distract herself from Ryans death. Mary barges into Michaels office and accuses Christine of turning her son against her. Christine thinks Mary has her facts all wrong and reveals that they are not back together. Lynne accepts Pauls request to be the witness at their wedding. Mary arrives and tries unsuccessfully to stop the ceremony. Paul and Isabella exchange their vows and are married. Sean and Brad propose the Glow by Jabot prom web-cam idea to Billy, Brittany, J.T., Raul, and Erica, who all think its a great idea. Brittany announces that she is going to the prom with J.T. and everyone is shocked. Mac agrees to go to the prom with Billy as a friend. Ralph coaxes Amanda into breaking into the Chancellor estate and stealing a ruby bracelet from Jills bedroom. As they are leaving, Amanda comes face to face with Jill.
Ep. #7394 30x51
Paul informs Isabella that Judge Parrish is there to marry them, assuming thats what she still wants. Isabella is speechless, and Paul explains that hes ready to move into the future with her and their baby. Isabella wonders what will happen when Christine comes back, but Paul answers that shes headed back to Australia. Christine pulls away from Michaels kiss, and accuses him of taking advantage of her. Michael insists that he didnt intend to, and begs her to stay in town. Christine replies that she will give him a decision very soon regarding if shell stay. Brittany and Mac compare their relationships with Raul. Raul fills Billy in on his breakup with Brittany. Billy and Mac feel badly about the situation between Raul and Brittany, as Mac makes a comment about breakups. They are glad to be friends. Sean presents his ideas for the prom campaign. Brad approves of the band, and Jill is confident that they can bring in new fans over the summer. Billy announces to Jill that hes taking Mac to the prom. Nikki questions whether Victor will have to postpone his trip again now that Neil has quit. Victor reconsiders his decision to leave town, and lets Nikki know how much she means to him. Nikki wont let Victor back out of his trip. Victor puts in a call to Ramona in New Mexico, and shes delighted to hear his voice. Max and Leanna meet to discuss how theyre going to bring down Victor Newman.
Ep. #7393 30x50
Sharon enters nervously as Nick mentions he knows whats been going on. Cassie surprises Sharon, as Nick thought a little quality time with their daughter is what Sharon needed. Sharon is still unsure about whether to tell Nick about Diego or not. Diane and Phyllis stare each other down and banter about the living arrangements. Diane reminds Phyllis that she used to live here and shared the very same bedroom with Jack. Jack comforts Ashley and tries to get her to eat something. After collecting herself, Ashley asks Jack how he is doing since Diane left town. Jack reluctantly admits that Diane and Kyle are living with him. Ashley warns Jack that Diane has ulterior motives and will try and come between him and Phyllis. Victor inquires about Ashley, and Brad orders him to butt out. It angers Brad that Victor wants to be the hero and make things better. Victor mentions that he intends to call Ashley. Mary asks where things stand with Christine, but Paul informs her that its none of her concern. Paul exits, and Mary mentions to Lynne that Christine is out of the picture and so is Isabella. Michael continues to persuade Christine not to leave town. Christine admits that she told Paul that his future lies with Isabella and the baby. She doesnt want to be selfish, and thats why she must leave. Paul is with Isabella and the baby at home, as the doorbell rings. Isabella is confused when she sees Judge Parrish standing there. Paul informs Isabella that he invited him.
Ep. #7392 30x49
Neil and Serena wake up in bed together. He thanks her for staying with him the night before, and she senses he really cares. Neil, who isnt the usual one-nighter kind of man, also fascinates her. Nikki offers to visit Neil in hopes of breaking through to him. She informs Neil that she is a recovering alcoholic and that she would like to give him some perspective on his problem. Neil calls Mamie, who refuses to let Neil see Nate after what happened. Neil angrily hangs up the phone and takes a long drink of scotch. Victoria expresses her suspicions of Diegos actions to Nick. Diego pleads with Sharon one last time not to confess to Nick what happened between them. Sharon explains that she doesnt want to keep any secrets from Nick. Nick calls, and Sharon leaves to go speak with him. Jack and Phyllis are sharing breakfast when Diane enters with Kyle. Phyllis glares at her, as Colleen enters with a toy she bought for Kyle. Later, Phyllis warns Diane that she hasnt yet begun to fight and Diane asks if that is a challenge. Jack visits Ashley to console her and keep her spirits up. Ashley speaks of death and hopes that Jack will look after John if something does happen. With tears in his eyes, Brad assures Ashley that she will be there as Abby grows up.
