The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, Baldwin and Winters families. ­ When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama. It continues to set the standard with strong characters, socially conscious storylines, romance and sensuality. Add to my shows

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Ep. #12247 2021x226

season 29

Ep. #7343 29x247
Nikki offers to take the kids for spring break in order to give Sharon and Nick a chance to be alone. Sharon ponders Nikkis proposition as she asks how Nick responded to their offer. Nikki relays that Nick feels spending too much time together may cause more tension, and Sharon agrees. Nick explains to Victoria that he yearns to be with Sharon again, but left in order to resist temptation. Victoria sympathizes with Nicks situation, and again states that spending time away from the kids is a great idea. Doris advises Sharon that either she or Nick will have to put their pride aside and take the first step towards reconciliation. Sharon is unsure Nikkis plan will work, but decides there just might be a way. Nick is disappointed by Sharons unwillingness to consider Nikkis offer. Nikki realizes Nick is closing a door that Sharon is willing to open. Paul and Isabella share a special moment in their Lamaze class. They watch the childbirth film, and Isabella tells Paul how wonderful he is. Mary still insists on Chris helping Paul, but Chris says there is nothing she can do. Chris shows Mary to the door, and then takes out a picture of Paul and stares at it. Victor and Victoria both offer to make Malcolms memorial arrangements, but Neil insists he must handle it himself. Neil explains that Alex no longer blames him for what happened to Malcolm, and that his disappearance will probably remain a mystery. Phyllis cries out in disbelief over Malcolms demise. Alex composes herself, and begins to describe what happened in Kenya. Now that Malcolm is gone, Phyllis wonders if Alex had anything to do with his disappearance.
Ep. #7342 29x246
Paul admits to Lynne that he is afraid of what Mary will do next. Paul asks her to look into it, but Lynne doesnt want to be sneaky. Isabella arrives to take Paul to their first birthing class, which he had forgotten about. Isabella tells Paul that shell fill him in on the information, and asks if Mary will ever leave them alone. Paul replies that it will be better for them when Mary accepts the inevitable. Mary surprises Chris in Australia, insisting that Chris help her save Paul. Chris orders Mary to leave, but Mary continues to say that Isabella is exploiting Paul by getting pregnant with his child. Chris is clearly stunned by the news. Raul tells Brittany that theyre not each others type, which Brittany soundly agrees with. However, they both agree that since theyre so different they should just ride things out and see where they end up. Cassie wants to know if things are getting better, and Sharon says that they are working on it. Nick confides in Nikki that he feels a vibe from Sharon that she doesnt want to get close yet. Nikki pays Sharon a visit, and Sharon admits she doubts she and Nick are on the same page. Alex catches Neil as he picks up a bottle of Vodka. Neil insists that he wasnt going to take a drink, but he still gets tempted. Mamie consoles Alex and Neil, assuring them that one of Malcolms friends will give the eulogy. Nate is horrified when Olivia informs him that Malcolm was killed in an accident.
Ep. #7341 29x245
Neil breaks the news of Malcolms death to Olivia. Olivia breaks down in Neils arms. Alex needs to make plans for a memorial service, as Olivia and Neil offer their help and support. Olivia returns home to fill in Mamie, but decides to tell Nate the next morning. Sharon admits to Diego that things are getting better with Nick and his family. Miranda offers her telephone number to Nick, who turns her down, displaying his wedding ring. Later, Sharon and Nick look over the books for the coffeehouse and share an awkward moment. When Sharon returns from the kitchen, she finds that Nick has left. Raul and Brittany engage in a kiss while rehearsing backstage. Brittany pulls away, and Raul wonders if he was out of line. Brittany insists it wasnt, and they leave together. Diane admits to Graziella that she loved Jack very much, and he is a good man, despite their current situation. Diane recalls when Jack proposed marriage, and is sure those feelings still exist somewhere inside Jack. Jack confides to Phyllis that Silva is concerned about the issue of her having been declared an unfit mother in the past. Phyllis agrees that they should be prepared for any comments that may surface, but the pain of losing her son resurfaces. Jack loves his son, but he tells Phyllis that she comes first and does not want her to go through this battle.
Ep. #7340 29x244
Brad asks how the biopsy test went and Dr. Thompson says everything went smoothly. Dr. Thompson senses Ashleys anxiety and reassures her that in most cases the tumor is benign. Brad suggests they keep their dinner date, and focus on the positive things in life. After returning from Kenya, Neil and Alex enter Malcolms photo studio. They both agree that being in the studio brings them closer to Malcolm. Neil gives Olivia a call but leaves a message on her voicemail. Sharon comforts Cassie by saying how badly Nick felt about canceling their plans, and how special she is to him. It thrills Cassie to know that Sharon still has feelings for Nick. Sharon enters a fantasy of Nick. Victor and Nick discuss how things are getting better with Sharon. Nick admits he doesnt feel the passion he once felt, but he isnt ready to give up on his marriage. Meanwhile, Miranda is sitting at the end of the bar eyeing Nick. Silva warns Jack that Phyllis past issue of being declared unfit and having her child taken away by the courts will hurt Jacks case. Jack begins to consider what might happen, as Silva tells him Diane will use anything she can against him. Phyllis accuses Diane of double-crossing her, and demands to know why she didnt get on the plane. Diane admits she never trusted Phyllis, and had no intentions of doing what Phyllis told her to do, unless it made Phyllis look bad in Jacks eyes. Jack whisks Phyllis away to talk, and Diane whispers to herself that she will tell Jack about Phyllis deception when the time is right.
Ep. #7339 29x243
Diane pretends not to notice Phyllis as she walks into the courtroom. Jack catches on that Phyllis is nervous and uneasy. Diane addresses the judge about how hard it has been to be painted as a criminal during the hearing. Diane states that she wants to keep things civil, and will not contest the restraining order. Silva presents a motion for visitation, and the judge will hear the arguments in a couple of days. Phyllis grabs Diane and asks her what shes trying to pull. Dr. Thompson informs Ashley that they need to run another test because they found a mass on Ashleys mammogram. Ashley admits to Brad that she is very uncomfortable with scheduling another procedure so quickly. Kay laughs at Jills idea to run a marathon. To further irritate Jill, Kay informs her that she invited Amanda and Larry Warton to dinner. Amanda admits to Larry that shes still scared for Mac that Ralph Hunnicutt, Macs step-father, will show up. Larry assures Amanda that hell protect her and Mac. Danielle wonders why Billy decided to go out with her, asking him to let go of his problems with Mac. Raul makes it clear to Brittany that he and Mac are just friends, and remarks that Brittany seemed jealous. As Mac finishes her project backstage, she still feels weird about how she left things with Raul. Mac gets even more uncomfortable when she hears the sound of a door slamming shut.
Ep. #7338 29x242
Dr. Thompson is impressed with Ashley getting a mammogram. Ashley admits she is confused about all the negative publicity surrounding mammograms, but she still feels they are the best means of early detection. Later, after Ashley has left Dr. Thompsons, the radiologist enters with the x-rays. Brad and Ashley discuss her exam and involvement with the breast cancer awareness campaign. Kay invites Larry and Amanda to dinner the next evening as a way to cheer up Mac. Larry accepts, but Amanda is uneasy with Kay asking them over again. Jill confesses to Sean that she always wanted to run a marathon. Together they can do anything, and both decide to train for the Chicago Marathon. Danielle pursues Billy, telling him that Mac said it was fine with her. Billy confronts Mac, and Mac admits to telling Danielle to go after him since she will surely give him what he wants. Billy angrily leaves to get Danielle, and Mac runs to Raul for comfort. J.T. antagonizes Brittany about Raul, who seems to be getting awfully close with Mac. Michael introduces Diane to her lawyer, Sydney Gorman. Sydney reviews the legal plan with Diane and tells her not to worry. Diane snaps at Sydney, and becomes infuriated with Michael since he obviously wanted to avoid offending Phyllis. Silva disagrees with Jack having Phyllis with him in the courtroom. Phyllis interrupts and exclaims that she is going. They all enter the courtroom, and Phyllis freezes when she sees Diane.
Ep. #7337 29x241
Ashley meets with the committee on the Genoa City Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The women discuss the issue of mammography and its effectiveness. Dr. Thompson argues that breast examinations could give just as good a result as a mammogram. Ashley decides to make a personal statement about breast cancer awareness by having a mammogram herself. Sean warns Jill not to enjoy Billys breakup too much because it could backfire. Jill assures Sean she will be a good girl, and Sean begins to flirt with her. Jill wants to find something that Sean has never done before, so that they can experience it together for the first time. Jill and Sean are interrupted by Larry, who suggests they rent motorcycles and take a ride. Kay asks Mac to consider joining Amanda and Larry for dinner. Raul listens to Billy talk about him being a free man. Raul also comforts Mac as she talks about her feelings towards Billy. J.T. and Brittany banter back and forth during their rehearsal for the play. They all notice Danielle flirting with Billy, and Raul tries to assure Mac that Billy is not Danielles type. Isabella and Diane discuss the upcoming court hearing. Isabella warns Diane to stay away from Michael, since hes only loyal to himself. Phyllis agrees to go to court with Jack, but pretends to be unsure of the whole situation. She cant come off too confident for fear of his suspicion, and quietly apologizes to Jack for sending Diane and his son out of town.
Ep. #7336 29x240
Phyllis admits to Jack that she visited Diane, but makes up a story that she went to make peace. At first Jack is hesitant to believe her, but warns Phyllis that Diane can be very dangerous. Jack doesnt want Diane twisting things around and using it in court against them. Phyllis gives Jack her word that shell have no more contact with Diane unless they discuss it first. Diane conveys her predicament to Isabella, and that Michael is not representing her. Diane admits to Isabella that she still has feelings for her babys father, but its very doubtful theyll ever be a family. Colleen is worried about what J.T. is going to do now that he knows she smokes marijuana. J.T. advises a remorseful Colleen not to confess to Brad and Ashley, and that he will make sure Troy doesnt say anything. Brad and Ashley surprise Colleen and ask her to babysit. They tell her that they understand how she feels, but theyve all learned their lesson and its time to move on. Brittany recalls her kiss with Raul, and brushes it off, but Raul knows better. Raul and Brittany are rehearsing for the play when Mac arrives. Raul asks Mac if she wants him to talk with Billy, but Mac replies that theres nothing anyone can say and she must accept the relationship is over. Nikki cancels her dinner invitation with Victor, and expresses her frustrations to Kay about Victors disinterest. Victoria is trying to get Victor to discuss his dinner date with Nikki, but Victor reiterates that she cancelled on him. When Victoria exits, Victor takes a ring box from his pocket and recalls his relationship with Hope.
Ep. #7335 29x239
Paul claims Mary has gone way too far in urging Isabella to enter a home for unwed mothers. Mary doesnt feel its best for this child to be put into a home that will eventually be broken. Paul assures Isabella that its not essential for him to have his mothers support. Brad offers to take Ashley out to lunch, but shes hosting a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in town. Brad still feels terrible about how he reacted to Colleen. Ashley cant believe this is still an issue. John doesnt think Brad reassured Colleen enough about how sorry he is for misunderstanding her. J.T. admits to Colleen that Troy tipped him off that shes still into smoking pot. Nikki notices the Victors distracted, and asks if hes still up for dinner. Victor claims there is nothing wrong, and he will see her at dinner tonight. Phyllis feels terrible for deceiving Jack, but assures Michael that everything with Dianes exit went as planned. After Phyllis exits, Michael is shocked by Dianes return. Diane admits she didnt leave because she realized how bad it would be if she was caught. Michael refuses to represent her, but refers Diane to a family law expert. Silva briefs Jack about the court hearing. Phyllis arrives and recognizes Don, the surveillance guy that Jack hired. Don tells Jack that Phyllis was one of Dianes visitors.
Ep. #7334 29x238
Kay helps Nikki plan a romantic dinner for Victor on her yacht. Nikki believes this is a wonderful incentive, and wonders what romantic heights Victor will be spurred to. Julia tells Victor that the years have been good to him, and he is even more attractive now. She remembers how he was her knight in shining armor, but treated her like an object. Victor asks if he was domineering, and Julia replies that he lives his personal life very much like how he runs his business. Victoria believes Diego is an opportunist, and warns Nick to keep an eye on him. Diego mentions to Raul that he may stick around since he got the job at the ranch and better living arrangements. However, Diego warns Raul not to get their mother involved. Lauren visits Paul and admits she is glad things are working out with Isabella. Paul thanks Lauren, knowing they will be friends forever. Mary gives Isabella a pamphlet on the St. Theresa Home for Unwed Mothers, urging her to leave Paul and turn her life around. Isabella claims Mary has no clue what is in Pauls heart. Neil stresses to Alex that there is nothing more they can do to find Malcolm. Alex mentions that Olivia and Nate have to be told. Both Neil and Alex realize there is no point staying, and that its time to go home.
Ep. #7333 29x237
Neil informs Alex that Malcolms body wasnt discovered. Alex tries to reassure Neil that they will find him, but Neil soon reveals that when the accident occurred, a bridge collapsed on Malcolm. Olivia explains her frustrations about Malcolms behavior to Michael. Her heart breaks for Nate, but Michael believes there has to be an explanation. Isabella wants Paul to be with her in the delivery room, but admits shes a little self-conscious about him going to Lamaze class with her. Since she is carrying his baby, Paul thinks she has nothing to be ashamed of. Mary meets with Lauren at Ginas in hopes of convincing her to break up Isabella and Paul. Lauren reminds Mary of the powerful bond that forms when a child enters a couples life, but Mary isnt fazed. When Lauren exits, Mary calls Isabella and invites her to lunch. Nick explains to Nikki that Diego is responsible for bridging the gap between Cassie and Sharon. He wants to return the favor by offering him the job at the ranch. Nikki is impressed by Diegos knowledge of horse maintenance, and offers him the job. Sharon doesnt feel that her marriage is spinning out of control anymore, and Victoria sees this as a good sign. Victor forces Maxwell Hollister to sign a contract in order to save Julias company. When Victor announces that its time for him to return to Genoa City, Julia is a bit taken, and tells him that it was wonderful seeing him again.
Ep. #7332 29x236
Nikki is glad to see Victoria home from Africa. Victoria mentions that the rescue team was still searching for Malcolm when she left, and wonders how long they can go without telling Olivia and Nate. Olivia finds it unsettling that she hasnt heard from Malcolm or Neil, and doesnt know what to tell Nate. Neil looks for some other reason that Malcolm freaked out and took off. Alex wonders if Neil is going to start blaming her, admitting that she and Malcolm got in a little argument about Neil before he left. Victoria is so pleased to hear that her parents are seeing each other again. Julia and Victor order in takeout, and reminisce about when they were married. Julia admits to having picked up bits of gossip about him in the tabloids, but respects Victors privacy. She is glad he surprised her with this visit, and cant help but wonder. After she exits, Victor takes out the diamond ring he bought for Nikki and stares at it. Isabella shows Paul her sonogram, and Paul is really excited about finding out the sex of the baby. Diego admits to wondering if he should stay in town, since he is still hung up on his ex-girlfriend. Nick offers Diego a job working on the ranch with the horses. Diego thinks it sounds great, and Raul hopes it works out. Cassie apologizes to Sharon, and promises to stop being a brat. Sharon thanks Nick for explaining to Cassie that she misunderstood some things. It means a lot to her that Cassie apologized, and she now has her daughter back.
Ep. #7331 29x235
Diane stops by Dr. Thompsons office to show off Kyle. Once Dr. Thompson leaves her office, Diane searches the files for information on Phyllis and learns she cant have children. Phyllis, believing Diane is on her way back to Milan, conveys to Jack that if it were anyone other than Diane she would feel differently. Phyllis says she understands Jacks need to be a part of Kyles life, and that shell keep an open mind. Ashley suggests to Brad that they help Diane and her son get out of Jacks reach. Diego arrives late for work because he got caught in the middle of a fight at the rooming house. Raul thinks its time for Diego to leave town. Nick and Cassie share a wonderful evening at the Father/Daughter Dinner Dance. Cassie is still resentful toward Sharon, but Nick asks her to be a little nicer to her mom. Sharon mentions to Doris that Cassie misunderstood some things, but is glad everything got straightened out. Victor and Julia discuss the takeover attempt of her business by Richard Hollister. Victor offers to stay and help Julia maintain control of her company. Kay assists Nikki in deciding on a dress to wear for her dinner date with Victor. Victor calls Nikki to postpone dinner because he is out of town on business. Although Nikki is discouraged, Kay is confident they will have many wonderful nights to come.
Ep. #7330 29x234
Kay and Esther arrive at school with cake and presents for an impromptu birthday party. Mac is surprised, but saddened when she blows out the candles and finds Billy not there. Billy asks Amanda if she thinks the breakup has anything to do with Macs abusive step-father, Ralph. Amanda prays its not related. Erica, the stage manager, congratulates Brittany on nailing the audition. Raul is impressed as well, and notes that Brittany wanted him to kiss her. J.T. tells Mac that hes sorry for the breakup, and that she can do better than Billy, which Mac disagrees with. Nikki surprises Victor with a picnic lunch in his office. He is distracted when he reads an article about his first wife, Julia. Later, Victor visits Julia and offers his help with the corporate takeover of her company. Phyllis runs into Ashley, who realizes shes not Diane. Phyllis plays her disguise off as a new look, confusing Ashley. Ashley doesnt think Phyllis will get past this, and that this may turn out to be really negative for them. Jack and Silva discuss the men following Diane. Frustrated, Diane tries to get information about Phyllis out of Michael. Diane deduces that the newlyweds cant have children, but Michael neither confirms nor denies it. Phyllis calls Diane and tells her things are going like clockwork. Diane tells Phyllis that she is on her way, when Diane secretly arrives at Phyllis doctors office.
Ep. #7329 29x233
Mac confides in Kay that she wishes she hadnt joined the play because now she will have to face Billy that much more. Billy proclaims to Raul that there is no going back with Mac, but he cant imagine never being with her again. As Amanda consoles her, a tearful Mac explains that Billy believes that it is because she does not care for him like he does her. Jill beams while telling Sean that it is a miracle that Billy got rid of Mackenzie. Brittany teases J.T. that he can go run off with Mac now that Billy and she broke up. J.T. suggests that Brittany and Raul have something going on and shes insecure because of Mac. Brittany states to Raul that it is time for them to move on because he is so straight laced. Raul kisses Brittany unexpectedly. Isabella and Paul discuss their hatred of Michael. At the Lodge, Jack suggests to Michael that he advise Diane to accept the inevitable. Phyllis arrives at Dianes hotel room, and wants to switch clothes with Diane to become a decoy so she can skip town unnoticed. Diane agrees, but Michael later catches her and warns Diane that this desperate act will backfire.
Ep. #7328 29x232
Phyllis threatens Diane and orders her to leave town immediately. Diane would love to oblige, but informs Phyllis that Jack is taking her to court. Phyllis is stunned by the news, and convinces Diane that she will find a way for her to skip town in the morning. Ashley agrees that Jack should play a role in Kyles life, but she expresses her concern about how that will affect his marriage to Phyllis. Phyllis comes home to find Jack waiting for her. She doesnt want to talk to him about the situation tonight, but Jack says theyll have to talk about it in the morning because its very important. Although Mary doesnt approve of their relationship, Paul assures Isabella that she and their baby are his first priority. Amanda thanks Larry for being a gentleman and a wonderful dinner date. Jill blames Mac for Billy missing the dinner party. Sean warns Jill about messing with her sons girlfriend, because it will only backfire. Billy explains to Raul that he and Mac broke up. Raul thinks there was a simple misunderstanding, but Brittany thinks its because they hadnt had sex yet. Kay tries to assure Mac that she and Billy can solve whatever problem theyre having, but Mac disagrees.
Ep. #7327 29x231
Phyllis is livid that Jack has a baby, thinking hes cheating on her. Jack confesses to Phyllis how he is the father of Dianes baby. Phyllis doesnt want Jack to go to court for custody, because she doesnt want Diane in their lives. Jack tries to comfort Phyllis, but she grabs her coat and leaves. Diane panics and attempts to book a flight back to Milan, but Michael informs her that Jack has hired surveillance. Michael explains to Diane that the way she got pregnant will work against her, and he wants her to let him handle it legally. Later, Diane is stunned to find Phyllis at her door. Nikki feels that she and Victor are at a crossroads in their relationship. Nikki believes they have grown apart and arent meant to be, but Victor disagrees and thinks their relationship will never be perfect because they have too much passion and fire. Jill greets Amanda and Larry for dinner at the Chancellor house. Jill is suspicious of Amanda and wonders how shes become so close to Mac and Kay. Sean reminds Jill that the purpose of this dinner is to smooth the waters, not stir things up. Brad apologizes to Colleen for blaming her for Abbys choking episode. Ashley points out how seriously Colleen takes her responsibility with looking after Abby. Alone, Colleen dumps the bag of pot into the toilet, and flushes.
Ep. #7326 29x230
Brad and Ashley discuss Colleen and how she has started to earn their trust. Colleen decides to light up a joint, but hesitates and goes to check up on Abby. Colleen calls Brad on his cell phone telling him that Abby was choking on something and the paramedics are on their way. In the emergency room, Brad chastises Colleen for being irresponsible. However, the doctor congratulates Colleen for successfully performing the Heimlich Maneuver on Abby. Ashley is also glad Colleen was there and knew what to do. Isaac informs Alex that the odds of finding Malcolm alive grow smaller with each passing hour. Alex blames Neil for creating all this tension, but Neil counteracts that he did everything in his power to avoid a confrontation with Malcolm. Victoria thinks she should stay and help in the search, but Neil knows her family needs her and assures her that he wont reach for the liquor bottle again. Nate wonders why Malcolm hasnt called yet, and Olivia assumes that Malcolm is up to his old tricks again. Mamie doesnt want Olivia to assume the worst about Malcolm. Nikki and Victor pray that Malcolm survives. They reminisce about miracles in their lives and how fate has brought them back together. In response to the custody petition delivered to Diane, Michael warns Diane that Jack may want more than shared custody. Diane cant believe Jack would do that, and wants Michael to stop him. Jack surprises Phyllis with a romantic dinner to discuss the possibly of raising a child together that already exists.
Ep. #7325 29x229
Jack receives the DNA results, and reads that Kyle is his son. He wants Silva to get things rolling with the custody issue since Diane could bolt. Phyllis doctor discusses the issues involved with a surrogate pregnancy. Diane tells Michael that Jack persuaded her stay in town by telling her that he is Kyles father. Diane wonders if things are perfect between Phyllis and Jack, hoping she still has a chance with Jack. Michael thinks its best if Diane takes Kyle and goes back to Milan. As Diane disagrees, a process server arrives and gives her court papers. Malcolm is still missing and Alex blames Neil and Victoria for not canceling the trip in the first place. She wants Victoria to go and take Neil with her. Brad and Ashley leave Colleen to babysit Abby. As Colleen rolls a joint, Abby finds Ashleys suit button in her crib. Billy doesnt believe that Mac isnt ready to have sex with him. Mac doesnt agree that sex is an expression of real love. Billy feels the relationship needs to go somewhere, and until it does, he thinks they should stop seeing each other.
Ep. #7324 29x228
Mac knows she and Billy are not on the same page but that does not mean it will be that way forever. Billy notes that theyve been playing by Macs rules all along. Billy also thinks if Mac really loves him the way he loves her, then she would want this as much as he does. Jill invites Billy and Mac to her dinner party tonight. Jill realizes Billy isnt thrilled about her relationship with Sean, but assures Billy that he is important to her. Brittany and Raul run into Colleen at the play auditions. Brittany declares that shell only get involved in the play if she gets one of the leads. Brittany also comments to Raul that she thinks Colleen was stoned. Later, Colleen stands at her locker telling Troy that she wants to buy some marijuana. Paul informs Lynne, Marissa, and Mary that he is the father of Isabellas baby. Paul and Isabella imply that they love each other and are discussing living together. Mary has always wanted a grandchild, but she never thought it would be like this. Michael tells Lauren it is a relief knowing he is not the father of Isabellas baby. Sharon learns what Cassie said to Diego. Nick assures Sharon that he has been defending her to Cassie. Brad and Ashley are planning a night out at Ginas while Colleen babysits Abby. There is a thread dangling from Ashleys suit jacket, and a button falls into Abbys crib.
Ep. #7323 29x227
Paul tells Isabella that the baby is very real to him, but he doesnt think they should rush into marriage. Isabella replies that she isnt thinking about marriage, but instead would like to move in together. She doesnt want to live in Christines shadow again, so Isabella suggests Paul move into her apartment. Paul agrees, and Isabella tells him she loves him. Nick mentions to Nikki that the harder he tries to make things right, the worse they get. He considers Nikkis offer to take Noah and Cassie while he and Sharon try to work things out. Amanda is encouraged after her talk with Mac and admits to Larry she feels more like a mother everyday. Diego reveals to Larry that he talked to Cassie and it sounds like Nick is badmouthing Sharon. Sharon oversees Cassie talking to Diego, and later presses Diego into telling her whats going on. Sharon thinks they were talking about her and Nick, and asks Cassie what she said to Diego. At Johns request, Colleen agrees to get involved with the school play. Troy approaches Colleen backstage and offers her a joint. Mac wonders if Billy has felt this strongly about sex ever since they got back together. Mac concedes she could have handled things better, but was afraid of losing Billy. Billy admits he has a right to express his feelings, and Mac has the right to hers and the truth is that she is not ready for sex.
Ep. #7322 29x226
Sharon looks on as the children fawn over Nick. She admits to Doris that things seem to be getting a little better between her and Nick, but she still feels uncomfortable when they are together with the children. Cassie confides in Nick about her angry feelings toward Sharon. Nick tells Cassie that its not all Sharons fault. Diego allows Sharon to vent to him about her frustrations with Nick and Cassie. Jill gives Larry a lesson in dinner etiquette. Sean lays all his doubts about the dinner party to rest when he witnesses Jill teaching Larry. Billy presents Mac with a music box as an early birthday gift. She thanks Billy for the wonderful present, and begins to cry. Kay and Amanda are finishing up plans for Macs birthday party when Mac announces that she doesnt feel like celebrating. Mac confesses to Amanda that she and Billy were fighting about sex recently. Amanda reassures Mac that the confusion shes been feeling is completely normal. John and Jack convince Billy to ask Colleen to get involved in the school play. Billy admits to Jack that he and Mac have been having some problems. Isabella expresses her excitement to Diane that the father of her baby finally knows, and wants to commit to a relationship. Paul reveals to Lauren that he went to see Isabella and has decided to pursue a relationship with her. Isabella hopes that Pauls idea of getting to know one another doesnt mean dating, because they are going to be parents very soon.
Ep. #7321 29x225
Jack informs Diane how he came to find out he is Kyles father. Diane is shocked, but agrees to stay until the DNA results come back from the lab. Phyllis is thrown by Nikkis suggestion that she and Jack find a surrogate mother, but is later convinced that if she and Jack have a child together, Jacks life would be perfect. Later, Phyllis astonishes Jack with the idea of a surrogate mother. Jack does not blame Phyllis for wanting to please him, but Phyllis wants them to raise a child together even if it would technically not be hers. Nikki and Victor are deeply concerned that Sharon and Nick are throwing away everything they once had. Victor touches Nikkis face and draws her into an embrace. Sharon tells Doris that shes getting herself a lawyer to discuss legal separation. Doris wants to talk to get to the bottom of the problem by talking to Cassie to see what she can find out. Sean accuses Jill of trying to set up Larry in hopes of creating a disastrous dinner party. Sean makes it clear that he likes Larry, and thats why he invited him to the party. Neil, Alex, and Victoria learn that a bridge collapsed into the river while Malcolm and Isaac were heading out to the location. Alex is hopeful that Malcolm is a strong swimmer, and able to survive. Isaac returns to camp, and informs everyone that Malcolm is still missing.
Ep. #7320 29x224
Victor calls Victoria on her cell phone, scolding her for endangering her health by going to Kenya. Olivia expresses her fear to Victor that things arent going very well in Kenya. Alex blames Neil for provoking a fight with Malcolm. Victoria reports that Isaac and Malcolm are missing. Neil intercepts a phone call for Alex, and learns that Malcolm has been involved in a very bad accident. Mac is upset when Billy pulls away from her kiss. She wonders if hes punishing her for not wanting to have sex. Billy insists he has to be honest about his desires to take their relationship to the next level, and storms off. Raul teases Brittany about her jealousy and urges her to audition for the school play. Brittany remarks that Mac wants to participate in the play to distract the sexually frustrated Billy. Phyllis is upset with Nikki for getting Jack involved in her mysterious scheme regarding Diane. Phyllis fears that the more Jack is around Diane and Kyle, the more he will wonder what might have been. Nikki and Phyllis agree in vitro is not an option. Nikki suggests that Jack and Phyllis find a surrogate mother. Ashley admits her fears to Brad about Jacks involvement with Diane. Diane tells Jack that she cant wait any longer, and is leaving for Milan. In total desperation, Jack reveals that he is the father and that Kyle is their child.
Ep. #7319 29x223
Malcolm overhears Alex explain to Neil that she has had strong feelings for him. A devastated Malcolm wonders how Alex could have kept this from him. He doesnt hear Alex tell Neil shes committed to Malcolm now. Later, Malcolm tries to confront Neil, and winds up fighting with him. Alex and Victoria wonder where Malcolm disappeared to, as Malcolm follows Isaac off into the African safari. Rianna says her good-byes to Raul, Billy, and Mac. Mac and Billy ask Raul if he would like to sign up for tech crew in the school play. Raul seems excited, but wants to ask Brittany as well. Mac and Billy wonder if Raul and Brittany are romantically involved. Later, Raul is intrigued by Brittanys reaction to witnessing his and Rianna making up. Diane and Michael discuss whether or not Jack has Dianes best interests at heart. Phyllis and Jack argue over Nikki and Diane, and the role hes playing in this whole mess. Nikki avoids talking about Diane, but Ashley senses she knows more than shes telling. Jack surprises Diane at her hotel, and finds her packed and ready to return to Milan. Diane asks if his offer to help her still stands.
Ep. #7318 29x222
Phyllis confronts Jack about seeing Diane. Jack admits that he is helping Nikki with her plan against Diane. Phyllis asks Jack to leave Diane alone, and let her go back to Milan. Victor pleads with Nikki to stay away from Diane because she always comes back to haunt her. Nikki confesses to Victor it may be too late. Michael suggests Diane return to Milan, but Diane insists shes staying since Jack agreed to help her find out what Nikki is up to. Michael says Diane is deluding herself if she thinks that Jack is on her side. Rianna tells Raul that she is leaving school to participate in an exchange program in Spain. Raul enthuses that its a great idea, and seeing the world will make her an even better person. They share a goodbye embrace, which Brittany witnesses. John supports Jill and Seans living arrangements, and promises not to say anything negative to Billy. Jill becomes excited at the thought of Kay and Esthers reaction to Larrys presence at the house, and tells Sean that its okay to have him over for dinner. Malcolm is hesitant about leaving Alex alone at the hotel while he and Victoria go off to do the photo shoot. Alex tries to assure Malcolm that she will be fine, but Malcolm remains upset that Neil is still drawn to her. Neil confides in Victoria that he has lost his self-control, especially since Alex said she never cared about him. Later, Neil demands to know if Alex ever had feelings for him.