Ep. #7391 30x48
Nick thinks Sharon is upset over the readjustment to normal life again, but she tells him that isnt it. Sharon begins to confess her infidelity to Nick, but Cassie interrupts and drags them back to the party. Victoria arrives and expresses how happy she is for Nick and Sharon. Nikki informs Victoria that Diego quit his job and is leaving town. Diego explains that he was only there to make sure Sharon and Nick were okay. Serena invites Neil back to her place to talk about his problems. Neil notices that she likes to drink alone as well. He begins to ask her personal questions, and she orders him to back off. Jack is upset that Diane moved into the pool house without him speaking with John first. Diane apologizes for stepping on Jacks toes. Phyllis thinks that Diane is manipulating Jack again. Jack swears that Diane is only staying temporarily. Phyllis begins to feel that Diane is more of a priority than she is, but Jack denies it. Ashley reveals to John that the cancer has come back. John assures Ashley that she did well in telling him and offers to inform the rest of the family for her.
Ep. #7390 30x47
Amanda is shocked to find Ralph in Kays living room. Kay and Esther introduce him as the phone repairman, and invite him to stay for tea. When Mac calls from upstairs, Ralph disappears and Amanda is left unnerved. Kay and Mac assume that Amanda feels intimidated that shes moving into the house, and try to calm her down. Later, Ralph calls Amanda from his motel and warns her not to blow his cover. Billy agrees with Larry that Mac is shaken up by the whole situation. Larry makes a decision to go to Tucson and help Mac forget about Ralph. Ashley wonders how Brad will feel about her losing her breast. Brad cant believe she would ask such a question, and assures her that hes madly in love with her. Olivia, Mamie, and Nate make a surprise visit to Neil. Victoria informs Olivia that Neil is drunk, and Nate is frightened by Neils strange behavior. Olivia lashes out at Neil, and decides she doesnt want Nate anywhere near him. Neil returns to the dive bar where he met Serena. She senses hes been drinking, and reveals that he was much more interesting sober. Cassie surprises Nick and Sharon with a Welcome Home party. Diego congratulates Nick and Sharon on getting back together, and informs them that hes leaving town. Diego believes that if Sharon tells Nick about them having sex, it will ruin everything. Sharon admits that she cant keep it a secret any longer as Nick walks in.
Ep. #7389 30x46
John, Gina, and Colleen celebrate Memorial Day at the Abbott pool. Colleen enjoys John and Ginas singing, and Gina offers to teach Colleen a few voice lessons. At first Colleen is nervous about performing, but Gina reminds her that its the same at dancing, which she is great at. Diane arrives and stuns everyone when she announces that she and Kyle are moving into the pool house. John is fit to be tied, and Diane explains that it was Jacks idea. Diane is certain that once John speaks with Jack, he will agree this is the best arrangement. Sean watches Jill going to town on the treadmill, and is amazed at her determination. Jill replies that shes going to run in the marathon even without him. Sean pushes the marriage issue again, and Jill wishes he would just drop it. Shes professed her love to him, but Jill senses hes still not satisfied. After making love, they realize that it doesnt change anything. Nick and Sharon are on the Newman jet, returning from their week in paradise. They reminisce on all of the incredible moments in their lives and the paths theyve taken upon themselves. The trip has recaptured everything for Sharon, and she is deeply sorry for the things she said when they lost their baby.
Ep. #7388 30x45
Amanda hesitates in accepting Kays offer to live with them, but Kay is insistent. Once Amanda accepts the offer and Kay exits, Ralph demands to know why Amanda didnt jump at the opportunity. Amanda cannot believe that he would have her betray Kay, but Ralph says he was the one betrayed. Later, Kay welcomes Amanda to tea with she and a strange guest, Ralph. Mac still swears to Billy that she saw Ralph, but promises to see a shrink if she sees him again. Billy isnt trying to upset her, but wants her to know how much he still cares for her. Later, Larry informs Billy that hes going to snoop around Tucson, find Ralph and make sure he stays away. Olivia confides in Mamie that shes waiting for Neil to reach out to her. Olivia is confident that Neil is no longer drinking, and hopes to never see that side of him again. Victoria reaches out to Neil because she knows what he went through in Africa. She suggests he take a leave of absence from Newman, and he informs her that he quit. Cassie wishes Diego would change his mind and stay, but he says he cant. Diego admits he shouldnt be there for the party either, since its a family event. Michael thinks that Christine is running away again and avoiding her feelings for Paul. Christine swears that nothing is going on, and she has seen to it that Paul stays with Isabella. Paul admits to Isabella that he wasnt completely over Christine like he said, and he cannot imagine how hard this has been for Isabella. He asks Isabella if they can just take one day at a time.
Ep. #7387 30x44
Michael informs Phyllis that Diane is going to use the fact that she cant bear children to move her plan along. Phyllis accuses Michael of betraying her, but Michael insists he didnt tell Diane about her infertility. Phyllis gives Michael the impression that shes hatching a plan that Diane wont expect, but shes going to do it her way. Jack offers to let Diane stay at the pool house temporarily. Diane is upset by Jacks suggestion and feels this is all coming from Phyllis. Jack accuses Diane of being insincere in letting him grow closer to Kyle, but Diane finally accepts his offer. Lauren threatens Christine that if shes going to get back together with Paul, she had better stick it out or shell have to answer to her. Christine demands that Lauren leave, but Lauren persists in knowing Paul and Christines current situation. Isabella asks if Paul is happy as she is in starting their life together. Paul admits to Isabella that he was with Christine the night Isabella went into labor, and was just with her today. Raul admits he has thought about sex with Brittany, but makes it clear that he also has strong feelings for her. Mac insists that Billy stop acting like her shrink and butting into her business. Billy reassures her once again that Ralph is not in Genoa City. Ralph threatens Amanda that if she doesnt get him a fat chunk of change from Kay, he will have to reveal the tape to everyone including Mac. Ralph ducks behind a curtain as Kay enters to tell Amanda she wants her to move in with her and Mac.
Ep. #7386 30x43
Christine admits to Paul that when they kissed, it reminded her of their wonderful past, but she says its wrong to break up a family. Paul insists that he and Isabella have made no plans for the future, but Christine points out that he has a baby now. She informs Paul that since Nick and Sharon have reconciled, shes going back to Australia. Lauren reminds Kay that her friendship to Paul means more than anything, and she wont force herself on him. Kay believes things look very promising for Paul and Christine. Mac confides in Billy that shes afraid she might be imagining someone stalking her, and it may be connected to what Ralph did to her and her feelings about sex. Larry and Amanda share an impromptu lunch backstage and discuss Amandas involvement in the play. After Larry exits, Ralph emerges from the shadows and wants to know what the deal is with Larry. He threatens Amanda that if he goes down, shes going down with him. Brittany tries to pretend it doesnt bother her that her parents missed her play, but Raul knows how hurt she is. Raul asks her to confide and trust in him, but Brittany thinks he just wants to have sex with her. Phyllis admits that she went behind Jacks back to get Diane out of the country, and Jack wonders if he could ever trust her again. Phyllis knows what she did was wrong, but is angry that Jack is using that to justify having Diane move in with him. Jack says that Phyllis doesnt know him at all, and exits. Michael accuses Diane of trying to win Jack from Phyllis. Diane exclaims that she can give Jack a child while Phyllis cant.
Ep. #7385 30x42
Phyllis is stunned by Jacks suggestion that Diane and Kyle move in with them. Phyllis is adamant about keeping this from happening, and suspects Jack is doing this to punish her. Jack tells her he was putting the decision off until he talked to her and got an answer to whether or not she tried to help Diane leave the country with his son. He demands she tell him the truth. Diane visits Isabella in the hospital, informing her of her custody win and plan to get Jack back. Isabella explains to Diane that her baby and the stroke brought Paul closer to her. Diane thinks Isabella will be engaged in no time at all. Paul meets with Christine and confesses how much she affects him when they are together. Paul wants to rebuild what they once had, and draws her into a kiss. Christine pulls away, saying she has given him the wrong impression. Lauren questions Marys confidence that Paul will dump Isabella because of his feelings for his ex-wife. Diego informs Raul that hes leaving town soon. Raul wants to talk things over and try to get him to stay, but Diego just says that its best for everyone if he leaves. Nikki announces to Victor that Nick and Sharon have reconciled. She admits that shes upset with Diego leaving since he played a role in Nick and Sharon getting back together. Nikki turns to the subject of Victors pending trip. She finds it hard to accept that Victor doesnt want to share something personal with her, but believes he will eventually come back to her. Nick and Sharon have trouble leaving the cabana and the magic they felt. Nick reminds Sharon that their love has withstood the test of time and when they return, they can work through anything.