Ep. #7317 29x221
Phyllis tells Michael that she found Dianes scarf in Jacks office, but she hasnt confronted him about it yet. Phyllis wants Michaels help, but he claims he cant do anything. Phyllis leaves feeling hurt, assuming that Michael has chosen Dianes side over hers. Jack and Nikki discuss Phyllis, and how she must feel about Dianes baby after all her troubles getting pregnant. Jack wants to gain custody of Dianes child and raise it with Phyllis, which Nikki thinks will be too complicated. Victor learns from Diane about Nikkis trip to Milan. Diane tries to convince Victor that she means him and his family no harm. Jill is in a good mood because everything has gone smoothly with Sean moving in. Shes furious, though, when Billy shows up at Kays behest and finds out about his mothers new living arrangements. Billy takes the news in stride. In hopes of relieving some tension between Jill and Kay, Sean invites Larry and Amanda over for a dinner party. Rianna, cleaning out her locker, tries to explain to Mac how sex has affected her, and Mac admits that shes not ready for the whole sex thing. Kay tries to get some advice from Billy about Macs birthday party, but senses things are not right with him and Mac. Victoria insists Neil go back to Genoa City and get some counseling. Neil gives Victoria his word. Malcolm is excited to see Victoria take over for Neil. When Isaac elaborates on the wonderful romantic evening Malcolm and Alex shared, Neil loses his patience.
Ep. #7316 29x220
Jack tells Phyllis that hes on a deadline and will be late for dinner. While Jack is distracting Phyllis, Diane exits his office unnoticed. Later, Phyllis gets suspicious when Ashley reveals the deadline is actually two weeks away. Phyllis returns to Jacks office, where she discovers Dianes scarf on the floor. Ashley admits to Brad she thinks that she messed things up for Jack, and wants to speak with him right away. Jack meets Diane in her hotel room, and secretly takes DNA samples from Kyles saliva and Dianes hairbrush. Diane is happy Jack has agreed to help her, and is willing to let bygones be bygones. Billy reveals to Diego that he had the sex talk with Mac and she is not comfortable. Billy feels things have changed between him and Mac. Mac confides in Amanda, wondering why she isnt ready to have sex. Amanda assures Mac that nothing is wrong with her, and she will know when the time is right. Mac suggests to Billy that they join the tech crew for the school play so they can spend more time together. Nikki invites Victor over for dinner to find out where things stand between them. Victor doesnt have any answers for her, and thinks spending the night together was not a good idea. Victoria pushes away from Neils kiss, making it clear that this is not what Ryan wanted. Neil blames Victoria for his drinking, and Victoria tells him to get a grip. Malcolm believes he and Alex have come through their crisis stronger and more in love than ever.
Ep. #7315 29x219
Paul confesses to Isabella that he has not been able to act on his feelings without second guessing himself, and is now ready to move on with her. Isabella has never stopped wanting to be with Paul, but is afraid that he doesnt mean it. Paul reveals that this child pushed him off the fence hes been sitting on, and he wants her to give them another chance. Malcolm realizes that he will have to deal with Neil during the shoot, and has no clue what could happen. Alex suggests that he call Victoria to come to Kenya and snap Neil back in line. Neil is awakened and surprised by Victorias arrival. He understands how much this project means to her, since it was Ryans idea. Victoria notices an open bottle of whiskey on the table, and Neil insists he just needed to unwind a bit. Neil realizes that Ryan wanted him to be there for Victoria in every way, and kisses her. Billy warns Colleen once again about Troy, and hopes she has no problem with telling Troy to back off. Colleen is glad he is looking out for her. Troy admits to Jake that he finds Colleen Abbott hard to read, but she better not be jerking his chain. Brad and Ashley are shocked when they learn from Diane that Jack asked her to stay in town. Nikki assures Phyllis that Jack loves her very much, and she shouldnt feel threatened by Diane. John Silva believes Jack could possibly get custody of the child if he takes a paternity test. Diane agrees to Jacks request to stay in town a few more days. As Diane is about to leave Jacks office, Phyllis arrives.
Ep. #7314 29x218
Nick admits he wants to know what his rights are because Sharon makes him practically beg to see the kids. Nick accuses her of putting Cassie in the middle of this. Sharon responds that she was hoping to reach out to Nick and talk, but she found him with John Silva. When Victor barges in on them arguing, Sharon accuses Victor of turning on her. She urges Victor to understand that its Nick who is escalating things, not her. Victor only wants to do whatever he can to save their marriage. Nick reveals to Larry that hes getting legal advice. Ashley and Brad decide to go to Ginas and celebrate their anniversary, since Colleen has agreed to babysit Abby. Colleen stays afterschool to work on the yearbook committee, and Billy offers to babysit Abby until she gets there. Troy approaches Colleen and asks if she wants some pot. After a long day of location scouting, Alex and Malcolm make passionate love in their safari tent. Isabella informs Diane that Michael is not the father of her child. Diane advises her to at least get financial support from the true father of her baby. Paul admits that he is extremely angry with Lauren, but will not hold it against her. He gives Lauren credit for helping him move on with his life. Isabella reiterates to Paul that she doesnt want to raise a child with someone who doesnt want her around. Paul declares that he has come to a decision about the two of them and their child.
Ep. #7313 29x217
Isabella admits to Michael that Paul is the true father of her baby. She explains that she was very desperate, but never meant to hurt him. Michael threatens to sue her for taking money under false pretenses. Paul tells Mary that shes going to be a grandmother. Kay urges Lauren to concentrate on Paul, and forget about Isabella. Kay doesnt think Paul has a future with Isabella because of her lies and deception. Brad and Ashley celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. They conclude its been a very good year, and they couldnt be happier. Alex accuses Neil of acting like a big jerk, and destroying his career and relationship with Malcolm for nothing. Alex would like to be friends again, but thats all it will ever be. Olivia gives Victoria a final clean bill of health. Victoria calls Neil, who claims that everything is under control. Nick discusses his rights regarding his kids with John Silva. Silva advises Nick of his rights, but hopes he and Sharon work things out. Sharon appreciates that she can talk with Diego about her problems. Diego advises Sharon to shut out everyone but Nick, so they can find their way back to each other. Sharon drops by Nicks office, and wants to know why Nick was speaking with his attorney.
Ep. #7312 29x216
Neil, Malcolm, and Alex arrive in Kenya. Neil continues to be abrasive to his brother. He remains with Alex at the Safari resort, while Malcolm leaves with Isaac, the location manager, to scout a location for the photo shoot. Victoria informs Victor that Nick was going to drop his ultimatum, but Sharon wasnt receptive. Nick admits to Victor that things are getting worse between him and Sharon. He believes that Sharon is telling Cassie things to make her take sides. Later, Nick spends some quality time with Cassie. Sharon averts a crisis at Crimson Lights and agrees to give Diego a pay advance. Sharon thinks Diego believes shes a basket case because all she does is cry. She knows it wasnt right to put Cassie in the middle of this situation, and cant let that happen again. Kay defends Laurens motives for keeping the news about Isabella from Paul. Paul acknowledges that he cant turn his back on his own flesh and blood. Lauren refuses to feel guilty about deceiving Paul, and reminds Isabella that she lied to Michael and extorted money from him. Michael confronts Isabella, admitting he was a bit embarrassed to find she hasnt left town. Michael confesses that he wants her and their baby to stay in Genoa City. Isabella reveals that she lied to Michael, and tells him that he is not the father of her baby.
Ep. #7311 29x215
Victoria rips into Sharon, ordering her to get a reality check. Sharon tells her to back off, while Noah overhears them arguing upstairs. Victor breaks up their argument, and Nikki wonders if this will make things worse for Nick and Sharon. Victor decides to spend the night again, and carries Nikki upstairs to bed. Nick brings Cassie home, and tries to discuss things with Sharon. He doesnt like the affect this is having on the kids, but Sharon doesnt want any more lectures. Victoria doesnt regret telling Sharon off, and Nick cant believe Sharon still wants to keep hostilities alive. The siblings also discuss how close Nikki and Victor have gotten since this whole mess started. Billy admits to Mac that he wants to be alone with her, but its difficult keeping his hormones in check. Rianna feels pathetic, thinking J.T. might be right about her always needing to fall in love with whatever guy shes dating. Larry recommends a room at the boarding house for Diego to stay while hes in town. Diego decides to take the place and speculates he wont be there that long. Michael doesnt want Phyllis to get insecure about Diane, assuring her that she has nothing to worry about where Jack is concerned. Jack confirms that Diane should be worried about Nikki, and strongly advises her to stay in town. Hes relieved when Diane cancels her flight. Later, Jack places a call for legal advice about child custody.
Ep. #7310 29x214
Sharon tells Nick that their arrangement isnt working out. Nick agrees and asks if she wants to bring lawyers into this. Larry tells Cassie that he believes her parents will come through, but she needs to trust that they really love her. Nick realizes this is killing Cassie, and thinks there might be a way to resolve things. Victoria tells her father that she is feeling much better, and thinks that Olivia and Neil overreacted when they insisted she cancel her trip. Victoria warns Sharon that she is pushing Nick too hard, and shes eventually going to push him away. Raul is thrown when Brittany decides to treat him to dinner at the Lodge, since he offered to take her out dancing. Rianna tells J.T. that she knows he didnt want to break up with her in order to save face with Mac. J.T. thinks Rianna should take some of the blame, since she pursued him. Mac mentions to Billy that J.T. said Rianna wanted to have sex, though he didnt want a serious relationship. After he cuts their make out session short, Billy admits to Mac that it isnt always easy to hold back on sex when hes with her. While Diane is waiting in Michaels office, she figures out that Isabella is carrying Michaels baby. Phyllis admits to Jack that she is jealous of Diane since she has a beautiful child and they dont. Jack arrives at Michaels office, and makes it clear to Diane that he might be able to help her.
Ep. #7309 29x213
Jack is in shock and disbelief when Nikki tells him that he is the father of Dianes baby. Nikki apologizes for withholding the information, but thought she was doing Jack a favor because everything was going so well with Phyllis. Nikki adds that they cannot know for certain that Kyle is his son without a DNA test. He isnt sure of his legal rights as the biological father, and fears that this would strain his relationship with Phyllis. After Diane passes a comment about Phyllis being declared an unfit mother, Phyllis lunges for her. Chantel breaks up the ensuing catfight. Phyllis warns Diane to stay away from Jack for the remainder of her trip. Victoria is recovering at home, hoping to get to Kenya tomorrow, while Neil supervises the trip. After blowing his top, Malcolm decides that he is not going to allow Neils presence to mess up their big trip. Neil immediately hits the bottle again. Kay tells Jill how inappropriate it would be to shack up with another man in Phillips house, but Jill thinks Phillip would be happy for her. Sean insists that if he is going to live there, than he is going to attempt to build some bridges between Kay and Jill. Raul and Brittany argue over Rianna, but soon make up and decide to watch a video at her place. Mac tells Billy how Rianna is at the end of her rope and is contemplating leaving school. Billy blames J.T. for the reason behind Rianna leaving school, and Raul hanging out with Brittany, but Mac doesnt think its that simple.
Ep. #7308 29x212
Rianna lashes out at Mac for supporting J.T., but Mac insists she had no idea what he was up to. Rianna apologizes, vowing never to get hurt by J.T. again. Later, Mac confronts J.T. He tries to explain that Rianna put the moves on him, and once he slept with her, things got too complicated. Mac tells him that he made her believe that he had changed, and thought he really wanted to be with Rianna. Sean agrees to move in with Jill right away because he wants to marry her. Kay and Esther try to convince Jill to buy another house and leave, but Jill drops the bomb that Sean is moving in with them. Phyllis fills Malcolm in on her plans to go ahead with the in vitro without telling Jack. Malcolm is afraid shell get in trouble again, but Phyllis refuses to listen to reason. Olivia examines Victoria and decides she is too ill to take the trip to Africa. Neil and Victoria wonder who should go instead. Malcolm and Alex are waiting for Victoria in the Newman jet when Neil arrives. Diane is positive Nikki is up to something, and believes Jack knows what it is. She expresses her fears to Michael that if the father of her son starts to assert his rights, then shell lose her baby. Michael urges her to forget about all of this and return to Milan. Phyllis runs into Diane at Michaels office and remarks that the wedding gift was a desperate attempt to reach out to Jack. Jack confides in Nikki that he wishes Phyllis had never opened the door to having children again. Nikki reveals to a stunned Jack that Dianes baby is his son.
Ep. #7307 29x211
Diane asks Jack to help her get to the bottom of Nikkis scheme, for her sons sake. Jack assures Diane that she has nothing to worry about where Nikki is concerned. Furious, Diane storms out. Ashley and Nikki feel bad that Jack wont have a child of his own. Ashley knows Jack has always wanted his own child, but he doesnt want to risk losing Phyllis. Phyllis confides in Malcolm about her hormone therapy. She remarks that if Jack wont listen to her, then she will do it on her own. Neil tells Olivia that hes on the road to recovery, and apologizes for messing up their relationship. Nick explains to Victoria that they have split up their shifts at the coffeehouse. Nick figures that Sharon is trying to divvy up all of their property before filing for divorce. Victoria admits that things are getting out of hand, and that she plans to talk to Sharon before she leaves for Africa. Diego reminds Sharon that the coffeehouse is a symbol of how much she and Nick love each other. Neil notices that Victoria isnt feeling well, and suggests she see Olivia before she leaves for the airport. Rianna tells Brittany that she may give J.T. another try. Brittany reveals that J.T. has been itching to break up with her since they first started sleeping together. Rianna doesnt want to hear anymore, but Brittany continues to point out that J.T. secretly worships Mac.
Ep. #7306 29x210
The tension is thick at the coffeehouse between Nick and Sharon. They compromise on splitting their shifts there, so they wont have to deal with each other. Diane threatens to file a lawsuit against the lab for not running a DNA test on Victors sample. Michael warns that the sample is stolen property and she could end up going to jail. He cautions her that she may be opening herself up to more problems by pursuing this, but Diane decides to pay Jack a visit to see if he knows what Nikki is up to. Phyllis wants Ashley to intercede on her behalf to convince Jack that a baby is okay. Ashley believes this issue should stay between Phyllis and Jack. Jack blasts Jill for taunting him about Phyllis. Jill apologizes when she learns that Phyllis almost died. Neil and Olivia discuss his drinking problem, and shes glad that he is now in counseling. Olivia is surprised to hear that Alex is joining Malcolm on the Brash & Sassy/Africa trip, and Neil admits he couldnt handle going with the two lovebirds there. Alex is ecstatic about the safari, but wishes they could have done things more traditionally. Malcolm promises a conventional wedding for their first anniversary. Victor thinks that Neil should go to Africa instead of Victoria, but she insists on supervising the trip since it was Ryans idea. After Victor leaves, Victoria looks terribly nauseated, covers her mouth, and runs for the ladies room.
Ep. #7305 29x209
Ashley warns Diane that whatever she has up her sleeve better have nothing to do with the Abbotts. Once Ashley exits, Diane decides to go to the lab and find out the paternity of her son. Phyllis admits her frustration with Jacks willingness to give up so easily on having a child. She promises to notify him about any side effects, but Jack refuses to support her decision because he thinks the procedure is too risky. After Jack leaves, Phyllis calls Ashley and thinks Ashley may be able to help her. Victor prepares breakfast for Nikki, and asks if she regrets having spent the night. She acknowledges that everything is fabulous for the moment, but that she is hesitant to listen to her heart and fall under his spell again. Victor suggests that they live in the moment, and they share a passionate kiss. Victoria goes to the ranch to try and talk some sense into Sharon, but Cassie and Noah are around and she decides not to interfere. Sharon heads to the coffeehouse, and is surprised that Diego took the waiter position. Nick shows up, and tells Sharon that there is no way he is turning over his coffeehouse for her to run. Diego suspects that Brittany may be the cause for Rauls academic and social decline. Brittany admits that she feels a little guilty about encouraging Raul to skip class, but she definitely likes his new bad boy image. Billy promises never to push Mac about sex, and all that really matters is that they are in love. They share an awkward hug.
Ep. #7304 29x208
Mac assures Amanda that Billy understands she isnt ready to have sex, and is happy the way things are. Amanda tells Mac that the first time is always very special, and Rianna learned the hard way that boys and girls see sex differently. Later, Billy tells Mac that he wants to reopen the discussion of sex. Taken aback, Mac gets defensive and decides to head home. Diego notices a tense exchange between Billy and Brittany and realizes shes his ex. Diego tells Brittany that he got a job at the coffeehouse, so he can stay in town and help Raul get straightened out. Larry approaches Sean about meeting with Amanda about a job. Jill is upset that Sean would give Larry the time of day, considering hes an ex-convict. Sean tells her that Larry has changed his life, and she shouldnt be so judgmental. Amanda thanks Larry for all that he has done for her, filling him in on the job at Macs school. She also reveals that she and Mac had a good talk. After hearing that Malcolm turned down the opportunity to do a shoot in Kenya, Alex suggests that they postpone the wedding so he can do it. Malcolm has a better idea. He calls Victoria and agrees to do the Brash and Sassy job - if he can bring Alex and make it an early honeymoon. Victoria informs Neil that Malcolm will do the shoot, and shell go along to supervise. Neil is tempted to take a drink, but shrugs it off. Victor admits to Nikki that he believes their divorce may be responsible for some of the turmoil Victoria and Nick are going through. Victor also regrets that he didnt fully appreciate every moment he spent with Nikki, and then kisses her.
Ep. #7303 29x207
Isabella tells Paul that its best if she goes so everyone can get on with their lives. Lauren insists that Isabella come clean with Paul, and leaves. Paul realizes the baby is his, and thats the secret she has been keeping from him. Isabella makes it clear that she will raise the child, since Paul is not interested in being with her. She also knows Michael will be furious with her. Paul asks if she cares about what is best for the child, but she maintains that Paul stay out of her life. Lauren confides in Kay that she handled things poorly with Paul. Jill is flattered that Sean used her image for the new web campaign, but wants him to find someone else. Later, Jill is furious when she discovers that Sean has been discussing her with Larry. Malcolm tells Olivia that he and Alex are getting married in February. Olivia is glad that Alex took her advice to do something to solidify her relationship with Malcolm. Victoria urges Neil to go with Malcolm to Kenya and shoot Ryans Brash and Sassy/Survivor campaign. When Victoria calls Malcolm about the Kenya shoot, he turns it down since he and Alex are getting married. Larry is happy to hear that Amanda is staying in town, and offers to talk to personnel at Jabot for her. Amanda also inquires about a lunch aide position at Macs school so she can spend more time with her. Mac is upset that she gave J.T. the benefit of the doubt, and feels responsible for J.T. and Rianna breaking up. Billy reveals to Diego that he and Mac arent sleeping together, and hes starting to get impatient.
Ep. #7302 29x206
Nick and Sharon tell Cassie that they are disagreeing about something, and that they need to have space before they can settle it. Cassie is upset that their problems could possibly be stronger than their love, and wants to know why Sharon is being so hard on Nick. Victor is grateful that his children never used drugs, and he believes Ashley is up to the challenge of helping Colleen through her problems. Troy blows off Colleen when he hears shes related to Billy. Mac asks Colleen if Troy was hassling her. She warns Colleen that hes trouble, and she should stay away from him. Later, Colleen approaches Troy again and tells him that she really needs something to mellow her out. Malcolm and Alex book a date for their wedding in Hawaii. Victoria is stunned when the realtor who had been handling her and Ryans dream house arrives to discuss the deal. Victoria informs him Ryan has died, but is torn when he reveals another family is interested in purchasing the property. Neil sees how upset she is and apologizes for being hard on her. Victoria thinks Neil needs more help than she does, and the situation with Malcolm will not go away by itself. Isabella informs Michael that shes leaving town, and starting her life over. Surprised at the timing, Michael believes shes making a big mistake, but Isabella insists its the right decision. Lauren brings Paul to Isabellas so that he may find out the truth. Paul presses Lauren to tell him what she thinks he needs to know when Isabella suddenly walks in.
Ep. #7301 29x205
Sharon tells Nick that she still loves him and wants to work through their problem, but he needs to first understand what she is feeling. Nick feels betrayed and doesnt want to be blamed for the death of their child anymore. Cassie enters, feeling better that Nick is home and their family is back to the way it should be. Victor confides in Ashley that he and his family have been going through a very difficult time since November. Mary wants to know if Pauls relationship with Lauren is serious. Paul admits its keeping him sane. Isabella asks Lauren why she would ruin her chances with Paul by telling him the truth about the paternity of her baby. Lauren doesnt want to start a relationship with Paul that is based on a lie. Rianna realizes J.T. wants to break up, and confronts him. She wants to know how long hes felt this way. J.T. tries to gently explain theyre too young for a serious relationship, but Rianna storms off. Mac discusses the situation with Brittany, who accuses Mac of loving the fact that J.T. is still hung up on her. John and Brad continue to debate on how to deal with Colleen. Billy supervises Colleen at school, and warns her about Troy because hes into drugs. Later, Colleen asks Troy if he can get her some marijuana.
Ep. #7300 29x204
Jack is shocked that Phyllis wants to try the in-vitro again. Phyllis tries to convince Jack that she will be more careful next time, and that the doctor will be watching her more closely. Jack is convinced there shouldnt be a next time because hes not willing to risk losing her. Ashley tells Brad that Phyllis almost died, but is expected to make a full recovery. Brad fills Ashley in on Dianes visit, and Ashley wants to know if shes going to give Jack anymore trouble. Brad assures her that Jack is the furthest thing from her mind. Diane is worried that Nikki will use the paternity information against her, and wants Michaels help to stop her. Michael isnt sure Dianes theory is right, but Diane insists that she needs to find out who the father of her child is. Victoria is angered by the news that Sharon has accused Nick of murdering their child. She wants to go to the ranch to talk some sense into Sharon, but Nikki persuades her not to disturb them. Sharon tells Nick that its hard for her to tell whether or not they can get back together because hes giving her ultimatums. Nick cant see how they can get back together if Sharon still believes that he killed their baby. Brittany tells Raul that J.T. really isnt interested in Rianna, but he wont dump her because it would look bad in Macs eyes. Raul shares Brittanys theory with Mac. Mac goes to Rianna, who demands to know who is spreading rumors about her and J.T. Diego turns to Bill for help in reaching out to Raul. Billy admits it wont be easy, but thinks its cool that Diegos sticking around to help Raul. Diego hopes to get Raul back on the right track, and applies for a job at the coffeehouse.
Ep. #7299 29x203
Jack is relieved that the lab results came back okay, and that Phyllis should be able to go home tomorrow. When Phyllis wakes up, Jack chastises her for keeping her complications a secret from him. Phyllis admits that she was having some problems, but had no idea that her life was in jeopardy. She apologizes, admitting shes just not used to having someone love her. Brad tells Diane that she is letting her imagination get the best of her by jumping to conclusions about Nikkis intentions. Diane says that the only way she can put this haunting situation to rest is to discover the identity of her childs father. Sharon puts Cassie and Noah to bed when Nick arrives. Hes only there to pick up a few things, but Sharon asks him to stay and talk. They discuss how the kids sense the tension between them, and agree to explain the situation to Cassie. Brittany sarcastically remarks that J.T. has finally gotten himself into a mess because Mac is now somewhat aware of his sleaziness. J.T. contemplates a way to get Rianna to break up with him so that he doesnt look like the bad guy in Macs eyes. J.T. tries to convince Brittany to help him get Raul and Rianna back together, but Brittany would rather watch him sweat it out. Diego returns, wanting to help Raul regain his happiness. Raul doesnt need Diegos help, or any guilt trips, and tells him to leave. While dancing at Ginas, Paul and Lauren bump into Michael and Isabella. Paul gets upset and storms out, followed by Lauren. Isabella assures Michael that shes over Paul. However, Lauren notes that Paul still has strong feelings for Isabella.
Ep. #7298 29x202
Jill didnt mean for Sean to feel rejected when she turned down his marriage proposal, and instead, asks him to move in with her. At first, Sean is hesitant because Billy may have a problem with it, but Jill assures him that Billy with accept it. Jill describes all the places that they could have to themselves, and they melt into a passionate kiss. Paul arrives at Laurens hotel suite to try and convince her once again that hes over Isabella. Lauren tries to resist Pauls notorious charm, but gives in to a kiss. He whisks her off to Ginas for dancing. As Isabella waits to see Michael, she tells herself that she wishes she told Paul the truth. Michael offers to go with Isabella to shop for a car seat, and buys her dinner at Ginas. In her efforts to find out what Nikkis up to, Diane asks Brad for his opinion. Brad says that Nikki probably feels bad that Dianes son will never know his father. Diane thinks that could be it, and that Nikki knows who the father of her child is. Jack is at Phyllis bedside, telling her to relax and that everything is perfect because he is with her. Ashley arrives, and Jack explains that they have been attempting in-vitro fertilization and how badly Phyllis wanted to give him a baby. Dr. Walker returns, and tells them the lab results have come back. Victor is glad Neil saved the business deal, but he is disappointed by Neils uncontrollable drinking habit. Neil insists its not a problem, but agrees to get help in order to keep his job. Victoria is shocked when Olivia isnt surprised to hear about Neils drinking. Olivia doesnt want to speculate whats going on with Neil, but Victoria asks if this has anything to do with Alex. Olivia explains that Neil doesnt want to be reached, and the only person that is going to be able to help him is Neil.
Ep. #7297 29x201
Dr. Graziano tells Jack that Phyllis is experiencing complications because of the hormones that shes been taking. He further explains this is a common side effect of the hormones, and that it was all explained to Phyllis. Jack says she never mentioned it, and hes worried because of the seriousness of her condition. Nikki expresses her fears to Kay about Diane coming back to town and learning their secret. Kay assures Nikki that she can hold her own against Diane anytime. Michael questions Dianes motives, assuming shes still in love with Jack. Diane insists it has nothing to do with Jack, and that she will find out the truth about Nikkis agenda. Victoria tells Victor that their business deal may be dead because Neil blew it by drinking. Neil apologizes to Mr. Grant about his behavior during the meeting, and asks him to reconsider. Victor calls Neil on his cell phone, wanting to see him immediately. Alex assures Malcolm she has no ulterior motives about setting a wedding date. Malcolm is convinced, and they decide on February to elope in Hawaii. Ashley asks Brad if he wants Colleen to live with them instead of John. Colleen bursts in and exclaims that she would rather go to boarding school than to live with them. Ashley warns Colleen that shes still on probation, and the wrong attitude will get her nowhere. Brad commends Ashleys handling of the situation. Sean talks to Larry about his deep infatuation with Jill. Jill enters, and tells Sean that she has an offer she hopes he cant refuse.
Ep. #7296 29x200
Diane wants to know why Nikki is so suddenly concerned about her son. She tells Nikki that she has moved her son and nanny to Genoa City and is planning to stay there until she gets to the bottom of Nikkis scheme. Victoria realizes Neils drinking caused them to lose another business deal. Neil accuses her of being way out of line, and interfering. Victoria asks Neil to confide in her because she senses his behavior change isnt entirely due to Ryans death, but he refuses. Olivia warns Alex that she isnt convinced Malcolms suspicions have completely gone away. Alex arrives at Malcolms studio, and showers him with love and affection. Malcolm is pleased by her sudden change of behavior, and Alex suggests that they set a wedding date right away. John tells Ashley that Brad isnt happy with Tracis decision to let Colleen stay with John. Brad believes Colleen needs more of a disciplined environment, and is frustrated that he has no custodial rights. Brock supports Macs decision to have Amanda stay in town. As Brock prepares to leave town for long-term business, he asks Kay to keep an eye on Mac and Amanda. Mac goes to the shelter to tell Amanda that shes comfortable with her staying in town. Amanda is overwhelmed with joy, and asks Ned to help her find a job. Amanda places a phone call to a job listing, but the call is abruptly disconnected. On the other end of the line, a mysterious man uses caller ID to jot down the number. Jack confesses his disappointment that Phyllis changed the hormone therapy behind his back. Phyllis admits that she didnt want to worry him, but later she collapses in Jacks arms.
Ep. #7295 29x199
Alex tries to thank Neil for not telling Malcolm the truth, but he gives her the boot, adding that he wont be at their wedding. Alex comments hes spiteful and leaves. Neil pours himself a drink, and heads into a meeting. Neils attitude throws Edmund and he reconsiders doing business with Newman Enterprises. Victoria expresses her concern about Neils drinking to Malcolm. Malcolm doesnt want to get into it, and refuses Victorias help. Both Amanda and Brock admit that they were surprised to see each other. Amanda hopes to convince Brock that she regrets what happened, and assures him that she has broken all ties with her husband. When Mac enters, Brock asks her if she wants Amanda to stay in town. He is worried about the situation being overwhelming for Mac, and considers what is best for her. Ashley is worried about what Colleen is going through, and wonders how Abby will turn out when shes Colleens age. Brad assures her that the best way to get through whatever life throws at them is to remain a solid couple. Brad and John dont agree on what approach to take with Colleen. Brad believes that Colleen should be taught that actions have consequences, but John believes that they can do this with love and support. Phyllis tells Michael about her in-vitro treatments, and that if all goes well with the procedure, shell be pregnant. She also asks him about the extra wedding gift, which Michael admits was from Diane. Michael advises Phyllis not to worry about Diane, and to concentrate on her future. Nikki reveals to Jack that Nick and Sharon have separated. Jack apologizes for getting on her case about the paternity of Dianes child, but he still believes the father should be told. After Jack exits, Nikki is startled to find Diane snooping around Jabot. Diane announces that she came back to find out what Nikkis agenda was in coming to see her in Milan.
Ep. #7294 29x198
Nick tells Victor and Nikki that he and Sharon talked, but theyre at an impasse. Nick asks Victor if he can move in with him for a while. Nikki urges Nick to keep trying to communicate with Sharon, but Nick refuses to accept responsibility for their baby dying. Later, Nikki confesses to Victor how upset she is since just weeks ago both of her children were living happy lives, and now everything has taken a turn for the worse. Victor embraces her. As Cassie and Noah get ready for bed, Sharon informs Victoria that Nick moved out indefinitely. Although Sharon asks her to stay out of it, Victoria insists that she has been through too much and urges Sharon not to throw away what she and Nick have together. Brock is shocked to see Amanda in his mothers house, and is disappointed that Mac didnt tell him that Amanda was in town. Brock confronts Amanda about never telling him that he had a daughter. Amanda leaves, shaken up by the encounter. Brock asks Mac to tell him what really happened in St. Louis. Mac really doesnt want to discuss the matter, but realizes that her father deserves to know. After hearing Macs story, Brock blames Amanda for neglecting her. Amanda confides in Larry her fears that Brocks return to Genoa City may keep her from rebuilding a relationship with Mac. Ashley informs Brad that Traci decided to let Colleen stay in Genoa City. Once again, Brad is distressed by being left in the dark about his daughters life. Diego and Brittany are shocked by Rauls lack of enthusiasm about going to college. Diego encourages Raul not repeat the mistakes he has made. Raul declares that hes tired of shouldering his familys expectations and storms off. Diego reconsiders his decision to leave Genoa City.
Ep. #7293 29x197
Nikki and Victor discuss the situation between Nick and Sharon. Victor feels Sharons behavior towards Nick is inexcusable. Nikki hopes that if she and Victor could get them together, maybe theyll finally communicate. Sharon tells Nick that she is willing to work things out, but she doesnt have much hope. Nick is angry that Sharon wont take back her accusation that he killed their baby. Sharon thinks that demands are no way to start communicating. Nick doesnt want the kids to know they are having problems. Sharon doesnt back down, and cant believe that he still doesnt understand how she feels. Michael and Isabella finish having dinner, and Michael reveals that Paul came to his office to warn him about taking care of the baby. Michael comments Isabella must be thrilled to know Paul is still looking out for her. Lauren wants to talk about Isabella, but Paul doesnt. Lauren thinks Paul and Isabella have issues to resolve. She leaves, telling Paul that they shouldnt see each other until hes talked to Isabella. Diego urges Brittany to help Raul with his college essay before he misses the deadline. Brittany meets Raul at school, and notices that he is distracted by J.T. and Rianna. Raul is surprised that his brother spoke with Brittany and asked for her help, since he assumed she was a princess. Brittany reads his revised essay, and comments that its worse than the first one. As Brittany confronts Diego for calling her a princess, Raul enters and announces that he mailed his college applications. Billy arrives at Macs for dinner, and is surprised to see Amanda there. Billy and Kay discuss Macs relationship with her mom, and both agree that they hope it works out. Mac wonders how different life would be if Amanda never left her and Brock. Just as Amanda is about to go, everyone is stunned by Brocks sudden arrival.
Ep. #7292 29x196
Nick explains to Victor why Sharon blames him for their babys death. Victor thinks that Nick has every right to be upset, but he needs to remember that they love each other. Nikki feels that Sharon shouldnt blame Nick for what happened, and that she should move on and fix things with Nick. Sharon assures Nikki that she loves the life that she and Nick have together, but she has nothing more to say to him. At Nicks office, Nick asks Sharon if shes willing to try and work through things. Sharon admits that she is, but that there isnt much that he could say to change her mind about what happened. Mac invites Amanda over for dinner. Mac shows Amanda her bedroom, and Amanda is touched when she sees the music box that she gave Mac for her birthday. Amanda thanks Kay for all that she has done for Mac. Brittany reads Rauls college essay, and tells him that its scattered and unfocused. As Brittany gives advice to Raul, Diego shows up and tells Raul hes leaving town. Raul cant believe that hes leaving. As Raul starts to open up to Diego about his feelings, his mother shows up and starts arguing with Diego. Raul leaves, and tells Brittany that he cant revise his college essay because there are too many distractions. Lauren visits Paul, and reveals she warned Isabella that Michael was a snake. Although Lauren believes Michael wont take advantage of Isabella, she knows that Isabella has stars in her eyes for him. Paul and Lauren decide to stay in for a romantic evening. Paul kisses Lauren in an attempt to make himself smile. Michael visits Isabella, and gives her a present for the baby. Isabella thinks it was very thoughtful of Michael, and invites him to stay for dinner.
Ep. #7291 29x195
John and Traci discuss the possibility of Colleen staying in Genoa City. He assures Traci that he will keep close supervision over Colleen. Billy offers to watch out for Colleen at school. Although Colleen cant believe shes going to be under a microscope every minute of the day, she agrees to stay. Traci has to leave to catch her flight, and John tells her not to worry. Ashley discusses Colleens situation with Olivia, and believes that Traci is doing the right thing. Jack notices Phyllis is a bit tired and worn out. Phyllis denies anything is troubling her, claiming she just missed his company. Victor informs Nick that Nikki is back in town and would like to get together for a family party since she missed Christmas. Nick breaks down and tells Victor that Sharon accused him of killing their child. Sharon tells Nikki that the situation with Nick is hopeless and his fault. Alex tells Michael about her miserable holiday, and that any feelings she had for Neil are long gone. Malcolm approaches Neil at the coffeehouse, and asks if Alex was in love with him. Neil denies that Alex returned any feelings of attraction. Malcolm returns to Alex, and tells her that hes going to let all of this go and ask for her forgiveness. Alex says there is nothing to forgive, and they both pledge their love to each other.
Ep. #7290 29x194
Jack suspects that Nikki is withholding pertinent information about the father of Dianes baby. Jack says if he was the father, he would want to be told. He secretly admits to Nikki that he and Phyllis are starting hormone therapy for in-vitro fertilization. Nikki is thrilled for him, and advises him to focus on Phyllis and not the Diane situation. Dr. Graziano examines Phyllis, and recommends that she lower her hormone dosage. Phyllis resists at first, but agrees to - without telling Jack. Jill tells Sean that she is not ready to accept his marriage proposal. Despite her proclamation of love for him, Sean doesnt understand why Jill turned him down. Jill stands firmly on her decision, and asks Sean if his feelings about her have changed. Sean exits without answering the question. Alex blames Neil for the mess that her relationship with Malcolm is in. Neil is upset that Alex is making it seem like he created this situation by himself, as if she had no role in it. Malcolm asks Olivia if she thinks Neil was telling the truth about her and Alex. Malcolm is sure he would have sensed something if that were the case. Brad reminds Ashley that it is ultimately Steve and Tracis decision to send Colleen to boarding school, so they should support it and hope that it is the right one. John and Billy attempt to break through to Colleen. They also try to convince Traci to let her stay in Genoa City, but Colleen packs her bags and is ready to leave.
Ep. #7289 29x193
Jack is optimistic about the in-vitro fertilization, and tells Phyllis that he will meet her at the clinic for the treatment. Phyllis says she will be fine on her own, but Jack insists they be there for each other. Nikki tells Kay about her encounter with Diane, and how Dianes son seems happy and healthy. Nikki doesnt want to tell Jack because he is happy right now, but Kay feels that Jack needs to know everything so he can decide what to do. Later, Nikki is congratulating Jack on his marriage when he asks about Diane. Nikki tells Jack that she did find out who the father of Dianes baby is, but she dodges the specifics. Phyllis feels something is not right, and calls the doctor to bump up her appointment. John tells Brad and Ashley that he thinks hes getting through to Colleen. Brad believes the only way for Colleen to change is to go to boarding school. Traci arrives and asks her fathers advice on what to do with Colleen. Traci feels boarding school is the only solution right now. Victor commends Neil on the great job he did on the report, and finds it hard to believe that Neil could accomplish that much and still spend time with his family. Victor reminds Neil that he is his right hand man as well as his friend, and his door is always open if he wants to talk. Malcolm isnt sure he can forgive Neil for lying to him, and doesnt think they can be friends again. Alex visits Neil and asks him to tell Malcolm she doesnt have feelings for Neil. Jill kisses Sean and thanks him for an incredible holiday. Sean has another surprise in store for Jill, and gets down on his knee to propose to her. Jill says no.
Ep. #7288 29x192
Phyllis and Jack are enjoying themselves on their honeymoon. They open their gifts, and get ready for their New Years dinner. They are stumped when they open the champagne flutes, which have no card. Phyllis calls Fenmores and discovers Michael purchased them. This strikes them as odd, since he has already sent a gift with a card. Later, as Jack waits for Phyllis downstairs, Phyllis has a dizzy spell and catches herself from falling. Sean and Jill return from their trip from San Francisco, and get ready for an evening at the opera. They are both happy there is no more confusion about their relationship, and they make a toast to fate and destiny. Amanda is touched that Mac remembers the music box. Amanda thanks Warton for telling her to give the gift to Mac, and wants to celebrate. Diane wonders what Nikki was really after, and places a call to inquire about flights to Genoa City. While at Ginas, Brad expresses to Ashley that he isnt sure if leaving Colleen with Abby is a good idea. Ashley says that by letting Colleen baby-sit Abby, they are showing a little faith in her. They return home to find Colleen playing with Abby. Brad and Ashley are sad that they couldnt reach Colleen sooner before she leaves for boarding school. Nikki surprises Victor by showing up at the ranch. Nikki offers to make dinner, complimenting Victor for the wonderful time the family had on their trip around the world.
Ep. #7287 29x191
Ep. #7286 29x190
Nick reacts negatively to Sharon withholding the paternity test information, and wishes he had never requested a test in the first place. He wants Sharon to let it go, but Sharon sadly admits that she may never be able to. Kay gives Victor a Christmas gift when Nikki calls from an air-phone. She tells Victor she has extended her travel plans, and to give her love to the family. Kay secretly has an inclination that the business that Nikki is handling is regarding Diane. Nikki surprises Diane in Milan. Diane accuses her of coming to start some trouble. Nikki denies this, and acknowledges the guilt she feels about the role she played in Dianes pregnancy. Phyllis serves Jack breakfast in bed, and they spend the rest of the morning making love. Mac and Amanda have a productive, yet awkward conversation. Mac opens up a little about her personal life, and she agrees to speak with Amanda again. Billy tells Ashley that he sees similarities between the situation with Colleen and her parents, and Mac and Amandas relationship. Paul accuses Michael of taking advantage of Isabella during a vulnerable time in her life. Lauren confronts Isabella about playing games and lying about Michael being the father of her baby. Isabella confesses that Paul is the father of her unborn child, but insists that having Michael act as the father is a means to an end since Paul does not love her. Lauren warns that her actions will come back to haunt her. Isabella trusts that nothing from their conversation will be mentioned to Paul.
Ep. #7285 29x189
Lauren is shocked that Isabella told Paul shes pregnant with Michaels baby. Paul is very upset over the situation, and decides he cant talk to Isabella. Michael argues with Isabella, since she told Paul about her pregnancy. Isabella reminds Michael of everything that he went through to break up Christine and Pauls marriage. Both Michael and Isabella are concerned about the outcome, and frustrated with the current circumstances. Paul shows up at Michaels office, demanding to speak to Michael. Mamie arrives at Malcolms with Christmas gifts, but Malcolm doesnt seem to be in the holiday spirit. While Alex is in the other room, Malcolm tries to explain his suspicions over Alex buying him such an extravagant gift. Mamie tells Malcolm not to worry, and he suggests to Alex they take a joy ride in his dream car. Amanda tells Warton it was nice of him to help out at the shelter. She explains the complicated situation with Mac. Warton is sympathetic, and wishes her good luck. Kay talks to Mac about her upcoming birthday celebration, and asks about her past memories of her and Amanda. Mac opens up a little, and decides to meet Amanda at the coffeehouse. Mac and Amanda share small talk about how Christmas is about family and enjoying yourself with others. Victor and the family return from their Christmas trip. Sharon takes the children to see Doris. Doris advises Sharon to talk to Nick regardless of how she is feeling. Nick is adamant about Sharon telling him exactly what is going on with her. At a loss for words, Sharon pulls out the paternity test results and gives them to Nick. She tells him that the baby was theirs.
Ep. #7284 29x188
The minister begins the wedding ceremony, announcing that Jack and Phyllis have prepared their own vows. As Phyllis and Jack individually recite their heartfelt vows, Brad notices Colleen. He motions that she come down and join the ceremony. The minister pronounces Jack and Phyllis man and wife, and Billy leads a toast to them. John realizes that its time for the traditional family reading of a Christmas story. Colleen is moved during the reading. Victor and the family leave Samoa and head to Russia on the Newman jet. Touched by Cassie and Noahs behavior, Victoria comments on how children always remind people what the holidays are really about. Nick confides in Victoria his frustration about his marriage. He is concerned because things between them were starting to improve, but now that has stopped. Nick asks Sharon whats wrong, but she insists this is not the right time to discuss it. Malcolm tells Olivia Neil is no longer welcome at his house on Christmas. Neil is in denial about his feelings toward Alex. He turns down a dinner invitation by Olivia, and reaches for a drink of scotch. Alex surprises Malcolm with car keys to a special edition red sports car that he had been drooling over. Isabella tells Paul that she is pregnant and that Michael Baldwin is the father. Paul is concerned and asks if she and Michael plan to wed. Isabella says they are no longer involved, but that Michael is supporting her. Lauren is curious about what Isabella said, but Paul would rather not discuss it.
Ep. #7283 29x187
In hopes of spreading Christmas cheer, Victor surprises the family with a trip around the world. Victor and the family make their first stop in Guadalajara, Mexico. Victor introduces some old friends, Fernando and Esperanza, who give food and gifts to the children. The Mexican couple then sings a traditional song with the Newmans. Casey and Noah are thrilled, but Sharon still hides the pain of losing her baby and seeing the DNA results. Michael tells Isabella to stop hiding her feelings for Paul, and tell him that the baby is his. Marissa, Lynne, Paul, and Lauren join Mary for Christmas Mass. Mary spots Isabella at the church, and mentions to Paul that she thinks Isabella is pregnant. Raul is not sure whether he wants to give the sweater that Brittany stole for him to his mom for Christmas. Diego is surprised that Raul is friends with a girl like Brittany. He wonders why a straight A student would not finish his college applications, or talk to a person he would not have talked to previously. Raul avoids Diegos questions by going to ask Brittany out to the movies. Ashley offers to help Phyllis get ready for the wedding ceremony. Jack comments that he is a nervous wreck, but Phyllis is cool as a cucumber. Billy greets Kay and Mac, and informs them Colleen is back in town. Brad and John discuss Colleen, and John suggests that they just leave her alone for now. Jack nervously awaits Phyllis, as Ashley takes her place as matron of honor. As the music hits full stride, Phyllis appears.
Ep. #7282 29x186
Rianna gives J.T. his Christmas gift, and reminds him that he will be spending Christmas day with her and her family. J.T. tries to decline, but Rianna presses the issue, kisses him, and exits. Brittany taunts J.T. that hes going to hang himself when everyone finds out that he has messed up Rianna again. J.T. explains to Brittany that he was going to break it off with Rianna before they slept together, but didnt. Raul tells Diego that he broke up with Rianna. Diego explains that the girl he was with didnt like what he was doing with his life, so they broke up. Raul reveals to Diego that he has a new girlfriend. Also, Raul suggests that Diego stay in town, but Diego has other plans. Mac considers inviting Amanda to Christmas dinner, but wonders if it will send the wrong message. Larry offers to volunteer at the shelter with Amanda on Christmas Day. Brad and Ashley stop by the Abbot house, and Jack explains what happened with Colleen. Brad is furious with Colleen, and gives her the third degree. Ashley assures Brad that Colleen is still the same girl she once was under all the teen angst. Diane calls Michael and asks him to send Jack and Phyllis a wedding present from her, but anonymously. Phyllis stops Jack from flirting with her, because she has a million things to get done before the wedding day. Nick is worried that if he and Sharon cannot pull themselves together over Christmas, they might never be able to. Sharon opens the letter with the lab results and begins to cry.
Ep. #7281 29x185
Victor informs Victoria that Nikki will not be home for Christmas. He also tells her that he is frustrated with Neil falling short of his responsibilities at Newman. Neil, hung over from last night, runs into Malcolm and Nate at Ginas. Malcolm tells Nate that Neil isnt going to be spending Christmas with them. Nate is very disappointed. Victoria tells Neil that she returned to work much too soon and that she is going to take some more time off. She also mentions that Victor told her about the deal that Neil dropped. After lashing out at Victoria, Neil insists that he can handle himself. Diego tells Sharon and Nick about his homecoming. He is glad to be home, but resents how his parents are treating him. After Nick exits, Sharon receives a letter from the lab indicating the DNA results. Nick tells Victor that he is willing to buy Sharon an extravagant Christmas present to make things right. Billy wonders why Mac hasnt bought a Christmas gift for Amanda. Mac admits that with her mother in town, too many memories have come to mind about her childhood. Billy gives Mac one of her Christmas presents, a picture of them framed the prom. Amanda expresses to Larry that her purpose for being in town is to patch things up with Mac. She knows that if she and Mac can re-establish a relationship, it would be the best Christmas present that she could ever have. Brad is adamant about getting to the bottom of whatever is going on with Colleen no matter what it takes. John arrives home with Colleen and tells Jack and Phyllis everything that has happened. Phyllis comments to Colleen about messing up, but assures her that her family cares about her very much.
Ep. #7280 29x184
Isabella coldly explains to Paul that her trip is strictly business, and any association they have no longer exists. Paul returns to the office, and mentions to Lynne that he ran into Isabella and she wasnt in town to see him. Lauren questions Isabella about her meeting with Paul. She wants Isabella to tell Paul the truth about her baby because she is remaining in town. However, Isabella wants Lauren to make Paul forget about her and Christine. Lauren goes to Paul to console him, but Paul just wants to be alone. Nikki is discussing holiday plans with Victor and the family when she gets a call about her sister Casey Reed. Nikki explains that Casey has been in a skiing accident and that she needs to fly to Vail immediately to be with her. Everyone is disappointed Nikki has to leave right around Christmas, and Victor thinks about how he can lift everyones spirits. Raul introduces Diego to Billy and Mac. He was disappointed Diego didnt make it home for Thanksgiving, but is glad hes back in town for the holidays. Diego asks Raul for fifty bucks to cover Christmas presents, and assures him that hell pay him back. Alex arrives at Neils office angry because Neil confessed to Malcolm that they had feelings for one another. Neil admits he had been drinking. Alex reminds him that she is engaged to Malcolm and that whatever they had is over. Alex exits, and Neil pours himself a drink. Olivia admits to Malcolm that she had suspicions about Neil and Alex. She wonders whether Alex has been totally honest with Malcolm. Malcolm still thinks it is his brother with the feelings, not Alex.
Ep. #7279 29x183
Nikki confides in Kay that Jack is the father of Dianes baby. Nikki admits she managed to forget about the sperm swap, but when Diane showed up in town without the child, Nikki couldnt help wondering if the baby is being neglected. Nikki decides that its best to let Jack know that he is the father since he wants children so much even though shes concerned about the timing of this revelation. Kay advises Nikki to investigate the life of the little boy before telling Jack that he is the father. Nikki agrees, and tries to think of a way to get vital information from Diane. Phyllis concedes to Jack that their love is not about children, but it would be the icing on the cake. Phyllis opens up a gift from Jack to find sexy lingerie. Jack also surprises Phyllis with the itinerary for their honeymoon. Hes touched when Phyllis asks Jack if hed rather spend the holidays with his family. Neil misses an important business deal and admits to Victor that he made a mistake. He assures Victor that he has everything under control, but Victor advises him to take some time off. Malcolm tells Alex that Neil said they have feelings for each other, and wants to know if thats why Alex turned down the job at Newman. Alex insists that it is not the reason. Later, she heads off to see Neil. Nick and Sharon are concerned about how hard Cassie is taking the miscarriage. Raul is upset that Billy and Mac are pressuring him to reveal his problem. He acknowledges that he fears he will die having done everything to make everyone else happy, except himself. Diego, Rauls older brother, returns to town. Raul is ecstatic to see him. Michael gives Isabella her blackmail money, and asks when shes leaving town. As Isabella is about to go, she comes face to face with Paul.
Ep. #7278 29x182
Traci and Steve tell John that Colleen had been expelled from school. Colleen admits to John that she has smoked marijuana more than once. John speaks with Traci in private, and suggests Colleen come to Genoa City for the holidays. Traci agrees, and John plans to leave with Colleen right away. Traci and Steve say goodbye to Colleen, telling her they love her very much. Malcolm feels he has the right to know whats going on between Neil and Alex. Neil describes his feelings for Alex and why he never told Malcolm before. He also tells Malcolm that his feelings for Alex were reciprocal, and that's the reason why she didn't take the job at Newman Enterprises. A stunned Malcolm goes to confront Alex. Mac tells Raul that Rianna and J.T. are getting close. Brittany comments that J.T. still likes Mac and wont do anything to look bad in her eyes. J.T. and Rianna are hanging out in his bedroom talking about their first time together. J.T. doesnt think Rianna is ready to have sex again, and feels that he pushed her into sleeping with him. However, Rianna pulls him into a kiss and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Phyllis vents to Michael about Nikki prying into her business. Phyllis doesnt want anyone knowing about her in-vitro fertilization because she doesnt want to hear everyones opinions. Jack and Nikki sneak into the records office to find the identity of the father of Dianes baby. Jack gets a call on his cell phone from Phyllis, and leaves Nikki by herself to find the records. Phyllis tells Jack that she is concerned about not being able to get pregnant, but Jack assures her he will be okay with that. Nikki enters the number of the mystery man into the computer, and is shocked when Jacks name comes up.
Ep. #7277 29x181
John arrives in New York, telling Steve and Traci that he really wants to help since the situation with Colleen is getting worse. Steve receives a call from Colleens guidance counselor who wants to meet with them immediately. Steve and Traci inform Mr. Edwards that they are aware of the problem and are taking care of it. Mr. Edwards explains that the school has a zero tolerance policy for drug use on campus. Therefore, Ricky and Colleen have been expelled. Ashley doesnt agree with Olivias advice not to let Brad reach out to Colleen. Olivia also tells Ashley that Neil is in love with another woman, but she wont blow the whistle since she still cares for Neil. Malcolm wants Neil to get his thoughts and feelings out in the open. He wants Neil to come to his house on Christmas, but he declines. Neil pours himself a drink, and tells Malcolm about the feelings he and Alex have for each other. Phyllis and Nikki discuss Diane, and what a nutcase she is. Nikki begins to ask about Phyllis and Jacks inability to have children. Phyllis speculates that Nikki knows more about her and Jacks situation. Jack notices that Jill in a great mood. Jill suggests Jack take Phyllis camping on their honeymoon. She also digs into Jack about not being able to have children with Phyllis. After Phyllis exits, Nikki enters to discuss Dianes files with Jack. Rianna agrees to meet J.T. at his house after school. Although Mac and Billy warn her, Rianna believes J.T. wont try anything. Mac is unhappy that she and Rianna dont hang out as often as they used to. Brittany comments on J.T.s game with Rianna, but he doesnt listen to her. Brittany also notices that Raul is bothered by Rianna and J.T.s growing relationship. She tries to distract him by suggesting they go Christmas shopping. Raul denies that his mind is on Rianna, but Brittany doesnt believe him.
Ep. #7276 29x180
Colleen thinks that Traci is overreacting, and calls John on the telephone. She explains to him that Traci is being unfair and that she was really looking forward to spending time with him. John decides to go to New York and handle this in person. Brad doesnt like that John is so involved, and thinks HE should be the one going to New York, but John insists that Colleen looked to her grandfather for help, not Brad. Colleen admits to Traci that she called John, undermining Tracis authority. Ashley tells Nikki that she agreed to be Phyllis matron of honor. Nikki inquires about Jack and Phyllis relationship, but Ashley tells her to stay out of it. Jack and Phyllis chat about their wedding next week, and hope everything goes as planned. Later, Phyllis discovers why Jack and Nikki are copying files from Robertson Reproductive Labs. Phyllis is shocked that Nikki was responsible for screwing over Diane, and decides to invite Nikki over for a little chat. Sean and Jill wake up from a night of lovemaking to discover that it snowed. Sean assures her that they will be able to find their way back to civilization once they warm up a bit. Olivia and Malcolm go over Nates Christmas list. Malcolm is concerned about Neil, and suggests that they all spend Christmas together. Olivia doesnt think this is a good idea, and rejects his offer. At Ginas, Alex confronts Neil on his excessive drinking habits. She thinks he should speak with a counselor, instead of camping out at the bar. Neil declares that his best friend is dead, he is in love with his brothers fiance, and there is nothing anyone can do to help him. Later, Malcolm shows up at Neil's, and Neil slams the door in his face.
Ep. #7275 29x179
Victor and Nikki discuss Victorias dream about Ryan. Nikki would like to believe it was magic, because she felt the same way when she believed Victor was dead. Victor admits that he wonders about how Nikki feels sometimes. Nikki finds this interesting because she often wonders the same thing about him. Neil and Victoria are brainstorming ideas and slogans for the Valentines Day campaign. Victoria cant help recalling the romantic moments she shared with Ryan, and decides to leave. Neil wonders what he and Victoria are going to do without Ryan. Victoria returns home upset, telling Nikki and Victor that she couldnt stop thinking about Ryan at the office. Jill wants to make a pact with Sean, that he will never underestimate her adventurous spirit and she will let him off the hook for masquerading as a mountain man. Sean agrees, and they vote to head to the sleeping bag and tear off each others clothes. Larry Warton introduces himself to Amanda, and they discuss the Abbots and Larrys job with them. Billy wants Mac to stop looking for excuses to drive her mother away. Later, Mac informs Amanda that she would like her to stay. Brad is really frustrated that he cant be in New York to help Colleen. Ashley reassures him that everything will work out. Traci reconsiders the trip to the Bahamas, but finds that Colleen isnt in her bedroom. Steve and Traci discover that Colleen is at Rickys. They are furious at Colleens behavior and tell her she is no longer allowed to see Ricky.
Ep. #7274 29x178
Nikki and Victor worry about Victoria sitting around doing nothing. Victor encourages Victoria to get back to work, and she agrees. Victoria fears she will never feel love again. Jack and Billy discuss Mac and Amanda. Billy wants Mac to give her mother a second chance, but Jack advises him to stay out of it. Mac and Ned talk about Amanda staying in town. When Ned shows her the flyer Ralph sent out, it sends shivers up Macs spine. She fears that Ralph now knows where Amanda and Mac are. Amanda and Mac have a heated exchange about the past, and wish they could change what happened. Colleen finds out about the Abbott trip to the Bahamas when John calls. Colleen and Traci argue again about Colleen lying about smoking pot, and Traci announces that their family vacation is off. Colleen accuses her mother of ruining her life. John senses there is still trouble brewing with Colleen and Traci. Sean and Jill try to master camping life but when problems ensue, Sean admits that this is his first time camping, too. Neil wants Phyllis to put in extra hours and brainstorm for new ideas for Brash and Sassy. She tells him she is not going to try to do the impossible, and he might think of getting himself a new webmaster. Neil apologizes and they reach a compromise.
Ep. #7273 29x177
Victor and Nick talk about the advisability of questioning the paternity of Sharons lost child and how it is affecting them. Victor advises his son to be patient, and that time and love will heal all wounds. Sharon and Doris discuss Sharons situation with Nick and the loss of her baby. Sharon admits she should have been more understanding of Nicks feelings. She just wants things to be as they were before. Jack and Nikki look through files, hoping to find some clue as to the father of Dianes baby. Jack tells Nikki that he and Phyllis are moving up the date of their wedding because they are madly in love. Nikki gives her blessing. Jack and Nikki discover the files that are looking for but no father is listed. Phyllis tries to get the scoop about Dianes visit from Michael. Phyllis tells Michael that she and Jack are trying to have a baby, and suggests that he should have a baby, too. Phyllis cant wait to get pregnant so she will never feel insecure again. Amanda hopes for a second chance from Mac. Mac tells Billy about her nightmare, and her fears that her mothers presence will lead her stepfather to find her. Billy assures Mac that he is there to protect her. Sean surprises Jill with tickets to San Francisco. Sean covers his disappointment when Jill tells him that in honor of Ryans fervor for adventure, she would rather go camping. Dr. Thompson gets Sharons paternity results.
Ep. #7272 29x176
Chris sees Isabella when Paul walks in. He is glad she called. She is upset because he told her Isabella was gone and in fact she is right here. He swears that he hasnt seen her since September, but Chris doesnt think she can trust him. Paul feels no need to carry this conversation on anymore and leaves. Nick and Sharon are happy to be so close to each other again but Sharon feels nothing will ever be the same again. They both wanted their lovemaking to be the same but because they are both different people, it is not. They both realize this is the first step in healing and express their love for one another. Mac has a nightmare that Ralph is molesting her. She screams and Kay comes to her. She tells Kay that she is afraid she is having these dreams and they will remain as long as Amanda is in town. Billy and Amanda talk about what happened. Amanda fears that Mac will never give her a chance to prove herself. Billy says that if what she said is true and she can convince Mac, she may give her another chance. Nikki and Jack visit the widow in the hopes of finding a clue to the identity of Dianes babys father. They are greeted by a number of boxes and get to work. Meanwhile, Ashley gives Diane a very chilly reception at Ginas. Ashley hopes Diane will stay far away from Genoa City and her family. Isabella shows Michael a document describing child support payment. Michael tells her he will agree to this if the child is his and if Isabella will have a paternity test.
Ep. #7271 29x175
Kay asks Chris about her conversation with Paul. Chris admits it did stir up old feelings. She then asks about Isabella. Kay tells her Isabella was there for Paul during the difficult times but she has since left town. Meanwhile, Paul admits to Lynne Chris visit has hit him hard. Lauren comments on how Paul and Chris were acting yesterday. Chris calls Paul and asks him if he wants to meet to talk. He agrees. Lauren wishes him good luck no matter what he decides. Malcolm and Alex are standing outside Neils apartment with breakfast in hand. Neil comes to the door unshaven. After Neil scarfs down the breakfast, Malcolms cell phone rings. He must go but asks Alex to keep Neil company until he returns. Sean and Jill are talking about Jabot and decide they should feature beautiful ethnic women in their campaign. Sean spots Isabella as an example. They approach Isabella about the possibility and she is interested. As they finish talking, Jill sees Chris and expresses her condolences for Nina and Phillip. Chris wonders who the woman they were sitting with is, and Chris is stunned to learn its Isabella! Jack comes to see how Nikki and Victoria are doing. He and Nikki discuss Diane. Nikki admits she has some misgivings about how she treated Diane. Jack says there is a long shot for him to find out who the babys father is. He asks if Nikki is interested in helping out, and she replies that she is. Nick and Sharon talk about giving each other time to heal. But they also want to be there for each other. They kiss, and things grow passionate.
Ep. #7270 29x174
Post-funeral reception is in progress. Jill asks Nick if Newman Enterprises made Alex an offer after winning her big case. Jill informs him that she is working for Michael Baldwin. Paul admits that it was painful seeing Chris again. Nikki tells Jack that she thinks Victoria is holding in her emotions because she blames herself for Ryans death. Chris thinks Victoria is lucky to have family for support. Katherine insists that Chris stay at her house. Kay invites John, Gina and Paul over following the reception in the hopes that Paul and Chris will talk. Lauren invites herself over as well. Finally alone with Chris, Paul admits he wishes he had known she had come back to work on their marriage last summer. He tells her that Isabella left town in September. Chris agrees to see Paul tomorrow before she leaves for L.A. Diane and Isabella introduce themselves as Michaels old friends. They commiserate about men. Diane asks Isabella if she is pregnant. Isabella confirms that she is. Diane says she is leaving town tomorrow but they both say they are glad they met each other. J.T. tells Rianna he got scared during their past relationship because he cared so much for her and promises he will not hurt her again. Rianna admits she is a scared, too, but says yes when J.T. asks her to be with him. Victoria is asleep. She dreams Ryan comes to her, marries her and places her wedding band on her finger. She awakens and finds the ring there. She tells Vikki that Ryan has come to her in the night. She cries in her mothers arms.
Ep. #7269 29x173
Paul and Chris break their embrace. They make small talk and compliment one another. Cassie enters with her family and runs to hug Christine. Christine gives Victoria a letter from Nina. Nick points out to Christine that Victoria is being too calm. Malcolm and Alex enter the chapel to give Neil moral support. Alex hugs Neil as Olivia watches. The music starts, everyone takes their seats and Jace reads 23rd Psalm of David. People are moved but Victoria remains dry-eyed and calm. Mary is surprised to find that Isabella never left town. Isabella asks if Paul still has feelings for her. Mary says that he does but he also has feelings for Christine who is thousands of miles away. Diane tells Michael that her return has been a fiasco. Michael reminds her of what happened before she left, so what did she expect? She only wants to be treated like a human being. Diane is not welcomed at Ryans funeral. Michael explains that Nikki hasnt gotten Victor yet, either. She has found out Jack and Phyllis are engaged. Michael confides in Diane that he has gotten a woman pregnant and is not sure what to do about it. Diane suggests he make a deal with the woman. He considers this. Diane is finishing phone call when she notices Isabella standing in the doorway. J.T. wants to be alone with Rianna. Brittany and Raul agree to go to her house to listen to music. J.T. tells Rianna that they need to get something straight between them. Victoria goes to her bedroom, takes the wedding ring from her pocket, opens a drawer, puts the ring inside and stares off.