Ep. #7384 30x41
Brad is in disbelief when Ashley reveals she found another lump in her breast. They rush to see Dr. Thompson and take another ultrasound. Ashley is overcome with anxiety when Dr. Thompson announces that the lump will need to be removed right away. Isabellas insecurities about Christine are swept away now that the baby is here. However, Paul is still confused and hides his true feelings from Isabella. Mary suspects Paul is hesitant to commit to Isabella and the baby because of his strong feelings for Christine. Kay informs Christine that since Isabella is expected to make a full recovery, she should finish her conversation with Paul about their relationship. Christine calls Paul at the hospital and asks him to meet with her. Sharon and Nick call Nikki on her cell and let it slip that they have reconciled. Cassie grabs the phone from Nikki and is elated to find out her mom and dad are back together. Cassie asks for Diegos assistance in planning a welcome home party. Victoria grills Diego, who is distracted by thoughts of Sharon. He assures Victoria that he has no ulterior motives and supports both Nick and Sharon getting back together. After Victoria exits, Diego tells Nikki that hes quitting. Michael visits Phyllis to warn her that Diane quit her job in Milan and is planning on staying in town. At first, Phyllis doesnt believe it, but then begins to suspect Diane is now going after Jack. Jack thinks Dianes plan to move in with him is ludicrous. Diane continues her games of manipulation by revealing that Phyllis tried to send her out of the country so Jack wouldnt be able to bond with Kyle. Jack realizes the painful truth behind Phyllis actions, and goes to confront her.
Ep. #7383 30x40
Diane informs Jack that shes been fired from her job. Jack begs Diane to stay in Genoa City so he can bond with Kyle. He assures Diane that Phyllis wont be a problem and that the visitations will go smoothly. Diane shocks Jack by asking if she and Kyle could stay at his house temporarily. Phyllis runs into Christine, and blames her for what Michael did to her on the stand. Chantal informs Michael that Alex quit. Michael wonders if Christine will really stay now that Alex is gone. He is also suspicious about Diane leaving town, and calls her company in Milan. Ashley apologizes to Brad for getting upset with him, but Brad understands that this has been a very tense time. Ashley goes to give herself a breast exam, and notices one breast doesnt feel right. Paul informs Mary about the baby. Isabella reminds Paul that theyre blessed everything turned out okay and is excited to go home so the three of them can be a family. Olivia and Victoria disagree on how Neil is coping with everything in his life by himself. Victoria worries and thinks Neil might do something crazy and go over the deep end. Victor insists Neil go to drug rehab. Neil explodes, saying he doesnt need this kind of treatment, and quits.
Ep. #7382 30x39
Neil awakens in a dive bar from a night of drinking. Eddie, the bartender, assumes Neil has some women troubles, and offers him another shot. Neil wallows in his self-guilt and past experiences with Alex. Victoria assures Victor that she will handle the Amarante deal, since Neil needs time to heal. Victor feels they have to stop making excuses for Neil. As Neil rushes to get to his meeting, Victor catches him with a bottle of whiskey. Amanda still thinks Mac might have imagined seeing Ralph. Larry wonders why Amanda keeps fighting him on this when its only for her own good, and Macs. Billy helps Mac search for Ralph in the park, but suspects that Mac may have been imagining things. Jill suspects Kay had Amanda spent the night at the house to annoy her. Jill also suspects that Sean is blowing her off, but Sean insists hes busy organizing the summer campaign. Kay and Esther notice the tension between Jill and Sean, but decide to stand back and watch Jill self-destruct. Ashley tells Brad that it is not fair that he would use her illness to keep her from supporting Jack. She insists the tension comes from Brad not agreeing with her point of view. John offers his support to Jack and Phyllis and understands that they need time to heal. Phyllis exclaims to Jack that she tried to keep herself together, but she cant change what happened. Hes not in the mood to hear her say it wasnt her fault, and leaves to say goodbye to Kyle. Michael wishes Diane well in Italy, as she receives a fax from her boss stating shes been fired. Later, Dianes office calls to confirm that she terminated her employment.
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Ashley is stunned to hear that the mass the doctor had found is malignant. When Brad asks what that means, Ashley lashes out replying it means she has cancer. Dr. Thompson informs her that there might be good news because the core biopsy did not reveal an invasive tumor. Dr. Griffith, the cancer specialist, explains that it most likely would not be necessary to have a mastectomy, but rather a lumpectomy. Ashley agrees to the lumpectomy, but doesnt know how to break the news to her family she has cancer. Alex expresses her relief to Mamie that she and Neil have been able to move past their problems and grieve together. Phyllis pulls Neil aside at Ginas, asking him how he can live with himself if his feelings for Alex played a role in Malcolms death. Since Kay and Jill have been getting along peacefully for once, Sean invites Kay to join them for dinner. Kay accepts and informs them that she invited Amanda and Larry as well. Jill is certain Kay and Larry are conspiring against her, and she is determined get the truth out of Larry herself. After another upsetting confrontation with Billy and Danielle, Mac returns home to find Amanda, Larry, and Kay waiting for her. Mac becomes frustrated and walks right back out the door. Billy takes Danielle back to the Abbot Hideaway and kisses her. Brittany apologizes to Raul for bringing up the whole college issue again. Victoria is ecstatic to find the engagement ring in Victors jacket pocket. Nikki walks in and is surprised by the extravagant dinner Victor has arranged.
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