Ep. #7268 29x172
Victoria comes downstairs, refreshed, and prepared to go to Ryans funeral service. Victor sees that Victoria is in efficient mode and tries get her to open up. He is surprised when Victoria introduces Robert Luber as the wedding videographer. Victoria says she wants to watch the wedding video. Jack tells Nikki that he bumped into Diane. Nikki says that Victor saw her as well. Rianna surprises J.T. from behind with a kiss on the neck. J.T. spots Brittany. He hurries off, but before he leaves, Rianna kisses him. Brittany asks Rianna to read two of her college esssays and give her opinion. Rianna says she should use the second essay because it is as if she didnt write it. Brittany snatches them from her and gives her attitude. Rianna turns to leave and finds Raul standing there. She greets him with a forced smile and leaves. Malcolm drops by to comfort Neil after hearing from Olivia about Ryans death. Victoria had asked him to deliver Ryans eulogy and Neil struggles with the words. Malcolm gets Neil to expound on what kind of man Neil was. After he finishes, Malcolm tells him that hes written his eulogy. Olivia tells Alex she is trying to protect her son by telling Malcolm what she knows about Alex and Neil. Alex calls Olivia a sad, pathetic, frustrated woman who needs to lash out. Alex is upset when she finds that Malcolm has invited Neil to spend some time with them at their home. Paul learns that Christine will be in town for Ryans funeral. Paul approaches Ryans casket and sees a woman kneeling next to it. He is startled when Chris stands and turns toward him with tears in her eyes. Overcome with emotion, she embraces Paul and he comforts her.
Ep. #7267 29x171
Victoria arranges the specifics for Ryans funeral. She hands Nikki the list of people to invite, and requests that Nick and Sharon handle the obituary. In lieu of flowers, Victoria asks Nikki to see that all donations be made to Ryans favorite charity, The New York Fire Fighters Widows and Childrens Fund. Nikki and Victor discuss how Victoria is handling Ryans death. Victor is confident that Victorias strength will pull her through. He also mentions that Diane is in town, leaving Nikki suspicious. Victoria asks Neil to do the eulogy. Neil is honored, but warns he may get emotional. Olivia realizes Neil is not taking things too well when she notices an open bottle of whiskey on his desk. Malcolm and Alex are fooling around when Olivia interrupts with news of Ryans death. Jack recognizes Robert Griffith from the Minnesota Vikings, who is in town to relax while his leg gets better. Diane is happy to run into Jack, and asks about his engagement. Jack is glad that Diane has moved on with her life, and abruptly asks her to leave. Phyllis asks Ashley to be her matron of honor. She thanks Phyllis for bringing life back into her brother, and agrees to Phyllis offer. Amanda tells Mac that she doesnt want to cause her any more pain, but wanted to prove that she can be a better person. Amanda asks that Mac leave the door of communication open, allowing her to contact Kay and get updates on her life. Not wanting to be any more intrusive, Amanda decides to leave. Mac thinks she should stay just for a few days. Isabella explains that Michael is the father, and offers to have a paternity test if he has doubts. She threatens Michael about claiming responsibility for the baby, and that her leaving town is no longer an option. Isabella requests from Michael signed documents acknowledging that he is the father, and guaranteeing regular child support payment.
Ep. #7266 29x170
Nikki embraces Victoria, and tries to convince her to eat something so she wont be run down. Victoria, dressed in dark clothing and looking very sad, insists that she make Ryans funeral arrangements. Christine calls from Los Angeles, telling Nikki that Nina and Phillip will not be at the funeral, but that she will be there. Diane returns, wanting to personally express her condolences to Victor. She remembers how they were happily married and says that families pull together in tough times. Victor doesnt care to see Diane and tells her that she is not welcome at Ryans funeral. Diane apologizes for intruding, but thinks there is still hope for her and Victor. Phyllis discovers blueprints from Jack and Dianes love nest, recalling that they were once engaged. Jack knows he was a fool to get involved with Diane, and is thankful Victor took her off his hands. Jack declares that Diane is now out of his life forever. Billy and Mac arrive at the train station just in time to catch Amanda before she leaves. Dr. Thompson is concerned with Isabella leaving town while shes pregnant and unemployed. Later, it sinks in that Isabella may be out of a job and all alone. Michael thinks its best if Isabella get a fresh start, and find employment in another city. Isabella knows Michael wants her as far away from him as possible so she wont intrude on his fantasies about Christine. She tells Michael that she cant leave since she just found out shes pregnant with his child.
Ep. #7265 29x169
Olivia enters the waiting area and admits that the doctors did all they could to attempt to save Ryans life. Everyone is in disbelief because they thought Ryan would make it. Olivia suggests that Neil be the one to break the news to Nina and Phillip. Victoria tells the family that Ryan wanted to marry her before he died, but they ran out of time. Nick and Sharon try to console her, but Victoria is numb. The orderlies escort a delusional Tricia into a padded cell with a one-way mirror. Matt appears, reminding Tricia that only she can see him, and announces that he is saying goodbye because she doesnt need him anymore. Tricia supposes that Matt is right, and says this is the perfect ending to her fairytale. Michael and Isabella are dancing at The Lodge when Michael notices Paul and Lauren. Michael hurries Isabella up to her room, and admits that he saw Paul and Lauren downstairs. Isabella is angry that Michael doesnt want Paul to find out that they are together, and all he wants is Christine. Paul tells Lauren about what happened between him and Isabella, and Lauren advises him to let go of the past. Billy tries to convince Mac that she now has a second chance to reconcile with Amanda, but Mac is reluctant to let Amanda back into her life, fearing that she will get hurt again. Billy goes behind Macs back, and asks Ned about Amanda. Ned tells Billy that shes a better woman than she was. Billy and Ned go to Mac, and Ned reveals the woman who helped Colleen is Amanda. Ned explains why Amanda helped Colleen, and Mac is now willing to hear what Amanda has to say.
Ep. #7264 29x168
Silva reports that the charges against Victor have been dropped. Tricia has confessed to everything. Everyone wonders what may have caused Tricia to go over the edge, and conclude that she was truly demented. Ryans condition has stabilized, and all hope for the best. Olivia offers Ryan medication to sooth his pain, but Ryan wants something else. Olivia leaves to get the wedding rings, and Ryan tells Victoria he wants to marry her right now. As Victoria slips the ring on his finger and begins her vows, Ryans heart monitor flatlines. Paul tells Lauren how great it is having her around because so many bad things have been happening lately. Lauren tells him to forget his regrets and move on. Isabella is happy with the relationship she and Michael have because there are no strings attached. Michael wonders if he is preventing her from moving on with her life, and suggests that she leave Genoa City. Realizing that her pregnancy will be showing soon, Isabella agrees to leave town. Billy discovers that Amanda is Macs mom, and tries to facilitate a conversation. Amanda tells Mac that she tried to avoid seeing her, but it was comforting to know that she was close to her. However, she assures Mac that shes leaving town tomorrow. Amanda admits to Ned that she is Macs mother. Later, Billy tells Kay that they ran into Amanda at the shelter. Billy thinks that Kay shouldnt be so hard on Amanda because she seems remorseful. Mac is upset that Billy is defending Amanda, but he insists that if Mac doesnt talk to Amanda before she leaves town, shes making a big mistake.
Ep. #7263 29x167
Traci and Steve question Colleen about where she has been, and what shes been doing when she skips her dance classes. Steve looks at Colleens eyes and realizes that shes been smoking pot. Colleen finally admits that she tried smoking pot only once, and does not see any reason for concern. Traci and Steve explain that she has finally lost their trust, and they ground her indefinitely. Brad tells Ashley how good he feels about their family, and that he is ready to expand it. Ashley is very pleased that he is ready to start making a baby. Ned refuses to impose on Amandas privacy, and withholds her identity to Mac. Mac agrees not to look for the mystery woman, but still wants Ned to inquire about whether she can help Colleen again. Mac and Billy are asked to stay at the shelter and help serve holiday dinner. Mac prepares a plate of food, and is stunned to see her first customer - Amanda! The D.A. questions Tricia, and she gives her version of the wedding. She tells Carol how beautiful the ceremony was, completely forgetting about shooting Ryan. Tricia admits to drugging Victor and denies he sexually assaulted her. D.A. Carol decides to have Tricia taken to the psychiatric ward of the county jail to be evaluated. Neil promises Ryan that hell be there for Victoria and Phillip if he doesnt make it. Olivia reports that Ryans vitals have stabilized. Victoria tells Ryan that she is certain he is going to be fine.
Ep. #7262 29x166
Traci tells Steve that she found the pipe in Colleens room and how she doubts that Colleen was telling the truth. Steve believes that she has a right to be worried, and helps Traci search the room. They dont find anything, and Traci is surprised to get a call from Colleens dance instructor (since Colleen is supposed to be at class). Ricky and Liselle rag on Traci, and Colleen doesnt like how they talk about her mother. Ricky begins to hit on Colleen, but Colleen gets uncomfortable and decides to go home. Brad and Ashley comment on Phyllis thoughtful birthday gift for Abby. Jack and Phyllis tells Brad and Ashley that they have decided against a big wedding, and will have an intimate wedding sooner. Jack and Phyllis are surprised when Ashley tells them how happy she is for them. Brad informs them of his idea to send John on a holiday cruise with Traci, Steve, and Colleen. Jill shows Sean the camping gear she bought for their trip, and they decide to break-in the sleeping bag right there in the boutique. Ned informs Amanda that her name is on the missing persons list, and her husband is out searching for her. Ryan is taken into the O.R., and Olivia announces that he is in critical condition. Nikki and Victor console Victoria and tell her it wasnt her fault because Tricia is a deranged woman. Silva is shocked to hear the news about Tricia, but explains that Victor is still in trouble. The D.A. is willing to drop the rape charges if the facts support that Victor was framed. Victoria is a little relieved that Ryan has made it through surgery, and is hopeful that he will be okay. Tricia enters the police station, thinking she has done nothing wrong, and asks where Ryan is.
Ep. #7261 29x165
Brad and Ashley talk about plans for Abbys first birthday. They also discuss Colleen, and Brad vows that this family is going to stay together. Ashley promises that Brad is stuck with her for better or worse. Colleen introduces her new friends to Traci. Colleen gets upset when Traci asks her if Ricky and Liselle are the friends who left the marijuana pipe she found under the pillow. Later, Traci calls Ashley and mentions a possible trip with Colleen. Brittany comments to Raul how lucky he is to have a topic like diabetes to write about for his college essay. Raul tells her that its too personal to write about, and getting into college is no longer important to him. At the boutique, Sean and Jill are planning for their next adventure when Raul and Brittany arrive. Jill thinks Brittany is still trying to get with Sean, but Sean assures Jill she is the only woman for him. Ryan begs Tricia to give him the gun but she refuses. In hopes of distracting Tricia, Ryan agrees to go on with the ceremony. As tears roll from her eyes, Tricia screams that Ryan doesnt love her anymore. Victor emerges from the back of the church telling Tricia not to pull the trigger. He convinces Tricia to let everyone leave the church, except for Ryan and Victor. Tricia is enraged when she catches sight of Victoria, and aims the gun at her. Ryan jumps in front of Victoria as Tricia fires.
Ep. #7260 29x164
Mac and Billy discuss how Raul and Rianna are not over each other, and that they are about to make big mistakes with Brittany and JT. Brittany tries to get a rise out of Raul by bringing up Rianna, but Raul gives it back to her and mentions Billy. Brittany declares she wants to be done with all of those geeks. They joke about how Billy thinks that Brittany has corrupted Raul. Raul offers to help Brittany with her college admissions essay. Phyllis convinces Jack that she really wants to have a child with him. They decide to go through with the in vitro fertilization, which means that they will have to scratch plans for a big wedding. Jack and Phyllis tell the wedding planner they no longer need her services, and head to the fertility clinic. Alex admits to Michael that she and Neil did have feelings for one another, but that is behind both of them. Neil confides in Ryan that Olivia is sure there is another woman in his life, but they put off discussing the matter until Ryan returns from his honeymoon. Silva thinks that Tricia might have left Genoa City, but Victor is sure that she is out for revenge. Victor cannot wait any longer for the judge to arrive, so he breaks the window and escapes the courtroom. Tricia attacks Victoria with a candlestick and knocks her to the floor. Victoria wants to know how Tricia thinks she is going to get away with this because the DNA test will prove that Victor is innocent. Tricia insists that they did have sex, and Ryan is the love of her life. Tricia gags Victoria and shoves her in the closet. Sharon, unaware that Tricia is wearing the veiled wedding dress, escorts her into the church. Tricia lifts her veil, shocking everyone. Ryan asks where Victoria is, but Tricia insists that isnt important, since their wedding is about to begin. When Ryan wont cooperate, Tricia drops her bouquet and pulls out a gun!
Ep. #7259 29x163
Silva tells Nick that they are awaiting a second test of the evidence for drugs that would clear Victor. Victors bail hearing is delayed an hour, since the judge was called away. Victor tells Nick to go to the church, and insists Victoria go on with the ceremony. Tricia slips into the bridal room unnoticed, and puts on a wedding gown. When Victoria asks the other bride to leave, Tricia lifts her veil and declares that Victoria is the one leaving. Silva has the results of the drug test, and confirms the presence of tranquilizers and something else. In trying to track down Tricia for questioning, the detective informs everyone that Tricia was not on board the train to LA. Olivia asks Alex if her decision to work at Baldwin has anything to do with Neil. Alex feels Olivia is accusing her of being the other woman and makes it clear that she is not. Malcolm tells Neil that Olivia is taking the breakup hard, and that she thinks there was another woman. Malcolm doesnt want this conflict to come between him and his brother. JT admits that although he is seeing Danielle, he still has feelings for Rianna. Rianna kisses JT, and they agree on a no-strings relationship. Raul admits to Mac that he hasnt begun writing his college essay yet. Mac and Billy offer to help, but Raul refuses. Phyllis wants Jack to accept her idea for a quick wedding. She admits shes giving more thought to having kids. Phyllis tells Jack that she has researched in vitro fertilization and wants to be pregnant by the time they get married. Jack thinks its a bad idea.
Ep. #7258 29x162
Tricia reports to Matt that she got plenty of information about Victorias wedding from the salesgirl at Fenmores. Tricia frets about looking her best for Ryan, but Matt reassures her. Tricia leaves with a garment bag for the church. Victor realizes that Tricia drugged him, and tells Silva and Paul they have to prove that. Paul learns that Tricia had a sedative prescription filled the day she claims Victor attacked her. Victor believes the drug was still in his system when they took a blood sample for the DNA tests. Alex and Malcolm make love in the photo studio. Their romantic time is cut short when duty calls and its time to get back to the office. Olivia goes to Michaels office, inquiring about Alexs character. Olivia speculates there is another reason Alex left Newman Enterprises, but Michael doesnt want to discuss it. Later, Olivia follows Alex into her office, looking for answers. Jack begins to tell Phyllis his idea about moving downtown, but is interrupted by Maxine the wedding planner. Maxine is fed up with Phyllis and her antics, and terminates their arrangement. Jack thinks Maxine is being unreasonable. Outside, Phyllis thanks Maxine for a job well done. Phyllis wants to elope next month, and this was the only way to get Jack to change his mind about having a big wedding. Phyllis is surprised when Jack announces he called Genoa Citys top wedding planner, whos on her way over. Rianna approaches JT and asks about Danielle. She understands that she turned him down when she had her chance. She thanks JT for helping her get over Raul, and wonders if JT is still interested in her. Billy cant believe Raul is cramming for exams after going to a concert with Brittany. Raul admits hes not one of Brittanys fans, but concedes that for the first time in a long while, he had fun.
Ep. #7257 29x161
Victor is certain that the DNA will prove his innocence and he will attend Victorias wedding. Victor assures Nikki that he will meet her at the church in one hour. Silva seems confident that he can get Victor a bail hearing within the hour, until the DA enters with the DNA report. Silva tells Victor that the DNA from the semen and his blood sample are a perfect match. Tricia believes that everyone thinks she is on a train to LA, so she can show up to the church and no one will know. Tricia and Matt plot to get Victoria out of the way so that Tricia can talk to Ryan alone. Tricia appreciates Matts advice, but tells him that he cant come with her because hes too noisy. Tricia disguises herself, and shows up at Fenmore Bridals to inquire about the Newman wedding. Ryan and Victoria are rushing by to finish last minute wedding plans. Since Phillip is unable to come to the wedding, Ryan asks Neil to be his best man. Victoria finds Sharon a new dress for the wedding, to replace her original maternity gown. Michael questions Phyllis on her looking into invitro fertilization. Phyllis insists its her idea, and she would like to surprise Jack by Christmas. Jack tells Billy he want Phyllis to believe he has accepted their future with no children. He decides that he will look into getting an apartment downtown where no one would consider raising a child. Brad and John think that Ashleys idea to go on vacation is great, but it will take some convincing to get Colleen to agree to go. John calls Traci, but she tells him this isnt a good time and hangs up. Traci gives Colleen the third degree about the marijuana pipe she found. Colleen covers by telling her that one of her old friends must have dropped it in her room by mistake, and that is why she doesnt hang out with them anymore. Traci wonders if she is telling the truth.
Ep. #7256 29x160
Ryan and Victoria are happy about getting married, but Victoria is concerned about her father. Ryan assures Victoria that Victor will be out of jail in time for the wedding. Victor and Paul are still baffled by how Tricia could have planted the evidence, but Victor is sure the DNA test will exonerate him. Paul confirms to Victor that Tricia got on a train to Los Angeles and there is no way to reach her right now. Victor is glad that she will be nowhere near Genoa City for Ryan and Victorias nuptials. Matt is impressed with Tricia for making everyone believe that she got on the train to L.A. Tricia knows that the Newmans will let their guard down and that she will be able to get Ryan back. Nick and Sharon feel that they should not tell the kids about Victor right now since so much has happened. Even though it is Ryan and Victorias wedding day, Nick and Sharon decide to go to the funeral home and say goodbye to their little girl. Sean and Jill wake up together after sleeping on her couch. Sean tells Jill that theyre going to get in an SUV and drive up to a campsite. Ashley, Brad and John agree that something has to be done to get things back to normal with Colleen. Instead of forcing Colleen to come to Genoa City for the holidays, Brad and Ashley ask John how he feels about going to New York. John is willing to help, but does not want to hover around Colleen. Ashley feels that they need to intervene before Colleen slips away any further. Colleen thinks shes getting the third degree because Traci wants to know about her new friends. Later, Traci goes into Colleens room to put away some clothes and finds a marijuana pipe.
Ep. #7255 29x159
In the holding cells, the inmates plan to attack Victor with a switchblade. Victor withstands their first attack, but is suddenly pinned to the ground. The guards show up and break up the fight. After Garcia informs them that Charlie, Joey and Reggie went after Victor, the guards take the men away. Victor thanks Garcia, who explains that he is looking after him as a favor to Warton. Nikki is positive that the family will pull together, but Victoria isnt so sure. Paul arrives and explains that if the district attorney viewed the surveillance tapes, they might see it as incriminating evidence against Victor. Paul believes that Tricia knew about the surveillance system and used it to her advantage. Doris is concerned about Sharon and tells her that over time she will feel better. Sharon explains that Doris doesnt know the whole story of whats going on between her and Nick. Nick interrupts them and takes Sharon to the main house where he tells her about Victor. Sharon is blown away by the news. Nick thanks Sharon for all of her support. Nikki feels that Ryan and Victoria should get married as planned because it will be a happy event for the family. Meanwhile, Tricia ponders Victorias demise and how Ryan will come running back to her. Tricia calls the church to find out when their wedding will take place. Sean and Jill enjoy a romantic evening together at Seans apartment. Sean wants Jill to know everything about him so that she will want him more. Colleen returns home and tries to hide the fact that shes stoned. Traci wants to talk to her daughter, but Colleen says that she has a lot of homework to do. Ashley tries to maintain that Colleens life is not completely running amuck, but Brad thinks otherwise.
Ep. #7254 29x158
Victor gets provoked into a fight with the other inmates, but the guards break it up. Paul explains to Ryan and Victoria that Tricia framed Victor and was able to gather enough evidence to hold him without bail until tomorrow. Victoria believes that Tricias running away implies her guilt. Although Victoria wants to postpone her wedding, Victor insists that she does not change her plans. When Nikki and Nick arrive, Victor tells his family that he will be okay. Paul cues up the surveillance tape and is alarmed when he sees Tricia walk down the stairs all disheveled in a torn dress. Tricia becomes angry when she sees the wedding date is set one day after the waiting period for their divorce. Matt tries to convince Tricia not to go after Victoria and Ryan, but Tricia is determined to win back her true love. Brad surprises Ashley when he brings up plans for the Christmas holiday. Ashley senses that Brad is having thoughts about Colleen. Brad admits that he misses Colleen, but she refuses to talk to him. Brad is concerned that her grades are slipping and shes been hanging out with a different crowd. Traci struggles to bridge the communication gap with Colleen, but Colleen is not receptive. Ashley and Brad call Traci and give her a pep talk, telling her that Colleen is going through typical teenage angst. Traci is encouraged by their words. Brad is just relieved that Colleens dance classes can provide some structure in her life. Meanwhile, Colleen hangs out with her friends Ricky and Liselle, who are teasing her about going to dance class. Colleen is bummed because Traci wants to have a heart-to-heart chat with her. Ricky goes to get a bong and each of the teens takes a hit.
Ep. #7253 29x157
At the police station, Silva informs Victor that he cant get him a bail hearing until charges are filed. Victor will have to spend the night in jail. Paul arrives and tells Victor that he saw Tricia put something in her purse in his apartment. Paul asked the police to search her bag, but they refused. Detective Roper announces that Tricia has disappeared. Victor thinks this should prove that her allegations are false, but a police officer returns and reveals that the DNA tests support Tricias claims. Victor wants Paul to locate Tricia and look through the surveillance tapes to find proof that Tricia is lying. Matt thinks Tricia is a genius accusing Victor of rape, and is convinced Victor is really going down this time. In her motel room, Tricia tells Matt that she ready to leave town tonight, until she notices a news article announcing Ryan and Victorias upcoming wedding. Matt asks Tricia if this changes everything. Victoria wants Ryan to record his song so it can be played when she walks down the aisle. Later, Lauren arrives with a collection of wedding dresses for Victoria to choose from. Malcolm tells Alex that Neil called it quits with Olivia and that Olivia thinks there could be another woman in Neils life. Olivia joins Neil at the coffeehouse, wanting to know the real reason he dumped her. After an upset Olivia leaves, Alex spots Neil and drags him outside. She cant believe that Neil broke up with Olivia! Now Malcolm is wondering if he has eyes for another woman. Neil makes it clear to Alex that the only reason he got involved with Olivia was so that he could forget about Alex. Olivia walks by and sees Neil place his hand on Alexs shoulder. Jack informs Nikki that he wants to purchase a toy to give the little boy who received their sons heart. Nikki thinks its a good idea. Jack should keep that bond alive between him and the boy. Later, Jack explains to Phyllis about the baby he had with Nikki. However, Jack doesnt want her thinking he is reaching out to this child because of their situation. Hes not hiding any regret and is truly happy with Phyllis. After Jack leaves, Phyllis sits at his computer looking at a fertility information Web site.
Ep. #7252 29x156
Tricia gives an official statement to the police. They tell her that she will need the clothes that she was wearing last night. Tricia and the detectives head to Victors penthouse, where she retrieves her dress. After, Paul follows Tricia and catches her fumbling with something in her purse. Paul asks Tricia what she has there, but a cop intervenes and saves Tricia. Victor is confident that the sample evidence will clear him of Tricias accusations, but Tricias medical report comes back showing that there was forceful penetration and sterile semen. Officer Joyner reads Victor his rights. He is under arrest! Victoria and Ryan discuss postponing their wedding until Sharon and Nick are ready, but Victoria decides that they should stay on schedule. Ryan gets out his guitar and sings a song that he wrote for Victoria. Jack reveals to Nikki that Phyllis cant have kids. Nikki suggests that Jack talk about alternatives to her physical problem. Phyllis pays Michael a visit. She tells him how Jack looked longingly at baby Abby. When Michael says that he thinks that Jack is trying to make Phyllis feel guilty about not being able to have kids, Phyllis defends Jack. She tells herself that Jack can accept a future without kids. Olivia wonders if Neil broke things off with her because he is interested in another woman. Malcolm doesnt think thats the case. Meanwhile, Alex and Neil bump into each other at Ginas. They both agree that they should give each other space for a while. Malcolm is affected by his conversation with Olivia. When Alex returns, he asks her if she knows anything about Neil being interested in another woman.
Ep. #7251 29x155
Tricia cries to Dr. Burns that Victor raped her. Dr. Burns believes Tricias charges should be given very serious consideration, given the way Victor has injected himself into Tricias life. She sends Tricia to the medical facility where they will collect evidence for the police. Victor, recovering from the drugs Tricia slipped him last night, orders Paul to install surveillance cameras in Tricias new apartment. When Paul asks about the urgency, Victor states he must take action before things get out of hand. The police officer enters Victors office, and informs Victor about Tricias accusations. As he leaves to go down to the station, Victor exclaims that Tricia is deranged and will not get away with this. Sharon and Nick discuss whether they should cremate or bury the baby. Later, Sharon asks Dr. Thompson if she did the paternity test yet. Nikki tells Jack about Sharons accident, and recalls how long she had an empty heart after her and Jacks baby died. Ashley joins Olivia for lunch, commenting how wonderful life is now that she and Brad have worked through their differences. Olivia confesses that things didnt work out with Neil, and he ended everything so abruptly. Neil confides in Ryan that he feels bad about hurting Olivia, but is glad the truth is out in the open. Malcolm and Alex talk about their plans for the future. Sean and Jill make love all night long in her office. She is extremely happy that Sean broke through her defenses. No one can predict the future, so she is enjoying herself now while she can.
Ep. #7250 29x154
Nick goes to Victor for advice on dealing with Sharon. Victor knows that Sharon will let Nick help her get through this because she loves him. At the hospital, Dr. Thompson tells Sharon that she thinks the paternity test is a bad idea. Sharon explains that she needs to know if there is any justification for Nicks behavior. Dr. Thompson warns Sharon that Nick will have to be told about the test because they need a sample of his blood. Nick arrives and asks if everything is okay. Nikki tells Kay that Sharon lost the baby, but will be able to have more children. Kay understands that losing a child can devastate a relationship, but knows Nick and Sharons love will get them through this. Because of all that has happened in her family, Victoria thinks she and Ryan should consider postponing their wedding. Brad and Ashley share a romantic evening at the Lodge, proclaiming how lucky they are to have each other. Phyllis helps Jack babysit Abby and notices how happy he is to be holding a baby. Jill reveals that being with Sean brought out every one of her insecurities. Sean doesnt think she has any reason to feel insecure, but sees that hes not getting anywhere with just talking to her. Its time for Plan B. Sean performs a strip tease to arouse Jills passion. After drinking the tea, Victor realizes that Tricia has drugged him and asks what she is up to. Tricia leads him up to his bedroom, removes his clothes, and tells him to lie back and enjoy it. Victor is unaware of what is going on.
Ep. #7249 29x153
Sean asks Phyllis for advice on how to win Jill back. Phyllis feels that Sean either needs to make Jill feel younger or make himself seem older. Meanwhile, Jill tells Jack that her relationship with Sean ended because they didnt have a future together. Jack thinks she should toss her concerns aside and live in the moment. Jill returns to her office when Sean enters and locks the door. Brad and Ashley discuss plans for a romantic evening together at the Lodge, since Jack has offered to babysit Abby. Raul vents to Brittany that hes always been seen as the good guy, top student. Brittany feels that he has it made, but Raul disagrees. Doing the right thing has gotten him nowhere. When Raul says that he wants her extra concert ticket, Brittany is shocked. Raul is going to blow off his homework assignment? Victor explains to Tricia that their living situation was temporary. He urges her to move into her own apartment in the same building. Tricia doesnt feel that is necessary, but agrees to move out. Her new apartment will just be an extension of her new home. Tricia asks Victor who have a cup of tea with her and he accepts. As she prepares the brew, Tricia reveals six pills. Dr. Thompson agrees with Nick that Sharon should try to put all of this behind them because he loves her very much. After Nick leaves, Sharon tells the doctor that she wants the paternity test done now. Meanwhile, Nick explains to Victoria that Sharon thinks hes responsible for losing the baby. Victoria explains that Sharon is going to be feeling out of whack for the next few days and there is nothing he can do or say until she sorts things out.
Ep. #7248 29x152
Victoria remembers what it was like when she lost her own baby and finally tells Ryan what the secret was that she was hiding about Sharon and Nick. Victoria knows that things were pretty tense between Nick and Sharon, and wonders if Sharons accident and Nick racing off are related. Victoria is angry that Matt Clark is dead and still messing with her family! Ryan believes this tragedy will bring Sharon and Nick closer than ever. Nick takes Cassie to see Sharon in the hospital. Sharon explains that she fell down and the baby didnt survive. After Miguel and Cassie leave, Nick and Sharon argue about what happened. Sharon recalls fighting with Nick. He walked out on her and if he wouldnt have been so angry, he wouldnt have blown a tire. Thats why she lost her baby! Victor tells Nikki that Tricia can no longer live with him she made a move on him - and hes taking care of the situation today. Meanwhile, Tricia is sorting through the medication that she stole. Matt knows they are knockout pills she got from Dr. Burns office and erectile dysfunction pills. Tricia is determined to get her revenge on Victor and triple his dosage. Billy and Mac wonder if they should get involved with trying to get Raul and Rianna back together. Sean turns down Brittanys invitation to go to a jazz concert. A dejected Brittany turns to J.T. and declares that she doesnt care about Sean anymore. Shes ready to blow this town!
Ep. #7247 29x151
Olivia informs everyone that the baby made it through the night and they are doing everything they can to keep the little girl alive. Nikki calls Victoria and Ryan to tell them about Sharons complications. Sharon insists that she and Nick go and visit the baby because she feels that it helped Noah when he was born premature. Nick is helping her out of bed when Olivia enters and says that the baby is dead. Sharon is in shock. Victoria wonders if all the stress she has been going though caused the babys death. Nikki offers to break the news to Cassie and Noah, but Sharon wants to tell them herself. Sharon regrets not having seen the baby when it was alive and bursts into tears. Tricia implies to Dr. Burns that Victor has been looking at her in a sexual way and that it makes her feel self-conscious. Dr. Burns offers to find her another place to stay, but Tricia wants to talk things over with Victor first. When Dr. Burns steps out of the office, Tricia writes out a prescription for Rhohypnol. Later, she steals pills for male erectile dysfunction from the pharmacy. Mac admits to Kay that her mother really hurt her and thats why she is glad her mom is gone. Kay wonders if Mac would like to spend a bit more time with her mom to answer some of Macs questions. Mac doesnt answer and heads for the shelter. Mac tells Ned that she really wants to meet the woman who helped Colleen. Ned advises Mac not to try and find her because she doesnt want to be found.
Ep. #7246 29x150
Nick's car has blown a tire. He returns home and is alarmed to find Sharon lying on the floor. He rushes her to the emergency room. Sharon explains to Olivia that shes feeling cramps. Olivia tells her that shes actually having contractions. Tricia admits to Victor that shes experiencing feelings for him that have caught her off guard - and shes very excited about it. Victor makes it clear that nothing physical is going to happen between them. He gets a call from Nick and takes off for the hospital. Tricia is upset by Victors rejection, and knows the perfect way to get even. Nikki runs into Warton at the coffeehouse. Warton reveals that he has signed up for adult education classes, but is kind of a fish out of water. Nikki offers to help him out and give him a few pointers about being comfortable in social situations. She then receives an urgent call from Nick and leaves. When Victor and Nikki arrive at the hospital, Olivia informs them that Sharon had a premature baby girl. Sharon wants to hold her daughter, but Nick tells her that she cant because the baby is premature. Sharon is just glad her baby is healthy because nothing else matters. Ryan and Victoria fantasize about their future together. Amanda overhears Mac and Billy ask to thank the woman that helped Colleen. When Ned informs Amanda of the request, she refuses to meet them. Ned cant understand why Amanda doesnt want anyone knowing that she influenced Colleen to go back home. He notes that Colleen is an Abbott and that they could possibly help Amanda get back on her feet. Amanda replies that she isnt looking for a reward and wants to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, Mac reiterates to Billy that she is glad her mother left town. Brad prepares dinner for Ashley, hoping to resolve their problems. After they make up and make love - Brad informs Ashley that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and Abby.
Ep. #7245 29x149
Alex tells Phyllis that nothing happened between her and Neil. Alex wants Phyllis to mind her own business, but Phyllis persists. Malcolm arrives and is surprised to see Phyllis in Alexs office. After Phyllis leaves, Malcolm asks Alex to be straight with him. Alex promises to be more open with Malcolm since he is worried about her commitment to their relationship. She wants to get past the issues that she is dealing with. They kiss, and Alex suggests they go shopping for furniture. Phyllis tells Jack what she overheard at Neils office. Jack advises Phyllis to stay out of it, but Phyllis is worried about Malcolm. Phyllis decides that she will not say anything to Malcolm unless Alex crosses the line with Neil. Elsewhere, Neil tells Olivia that making love was a mistake. Olivia is hurt and confused, and thinks Neil has ruined their friendship forever. Brad is glad to find Ashley at home, and hopes to bridge the gap between them. He wants to talk things out, but Ashley doesnt know if it is worth talking about. Ashley is hurt because she feels Brad does not trust her when it comes to Victor. Meanwhile, Tricia prepares a romantic dinner for Victor. She becomes upset when she sees Ryan and Victorias wedding notice, but is not surprised. Tricia tells Victor she wishes that she had a man in her life. After dinner, Tricia massages Victor's shoulders. When he gets up to leave, Tricia tells him that they're not finished yet. Victor asks what she had in mind. Victoria is excited that Ryan has not only found her dream house, but has put a down payment on it as well. Sharon is upset with Nick because he is pressuring her to get a paternity test. Nick wants to give Sharons baby up for adoption if it isnt his. Sharon gets angry because she believes the child she is carrying is innocent. Nick needs to know who the father is, but Sharon just wants them to accept the baby as their own. A frustrated Nick storms out and gets into a car accident. When Sharon hears the crash, she rushes to the door. Sharon trips, hits her head on a table, and falls on her stomach!
Ep. #7244 29x148
Ashley is furious with Jack for meddling in her life and talking to Brad about Victor. Jack claims that he never told Brad about Victor, but merely wanted Brad to see that she needed more attention. Jack tells Ashley that he thinks Brad is very dedicated to their marriage. He urges Ashley to forgive Brad, but Ashley is not sure if they can get back to the way that things once were. At Ginas, Brad admits to Lauren that he is concerned about his marriage. Lauren notes that Brad loves Ashley and he should do everything he can to keep Victor from taking his wife. She advises Brad to go home and make up with Ashley. Victor and Nikki happily discuss Victorias upcoming nuptials. Victor also tells Nikki that Tricia wants to find a new therapist. Nikki says this news is hopeful, but she is still worried about Victors safety. Tricia informs Matt that she stopped taking her medication, but if he doesnt give her some peace and quiet, she will start taking them again. Matt objects, but she quiets him and he complies. Tricia tells Matt that she sees Victor in a new light he is a strong man. Tricia fantasizes about kissing him, but awakens from her dream when Victor returns to the apartment. Nick continues to pressure Sharon into taking the paternity test. After Dr. Thompson explains the procedure, Sharon is concerned about the baby. When Nick notes that he thinks the risks are minimal, Sharon snaps that she is not taking the test and storms out. Alex confirms to Neil that she did not accept the offer at Newman Enterprises because she knew how he felt about her. Neil and Alex share a passionate kiss. Phyllis overhears their conversation but doesnt witness the kiss. Later, Phyllis confronts Alex and threatens to tell Malcolm everything. Alex says that telling Malcolm will only cause him a lot of pain. Meanwhile, Neil lashes out at Ryan for not keeping his mouth shut. Ryan speculates that maybe Alex has feelings for Neil as well.
Ep. #7243 29x147
Victor arrives at Dr. Burns office and asks Tricia if she took her medicine. Dr. Burns tells Victor that he has no right being there. She suspects that Victor has an agenda and doesnt believe Tricia can get better with Victor constantly monitoring her. Later, Victor asks Tricia if she thinks that Dr. Burns is right. Tricia replies that she might have to find another doctor who understands how important Victor is to her recovery. When Victor goes to get ready for work, Tricia pulls out the medication she didnt take at Dr. Burns office and washes it down the sink. Victoria and Ryan tell Nikki about their engagement. Nikki is thrilled and insists on helping then pay for their wedding. Ryan wonders if Victoria wants to postpone the wedding, since Sharon and Nick are in the middle of a crisis. Victoria says putting their life on hold wont help things. She also doesnt know if time will even make a difference with Nick and Sharons problem. Sharon tells Nick that shes having second thoughts about the paternity test. She doesnt want to put another baby up for adoption. Nick makes the appointment for the paternity test anyway and assures Sharon that things will be clearer once they know the truth. Sharon thinks he might be right. Neil admits to Olivia that he is confused about their relationship. Olivia tells Neil that he has to decide right now if they are friends or lovers - they cant be both. Neil says he will call her with his decision. Later, Alex stops by Neils office to get some files. She confesses that she isnt happy with Malcolm. Neil thinks Malcolm is trying to show Alex that he is more serious this time. Alex informs Neil that he overheard Ryan talking about them and asks Neil how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Phyllis gives Malcolm her two cents on his relationship with Alex. Malcolm says he loves Alex and knows they will work things out. Isabella tells Michael that she hasnt seen Paul, but did confront Lauren. Isabella says it would have been so much easier if she had fallen for Michael instead of Paul. After she kisses Michael, he initiates another kiss, which grows passionate.
Ep. #7242 29x146
Nikki drops by Victors apartment to discuss his living arrangements with Tricia. She doubts that even Victor could persuade Tricia to commit herself back into a psychiatric ward. Victor says he will discuss Tricia with Dr. Burns, proving that Tricia was not taking her medication before he started monitoring her. Tricia asks Dr. Burns about Victor sitting in on one of her sessions and becomes defensive when Dr. Burns questions Victors motives. Tricia hears Matts voice tell her that Victor is trying to get her back into the mental hospital. Matt says that before she started taking her pills she was in control. If Victor gets the doctors to agree with him they will destroy who she used to be. Tricia takes Matts advice and the nurse doesnt notice when she switches her pills with the painkiller medication. Neil arrives at Olivias apartment and apologizes for having waited so long to come by and see her. Olivia hints that shed like a commitment, but Neil is distracted by thoughts of Alex. When Olivia senses that something is wrong, Neil admits that something has been weighing on him. Paul decides that it is time for him and Mary to talk. He still thinks Mary was way out of line, but cutting her out of his life would just make a bad situation worse. Paul apologizes for having blamed her for his problems. Mary understands that he was confused. Isabella accuses Lauren of lying her way back into Pauls arms. Lauren says she only did what Isabella asked and kept the pregnancy a secret. It was Isabellas responsibility to tell Paul about the pregnancy. Sharon remembers when she gave Cassie up for adoption and never wants to go through that again. Victoria tells Sharon to think positively. When Victoria asks Sharon to be her matron of honor, she happily accepts. Later, Sharon decides not to make the appointment for the paternity test. Nick is stunned when she tells him that they should re-think everything.
Ep. #7241 29x145
Ep. #7240 29x144
Rianna holds Raul by the arm and tries to convince him that he is having an insulin reaction. When Raul jumps up and head for the door, Cody tackles him. Rauls eyes roll back into his head as he goes into insulin shock. Raul is rushed to the emergency room, where the doctor determines that Raul may have given himself twice the amount of insulin he needs. Rianna thinks it was her fault that Raul gave himself another shot, but he says he needs to handle things better. Rauls parents arrive and thank Rianna for being there to help save their son. Cody tells Mac and Billy what happened. If Rianna hadnt been there, Raul might not have made it. Billy calls J.T. a coward for provoking Raul and punches him. J.T. starts to fight back, but backs off. Paul inquires about Laurens conversation with Michael and warns her that hes not to be trusted. Paul also informs Lauren that Kay was interested in his personal life - and their history together. Paul thanks Lauren for helping him get through the Isabella situation. Gina is surprised to see that Isabella is still in town and asks if shes okay. After seeing Paul and Lauren together, Isabella exclaims that she is not okay and storms out. Mary asks Lynne and Marissa how Paul is doing. Marissa wishes that they could get Paul and Mary talking again. Lynne suggests that they invite them both to lunch without telling them that the other is coming. Nikki confesses to Kay that she and Victor went skinny-dipping. Kay wants Nikki and Victor to get back together, but Nikki notes that Victors life is too complicated right now. Meanwhile, Victor arrives home and sees that Tricia has prepared dinner. He declines, but agrees to share dessert. Victor tells her that she cannot keep dwelling in the past if she wants to get better. He also notes that her medication may be the reason why Tricia is not being direct with him. Victoria tells Ryan that she wants to marry him right away and asks if he has a problem with that. Ryan does not, but wonders why she has decided to have a big wedding. Victoria explains that with their first wedding, they had to sneak around and not tell anyone. This time she wants the support of all her friends and family. Ryan tells her to invite the entire town if it will make her happy, then takes out a ring and proposes.
Ep. #7239 29x143
Nikki gives Victor a gift from Brazil, then ask if anything exciting happened while she was away. Nikki reveals that she knows about Tricia staying with Victor, and asks what in the world was he thinking. Victor notes that he has seen positive changes in her and makes sure that she takes her medication every day. Nikki thinks Tricia might not have been taking drugs before and is fooling everyone. Victor says that he eventually plans to confront Tricia directly about not taking her medication. His ultimate goal is to gain her confidence, make her realize shes not well, and have her readmit herself to the hospital. When Victor asks to talk about something else, Nikki suggests that they go for a swim - without any clothes on. Meanwhile, Tricia turns to Gina for help in coming up with a menu for dinner. She wants to do something nice for Victor after all hes done for her. Victoria tells Ryan that she has set their wedding date for a month away. While Ryan books the reception, Victoria invites the reverend over to discuss the ceremony. Kay visits Paul and asks how he is dealing with his divorce. Paul says hes hanging in there. When Kay mentions that Lauren would love to spend some time with him, Paul replies that Lauren is a great friend, but his emotions are a mess right now. He wishes he had handled things better with Isabella. Michael approaches Lauren at Ginas and asks if Isabella has left town or not. Lauren refuses to answer. Michael wonders if Lauren drove Isabella away for her own purposes. When Paul comes to the table, Michael leaves them. Raul sees Rianna with her hand on J.T.s and asks what is going on. Rianna tries to explain, but Raul leaves. Billy and Mac try to convince Raul that what he saw at the boutique was no big deal. They invite him to the movies, but he wants to be alone. Rianna follows Raul to the coffeehouse and insists that nothing was going on with J.T. J.T. enters and tells Rianna to stop throwing herself at Raul. When Raul and J.T. get into a shoving match, Cody breaks them up. Raul starts to leave, but gets dizzy and short of breath. Rianna yells to Cody for help.
Ep. #7238 29x142
When Sean asks Brittany about her sudden interest in computers, Brittany says that she wants Sean to know that shes not just a bimbo - she has a brain. Brittany doesn't want to play games anymore. She asks if they can hang out and be themselves sometime and Sean agrees. Mac tells Raul about how she got caught in the middle of the Colleen situation. Mac explains that there was a woman at the shelter who persuaded Colleen to go home. Mac wants to go and thank the woman in person. When Raul mentions that he spoke to Rianna, Mac invites them to go out tonight with her and Billy. J.T. arrives late for work at the Jabot boutique. J.T. apologizes for how he blew it when they were together. When Rianna notices his ID bracelet, J.T. reminds her that she gave it to him, but offers to take it off if its bothering her. She stops him and Raul arrives just in time to see them holding hands. Miguel leads Victor to the pool area, which has been decorated with a Brazilian theme. Nikki says that since Victor couldnt come with her to Brazil, she brought Brazil to him. They eat and dance together. Nick and Sharon rush to Dr. Thompsons office and ask to take a paternity test. They explain that Sharon may have been raped. Nick says that they dont want to have the baby if it is Matts. Sharon reminds him that she is in her third trimester and it is too late to abort the child. Dr. Thompson says it would be best to wait until after the birth to conduct the test, but Nick has to know. Brad doesnt believe that Jack is really worried about his marriage to Ashley. Jack says he is on Brads side for a change. He wants Brad to make things right with Ashley before its too late. After Ashley breaks up their argument, she and Brad go to talk privately. Meanwhile, Lauren stops by Jacks office. Jack refuses to answer her questions, but assures her that he and Phyllis are solid. Lauren feigns happiness for him. Brad tells Ashley that he wants to know why Jack is suddenly interested in helping him. Ashley admits that Jack is upset because she has been seeing Victor lately. Brad cant believe that Ashley discussed their marriage with Victor. When Ashley notes that Victor is her friend, Brad replies that Victor is nobodys friend and storms out.
Ep. #7237 29x141
Sharon informs Nick that she overheard his conversation with Victoria about her pregnancy. Nick confesses that on his deathbed Matt Clark said that he had raped Sharon. Sharon is upset, but asserts that Matt is dead and its all over. Nick admits that its what Matt left behind that hes worried about. Sharon finally realizes that Nick thinks the baby might be Matts. Nick notes that there is one way they can find out. Victoria returns to her office and finds Ryan planning their Greek honeymoon. Victoria is unable to share in the joy, but cant tell Ryan why she is upset about Sharon and Nicks baby. Nikki speaks with Miguel and finalizes her plans for a surprise dinner with Victor. She gives her report from the Brazil trip to Sean, hoping he can create some buzz on the Internet. Nikki notes that Sean is upset and asks if it has anything to do with Jill. Sean says yes, but tells Nikki that she is being nosy. Ashley wants her and Brad to get everything out in the open now that Colleen is gone. She thinks that things could have been avoided if Brad had listened to her. Brad states that he loves Ashley and Abby and that he has done everything he can. Now, the ball is in her court. After Brad leaves, Ashley calls Victor. Victor comes over and inquires about her marriage. Ashley doesnt think they should talk about that and insists that she is fine. Meanwhile, Brad goes to Jacks office demands to know why he suddenly wants to help him and Ashley. At school, Brittany tells Raul that she wants to learn all about Web pages. When Rianna interrupts, Raul grabs Horace and asks him to tutor Brittany. Brittany takes a moment to tease J.T. about wanting Rianna back, then heads off to Crimson Lights, where Horace shows Brittany how to add music and video files to the background of a Web page. When Sean approaches them, Brittany says she was just thinking about him. Meanwhile, Rianna asks Raul if they can start talking again as friends. It would help them figure out if they have a chance as a couple. Raul wonders about Riannas motivations, but agrees to talk with her when she asks for advice on colleges. Raul has second thoughts after he learns that Rianna will be working at the boutique with J.T.
Ep. #7236 29x140
Colleen apologizes to Traci for running away. She explains that she was angry and needed them to understand how she felt. Traci is thankful that Colleen is home safe. When Brad, Ashley and Abby arrive, they are shocked to see Colleen.
Ep. #7235 29x139
Sharon wonders how Nick is handling the news she gave him last night. He says hes fine and leaves for the office. Victoria informs Sharon that Nick already knew about the drugs. Sharon wonders why he didn't tell her and worries that he may overreact. Victoria assures her that they have both been trying to protect each other. Meanwhile, Nick visits Dr. Thompson and asks to know the exact date of Sharons conception. Dr. Thompson tells him that they cant narrow down the date any more than they already have. Malcolm and Alex run into Neil and tell him that they are working out their problems. After Neil leaves for the office, Malcolm suggests that they do something to help Neil in the relationship department. Alex thinks they should let Neil handle his own love life. Malcolm wonders if Alex knows something that he doesnt, but Alex tells him to drop it. Olivia drops by Neils office and brings him breakfast. Olivia says she was thinking about their date last night, and how she had to leave before he could take her home and give her a goodnight kiss. They share a passionate smooch. Amanda sees that Colleen spent the night at the shelter and asks if she thought over what they talked about. Colleen says that she did, but still cant stand the thought of going back to New York with her parents pretending that everything is the same. Colleen asks Amanda to say goodbye to Ned for her and leaves. Ned thinks Amanda handled things very well with Colleen. Ashley, Brad and Steve decide to head back to Genoa City. Mac tells Kay that Billy overheard their conversation. Mac doesnt know if she did the right thing and wont blame Billy if he never forgives her. Mac calls Ned and learns that Colleen returned to the shelter and then left again. She decides to go see Traci right away and tell her everything. Billy answers the door and asks Mac to leave. When Mac is gone, Billy tells Traci about Colleen being at the shelter. Traci thinks Colleen is gone for good, but suddenly they hear Colleens voice and see her standing in the doorway.
Ep. #7234 29x138
Mac confides in Kay that she knew Colleen was at the shelter, but now she has disappeared. Billy overhears and cant believe that Mac didnt tell him. Mac thinks that even if they had gotten to Colleen in time, she would have run away again. Billy says that whatever happens will be on Macs head and storms out. Colleen returns to the shelter and tells Ned that she was at the movies. Ned tries to persuade her to call her family, but Colleen insists on leaving. Amanda stops Colleen and tells her that shes making a big mistake. After Amanda hears Colleens story, she notes that Colleens mother is probably very upset. Amanda knows from experience that the pain she must be feeling is like a knife through the heart. Amanda thinks Colleen should think about what she is doing to her mom. Elsewhere, Traci believes that something bad must have happened to Colleen. Jack says that he will ask Sean to put her picture on the Jabot Web site. Traci prays that God will keep her daughter safe. Later, Phyllis tells Jack that he looks terrible. She hugs him and says that she has something to take his mind off things. Phyllis gives Jack a fashion show and models her new purchases. Nikki drops by Jills office to get the latest gossip. Jill updates Nikki on Phyllis and Jacks engagement. Jill is still determined to expose their relationship for the sham it is. When Nikki brings up Jills relationship with Sean, Jill informs her that she ended it. Nikki says Jill shouldnt deny herself happiness just because shes afraid it wont be there down the road. Tricia tells Victor about her discussion with Sharon. She hopes that everyone will stop second guessing her intentions. When Victor goes upstairs to bed, Tricia slips into a dream where she admits to Victor that shes been lying all along and hasnt been taking her medication. Sharon confesses to Nick that shes afraid Matt slipped her Roofies. Even though the doctor says the baby is okay, Sharon cant help but worry. Nick has a flashback to when he came home on margarita night and found Sharon passed out. He also recalls when Matt was lying on his deathbed and said that he had his way with Sharon.
Ep. #7233 29x137
Sharon rushes to Dr. Thompson to tell her that shes spotting. Sharon is afraid shes bleeding because of the drugs Matt gave her that night, and worries that she will lose the baby. Dr. Thompson assures her that the ultrasound was normal, and urges her to speak with Nick about all her anxieties. Victor wants to know why Nick wanted to talk with Tricia about Matt and the date rape drugs. Nick thinks it is pretty clear that Matt was planning to rape Sharon. Victor gets a call from Sharon, asking Nick to come home right away. Sharon informs Nick that she was spotting, but the doctor said it wasnt necessarily serious. Sharon then admits that she hasnt been completely honest with him. Victor returns home and finds Tricia knitting a blanket for Keith. She thanks Victor for being so nurturing and offers to make him dinner. Nikki runs into Ryan at Ginas and wants to know how and why Tricia has manipulated herself into Victors life. Ryan thinks they should all relax and let Victor handle the situation. Malcolm tells Nate that he and Alex are engaged. Although Nate would like Olivia and Malcolm to get back together, he accepts Malcolms decision. Alex confronts Malcolm and says that things are moving too fast. He has to stop trying to control her life. Alex goes to leave, but Malcolm stops her and apologizes profusely. Neil and Olivia enjoy another lovely dinner at Ginas. They both agree that its appropriate to say they are dating now. Jill is wowed by Lionel Richies performance. After singing How Long, Lionel asks Jill how long she is going to make Sean suffer. Jill tells Sean that persuading Lionel Richie to sing for her was amazing, but she insists that she is not going to be taken in by Seans tricks. Sean begs her to give them a chance, but she shakes her head no.
Ep. #7232 29x136
At a routine check-up, Dr. Thompson informs Sharon that her baby is perfectly fine. When Sharon runs into Tricia at the hospital cafeteria, Tricia confesses how scared she was when her father went into the hospital and notes that Victor has been a lifeline. She asks an apprehensive Sharon to keep an open mind and give her a chance, like Victor has. Later, Sharon tells Victoria that Tricia seemed sincere when she talked about being grateful to Victor. Victoria urges Sharon not to stress herself out. Sharon agrees and just wants to put Matt Clark behind her. After Victoria leaves, Sharon is overcome with pain and heads back to the hospital. Nikki finally gives up on waiting for Victor. As she is about to leave Victors office, she runs into Warton. Nikki asks that he not tell anyone that shes back. When she asks what Warton wants to see Victor about, he reveals that hes been helping Victor deal with Tricia. Nikki tries to give Warton advice about socializing, but he resists. Nikki promises not to push, but tells him that until he gets the chip off his shoulder, he should stay far away from Victor Newman. Michael is flattered that Alex not only turned down Newmans amazing job offer, but also went against Malcolms wishes just so she could work at the Baldwin firm. Alex defends Malcolm, but admits that he can drive her nuts. Meanwhile, Malcolm tells Neil that he intends to dig up all the dirt on Michael that he can to show Alex who she is getting involved with. At Ginas, Rianna tells Mac that she wishes Raul would give them another chance. She also reveals that she has decided to work at the boutique. When Rianna calls the boutique looking for Sean, Brittany takes a message. Phyllis arrives and catches Brittany flirting with Sean. After she calls Brittany an amateur, Phyllis warns Sean one last time about Jill. Sean tells Phyllis to mind her own business and realizes that when Jill blew him off he did nothing about it. Over dinner, Kay and Ester insult Jill about going after a younger man. Jill starts to cry, and berates herself for thinking that she had something special with Sean. When she returns to her office, Jill is surprised to find that Sean has arranged for Lionel Richie to give her a surprise concert.
Ep. #7231 29x135
Victor tries to distract Traci, but finally reveals that Jack is at the morgue identifying a body. A tearful Traci appreciates that Jack and Victor are trying to protect her, but feels that she should be the one to make the identification since she is Colleens mother. When she is shown the body, Traci is relieved to discover that its not Colleen. Traci realizes that although it wasnt Colleen this time, it could be the next. Jack wants Traci to stop thinking like that. Colleen has always been a good girl and will eventually come home. Victor meets Dr. Reese at Ginas to get an update on Tricias progress. Dr. Reese admits that it would not be impossible for Tricia to fake being medicated. When Victor asks for a blood test on Tricia, Dr. Reese refuses. That would be sending Tricia a message that shes not trusted. Dr. Reese also does not want to interfere with another doctor's case. In her therapy session with Dr. Burns, Tricia admits that it is best if she stay with Victor for now. When Tricia sees an image of Matt, Dr. Burns senses that she is distracted and decides to give her some medication. Matt urges Tricia not to take anymore meds, but when Victor enters, she takes the pill. Victor offers to take her home, and Matt fades away. After Sharon tells Nick that Kay is going to be their babys godmother, Sharon starts to cry. Nick comforts her, assuring her that their love will get them through anything. Victoria enters Victors office and is surprised to see Nikki. Nikki says she just got back to town and came straight from the airport. Victoria thinks its significant that Nikki came to see Victor first thing after being gone for weeks. Nikki tells her not to read too much into it; she just came to see how her family is doing. Nikki asks Victoria about her personal life and Victoria admits that Ryan is still her true love. Nick enters and tells Nikki how well Sharons pregnancy is going. When Nikki inquires about Victor, Victoria explains that Tricia is living with him so he can keep tabs on her. Nikki is worried that Victor is living with someone who he feels is that dangerous.
Ep. #7230 29x134
Lauren returns to her hotel suite and finds a note from Isabella that says she has left Genoa City. It also instructs Lauren not to tell Paul about her pregnancy. Paul shows up and demands to know why Isabella was staying with Lauren. Lauren explains that Isabella didnt want Paul to know that she was still in town, but shes gone now and probably not coming back. Lauren tells Paul that Isabella was convinced she and Paul had no future together. Paul confides to Lauren that Isabella may have been a rebound relationship, and that its probably best that she is gone. Paul says Lauren did the right thing and thanks her for being such a good friend. Lauren throws Isabellas note it in the trash without Paul noticing. Mary confides in Lynne about how upset she still is about her fight with Paul the other day. Lynne says she is sure Paul wants to reconcile as much as Mary does. Sharon and Nick share a special moment when Sharon feels the baby kick for the first time. Later, they ask Kay to be the godmother of their baby. Kay gladly accepts. Mac calls Ned at the shelter, who tells her that Colleen is nowhere to be found. Mac wishes that she would have told the Abbotts the truth. Victor notices Victoria has brochures on Greece, and asks if shes taking a vacation. When he realizes that the trip will be taking place at the end of Ryans six-month post-divorce waiting period, Victor asks if they have discussed marriage. Victoria admits that its a real possibility, but says they arent ready yet. An exhausted Traci returns home from driving around town all day looking for Colleen. John assures Traci that its not her fault Colleen ran away, and that they will find her. When Victor stops by wanting to help find Colleen, Jack accuses him of just wanting to get close to Ashley. Victor reminds him that he is Colleen's godfather. The phone rings, and a police officer asks for Traci. Jack says that Traci isnt there, but that he is her brother. The officer says they have found a teenage girl, possibly Colleen. She is in the morgue and they need an ID. Victor says he will wait at the house, and Jack leaves. Traci comes downstairs and asks Victor what is going on.
Ep. #7229 29x133
Tricia tells Victor that she and Nick discussed what Matt did to her. She thinks Nick might be talking to Matts victims as a way to put the whole ordeal behind him. Tricia feels guilty that she hasnt visited Keith and asks Victor if she can go to the hospital. Victor agrees and even accompanies her. Tricia speaks to her comatose father and breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Nick confides in Victoria that Matt had Roofies in his possession before he died and that he may have used them on Sharon. Victoria reminds Nick that the doctor said the baby was fine, and advises Nick not to dwell on it.. Paul tells Jack that there has been no news regarding Colleen. Paul assures Jack that Colleen is his top priority, and admits that he needs the distraction. When Jack asks what happened with Isabella, Paul laments that she has left town. Jack reminds Paul that he is a private investigator and can find her if he wants to. Later, Paul runs a credit check on Isabella. Isabella tells Lauren that as soon as she gets her car fixed, she is leaving town. Lauren convinces her to stay until she can speak to someone about Paul. Lauren meets with Mary, who insists that she is no longer interfering in Pauls life. Mary does reveal that she got the impression that Paul wants nothing more to do with Isabella. Michael calls Isabella and demands to meet with her, but she hangs up. Phyllis thinks that all of Michaels problems could have been solved if he had worked to keep Isabella with Paul. Isabella calls Michael back and asks if she should trust Lauren Fenmore. Michael doesnt know Lauren very well, but senses that Isabella is still in town. Isabella hangs up again, not knowing what to do about her dilemma. Billy runs into Mac at school and wants to know why she is ducking his questions about Colleen. He assumes Mac doesnt want to talk about it because she went through something similar a few years ago. Meanwhile, Colleen wonders why Amanda is asking her so many questions. When she is finally convinced that Amanda is not a counselor, Colleen tells Amanda that she is going back to New York. Amanda thinks that being alone in New York City might be a bad idea.
Ep. #7228 29x132
Victor calls to check on Ashley. After they hang up, Ashley remembers all of the special times she has had with Victor. She then recalls a tender moment with Brad, before having a recent flashback of her fighting with Brad. When Victor calls again, Ashley tells him that he should not call later because she is going to New York to be with Brad. At the Abbott home, Billy assures Traci that Colleen will turn up. Traci hopes he is right because she cant take another day of this. Billy wants to help, but Jack tells him there isnt much he can do and sends Billy off to school. Mac is torn regarding what to do about Colleen. After Ned tells Mac to respect the privacy of those at the shelter, Mac urges Colleen to at least contact her family and let them know that she is okay. An upset Colleen says that although her situation doesnt seem serious to Mac, it is to her. Mac vows not to say anything, if Colleen promises to stay at the shelter. Once Mac leaves, Amanda enters and introduces herself to Colleen. Michael and Chantel help Alex move into her new office. Malcolm barges in and announces that he is there to talk Alex out of this idiotic decision. An angry Alex doesnt want to get into it at the office. Meanwhile, Olivia and Neil share a pleasant breakfast at Ginas. Neil is glad to hear that things between Malcolm and Olivia are getting better, because things between Malcolm and Alex are going in the opposite direction. Nick goes to Victors to talk privately with Tricia. When he asks her if Matt ever used Roofies, Tricia realizes that Nick knows Matt was planning on using the drugs on Sharon. Tricia admits that she knew Matt had them and explains how Matt Clark tricked her. He gained her trust, then eventually drugged and raped her, telling her after that she did everything willingly. Nick has a flashback of Matt telling him that he had drugged and raped Sharon on margarita night. Back in the present, Tricia tells Nick that it wasnt until much later that she realized what Matt had done to her.
Ep. #7227 29x131
After Ashley tells Jack that Steve and Brad have gone to New York, Jack takes Traci over to their dads place to look for Colleen. When Victor arrives, Ashley notes that the whole situation could have been avoided if everyone had listened to her. She wishes that Colleen could appreciate how many people love her. Victor offers to stay and comfort her, but Ashley thinks its best if he leaves. Meanwhile, Jack observes Phyllis console Traci. Phyllis says that she can understand her situation since she lost her only son years ago. After Traci goes into the kitchen, Jack enters and tells Phyllis that she is an amazing woman. At the shelter, Mac explains her own past to Colleen and promises that she wont tell anyone where she is. Amanda watches from afar. After, Billy calls Mac and informs her that Colleen has run away. At Jabot, Raul tells Rianna that he is looking for Jack. Rianna explains that she was the one who called him to the office. Rianna knows that their problems wont go away overnight, but she thinks they should talk. When Rianna pleads with Raul not to give up on them yet, he leaves without responding. Malcolm tells Olivia of his engagement to Alex and is surprised when Olivia says that she is glad hes found Alex. She hopes that Alex will bring out the best in him. At Ginas, Neil wonders what made Alex choose Baldwin/Williams, and if Malcolm knows about it. Alex says that she has told Malcolm about her new job, but he isnt happy about it. Michael arrives and informs Neil that Alex had no choice - she had to follow her heart. Sharon senses that Nick is preoccupied, but he assures her that nothing is wrong. Later that night, Nick has a nightmare where he is fighting with Matt Clark who tells Nick he has done something to Sharon. Nick tries to fight him, but Matt keeps disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. Nick bolts upright in bed, and sees Sharon sleeping peacefully beside him.
Ep. #7226 29x130
Brad reads Colleens note, which says that she doesnt want to go back to New York, that nobody ever listens to her, and that hopefully they will now understand that she means what she says. Brad decides to ask Paul Williams for help in tracking her down. Traci receives a call from the mother of Colleens best friend, Angela, in New York. She says that Colleen called and asked if she could stay with them, but didnt know how she was going to get to New York. Traci and Steve decide that Steve should return to New York and speak with Colleens friends in person. Steve convinces Brad to come and stay at their apartment in case Colleen calls. Ashley tells a distraught Traci that she dropped off photos of Colleen at the bus station. Mac cant hang out with Billy because shes meeting with Ned to schedule her volunteer hours at the shelter. While Billy goes to the coffeehouse and learns about Colleens disappearance, Mac heads for the shelter. Ned is happy to have Mac back and notes that her timing is perfect since they have a new arrival. Mac turns around and sees that the new arrival is Colleen! Nick discusses Matt with Warton and is bothered that Sharon never mentioned that Matt gave pills to Tricia. When Sharon arrives, she asks Nick what he and Warton were talking about. He lies that it was work related and leaves. Victor stops by and gives Sharon a baby gift. Sharon and Cassie laugh and tell Victor that Nikki gave her the same present. Victor tells Sharon that she shouldn't concern herself with Tricia anymore. Nick gets a list of Matts personal property from Silva, which reveals the date rape drugs found in Matts apartment. Phyllis offers to help a hesitant Rianna reconnect with Raul. Raul is stopped by the school secretary and informed that he is needed at Jabot immediately. Raul enters the boardroom expecting to find Jack, but is surprised to see Rianna. J.T. tells Brittany that he is planning on getting Rianna back on his own terms. Ryan surprises Victoria by decorating the apartment as if they were in Greece. Ryan says that hes picked a date when they can travel to Greece for real: six months after the day of his divorce. He notes that their trip could be their honeymoon. Victoria is stunned by the proposal, but agrees that they are a good fit. The two seal the deal with the kiss.
Ep. #7225 29x129
Sharon tells Doris that she had a terrible dream about Matt Clark that keeps haunting her. She doesnt know how to put him out of her mind. Doris assures Sharon that Matt cant hurt her because hes dead. Nick tells Warton that the next time he plans to scare Tricia he had better not get Sharon involved. Warton informs Nick that Tricia was completely under Matts influence, even to the point of Matt slipping her date-rape pills. Nick has a difficult time believing this news, and thinks that Matt was just lying all along. Victor watches Tricia as she takes her medication. He takes her back to his apartment and tries to convince her once again that she would be better off living with him. Matt tells Tricia to throw up the pills before its too late. Matt begins to fade as the medication takes hold. Ryan tells Victoria he has a surprise planned for her - and it isnt what she thinks. Phyllis goes to Jabot looking for Jack, but runs into Ashley. She tries to make small talk, but Ashley dismisses her. Phyllis informs Ashley that Steve and Traci have made up, and wonders if Ashley and Brad will be able to make up soon. Ashley wants Phyllis to mind her own business. Brad is hopeful that Colleen will heal, and Steve and Traci agree that they should be patient and hope for the best. Traci goes upstairs to get Colleen, while Jack talks with Brad and Steve. Jack asks Steve to be good to Traci. Brad mentions to Steve that Jack got engaged recently and believes hes an expert at these things. Jack thinks that he can straighten him and Steve out since they are married to his sisters. After Jack comments that he hopes Brad and Ashley can now work out their problems, Brad wants to know what Ashley said to Jack. A worried Steve and Traci and state that they cant find Colleen! Traci feels that Colleen is trying to put off going to New York. Brad finds Colleens note and tells everyone that Colleen has run away.
Ep. #7224 29x128
Tricia says that she cant stay in Victors apartment one more night. Victor realizes he cant hold her against her will, but suggests that she think long and hard before doing anything. Tricia has already made up her mind, and will be gone by the end of the day. Victor turns to Silva and Paul for advice, but their hands are tied. When Silva tells Victor that he doesnt have a case against Tricia, Victor isn't satisfied and vows that nothing will stop him from protecting his family. At Tricias therapy session, Dr. Burns advises that she stay with Victor to help her recover. Tricia insists that she has other constants in her life - such as her medication and therapy - that are aiding in her recovery. Tricia is surprised when Victor shows up at Dr. Burns office. Everyone arrives at Kays for Sharons baby shower. Sharon is delighted, but becomes distracted when she remembers her Matt Clark nightmare. No one notices the change in Sharon as she continues to open her presents. Ashley tells Jack that Victor stopped by last night. Jack believes that Victor still has feelings for her and she knows it. Ashley insists that she and Victor are just friends, and asks that Jack stay out of her marital problems. Traci and Steve tell Colleen that they have reconciled and are moving back to New York. Colleen reacts impassively to the news, and goes up to her room. Brad tries to talk to Colleen once again. He explains that he still loves her, but she belongs back in New York with Traci and Steve. After Brad exits, Colleen takes out a piece of paper and starts to write a letter to Traci. She gets her backpack, leaves her room, and heads down the back stairs. Malcolm tells Alex that she is not working for Michael. Alex retorts that it is not his decision. She loves and respects Malcolm, but he will have to accept her working for Michael. Malcolm cant believe she is passing up an opportunity to work with Neil, and wonders if he knows Alex half as well as he thought.
Ep. #7223 29x127
Tricia questions Victors motivation for helping her and accuses him of setting her up to meet Warton. Victor replies that its in his familys best interest for her to be healthy, and notes that it wouldnt make sense to force an encounter that would impede her progress. Tricia notices that he is talking in circles and refuses to give her a straight answer. She says that she cant stay with him any longer and is moving out today. Sharon is still rattled from her nightmare about Matt, but tries to hide it. When Nick questions her about it, she tells him that she cant remember what her dream was about. Later, Sharon is touched when Cassie reads her a letter that she wrote for her future sibling. Alex decides it would be best for her to spend the night at her own place since Nate is coming to visit Malcolm. Malcolm plans to tell Nate about their engagement so that in the future Alex can spend the night while Nate is visiting. Alex reminds Malcolm that he will also have to tell Olivia. Malcolm wishes they could elope tonight, but Alex says that she wants to enjoy being engaged. Alex then informs Malcolm that she will be starting her new job next week working forMichael Baldwin. Isabella spends the night at Laurens place, but cant understand why Lauren insists on telling Paul about the baby. In order to keep Isabella is town, Lauren promises to keep mum about the pregnancy, but warns that shell go straight to Paul if Isabella disappears. Isabella agrees to Laurens terms. Ashley confesses to Jack that she and Brad are having problems. Ashley wonders if the problem has been brought on by her own insecurities, but Jack assures her that sometimes people are insecure for good reasons. Ashley is afraid of what she might do if this goes on much longer. Meanwhile, Brad has to go to work, but doesnt want to leave Colleen when shes upset. Colleen says that he can go - she doesnt need him. As Brad starts to leave, Traci enters. Colleen hugs her in relief, then notices Steve and wants to know why he is back. Traci and Steve inform her that they have worked things out. They are going to be a family again.
Ep. #7222 29x126
Victor refuses to leave an upset Ashley alone. Ashley admits that she feels rejected since Brad doesnt want to have a child with her, and fears that her marriage is in jeopardy. Victor assures her that she can always count on him. He kisses her. Victor asks her to forgive him if he stepped over the line, but Ashley tells him that his support means more to her than he knows. Traci admits to Steve that she might still have feelings for Brad. It hurts Steve to know that she isnt over Brad, but he knows that he is to blame for being unfaithful. After Steve says that he wants her back, Traci notes that whatever happened with Brad is nothing compared to the years she and Steve have shared together. Traci tells Steve that its time for them to go home, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Brad tries to convince Colleen that it is best if Traci and Steve work things out. Colleen thinks that she has all the family she needs with Brad and Traci. Brad upsets Colleen when he stresses that he and Traci will never get back together. Malcolm wants Alex to explain why she changed her mind about working for Newman Enterprises. Alex tells him that the decision about the job is strictly business. She assures Malcolm that she is staying in town, but has accepted another job offer. After Malcolm leaves, Alex says to herself that she is worried about Malcolms reaction when he finds out whom she is working with. Lauren is fascinated to learn that Isabella is pregnant with Pauls child. Isabella explains that the pregnancy was a complete surprise, and that she still intends to leave town since she cant stand living in Christines shadow. When Lauren realizes that Paul doesnt know about the pregnancy, Lauren urges Isabella to tell him the truth, and at least to stay in town until the morning. Michael shows up at Pauls office to tell him about the divorce hearing. When Michael notes that Isabella is perfect to fill the void left by Christine, Paul punches him in the jaw. After Michael leaves, Paul calls the hospital to check up on Isabella, but discovers that shes been discharged. Sharon and Nick know that their life will be hectic with a new baby, but think that life doesnt get any better. Later, Sharon has a nightmare where Matt Clark says that he has put his mark on her baby and she knows it.
Ep. #7221 29x125
Steve thinks that Traci might be transferring her affections to Brad, just as Colleen seems to be. When Brad enters, he is surprised to see Steve, but leaves the couple alone. Steve tells Traci that he wants to reconcile. Later, Brad tells Traci that if things dont work out between her and Steve, she should move back home so Brad can spend more time with Colleen. Brad assures Traci that he is going to do everything he can to convince Colleen to give Steve a second chance. Brad says that both he and Ashley want to see Traci and her family happy again. At Jabot, Ashley confides to Victor that letting Traci and Colleen live with them has pushed her and Brad farther apart. Ashley wishes she had listened to Victors warning. She confesses that she and Brad can hardly speak without arguing, and that she thinks Brad is getting to know Colleen at the expense of his relationship with Abby. When she realizes she has said too much to Victor, she starts to leave. When Malcolm asks Neil to makes sure that Alex has room for a private life when working out her new contract, Neil reveals that Alex hasnt accepted his job offer yet. Meanwhile, Michael senses that Alex is hesitant to take the position at Newman. He wonders if she is having problems being personally involved with Malcolm, while professionally involved with his brother. Alex refuses to discuss it and exits. Alex enters Neils office and informs him that she is turning down the job. At Yves, Isabella wonders what she is going to do now that she is pregnant. Lauren approaches her and asks why shes dining without Paul. Isabella tells Lauren to go after Paul if she wants, but cautions Lauren not to torture herself over him, since his heart belongs to Christine. After Lauren notes that it is good that Isabella is moving on from Genoa City, Isabella lets it slip that shes pregnant with Pauls child! Victoria, Kay and Esther arrive at the coffeehouse to plan Sharons surprise baby shower. Nick asks Sharon how she feels about Kay being their babys godmother. Sharon thinks its a wonderful idea. Victoria and Ryan are happy that Sharons pregnancy is going well, and that they are all in a good place at the same time.
Ep. #7220 29x124
Brad meets Ashley at the Jabot Lab so they can talk privately. Ashley cant understand why they cant communicate. Brad thinks that they are on different wavelengths. He has something meaningful going on in his life that she cant or wont accept. Ashley realizes that he still thinks shes the problem and suggests that they have a baby together. Brad cant believe that she would think having a child would be a solution to their problem. After Brad exits, Victor shows up and asks Ashley if she is okay. Traci asks Steve what he is doing in Genoa City. Steve notes that Colleen will be starting high school soon, and he wants to take them back to New York. Colleen enters and tells Steve that she and Traci arent going back with him. When Steve expresses his concern about Brad and Colleens relationship, Traci replies that she doesnt think its a bad thing. Steve wonders if Traci has truly ever gotten over Brad. Isabella cant believe that Paul is paying her hospital expenses, and informs him that she is still leaving town. Paul hates the way things ended in the hotel room, and knows that he has been acting selfishly. Paul doesnt want to leave things as they are, but Isabella remains firm. Once Paul is gone, Dr. Walker informs Isabella that she is pregnant! Lauren confesses to Kay that shell always be interested in Paul. Kay warns her that Paul has been through a great deal. Lauren promises to be careful. Plus, if she gets shot down, she can always go for Sean! Lauren decides to go and see Paul, because she has a feeling that he wont be unavailable for long. Billy and Mac wonder if Jill and Sean have broken up. Mac thinks that Jill must be Seans reason for sticking around. Meanwhile, Brittany tries to convince Sean that her interest in him goes beyond physical attraction. Sean thinks Brittany is manipulating him and asks her to leave. On the way out she kisses him, and notes that this time he kissed her back. Jack surprises Phyllis by hiring Maxine, the most sought after wedding planner in the Midwest. Phyllis tells Jack that she would be just as happy if they eloped, but Jack insists they exchange their vows among family and friends. He wants her to have the wedding of her dreams.
Ep. #7219 29x123
Mary visits Paul, who informs her that he is not going to track down Isabella because she obviously does not want to be found. Paul also notes that he is not over Christine enough yet to please Isabella. Mary wonders why Paul said anything to Isabella about Christine in the first place. Paul cant believe his mother is encouraging him to pursue Isabella when he is still a married man, and wants Mary to back off. Michael visits Isabella in the hospital and tries to convince her to stay. Isabella tells Michael that she is leaving because Paul is still hung up on Christine. Michael tells Isabella that he cant let her go, and threatens to tell Paul why she really came into his life. Isabella knows that Michael would never really tell that he conspired with Isabella since it would hurt his chances with Christine. When Michael leaves, he informs the nurse that he wont be paying for Isabellas medical bills, but gives her the name and number of someone who might be able to help. Later, Isabella is surprised when Paul enters and reveals that he has taken care of her bills. John is stunned when Jill reveals that she was involved with Sean. Olivia advises Ashley to worry less about the past and concentrate more on the future. She suggests that Ashley and Brad have a child of their own together - immediately. Meanwhile, Brad tries to assure Colleen that he didnt mean to hurt her feelings by not taking a family photo with her and Traci. Colleen wonders if it had anything to do with Ashley, and later asks Traci if any of her old feelings for Brad are coming back. Traci insists that she is concentrating on fixing her marriage with Steve. After, Traci remembers when Brad proposed to her, and is surprised to find Steve at the doorstep! Everyone except Raul decides to continue working after school in the Jabot boutique. Jack questions if Rianna could handle working without a partner. Brittany is pleased to learn that Sean is staying in town. Mac also seems happy about the after school project, but Billy worries that Mac is still distracted by Amandas visit.
Ep. #7218 29x122
Alex tells Neil that she cant take the job because working for a corporation would be too big of a change. Neil wants to know why shes really turning him down, but tells her to take her time in making her decision. After Alex leaves, Ryan enters and notes that he saw Alexs reaction when Neil mentioned that they would be working closely together. There is something going on between Neil and Alex, and thats why shes freaking out about the job offer. Meanwhile, Alex arrives at Malcolms, where they announce their engagement to Mamie. Tricia gets nervous around Warton and asks Victor to take her home. Tricia tells Victor that she thought shed put it all behind her, but seeing Warton brought everything back. Victor leaves Tricia with the guard while he goes to the office. Matt appears and tells Tricia that moving into Victors place was a bad idea. Tricia is upset that Matt doesnt think she can pull things off. Shes not going to let anyone stop her from making the Newmans pay for what theyve done to her. Meanwhile, Sharon informs Victor that Warton thought Tricias response to him was unusual. Jack thinks Ashley can tell by the look on his face that he and Phyllis are engaged. Ashley confesses that she is more concerned about her relationship at the moment. Just then, Sean walks in and suggests that they keep the Jabot Web site up year round. Both Jack and Ashley think its a great idea if the kids agree. Ashley points out that Seans contract is almost up, and Jack thinks they should keep him around. Jill enters and says that there is no way Sean is staying with Jabot. When Ashley informs Jill that its not her decision to make, Jill storms out. Sean explains that he has issues with Jill, but accepts the offer. Rianna views footage that Sean is preparing for a Best of the Glow by Jabot House, and sees her and Rauls New Years kiss. J.T. asks why she lets Raul still get to her. Rianna knows that he means well, but she wants to be alone. Mac assures Kay that she is fine, and that she and Billy are going to pick up their last paychecks. As they leave, Mac tells Billy that she is worried about Kay. Amandas visit seems to have upset Kay even more than it has upset Mac.
Ep. #7217 29x121
Sharon tells Victor that she still thinks Tricia living with him is a terrible idea. Victor assures her that he has the situation under control. When he asks why she came by last night, Sharon replies that Warton thinks he might be able to intimidate Tricia into leaving town. Victor returns home and offers to take Tricia out to breakfast. Tricia is nervous about going to the coffeehouse, but Victor promises that there wont be any problems as long as shes with him. Over Tricias shoulder, Sharon signals Victor towards the back room. Tricia asks where they should sit and Victor suggests the patio. As they turn the corner, Tricia comes face to face with Warton! Victoria never thought Tricia would be living with Victor, but Ryan doesnt think she needs to worry. Ryan reminds Victoria that her father is the master of getting inside of peoples heads. Ashley doesnt want Abbys paternity to ever be an issue. Brad tells her that his love for Colleen doesnt take away from his love for Abby. Ashley questions his motivations, but they are interrupted by a photographer who has arrived to take a Carlton family portrait. Once Brad, Ashley and Abby finish posing, Colleen asks if she can take a photograph with Traci and Brad. Feeling pressure from Ashley, Brad tells Colleen that they dont have time. An upset Colleen runs to her room. After Phyllis and Malcolm toast to finding true love, Phyllis suggests that they have a double wedding. She vows to win Jacks family over if it kills her. She knows that she and Jack will achieve nirvana eventually, and notes that it seems as if Malcolm and Alex already have. Meanwhile, Alex recalls Ryan and Victoria discussing Neils feelings for her. She enters Neils office and informs him that the Lawson medical case has been closed. Neil tells her that Victor is very pleased with her work, and offers her an executive position at Newman. Alex cant accept the job. While Kay informs Billy about Amandas visit, Mac awakens from a nightmare. Mac tells them that seeing Amanda brought back all of her bad memories. Billy notes that Kay said Amanda promised not to contact her. He thinks that maybe Amandas visit was a good thing. Mac doesnt have to hide anymore, and she can finally put her mom behind her.
Ep. #7216 29x120
Mac asks Amanda what shes doing there, and says she doesnt want to see her. Kay enters, and Amanda introduces herself as Macs mother. She apologizes for not believing Mac, saying it took time to work up the courage to come to her. Mac informs her that Kay is her legal guardian now. She wishes that Amanda had stayed away because it only reminds her of what happened. After Kay asks Amanda to leave, Amanda insists that she doesnt plan to bother Mac again. Jack tells Billy that he and Phyllis are engaged. The brothers feel that the future is looking bright for both of them. Isabella wants to know what is wrong with Paul. Paul says that he learned from Victor that Christine had visited because she wanted to save their marriage. Isabella is upset that this could still affect Paul, but he suddenly pulls her into a passionate embrace and kisses her. Isabella pulls away. She cant do this under these circumstances, and will not be taken advantage of. Isabella rushes off to Marys, packs her things and leaves for good. When Paul returns home, Mary tells him that Isabella is gone. Michael tries to reach Isabella on her cell phone while shes driving away, and as she reaches to answer it, she loses control of the car. Traci becomes worried about the tension between Brad and Ashley. Brad resents the fact that Ashley begrudges his relationship with Colleen. Brad says that nothing could shake his devotion to his family, but Ashley is concerned about the fact that Colleen is his biological daughter, and Abby is not. Brad is hurt that Ashley feels this would affect his relationship with Abby and leaves. Neil tells Olivia that he is sad that Malcolm wasnt there to see Jack propose to Phyllis. Hearing about Malcolms concern for Phyllis reminds Olivia of his good qualities. She wonders if love brings out the best in Malcolm, as it does in most people. Neil kisses Olivia. Meanwhile, Alex overhears Ryan tell Victoria that Neil has been repressing his feelings towards Alex.
Ep. #7215 29x119
The whole room awaits Phyllis answer, but she rushes out. Michael chases after her and points out that she is obviously in love with Jack. When Jack asks to speak with Phyllis privately, Phyllis tells Jack that it wont work between them because of her inability to have children. Jack asserts that he cant live without her, but Phyllis feels that he will become unfulfilled later in life. Jack says that if Phyllis can say she doesnt love him and doesnt want to marry him, he wont bother her again. She cant say it. When Jack asks her again to marry him, Phyllis says yes and Jack slides the ring back on her finger! Ashley tells John that she hopes he didnt run after Phyllis. John would rather discuss whats going on in Ashleys life. John assumes the distance between she and Brad is because of Colleen and wonders if Traci is aware of this. Traci understands Johns concern about Ashley, but wants to know what is so wrong with Colleen and Brad forming a bond. Unless Ashley voices her opposition, Traci and Colleen are staying put. Michael tells Isabella that he is shocked Paul brought her to the party. Lauren introduces herself to Isabella, who has never heard of Lauren before. Lauren finds this interesting since she is a former wife of Pauls. When Lauren notes that Isabella is just Pauls rebound from Christine, Isabella retorts that there is much more to their relationship. Paul learns from Victor that Christine had returned home for one last attempt to save their marriage. Paul cant understand why she cant forgive him, since he forgave her many years ago. Isabella tries to create a romantic evening for Paul, but he is distracted by Victors news. Sean wants Jill to admit that she doesnt want to give up on them, but Jill insists that he get out. When he finally leaves, Jill breaks into tears. Billy senses that Mac misses her father, who will be gone for a few more months. She cant figure out how her dad ever fell in love with her mom. Mac feels that her mom took advantage of her dad, but doesnt want to discuss it in depth. Billy decides to go check on the new developments with Jack and Phyllis. When the doorbell rings, Mac answers thinking that Billy forgot something. Mac is stunned to find Amanda!
Ep. #7214 29x118
Sharon doesn't buy Tricia's explanation for moving in with Victor, and wants to know what Tricia has up her sleeve. Nick walks in and is relieved that Sharon is okay. Tricia senses he isn't happy about the arrangement either, and wonders what to do about Sharon since she's too suspicious. She decides that it's time for a new plan - getting rid of Victor. Nick and Sharon tell Victor that Sharon went to his apartment. Victor is upset that his security team didn't contact him the moment Sharon arrived. He calls Paul Williams and asks him to personally supervise Tricia's surveillance. Meanwhile, Lauren sees Paul and Isabella salsa dancing at the party. She follows them to the pool house and overhears Isabella telling Paul that she got them a hotel room for the night. Paul promises to meet her there, once he handles the situation with Victor. Throughout the party, Kay notices that both Sean and Paul intrigue Lauren. With all these handsome men running around, Lauren is going to extend her stay. Sean finds Jill at home and tries to explain himself. Phyllis doesn't want to hear it. Sean thinks her jealously is getting tedious, and Jill agrees. She hates what this is bringing out in her and there is only one solution. She must end whatever it is that they have between them. Mac and Billy watch Brittany chase after Sean, realizing he's her new conquest. Phyllis arrives with Michael and gives Jack the cold shoulder. She tells Jack that she thought she should make an appearance at her own party - and say adios to their relationship. Ashley tells Brad about the broken engagement. She wishes Jack weren't in pain, but thinks it will all turn out for the best. Jack tells everyone that he needs to make an announcement. Although tonight was supposed to be the happiest night of his life, something happened that caused him to lose sight of what is important. He tells Phyllis that he knows now that their love can survive anything and asks for another chance. He wants her to marry him. Meanwhile, Amanda shows up at the coffeehouse. She tells Cody that she is looking for Mackenzie Browning.
Ep. #7213 29x117
Jack tells John that he is thankful that he didnt tell anyone the real reason for the party. As the guests start to arrive, Gina wonders where Phyllis is. Mac and Billy are suspicious when they see Brittany walk in with Sean. When Neil, Ryan and Alex show up, Alex introduces herself to Jack and is confused by his brush off. Neil congratulates Malcolm on his engagement. When Alex asks Malcolm why Phyllis is not attending her own party, he explains that they were going to announce their engagement, but now its off. Malcolm is upset with Jack and wants to leave. Ryan pressures Neil again to pursue Alex, and points out that Neil still has time since Alex and Malcolm are not married yet. Neil asks Ryan to back off. Lauren is excited to be at the party, and is especially interested in meeting Jills new boyfriend, Sean. Brittany tells Jack that he must be surprised that she is there. He tells her that she can stay if she wants because someone might as well have fun. When Brittany sees Sean, she decides to ask the band if they do requests. Billy informs Kay that Jack has barely been around and that Phyllis hasnt shown up yet. Billy and Mac note that there is a great band and that the female singer sounds a lot like Brittany. It is Brittany! Brittany belts out her last verse, then grabs Sean to dance with her. Lauren is surprised to discover that the man dancing with Brittany is the Sean that she has heard so much about. Jill arrives in time to see the spectacle and is furious! Jack tells Ashley that the party was supposed to be a surprise party for everybody he and Phyllis were going to announce their engagement. Ashley is sorry to hear about Jacks breakup, but tells him to let her go. Michael argues with Phyllis about not going to the engagement party. Finally, Phyllis agrees to attend and show them an exit done in style. Sharon accepts Wartons offers to help her by scaring Tricia out of town, but first she needs to speak with Victor. When Sharon arrives at his penthouse, she is stunned to find Tricia. After his conversation with Warton, Nick rushes to Victors knowing that Sharon is alone with Tricia.
Ep. #7212 29x116
Tricia tells Victor that she already feels comfortable and secure living with him. Being close to Victor makes her feel closer to her father. However, Tricia understands if Victor wants to send her home, since she isnt as fragile as she seemed. Victor says they will take it one day at a time. Victor allows Tricia to roam freely downstairs, but upstairs is off limits. Once Victor leaves, Tricia heads for the stairs. She is stopped by Matt, who reminds Tricia that she is under surveillance. Victoria brings Nick up to speed on Tricia. Victoria is upset that Nick and Victor are oversimplifying the situation. Victor insists that this is the only option they have, since Tricia said she would move home if things dont work out. Paul surprises Lynne and Marissa when he returns early from a business trip and reveals that he a he has an engagement tonight. Lynne and Marissa wonder what that engagement is, but are happy to at least know that Isabella is out of the picture. Mary arrives and shocks them with the news that Isabella is staying in town. Mary defends Isabella. Ryan continues to pressure Neil into pursuing Alex. Neil refuses to go after his brothers girl, and quickly changes the subject when Alex arrives. They are stunned to learn of her engagement to Malcolm. Alex explains that when she realized how in sync she and Malcolm were, she knew she wanted to marry him. Meanwhile, Phyllis tells Malcolm about her engagement and notes that she ended it because Jack wanted to have a child with her. Although they are in love, Phyllis fears that eventually Jack would think about the children he cant have with her and it would be over. Malcolm feels that Phyllis is making a big mistake that could cost her the love of her life. John is surprised that Jack is going ahead with the party. Jack insists that it is too late to cancel the bash. Michael enters and tells Jack that he didnt know that Phyllis had accepted Jacks proposal. When Jack tells him that Phyllis called it off, Michael notes that she did because Jack convinced her that babies were more important than she was. He tells Jack that maybe hes the one that needs to change. If Jack lets Phyllis go, he will regret it.
Ep. #7211 29x115
Victor explains to Victoria that Tricia is staying with him because he wants to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Matt compliments Tricia on her scheme. Tricia notes that since she was being followed, she was running out of options. Now shes going to be on the inside, where she can disarm the entire Newman family. Tricia arrives to move in with Victor. Victoria pretends to be in favor of the idea and wishes Tricia good luck. After Victor shows Tricia to her room, Victoria tells her father that she hopes he knows what hes doing. Malcolm surprises Alex with an engagement ring. They both profess their love for one another. Ashley disagrees with Tracis decision to let Colleen get close to Brad. Ashley doesnt mean that Traci should keep Colleen from Brad, but just not let them live together. Traci says theyll move out if thats what Ashley wants. Ashley doesn't want them to move, because that would only make things worse between her and Brad. When she asks Traci how long it will be before she makes a decision about Steve, Traci isnt sure. Ashley reluctantly tells her to take her time. Meanwhile, Steve calls. Brad informs him that Traci is not there and puts Colleen on the phone. Colleen hangs up on Steve and tells Brad that she never wants to hear from Steve again. When Ashley and Traci arrive, Ashley announces that they are all in agreement. Brittany flirts with Sean and thanks him for her party. Sean tells Brittany that when something doesnt work for her, she always drops it and tries something else. He offers to help her make some changes in her life, or shell never be happy. Brittany wonders why Sean is taking an interest in her now that the summer campaign is almost over. J.T. tells Rianna that theyve found their way back to each other - and they are in a better place since theyre friends. J.T. leans in to kiss Rianna, as Raul looks on. Amanda sees her co-worker, Hazel, surfing the Web in search of Cosmetics. At the Jabot Web site, Amanda notices Macs photo and profile. Amanda asks Hazel to enter the chat and find out more about Mac.
Ep. #7210 29x114
Victor has reservations about Tricia moving in with him. When Victoria arrives, she demands to know why Tricias in her office. Tricia tells Victoria that she wants to stay at the penthouse, and apologizes for being in her apartment the night before. As Tricia begins to leave, Victor tells her that he accepts her proposal. He arranges for Tricia to be taken home to pack and then to the penthouse. Nick and Sharon realize how much work there is to do before the baby comes and decide to go on a vacation with the kids to Lake Geneva for Labor Day. Brad tells Traci that he wants to continue to be a part of Colleens life, and feels that their relationship shouldnt affect Colleens relationship with Steve. Traci wants to talk to Ashley before making her decision. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Olivia about the tension that Colleen has been causing between her and Brad. Ashley doesnt think Colleen has room in her life for two dads, and feels that Colleen is using Brad to shut Steve out. Traci enters and informs Ashley that she agrees with all of her concerns. Brad did overstep the bounds they set, but considering how happy Colleen is, Traci is glad he did. J.T. upsets Raul when he talks about Rianna. They begin a shoving match, but Billy and Mac stop them before things get out of hand. Raul leaves to do a chat. Mac hands Raul a soda and tries to talk to him, but he wants to be left alone. After, Raul falls and has a diabetic attack. Fortunately, he gets to the can of soda in time and stabilizes. Sean tells Jill that hes made it clear to Brittany that her advances are unwelcome. Jill is his type not Brittany. Sean also reminds Jill that in one day the project with the kids will be over. He believes that Brittany has issues with her father that leads her to pursue men she cant have. The gang gathers on-camera for Brittanys 18th birthday bash. When she blows out her candles, Brittany shoots a meaningful look at Sean that reveals her unspoken birthday wish.
Ep. #7209 29x113
Victor informs Ryan and Victoria that he found Tricia in their apartment, Keith had a stroke and Tricia is really on the loose now. Victor notes that he has placed Tricia under 24-hour surveillance. Ryan wants to have her committed, but Victor tells him he lost that power in the divorce. Meanwhile, Matt reminds Tricia that hes her voice of reason and if she doesnt listen, shell end up back in the hospital. A frustrated Tricia is hit with an idea. She goes to see Victor and tells him that she thinks she should move in with him, since her home is full of too many bad memories. Jill apologizes to Mac for having blamed her for Billys negative reaction to her relationship with Sean. Jill catches Lauren eavesdropping on them. When Lauren asks her about her new boyfriend, Jill storms out. After, Katherine explains that Sean is much younger than Jill. Lauren accepts Kays invitation to Jacks party - she has got to meet Jills man! A miserable Raul cant wait for the Jabot campaign to be over. He is upset when Rianna and J.T. arrive at the pool house together. Raul approaches them and almost gets into it with J.T., causing Rianna to be annoyed with both boys. Brittany assumes another screen name and instigates more online chat about Billy and Macs personal info. Mac cant understand why someone is doing this to her. As a diversion to all the drama unfolding on the Web site, Sean suggests that they throw an 18th birthday party for Brittany. Jill doesnt care for the idea and thinks Sean is so excited about Brittanys birthday because shes not jailbait anymore. Nick surprises Sharon with plans to build an addition to the house for the baby. When the architect informs them that the new room will not be close to Nick and Sharons, Cassie offers to give up her room to the baby. Nick and Sharon tell Cassie that they are going to make her new bedroom extra special.
Ep. #7208 29x112
Lauren shows up at the Chancellor home and tells Kay that she is extending her visit because of Paul. Mac is thrilled when Kay insists that Lauren stay with them. Mac tells Lauren that Kay is her legal guardian, and for the first time she really feels safe. J.T. informs Brittany that he did not strike out with Rianna. The movie they were going to see was sold out, so Rianna went home. Brittany says that he will have better luck tomorrow night at the Jabot Web cast. J.T. suspects that Brittany is up to something, like wanting to hook up with Sean. She warns him not to underestimate her. Sean enters and announces that Jabot has cancelled the all-night Web cast. Everyone leaves, except for Brittany who enters a chat room and reveals more personal information about Mac. Paul explains to Isabella how devastated he was when Christine cheated on him with Danny. Christine asked for him to forgive her, and he did. Paul is sick of blaming himself for everything that has gone wrong. Paul still cant promise Isabella anything, but kisses her and asks her to accompany him to the Abbotts' party next week. When Mary returns, she sees Paul and Christines shattered wedding frame. Michael asks Malcolm if Phyllis and Jack are over with. If not, they should be. Malcolm is annoyed by Michael's comments and asks him to leave. Phyllis doesn't think Jack will be able to adjust to her not being able to give him a child, and hands him her ring. When he refuses to take it, she throws it across the room and has the nurse escort him out. Sharon drops by Victorias office. Sharon reveals that Matt slipped Tricia Roofies and raped her, then confesses that he may have done the same to her. Sharon feels sorry for Tricia, but Victoria still thinks that Tricia is psychotic underneath all her medication. Victor demands to know what Tricia is doing in Ryan's apartment. Tricia explains that she needed somewhere to think. Victor advises her to go see her therapist. Tricia starts to cry. She doesn't know what to do or why she is there because her father had a stroke. Victor calls the hospital and confirms her story. After Tricia promises never to return, Victor arranges for his driver to take Tricia home.
Ep. #7207 29x111
Victor becomes concerned when he cant reach Keith. He explains to Neil that Keith is keeping an eye on Tricia - and when she's not in therapy, she's supposed to be at the house. Victor's instincts are telling him that something is wrong. Victor has his secretary call Keith's cell phone. Tricia answers, says that Keith can't talk right now and hangs up. Although he is relieved to know that both Victoria and Ryan are in the building, Victor instructs his secretary to keep trying the cell number - and to put security on alert. In the emergency room, Tricia tries to get information on Keith's condition. Matt tells Tricia that they should start making plans since her dad will be in the hospital for a while. Matt is annoyed when Tricia heads to Ryan's apartment. Tricia says that it is the only place where she feels safe. To shut Matt up, Tricia agrees to leave, but finds Victor standing at the front door. Isabella meets Paul at Gina's. Paul admits that he still feels guilty about how things ended with Christine. Isabella realizes that Paul had them meet in a public place so that she can't tell him how she really feels and storms out. Isabella goes to Mary's house, where she smashes Paul and Christine's wedding photo. Paul arrives and informs her that he isn't going to walk away until she hears what he has to say. Mac and Billy discuss their amazing summer together, and wonder if Rianna and Raul will ever get back together. They kiss, but are interrupted by Kay and Esther, who are preparing for Sharon's baby shower. J.T. tells Rianna that he hates seeing her so upset. He offers to take her to a movie and Rianna agrees. Malcolm visits Phyllis in the hospital and reminds her that even though Jack is devastated, they still have each other. At Jabot, Jill questions Jack about Phyllis and the party they're throwing. Jack doesn't have time to argue with her, and leaves to see Phyllis. Phyllis tells Jack that she can't give him the baby he wants, and knows that he must be questioning getting married at all. Jack insists that he loves her. Phyllis knows they love each other, but love can't bridge every gap. Phyllis breaks off their engagement and sets Jack free.
Ep. #7206 29x110
Victor is worried that Sharon may have harmed her baby by drinking alcohol during her first trimester. Victoria assures him that Sharon is now taking care of herself. Shes relieved he didnt say anything to Nick about his concerns. When Victoria asks Victor why he didnt tell her he was buying Ryans apartment building, he explains that he was just looking out for her well being. Victoria thinks that he should concentrate on Tricia. Warton congratulates Nick and Sharon on their pregnancy, then asks what the deal is with Tricia being out of the hospital. He notes that she became a loose canon when she hooked up with Matt Clark. Tricia was a victim early on because Matt was controlling her with Roofies. Warton notices Sharons reaction, and apologizes for talking about Matt. Tricia hears Matts voice urging her to kill Keith. Tricia struggles and decides to wake him, but Keith doesnt move. Tricia decides to call 911. The paramedics arrive and inform Tricia that it looks like Keith has had a stroke. Matt thinks it was a big mistake for her to get help because now shes blown everything. Tricia says that shes never listening to Matt again!. Lauren Fenmore is back in town to check on her store and runs into Paul at Ginas. She comments that Paul is not looking too good. Paul reveals the details of his divorce and relationship with Isabella to Lauren. Paul explains that Isabella is still around because he asked her to stay, but he isnt certain where the relationship is headed. Lauren reminds him that the relationship may always he tainted because its connected to the end of his marriage to Christine. If it doesnt work out with Isabella, Lauren knows someone else he should pursue her! Paul calls Isabella and asks to see her. Ryan tells Neil about his smooth divorce, then questions Neil about his feelings towards Alex. Neil tells Ryan that his fantasies about Alex and him are all in Ryans head. Neil notes that Alex is involved with Malcolm, but Ryan isnt convinced. Meanwhile, Malcolm tells Alex that he was caught off-guard when she said that she needed time to consider accepting his proposal, but will wait until shes ready because shes the only one for him. Alex believes that Malcolm is right and agrees to marry him!
Ep. #7205 29x109
Matt tells Tricia that if she doesnt do anything to stop Keith from calling the doctor, she will be committed and locked up for good. Tricia thinks that she can convince her father that she is fine, but Matt doesnt believe her because her previous track record stinks. Tricia hears Matts voice in her head suggest that she smother Keith. Tricia clutches a pillow and stands over her dad as he sleeps. Neil visits Malcolm, who is upset that Alex hasnt given him an answer to his wedding proposal yet. Neil doesnt believe that Alex is going to say, No. He also points out that Alexs father left her when she was a child, which may have destroyed her faith in men. Neil says that Malcolm is a fool if he walks away from the relationship now. Meanwhile, Alex assures Michael that her relationship with Malcolm will not affect Nates visitation. A chipper Colleen suggests that she, Traci and Brad have breakfast together. Traci begins to understand what Ashley was trying to tell her about Colleen, but thinks the outing will give her a chance to observe Colleen and Brad. At breakfast, Colleen states that she thinks Traci is wasting her time by trying to work things out with Steve. Traci is pleased when Brad gently asks Colleen to back off. Without telling Nick, Sharon pays Dr. Thompson an unexpected visit. Sharon informs the doc that Matt slipped something into her drink to make her pass out. Could the alcohol or drugs affect her baby? The doctor explains that while there are no guarantees, its a good sign that Sharon didnt miscarry. The doctor doesn't want Sharon to stress herself out about it, but urges her to tell Nick. During a business meeting with Victoria and Nick, Victor brings up Sharon's pregnancy. Nick notes that everything is going great. Their baby is a miracle that gave Sharon the strength to survive everything she went through. After, Victor tells Victoria that he is concerned about Sharon - and mentions the night that Sharon invited Matt over for margaritas.
Ep. #7204 29x108
Keith catches Tricia arguing with herself and wants to inform her doctor. Tricia assures Keith that she is fine - she was just thinking out loud. Keith doesnt believe her, and doesnt understand why she is fighting him on this issue. He suggests an adjustment in her medication. Tricia wants to know why he just cant take her word instead of involving the doc. Keith explains that it is because he loves her. Tricia blames Matt for making her crazy. Matt doesnt think she can talk her dad out of calling the doctor in the morning, if he wakes up. Victor informs Ryan and Victoria that he has purchased their apartment building in order to provide the best security possible. He insists that he isnt trying to take over their lives, he just wants to make sure that theyre safe. When Olivia drops Nate off at Malcolms, Malcolm informs Olivia that he knows she will never back off. Olivia is glad that they understand one another. While Nate and Malcolm enjoy their time together, Olivia meets Neil at Ginas for dinner. Neil tries to get her mind off of Malcolm and Nate. They dance, and Olivia and Neil agree that they would both like to spend more time together. Mac and Billy are shocked to discover that Raul and Rianna have broken up. J.T. approaches Rianna at the coffeehouse and asks if everything is okay. Rianna tells him the problem is with Raul - not him. J.T. is glad it isnt his fault, and doesnt want to hurt Rianna because it seems that shes been hurt enough. Ashley interrupts the embrace between Traci and Brad. Ashley speaks with Traci alone and reminds her that they had an agreement for Colleen to leave before she and Brad got any closer. Traci tells Ashley that she listened to Brads side of the story and has changed her mind. She would like Ashleys permission to stay and observe Colleen and Brads relationship. Feeling pressured by Brad and Traci, Ashley allows both Colleen and Traci to stay.
Ep. #7203 29x107
Jack informs John of Phyllis surgery. John is glad to know shes recovering, but wants to know why Jack is so upset. Jack reveals that he and Phyllis are engaged and he was hoping to have children with her. Jack loves her and knows that he shouldnt even be thinking about kids right now; he should just be glad shes okay. Jack notes that the hardest part is that Phyllis knew exactly what he was thinking. If he cant assure the woman he loves, hes not sure what this will do to them. Michael visits Phyllis in the hospital and is surprised Jack is not by her side. Phyllis admits that Jack desperately wants a child, and now shes afraid he will find someone else who can give it to him. Michael reminds her that love conquers all. Traci tells Brad that she talked to Ashley and is aware of what has been going on. She feels that Brad has let her and Colleen down. Brad replies that bonding with Colleen is not necessarily a bad thing. He has already advised Colleen to give Steve a break, but if things dont work out, then it would be good for her to have a father figure to lean on. Meanwhile, Ashley visits Olivia to discuss the situation with Colleen. Olivia tells her that Brad will probably end up thanking her for interfering, but Ashley isnt so sure that hell come around. Mac tells J.T. that it would be best for Rianna and Raul if J.T. stayed away from them for a while. J.T. wishes that Mac would trust him enough to tell him whats really going on. Rianna tells Raul that she cant believe the way he treated her the other day. She was so happy to be with someone who cared about and respected her, but what he did to her that night was worse than anything J.T. ever did. Matt informs Tricia that he is full of ideas for revenge, but she has to be willing to open up and listen to him. Tricia tells Matt that she doesnt trust him and angrily orders him to shut up. She turns around and finds Keith watching her!
Ep. #7202 29x106
Jill watches Sean and Brittany kiss, but exits before Sean sees her. Sean tells Brittany that shes crossed the line. Brittany thinks he liked kissing her - and feels guilty about it. Sean doesnt care what she believes and asserts that from now on its just business between them. Later, Sean informs Jill that Brittany pulled him in front of the camera and kissed him. He throws the tape away and says that he wants to take Jill to New York when the campaign is over. When Sean leaves, Jill pulls the tape out of the trash and watches the kiss again. J.T. notes that Brittany is losing her touch, but Brittany tells J.T. that the kiss was just her opening move - and Sean is not going to forget it anytime soon. Billy admits to Mac that the age difference between Sean and Jill really bothers him. He hopes that Sean isnt using his mother - or he will have hell to pay. Brad encourages Colleen to perform her dancing talents for the Web site, but Colleen feels too self-conscious. He suggests that she practice for him to get rid of her nerves. Traci returns to Genoa City and is concerned to hear that Colleen has been turning to Brad. Ashley wonders if that means Traci and Steve are patching things up. Traci doesnt know if reconciliation is possible, but either way her life is in New York. Traci calls Brad and tells him they need to talk. Colleen is excited that her mom is back and wants the three of them to go to dinner, but Brad explains that he and Traci need to meet alone. Neil and Alex discuss how the Lawson Medical case is now being handled by the U.S. Department of Justice, and if Alex will stay in Genoa City once the case wraps. Alex admits that Malcolm is a big part of why she wants to stay in town. He is surprised to hear that Malcolm proposed to her, but confused as to why she didnt say yes. Alex explains that shes not ready to get married yet. Victoria notices that Malcolm is unhappy, and asks if something happened between him and Alex. Victoria reminds him that couples have misunderstandings all the time and if two people love each other, there is nothing that they can't overcome. When Phyllis is wheeled out of surgery, the doctor explains to Jack that Phyllis was pregnant. She had an etopic pregnancy, and her fallopian tube ruptured. The procedure they performed was to save her life, but in this situation they couldnt save the baby. There is virtually no chance that Phyllis will ever conceive another child.
Ep. #7201 29x105
Phyllis is upset about having to postpone meetings as a result of being in the hospital and is angered that the doctor hasnt told them what hes looking for. Jack tries to get some answers from the doctor, who isnt sure and suggests that they do an ultrasound. Phyllis has another sharp pain, but doesnt tell Jack. While they wait for the ultrasound, Jack and Phyllis thumb through a bridal magazine. She asks how she can be so lucky when she suddenly doubles over in pain. Phyllis yells for the doctor, who rushes her to the operating room immediately. Victor explains to Victoria and Ryan that they need to be cautious of Tricia. They remind Victor that Tricia is doing better, and that she already knows they are involved. Victoria says they are keeping their living arrangements quiet, so Tricia shouldnt even find out. However, Tricia did overhear them speaking in the courtroom. She tells Matt that she is planning revenge. Matt thinks that Tricias threats are getting lame and that she needs to step up to the plate. Tricia informs him that shell act when shes ready. Keith enters and interrupts Tricias fantasy of poisoning Ryan and Victoria with tainted champagne. When he asks whom she is talking to, Tricia replies that she was just thinking about what the lawyers said. Victor wishes Nikki well as she leaves for Brazil. Victor kisses her for good luck, and tells her that it wont be the same without her. Although Olivia is still concerned about Nate staying with Malcolm and Alex, she agrees to go out to dinner with Neil. Alex declines Malcolms marriage proposal because she still has doubts. He explains that he doesnt want to get married right now, he just wants to put a ring on her finger so they can get used to the idea. Alex doesnt want to get engaged on a wait and see basis. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Jill tells Sean that Billy is upset about their relationship. She also mentions that she doesnt trust Brittany, and it must be her who is turning Billy against them. When Brittany teases J.T. about Rianna, J.T. snaps back saying that Sean is way out of her league. Brittany tells Sean that she has thought of a way to keep things interesting on the Web site and kisses him - as Jill looks on!
Ep. #7200 29x104
Brad eavesdrops on Ashleys phone call to Traci. Ashley tells Traci that Colleen is becoming a bit too attached to Brad. She thinks that Traci should return to Genoa City, and she and Traci can stay with John. Traci promises to get back to her. Ashley is startled when she sees an angry Brad staring at her. He cant believe that Ashley asked Traci to come back to separate him from Colleen! Ashley asserts that she is acting out of love. Brad feels that if Colleen wants to have a relationship with her biological father, then she deserves to have it. Brad informs Ashley that hes glad she called Traci because now is the time for him to reassess his place in Colleens life. Meanwhile, Billy tells Colleen to keep an open mind about Steve. Colleen thinks its a waste of time; her mom should move on like she has. Colleen feels she only has one dad - and its Brad. Ryan and Victoria are surprised to see Tricia at the divorce hearing. Tricia explains that she only wants closure. Victor asks Keith if it was his idea to bring Tricia to the hearing. Victor notes that he would be happy to hire someone to look after Tricia, but Keith tells him that he can handle it. After the hearing, Ryan and Victoria inform Victor that they plan on moving in together today. Victor thinks that would be a very bad idea. Malcolm is excited about Nates visit. He tells Alex that its because of her that he has his son back. Malcolm is sick of his life being on hold because of Olivia and asks Alex to marry him! Nate doesnt understand why Olivia is still bitter about Malcolms visitation. He points out that the judge said she was wrong and wonders why she thinks she is right. Neil arrives and apologizes for them being pushed apart because of the situation regarding Nate and Malcolm. Although Olivia still feels betrayed, he asks her out to dinner and wont take no for an answer. Jack takes Phyllis to the doctor. Phyllis brushes her symptoms off as being just a female thing, but the doctor wants to admit her into the hospital as soon as possible.
Ep. #7199 29x103
Brad wants to resolve the tension between him and Ashley. Ashley feels that Colleens loyalties are shifting from Steve to Brad - just as they had feared. She also thinks that Colleen is trying to make a family with Traci and Brad. After Brad leaves to take a shower, Ashley calls Traci and asks that she come home - soon. John brings Colleen to hang out with the Glow by Jabot Kids for the day. Billy chats with Colleen, and reminds her that he was in her position when John and Jill got divorced. Colleen tells Billy that she has been thinking about Brad and Tracis divorce lately. She wonders if Brad would want to be her father in every way. Keith and Tricia return to Genoa City. Tricia reminds Keith that her divorce hearing is today, but wonders if she should just stay home because Keith is so exhausted. Matt appears and tells Tricia to think of the stir that she will cause if she attends the hearing. Tricia feels that her fathers well-being is more important, but Matt reminds her that she wants to see Ryans expression when she walks in. At the hearing, Ryan is pleased that everything is going smoothlyuntil Tricia arrives! Nick tells Victor that he plans to spoil Sharon and make things as easy as possible for her, because the baby comes first. When Sharon informs Kay that she is pregnant, Kay decides to throw her a baby shower. Nikki comments to Sharon how lucky she is - and how smart she was not to take any sedatives during her recovery. Later, Sharon recalls the night that Matt slipped her a Roofie while they were drinking margaritas. Jack informs Phyllis that Gina is going to cater their engagement party. When he notes that having Gina at the bash will make John happy, Phyllis advises Jack not to play matchmaker. Phyllis doesnt want their bash to be formal, so they decide on a Latin theme pool party. She kisses Jack, and suddenly has another twinge in her abdomen. Although Phyllis doesnt think its anything serious, Jack wants her to see a doctor.
Ep. #7198 29x102
Jack runs into Paul at Ginas and learns of Paul and Christines divorce. Phyllis arrives and is just as shocked as Jack to hear the news. After Paul leaves, Phyllis tells Jack that their problems started when Paul wanted to start a family and Christine wanted to wait. Phyllis thinks that Paul and Christine are another reminder that disagreeing about having a family can ruin a relationship. Jack says that they already worked through that, and that they are not like Christine and Paul. Phyllis assures him that she will do everything she can to get past her issues about having kids. Isabella wants to know how Michael knew that Christine saw her with Paul. Michael thinks it must have been the final blow in their relationship. Isabella is not sure if she should stay, but Michael tells her there must be a way she can escape her problems without leaving town. Paul bangs on Michaels office door and blames him for instigating the divorce. Paul moves to hit him, but leaves when Michael threatens to call security. Isabella overhears everything and thinks Paul is more passionate about Christine than before. Michael kisses Isabella and they both agree that things would have been easier if she had fallen for Michael instead. Nick and Sharon confirm that they are going to have a baby. After everyone congratulates them, Nikki announces that she is leaving for Brazil tomorrow on business. Later, Nick tells Sharon he thinks she became pregnant on the night before they were supposed to leave for their second honeymoon - the one they never got to take. Sharon believes the baby was a blessing that helped bring her safely back into Nicks arms. Brittany proposes to Sean that they throw an eighteenth birthday party for her as a distraction from Raul and Riannas breakup. Sean tells her that she is just bored and hoping to upset certain people. Billy wonders why Mac would bring up his relationship with Brittany again. He assures Mac that their first time will be special because he loves her. Rianna asks Raul if their kiss means that Raul has decided he can get past what happened, or if it means he is saying goodbye. Raul pulls her into an intense kiss, forcing himself upon her. He starts to unbutton her blouse and Rianna asks if this is really how he wants their first time to be. Raul notes that it is only his first time. Rianna feels that this isnt right, but he reminds her that she didnt have any problems sleeping with J.T. Sick of everything, Raul tells Rianna its over for good!
Ep. #7197 29x101
Rianna wants to leave the Glow by Jabot project because it hurts too much to be around Raul. She then informs Billy and Mac that Raul wants to break up with her because he doesnt think shes over J.T. Billy tells Raul about Riannas decision and urges him to talk to her. Raul cant get past the images in his head of Rianna and J.T. together. Billy reminds Raul that Mac got over his relationship with Brittany. Rianna tells Mac that she still loves Raul. If she could turn back time, she would have saved herself for him. After, Raul approaches Rianna and kisses her! Paul insists to Isabella that he isnt upset that she worked in a massage parlor. He is upset that his relationship with Christine didnt have any closure. He was blindsided by the divorce papers and now she wont take his calls. Isabella is shocked when Paul reveals that Christine saw them making love. She feels bad for Christine, but wants to know where that leaves Paul. He tells her that he isnt contesting the divorce, but cant promise Isabella that theyll have a future together. The judge asks Nate to take the stand. Nate admits to the judge that he is mad at Olivia for not letting him see Malcolm. He explains to the judge that he lied to Olivia about going to the baseball game because he was afraid that he would never see Malcolm again. The judge assures Nate that no one is blaming him for anything. When she asks him if Malcolm has taught him anything, Nate replies that Malcolm taught him how important it is to have a mother and father. The judge decides that although Olivia has the sole responsibility of raising Nate, Malcolm will be allowed visitation. The judge expects Olivia and Malcolm to work together for Nates benefit. Nate tells Olivia that he loves her, then runs over to Malcolm and hugs him. Nick and Sharon decide to postpone the party to announce Sharons pregnancy. However, Cassie plans a surprise barbecue with Miguel and invites the whole family over to the ranch. Just as Nick is about to make their big announcement, Noah blurts that Sharon is pregnant!
Ep. #7196 29x100
While sharing a picnic in the park with Mac, Billy comments that things finally fell into place for them. Mac suggests that she and Billy go and see a movie because they don't want their date to end. Rianna confronts Raul at the coffeehouse and explains that she can't go on with them not talking. Raul asks if Rianna can put the past behind her because he sees the hold J.T. has on her. How is Raul supposed to get over the past when she hasn't yet? Later, Rianna runs into Mac and Billy and tells them that she has decided to drop out of the campaign. When Jill commends Sean on his work with the Web site, Sean says the kids deserve the credit. Jack notices that Ashley and Brad are upset about something. They tell Jack to butt out, but he insists on protecting his younger sister. Ashley says she doesn't need protecting; it's between her and Brad. Paul wishes that Mary would leave him alone, but Mary wants to talk about Isabella. He tells her that Isabella is gone, so there is not point in discussing her. Isabella runs into Ryan and Victoria at Gina's. She introduces herself and mentions that Paul solved her case. When they ask about Paul and Christine, Isabella mentions that they are having some problems. Both Ryan and Victoria sense that Isabella seems a little too interested in Paul and Christine's marriage. Isabella returns to Mary's to speak with her, when Paul walks out of the kitchen. Malcolm believes that Michael is using Alex to hurt his case, but Michael tells him that Alex may help. Malcolm testifies and asserts how much he loves Nate. If Olivia would have continued to allow him to see Nate, there would not have been any trouble. Michael objects. Alex testifies that she advises Malcolm on legal matters as a friend and tried to talk him out of taking Nate to the game. He listened, but ultimately went against her advice. Olivia says that she kept Nate away from Malcolm because she feels that he is a bad influence. His promiscuous behavior and refusal to take responsibility for his own actions are two reasons why he shouldn't have visitation rights. During the cross-examination, Olivia notes that Malcolm is reliable when it suits his interests. When the judge asks if anyone is going to call Nate the the stand, both sides say no. However, the judge wants to hear from Nate since he will be most affected by the outcome.
Ep. #7195 29x99
Brad wants to know if there is some deeper reason that Ashley doesnt want him to be close to Colleen. Ashley believes that Brads involvement with Colleen will ruin her relationship with Steve. Brad disagrees, but Ashley doesnt think Brad is objective enough for the situation. She doesnt want to force Colleen to leave, but thinks Colleen might be better off with John. Mac tells Kay that Billy found out about Sean and Jill. When Billy arrives, Mac asks if hes okay. He decides that he and Mac should enjoy their day off and go on a date. Paul tells Nikki that he is sure Christine saw him in bed with Isabella. His marriage is over. He doesnt know what he wants to happen with Isabella, but thinks it doesnt matter anyway because she has left town. When Mary admits that she doesnt want Paul to get the wrong impression from Isabella staying at her house, Isabella is understanding and says she was going to leave anyway. Mary wishes Paul would make things work with Isabella instead of Christine, but Isabella is convinced that Paul will never accept her past. At the visitation hearing, Michael declares that Malcolm is not a good role model for Nate. Mamie is called to the stand, and testifies that Nate and Malcolm have always had a wonderful relationship. She asserts that keeping them apart might permanently hurt Nate. When Michael cross-examines Mamie, he gets her to confess to Malcolms failures in the past, and emphasizes the fact that he had Nate lie to his mother constantly. Michael makes the point quite strongly that Olivia had every right to limit Malcolms access to her son. Neil testifies to Malcolms beneficial influence on Nate and the harm he believes Olivia is inflicting. Michael cross-examines Neil and tries to get him to admit to Malcolms wild and irresponsible ways. Neil says that Olivia created unusual circumstances, which led to Nate having to lie. Before Malcolm takes the stand, Michael hands Alex a subpoena and tells her he will be calling her as a witness!
Ep. #7194 29x98
Over breakfast, Nikki and Victor discuss Ryan and Victoria's relationship. Victor wants to know if there was talk of an engagement or living together, but Nikki tells him there wasn't. Victor isn't against their relationship, he just hopes they keep a low profile. He is also worried about Tricia figuring out what's going on between Victoria and Ryan. If she finds out, it could be very dangerous for Victoria. Ryan confesses to Victoria that he has changed his mind about taking things slow. He wants her to move in with him now, but worries about how Victor will react. Tricia tries to convince Megan to take Keith to Cape Cod so she can return to Genoa City. Megan reminds Tricia that Keith needs to be with her in therapy. Since Keith is very stressed, Megan that suggests Tricia and Keith move to Boston permanently. Tricia has to think about it, but later tells Matt that Megan won't be of any help to her. She needs to convince Keith that she is healthy enough to go home alone. Brad senses something is bothering Ashley and wants to know if she is all right. Ashley feels that Brad is misinterpreting Colleen's intentions. She doesn't like the way Colleen seemed pleased about the fact that Brad isn't Abby's biological father. Brad thinks it's natural, but Ashley believes that Colleen wants him to replace Steve in her life. Ashley wants Colleen to move back into John's house. Brad disagrees and does not like what he's hearing. Mamie informs Olivia that she shouldn't expect her to testify on her behalf since they don't agree. It breaks Mamie's heart that things have come to this, but Olivia reminds her that she is the one who was betrayed. Malcolm tells Alex that if he doesn't get visitation, he will take Nate and leave Genoa City. Alex warns that this would be the worst possible solution. Malcolm enters the courtroom and comments that after the hearing his life will change, for better or worse.
Ep. #7193 29x97
Billy tells Sean that what happened earlier is too personal for the Web site. When Sean does not make a promise to not upload the footage, Billy convinces Jill to make sure that it doesn't happen. Jill does just that, and she and Sean joke about Jill pulling rank. When they start to kiss, Jill pulls away. Jill tells Sean that things are going better between her and Billy and she doesn't want to jeopardize it. Later, Billy is happy when Jill informs him that anything too personal will not be posted on the Web site. Jill takes advantage of the moment and confesses to Billy that she and Sean are involved. Billy is surprised, but doesn't get upset. After, Jill tells Sean that Billy is fine with their relationship. J.T. says to Mac that he knows Rianna is hurting and wishes someone would tell him what's going on. He thought all the stuff between Rianna and him was in the past. Rianna approaches Raul and tells him they need to talk. Raul says he used to think he knew what they meant to each other, but now he's not sure. Raul walks away and leaves Rianna on the verge of tears, while J.T. looks on. Ashley, who is still in shock over the news of Traci coming back, runs to Victor for advice. Victor warns her that if Traci comes back, she should stay somewhere else. He also suggests that Ashley talk to Brad about what she is feeling, but reminds her that he will always be there for her either way. Colleen presses Brad with questions about Abby's adoption. Brad tells her that he considers Abby his own in every way that matters. After Colleen goes to bed, Brad assures Ashley that Colleen was just wondering if Abby's situation is like her own. Elsewhere, Jack tells Phyllis that everything is going to be perfect for them. They begin to kiss, but Phyllis pulls back when she feels a pain in her abdomen. She assumes it's just stress. Victoria informs Nikki that she is going to spend a few nights a week at Ryan's place. Nikki isn't surprised by the news, but wants to know what their future plans are. They tell her the divorce hearing is next week, but they do not intend to get engaged anytime soon. When Ryan calls Tricia in Boston, she says that she is fine with the divorce - and may stay in Boston permanently. Later, Tricia tells Matt that if Ryan and Victoria hope she is staying in Boston, then they will lower their guard and that's when she'll strike!
Ep. #7192 29x96
While Colleen is home alone with Abby, she accidentally finds Abby's adoption certificate. Ashley returns and Colleen asks her why she didn't tell her that Abby is not really her sister, but her cousin. Ashley asserts that Brad is considered Abby's father legally - biologically it doesn't matter. When Traci calls, Ashley finds out that Brad invited Traci back to Genoa City. Is Ashley okay with that? Ashley tells her sister that she would be more than happy to see her if she needs a break from Steve. Traci says she will be there in a day or so. Later, Ashley tells Brad that they should have discussed Traci's return before he went ahead and invited her. Brad replies that it was Colleen's idea to have Traci come and visit, not his. Dr. Thompson tells Sharon that she is near the end of her first trimester, which means she conceived in May. Sharon can't believe that the baby was conceived before Nick went to jail. Although she was assaulted - not raped - the doctor suggests that Sharon see a therapist for post-traumatic stress. After Nick and Sharon tell an excited Cassie and Noah about the new baby, Nick takes everyone out for ice cream. When Victor asks Phyllis why she didn't tell him that she was living with Jack, Phyllis retorts that she was being professional. Victor claims he is concerned for Phyllis because he doesn't trust Jack, but if she says their relationship will not affect her work, he believes her. When Jack informs Nikki of his engagement to Phyllis, Nikki replies that she will support Jack if he is sure it is what he wants. Raul tells Billy that he wants to skip the barbecue because he doesn't want to be around J.T. and Rianna. Billy decides to see if he can postpone it. Mac wants to try to talk to Raul on Rianna's behalf, but Billy tells her not to because of all the cameras around. Rianna realizes that she and Raul forgot about the cameras, and that everything must have been caught on tape. Billy tries to make sure that Sean doesn't upload everything on to the site, but the BBQ is about to begin and millions of people are watching. J.T. tells Mac that he wasn't trying to cause any trouble, and that what happened between he and Rianna is ancient history. Brittany interrupts and says that she thinks Rianna still has feelings for J.T. Billy informs Raul that they are still on for the barbecue. Everyone looks miserable, except Brittany.
Ep. #7191 29x95
Neil tells Malcolm that he went to see Olivia - and she is even more determined to keep him away from Nate. Alex wants to talk to Michael and find a compromise. Malcolm reluctantly agrees, figuring he has no other choice. While Alex visits Michael to discuss a possible compromise, Olivia arrives unexpectedly. Alex tells Olivia that Malcolm is willing to cut his visitation in half. After Alex leaves, Michael asks Olivia what she thinks. Later, Michael calls Malcolm and Alex with bad news: Olivia has rejected their offer. He states that the hearing is set for next week. Lynne tries to get some answers out of Paul, but he says he doesn't want to talk about it. Lynne blames Isabella for the demise of Chris and Paul's marriage. Victor tells Paul that he spoke with Christine the other day and knows his marriage is on the rocks. Paul replies that he never even saw Christine while she was in town, and wonders why they never spoke. Later, Paul finds out from Hal in the lobby of his building that Chris had been in town. He concludes that Christine must have seen him and Isabella together. Mary tells Isabella that Paul needs her right now while he is going through his divorce. Isabella reveals to Mary that she plans on leaving town. Rianna apologizes to Raul for not telling him that she slept with J.T. When Raul asks if she ever loved J.T., she says she thought she did. After Raul tells her to leave him alone, Rianna shows up at the pool house in tears and Mac rushes to embrace her. Billy approaches Raul saying that he heard the news from Mac. How is Raul doing? Raul is upset because he thought that he and Rianna would experience their first time together. Nick and Sharon go to the doctor to make sure everything is okay with the pregnancy. They tell the doctor they are a little worried because they didn't know they were pregnant. Dr. Thompson informs Nick and Sharon that they are more pregnant than they thought. Sharon is already a few months along.
Ep. #7190 29x94
Nick is excited to learn that Sharon is pregnant, but concerned about her strength and all that she's been through. Sharon is worried that another baby will complicate their lives. Nick assures her he is ready to be a dad again. Paul informs Isabella that he has just received divorce papers signed by Michael Baldwin - not Christine. Chantel comments to Michael how sad it is that Chris and Paul's marriage had to end in divorce. Michael is convinced that Chris and Paul didn't talk while she was in town, and he wonders why. Paul barges into Michael's office and demands an explanation. Michael says he was just using his power of attorney. Paul tells Michael he had no idea that Chris was going to take this drastic step. He can't help but shake the feeling that Michael put Chris up to it. Paul returns to his office and instructs Lynne to cancel his trip to Australia. Isabella says her life would be easier if she could tell Paul everything, but Michael tells her to keep quiet. Raul admits to Rianna that he is irked that she never told him about the talk she and J.T. had in the boutique. Raul insists he only wants the truth from her; nothing will come between them if they remain honest. Raul wants to know what J.T. did to her. Rianna reveals that she slept with J.T. Billy tells Mac it is her fault that J.T. has caused so many problems because she insisted he be part of the group. Mac insists that J.T. was only telling Raul the truth about Rianna. Malcolm tells Neil and Alex that he never would have risked the trip to Chicago had he known that Olivia was considering backing off. Alex says that the chances of Olivia letting up again are highly unlikely and he may have blown it. Malcolm gets upset with Alex because she doesn't understand his point of view. He has to fight for what is right for his son. Neil tries to talk to Olivia, but she feels that Malcolm hasn't reformed, and no one understands where she is coming from.
Ep. #7189 29x93
Rianna insists that she doesn't want to talk about J.T. Mac assumes she slept with J.T. and hasn't gotten over it. Mac tells her that she should deal with her feelings for J.T. instead of burying them. Rianna admits that it kills her to see how much J.T. cares for Mac when Rianna was the one who gave him everything. Mac promises Rianna that she won't tell Raul about her relationship with J.T. After J.T. exits, Raul confides in Billy that he is afraid Rianna may still have feelings for J.T. Billy reminds him that not too long ago Raul told Billy not to get upset over the things J.T. said about Mac. Billy challenges him to follow his own advice. When Mac and Rianna enter the pool area, Raul asks to speak with Rianna. Nikki gives Brad the details of her "Project Amazon" idea, creating a whole new line of herbal skin care. Brad loves the concept and thinks that Nikki should travel to Brazil to continue her research. Brad tells Nikki that he always had faith in her, and although he wasn't too sure about her decision to hire Warton, it looks like Warton is fitting in after all. Ashley informs Victor that she is very comfortable with Brad's relationship with Colleen. Victor tells her to keep her eyes open, explaining that it could become difficult dealing with a young girl in such emotional turmoil. Isabella tries to get Paul to admit the real reason why he's backing out of their relationship. Paul insists that he's not passing judgement on her past, but his focus right now is on being honest with Christine. Until he can tell Christine everything, he can't make any decisions about Isabella. Phyllis interrupts Michael at work, pressing him about his relationship with Christine. He instructs her to leave, when he gets a call from Christine. Michael immediately begins preparing divorce papers. A process server arrives at Paul's apartment to serve him a petition for dissolution of marriage. When Sharon asks Nick to come home for lunch, he assumes that she is preparing a little rendezvous. Instead, Sharon reveals that she's pregnant again!
Ep. #7188 29x92
Paul somberly tells Nikki that he messed things up with Christine and Isabella. Paul realizes he should have followed Nikki's advice - and now he's paying the ultimate price. Nikki thinks Paul's being too hard on himself. People make mistakes when they have certain physical needs. Paul admits that his marriage was in bad shape and he was shutting Christine out of his life without realizing it. Meanwhile, Isabella tells Michael that Paul found pictures of her when she worked at the massage parlor and how Paul was upset that she wasn't totally honest with him. Isabella also lets it slip that she slept with Paul. She believes that Paul is totally disgusted with her. Later, Paul informs Isabella that he is flying to Australia to visit Chris. Victor runs into Ashley and Abbey. Ashley notes that things are going well with Colleen and Brad. Victor is surprised that Colleen is not causing any complications in Ashley's life. Meanwhile, Colleen calls Traci. After, Colleen asks Brad to convince Traci to come home soon. He phones Traci and suggests that she take a break and return to Genoa City. Traci suspects that Colleen is trying to derail a reconciliation, but promises to think about it. Mac is surprised when Rianna arrives at her house. She asks why Rianna is so angry. Rianna is furious about Mac's conversation with J.T. Mac explains that she was only trying to help. Mac tells Rianna that she and J.T. talked about their first sexual experience and notes that a girl never forgets her first time. Is this is the reason why Rianna reacts to J.T. the way she does? Meanwhile, Raul tries to get Billy to confess to things he may know about Rianna. Billy believes that Raul is blowing things out of proportion. When J.T. shows up, Billy gets on him about disappearing the previous day. J.T. reveals that he was with Rianna - discussing their past relationship. Sharon and Nick share a leisurely breakfast together. Nick notes that he would like to rearrange his work schedule, but Sharon doesn't want him to change anything on account of her. Once Nick leaves for the office, Sharon checks the results of her home pregnancy test!
Ep. #7187 29x91
Olivia discovers that Nate has been lying to her about seeing Malcolm. Nate tries to protect Malcolm, and says that it's his own fault because he wanted to see his dad. Olivia blasts Mamie for betraying her, takes Nate and storms out. Olivia rushes to Michael and explains how Malcolm took Nate behind her back. Michael admits that this situation strengthens her case considerably, but warns that there are no guarantees. He attempts to make Olivia realize what she is doing to her son, but Olivia blurts that she doesn't care what Nate wants. Nate is only a child and she is doing what's best for him. Michael agrees to continue representing her, but notes that if the judge rules Malcolm out of Nate's life, Nate may never forgive her. Malcolm explains to Alex that Olivia caught him with Nate, and that he is willing to perjure himself if it will help get him off the hook. Alex thinks that if she talks to Malcolm's lawyer, they may be able to convince the judge that Malcolm was provoked to sneak around with Nate due to Olivia pushing back the court date. Warton is curious as to why Nikki wants to share dinner with him. Nikki explains that she wants to continue their conversation about Warton's problem with working with the other employees. She tries to encourage him to believe that he has as much to offer the company as anyone else. Nikki also tells Warton he can go back to school and get his GED, but he thinks she's patronizing him. It isn't until Nikki admits that she was once a stripper that Warton begins to take her seriously. Sharon is working on overdrive when Nick arrives at the coffeehouse. Nick is pleased and feels that work is exactly what Sharon needs to get her out of her Matt Clark funk. Doris, however, comments that Sharon needs to stop pushing herself. Sharon admits to Doris that she hasn't mentioned anything to Nick about her exhaustion. Later, at the ranch, Nick praises Sharon for being a wonderful mother and wife. They make love. Brittany poses as someone who knew Mac at the homeless shelter as she chats online with Mac. An upset Mac tells Billy that someone knows all of her personal informationand her full name. Mac now regrets her decision to be on-camera. J.T. realizes that Brittany wants to get in touch with Mac's parents because Mac is so adamant about not disclosing information about her mother. Mac goes home and asks Kay if she remembers someone named Jenny from the homeless shelter. She's afraid her mother may have saw her online chat. Mac is relieved when John Silva arrives with the documents making Kay her legal guardian. Billy comments that Mac seems like a new person since Kay is now officially her legal guardian. Mac admits she was probably a little paranoid about the whole chat room discussion, but figures everyone will have forgotten her by tomorrow.
Ep. #7186 29x90
Mamie calls Malcolm and tells him that she has a bad feeling about him taking Nate to Chicago. Malcolm assures her that everything will be fine and that she is in the clear because he didn't talk to her about it. Olivia returns home and wants to speak with Nate. Mamie lies that he is at the movies with a friend. When Mamie calls Malcolm again to tell him that Olivia is back, he agrees to meet Mamie at Gina's. Neil and Alex feel if there was any trouble Mamie would have called them. Alex says she believed Malcolm when he said he wouldn't go to Chicago. Neil says even if Malcolm is foolish enough to go to Chicago, at least he is doing it while Olivia is out of town. Olivia calls Debbie and asks why she isn't with the boys at the movies. Debbie informs Olivia that her son is at camp for the summer. Just when Mamie is trying to figure out what to tell Olivia, Olivia walk's into Gina's and says that she knows the truth. Phyllis is terrified of disappointing Jack, but he says she won't. She hopes his confidence in her won't be misplaced. Phyllis says if she keeps wearing the ring, then there will be no big surprise when they announce it at their party. Phyllis wants to catch everyone off guard about their engagement. Nikki asks Warton how things are going at Jabot. Warton tells her he has it made. In an effort to make him believe he's fitting in, Nikki asks Warton to have lunch with her. Billy tells Sean that he and Mac don't want to work with J.T. and Brittany anymore. J.T. asks Mac about her stepfather, but backs off when she gets upset. Mac tells Billy what J.T. said to her and that she will never be free of her mother. Billy assures Mac that she is safe from her mother and stepfather. Billy tells Sean that when he says J.T. is trouble, this is what he was talking about. Brittany's girlfriends criticize her for spending the summer with the Glow by Jabot Kids. They think she looks pathetic hanging around her ex-boyfriend. They leave and Brittany hops into an anonymous chat with Mac, telling her what a great role model she is, considering she was homeless not too long ago. She tries to convince Mac they know one another, calling her an inspiration.
Ep. #7185 29x89
When Nick and Sharon tell Victor that Keith called to let them know that he and Tricia are in Boston, Victor warns them to be very careful around Keith. Victor tries to get in touch with Keith, but Tricia answers the phone. She reveals that her doctor permitted her to go on the trip so she can mend things with her sister. Victor says she should first work on herself. After Tricia hangs up, Matt appears. He advises her to fly under Victor's radar. Tricia tells him that the best way to surprise an enemy is by being unpredictable. Victor gets the lab results back from the candy that Tricia gave Noah. Although the candy was not poisoned, Victor still doesn't trust Tricia. Jack pressures Phyllis about having children together. Phyllis notes that they never talked about having kids. Phyllis is upset that Jack doesn't seem to want her - he just wants someone to give him a child. When Phyllis hands him back the engagement ring, Jack asks if they can try again and slips the ring back on her finger. Brad explains to Colleen why he and Traci broke up. They were very young and found their lives moving in different directions. When Colleen asks Brad if it was a bad divorce, Brad tells her it wasn't. They went their separate ways and then Traci found Steve. Brad changes the subject and decides it's time to take Colleen to dance class. Malcolm arrives at Olivia's to tell Nate he will not be able to take him to the Cubs game; Mamie will go instead. Nate gets upset and begs Malcolm to take him. When Mamie returns from the bedroom, she finds a note from Malcolm saying he has taken Nate to Chicago! Michael tells Olivia that he can no longer find ways to stall the hearing. Olivia wanted Malcolm to slip up on his behavior, but it seems that he may get visitation rights. After Chantal informs Olivia that her flight has been delayed for a few hours, Olivia decides to go home and see Nate.
Ep. #7184 29x88
Victor senses something is wrong with Chris and urges her to talk to him. Chris tells Victor that she is sure Paul is having an affair with another woman, Isabella Brana. Chris says she and Paul both made mistakes in their marriage. Running away wasn't the answer, and now Chris feels she let things go too far. Chris decided she couldn't include Paul in making her big decision about her new job. She will always have regrets about their marriage, and leaves to catch her plane. Isabella doesn't understand why Paul has reservations about them moving forward since her case is over. Paul explains that the case is not the problem. He is a married man! Paul calls Chris' office overseas and learns that she is out of town, but the secretary won't tell him where. Jill still feels uncomfortable showing up at work with Sean, and hopes that Phyllis won't find out about them. Nikki enters and informs them that Jack and Phyllis are in Silicon Valley. When Jill starts debating finding a way to break up Jack and Phyllis, Nikki tells her to let it be. All Jill ever does is create conflict! Meanwhile, Phyllis opens a box from Jack to find a beautiful custom-made engagement ring. The couple decides to throw a party to announce their engagement when they get home. Jack tells Phyllis he is not one for long engagements. Plus, the sooner they get married, the sooner they can have kids. Phyllis says they never discussed having children. Sharon tells Nick she wants to get her mind off Tricia, but it's not that simple. Victoria and Ryan arrive at the ranch unannounced and ask where Tricia is. Just then, Nick gets a phone call from Keith informing him that he and Tricia are in Boston visiting Megan. The foursome wonders if Tricia might consider moving to Boston permanently. Sharon is doubtful. Ashley tells Brad that having Colleen stay with them was the right thing to do. Later, Colleen asks Brad why he and her mom broke up.
Ep. #7183 29x87
Chris wakes up in her office and recalls walking in on Paul and Isabella. How could Paul do this? Meanwhile, Paul thinks about making love to Isabella last night, and seems torn when he sees a picture of himself and Chris. Isabella tells Paul that she has never been happier in her life and it's all because of him. Paul doesn't respond to her kisses and confesses that he isn't sure that they should have made love. Victor bumps into Michael at Gina's and wants to know if he has anything to do with Chris staying away so long. Victor is Chris' friend - and he is going to keep a very close eye on Michael to see if he is up to his old tricks again. Michael goes to see Chris and asks why she came back only to tell him she's heading back to Australia for a year. Chris doesn't want to talk about it and informs him that if he needs to, Michael can terminate their partnership. Later, Chris sees Victor at Gina's. When Victor asks her how long she has been in town, Chris, on the verge of tears, tells him that she's already been here too long. Victoria and Ryan realize that after the divorce they will be free to get on with their lives together. When Victoria brings up marriage, they are relieved to discover that they both are not ready to take the plunge again just yet. This time, theyre going to take things slow. Sean wakes up to find Jill making breakfast. A delivery guy arrives with a new sofa ordered by Jill, but Sean isn't going to keep it. Jill tells him she just wanted to make an impact on his life the way he has impacted hers. Sean pulls her into a kiss and tells her she already has. Later, Sean tells her he is worried about Brittany causing trouble at the pool house. Jill isn't worried. She doesn't think Brittany will be able to do anything to hurt Billy. When J.T. finds the letter to Mac's mother that was returned to Brittany, Brittany demands that he give it back. J.T. will only return it if she stops going after Mac's mother - and doesn't tell Mac that he slept with Rianna last summer. Brittany vows to herself that she is not going to give up until she gets back at Mac!
Ep. #7182 29x86
Paul wants an explanation for the photos he found of Isabella. When he tells her that he doesnt care that she worked in a massage parlor, Isabella doesnt believe him. Upset by Isabellas deception, Paul thinks its best that she leave. Isabella begs for a chance to explain. She had been nave as a kid and used it as a declaration of her independence from her parents. Isabella tries to walk out, but Paul stops her and they kiss. As they fall to the couch, Chris walks in and sees them unnoticed. When Victoria shows up at Ryans apartment, he wonders if shes feeling okay. He reminds Victoria that they had an argument and she walked out. Victoria isnt mad. She just thinks Ryan is off base where Tricia is concerned. Victoria tells him there will be no mention of Tricia or anyone tonight. Ryan makes Victoria promise that they will always make time to spend alone together. Neil finally understands why Alex was so worried about Malcolm. He learns that Olivia plans to delay the hearing and that Malcolm is aware of this. Neil goes to Malcolms studio and tells him that Olivia is feeling cornered because she knows he will get visitation rights, and that he shouldnt give up on Nate. Malcolm says hes glad to have Neil back. Billy wants to know what Mac and J.T. talked about, and wonders how much Raul knows about Rianna and J.T.s breakup. Mac explains that Rianna has not gotten over it. She tells Billy that she wants J.T. around, but not if its too hard on Rianna. Brittany comes out of the pool house and tells everyone shes finished with her chat. Billy notices Brittanys change in mood, and wonders if Sean said something to offend her. Mac overhears Brittany telling Billy that Sean should be careful or he is going to have a problem with her. When Brittany leaves, Mac and Billy discuss how strange Brittanys been acting. Mac thinks she may be interested in Sean. Billy thinks it would be great for them if Brittany was interested in anyone. Rianna wants J.T. to leave her alone, but J.T. is persistent and tells her that girls always take things too seriously, while guys are clueless. Rianna says Raul is not like that. J.T. apologizes for his past mistakes and asks for her forgiveness. Rianna doesnt feel that J.T.s apology is sincere, and assumes that Mac put him up to it. J.T. storms out. When Raul returns, he asks Rianna if she is upset because of J.T. Rianna tells him that she is just happy because Raul is the best thing that has ever happened to her!
Ep. #7181 29x85
The Assistant U.S. Attorney arrives, but Paul will not show him any evidence until he guarantees Isabella immunity. Attorney Manning tells Paul that the case probably wont go to trial and no one will ever know Isabella cooperated. Lynne thinks Paul is rushing to solve Isabellas case, but she wonders if he is having second thoughts about starting a relationship with Isabella. Isabella tells Mary she is preparing a special celebration dinner for Paul, but she noticed that Paul was not in a very good mood. Mary says its just stress, but Isabella confronts Paul and wants to know whats wrong. He tells her he found a binder from the Heaven Can Wait Massage Parlor. He shows her the photo in the book and asks her if it looks familiar. Alex updates Victor on the Lawson Medical case. He is impressed with her work and considers offering her a job at Newman. Neil runs into Olivia at Ginas and she tells him she met with Lawson Medical. Neil is grateful for her help, and misses her friendship. Olivia tells Neil that things are strained between them because he sided with Malcolm. Neil reminds her that Nate is the one being hurt. Olivia changes the subject and tells him that she is willing to testify in the HMO case. Later, Alex asks Neil if he knows that Olivia and Michael have been maneuvering to keep the hearing on hold. Alex tells him Malcolm is taking it hard and doesnt know what he might do. Malcolm tells Mamie that she can take Nate to the baseball game since Olivia has refused Malcolms request. Mamie tells Malcolm that he can visit Nate once Olivia leaves town for a week. Sean notices that Brittany is upset by what Jill said to her. Sean tells her to use it as a learning experience, but Brittany doesnt see it that way. Mac asks J.T. about Rianna. She asks if he was Riannas first time, but then says its none of her business and walks away. Mac goes to Billy and they start kissing on camera. Mac begins to feel self-conscious when Billy mentions how much everyone watched Raul and Rianna kiss last summer. Rianna tells Raul that things just didnt work out with J.T. and everything is fine. Raul is glad that J.T. didnt do anything really harmful to Rianna. As Raul leaves the boutique to get some shopping bags, J.T. walks in and tells Rianna that he wants to talk about their past relationship.
Ep. #7180 29x84
Billy tells Raul he should have never pushed Mac into letting Brittany stay and had no idea his mom would use it as an excuse to add J.T. to the mix. Raul thinks he is the one who should be worried about J.T. since J.T. used to go out with Rianna. Mac wants to know if Rianna is bothered by J.T. hanging around. Rianna admits to Mac that its a reminder of what he did to her. Mac wants to talk to J.T. about what he did to Rianna. Raul doesnt feel comfortable around J.T., especially knowing that he hurt Rianna. Raul wants to know what J.T. did to her. Sean notices how distracted Jill is, watching Billy and Mac together. Jill explains to Sean that she has always listened to her instincts. Sean doesnt believe its a crime to trust her instincts, but tells her not to force the issue. Brittany overhears Jill tell Sean that she will find comfort in knowing Billys relationship wont last very long. Jill notices Brittany and tells her to mind her own business! Keith is excited that he and Tricia are going to Boston to surprise Megan. Although Tricia tries to weasel her way out of going, Keith convinces her that it would be best for both of them to leave Genoa City for a while. Tricia tells Matt that this trip will allow her to focus on future plans. As per Sharons request, Silva works on getting a restraining order issued against Tricia. Victor agrees and explains that this will be a good way to keep a close eye on her. However, until they get the lab test back on the candy, Sharon is still nervous about what Tricia might attempt next. Malcolm runs into Olivia and Nate at Ginas. He accuses Olivia of being unfair, and hopes she will eventually understand that what shes doing to Nate is wrong. Olivia drags Nate out of the restaurant, bringing Malcolm to tears. Paul tells Isabella that he found the books to prove James was involved in money laundering. He informs her that the Assistant U.S. Attorney is arriving soon, but he needs to go over some material before he arrives. She is excited they can start their new life together soon. Isabella tells Lynne that she realizes they havent gotten along well, but since her case will be over soon, she and Lynne should bury the hatchet. She tells Lynne that she knows Pauls marriage was on the rocks long before she showed up because Mary told her.
Ep. #7179 29x83
Keith warns Tricia to refrain from contact with the Newmans. Keith asks Sharon if she can cut Tricia a little slack. Sharon starts to give Keith an earful, but Victor interrupts her by thanking Keith for keeping Victor informed on Tricias actions. Later, Victor explains to Sharon that they should not alienate Keith because it is important for him to continue supplying them with information about Tricia. As Keith leaves, he is shocked when he sees Victors receptionist hand a package to a messenger for CPL Labs to be analyzed. He returns home and tells Tricia that he had a revelation about someone he thought he could trust. Keith gets a surprise phone call from Megan, who will be graduating from college in Boston next week. Tricia, who had called Megan earlier and persuaded her to call Keith, plays dumb and asks Keith who he was on the phone with. Keith thinks a trip to Boston will be just what the doctor ordered, as does Tricia. As Paul gets ready to leave for the cabin, Isabella asks him if he would be willing to pursue their relationship if no evidence is found to convict James. Paul admits the idea is very tempting, but he would never want to put her life in danger. However, Paul puts their professional relationship aside for a moment, and kisses her. Paul leaves, and Isabella rushes to Michael asking if he can help her get Paul to become closer to her. She assures Michael that she would never confess to Paul that she and Michael have rigged the entire investigation. Michael realizes the perfect solution would be for Paul to stumble over evidence by chance. Paul is at the cabin and finds the books he was looking for. As he flips through some photos, he is shocked when he sees a photo of Isabella. Ashley and Brad invite Colleen to drop by for a visit, but are taken aback when Colleen asks if she can live with them. She tells them that she would feel more comfortable with them because she fears that the Jabot kids are talking about her. Ashley calls Traci and gets permission for Colleen to stay with them on a trial basis. Alex, overwhelmed by last nights festivities, tells Malcolm that the prom was exactly what she needed. They kiss, and Malcolm is stunned when Alex tells him that she thinks its time they moved in together. However, Malcolm quickly realizes that Alexs moving in may dampen his chances of getting visitation with Nate. Alex agrees and tells Malcolm that she loves him.
Ep. #7178 29x82
Nick and Sharon arrive at Keiths looking for Tricia. Keith tells them that Tricia is at therapy, but just then Tricia returns. Tricia doesnt deny talking to Noah and giving him the candy, but doesnt understand why Nick and Sharon are so upset. She apologizes and promises to keep her distance from Sharon and her family. Victor questions Warton about the dynamics between Tricia and Matt. Warton tells Victor that Matt was abusive to Tricia and messed with her head. Nick and Sharon take the candy to Victor, who will send it to the lab. Keith asks Tricia what she was thinking going to the coffeehouse. Tricia tells Keith that she knows she made a mistake and says its a catch 22. She says getting better is making her want to make amends to everyone she hurt. Tricia feels people havent realized she has changed. After the prom, Alex and Malcolm go back to his apartment. Alex tells Malcolm that every detail of her prom was absolutely perfect. Alex toasts to Malcolm, saying she has never felt so close to someone as she does to him. Alex takes Malcolm by the hand and leads him up to his bedroom. Mary confides in Gina how much she appreciates Isabella being a part of Pauls life. Mary doesnt know what she would have done without Isabella. Michael overhears this and questions Mary about Pauls marriage. Michael tells Mary that he had a hunch that Mary believed that Chris was never good enough for her son. He tells her that Chris was devoted to Paul, but not loving enough to give Mary a grandchild. An offended Mary slaps Michael. Isabella tells Paul about a cabin that she and James used to travel to over the summer. Paul decides to check out the cabin to see if he can find any evidence. Colleen is happy to have met Abby. Brad believes Colleen is finally realizing how important family is when going through a rough time. Ashley thinks Brad should be very proud of himself, since he is the first one to break through with Colleen.
Ep. #7177 29x81
Tricia tries to tempt Noah with a piece of candy. Noah goes to Sharon with the candy and tells her a stranger gave it to him. He tells her the stranger had blonde hair and looked like mommy. Sharon takes the candy and gives him a cookie instead. She gets very nervous and rushes to Nick. Nick wonders if Sharon is obsessing over Tricia. However, their fears are realized when Noah recognizes Tricia from a photo. While Tricia is at therapy, she tells Matt that Sharon doesnt keep a close eye on her kids. Matt tells her that Noah probably took the candy to Sharon, and reminds her that what she is doing is risky. Tricia tells him that she will be careful and that no one will find out whats going on. Nikki notices that Isabella really cares for Paul. Later, Nikki tells Paul that she learned a lot about Isabella from speaking with her. He tells her there will be no turning back if he starts something with Isabella. When Isabella returns from the kitchen, she shows Paul several grocery store receipts that could help indict her husband. Ashley and Brad decide to have John and Colleen over for dinner. Brad asks Colleen if she wished Traci hadnt gone back to New York. Colleen says she doesnt want to be the reason Traci went back and finds Steves affair unforgivable. Ashley, Brad, and John try to cheer her up. Brad talks about how he delivered her in this very house when Brad was unable to get Traci to the hospital in time. He tells her that he fell in love with her when he held her for the first time. Alex is overwhelmed by Malcolm attempt to re-create her 1988 prom night. He hopes it is everything she imagined and more. The deejay plays some 80s music and announces that they are king and queen of the prom. Malcolm tells her that he wanted to do something special, and Alex tells him how he made her feel like a queen. They share a kiss.
Ep. #7176 29x80
Victoria tells Nick that Tricia is out of the hospital and living at home with her father. Nick is surprised at Victors agreement to back off, but Victoria explains that Victor gave Keith a paid leave of absence to watch Tricia. Nick and Victoria dont agree with Victors decision. Nick goes to tell Sharon and warn her about Tricia. Sharon tells Nick that they have to watch their backs until Victor resolves the issue. Keith tells Tricia that Victor doesnt plan to take action against her. Tricia leaves for her therapy session, assuring Keith that she wont break her promise. Keith exits and Tricia is left holding candy in her hand and staring at the mousetrap on the floor. She sneaks in the back door at Crimson Lights and hands Noah a piece of candy. As Jack is ready to leave, Phyllis asks him not to go. She is confused and doesnt know what to do. Jack thinks her decision should be simple accept his marriage proposal. Phyllis admires Jack for his persistence and finally accepts his marriage proposal! Nikki visits Paul and wants to know what is going on with Christine, and assumes Isabella is the reason for their break-up. Paul assures Nikki that he and Isabella just work together, nothing more. Nikki thinks Paul is setting himself up to get hurt because he is on the rebound. Gina keeps Alex distracted while Malcolm prepares for his big surprise. Alex is overwhelmed by Malcolms attempt to re-create the prom that she never had. Alex is touched when Malcolm hands her a corsage.
Ep. #7175 29x79
Keith asks Victor not to take legal action against Tricia. He knows Victor is concerned, but he assures him that Tricia will take her medication and be under his care. Victor feels Tricia hasnt been held accountable for her involvement with Matt. He is concerned with her being unsupervised when it comes to his family. Instead of pressing charges, Victor requests to have her committed. Keith doesnt agree with inpatient care. Victor finally gives in to Keiths plea, but wants reports of her recovery. Victoria doesnt understand how Victor could let Tricia off so easily. Victor tells Victoria not to let her guard down until he figures out what is really going on with Tricia. Matt wants to know what Tricia is going to do about Victor. Tricia feels Matt is trying to trick her into revealing her plan. Matt realizes that she is going after the family, but Tricia denies it. Tricia tells Matt that he knows nothing because he is dead, but Matt corrects her he's alive in her mind. Jack tries to surprise Phyllis in her hotel room, but she tells him to back off. She doesnt understand why Jack is pressuring her so much. Jack fears his surprise might have been a mistake. Brittany calls Macs old school in St. Louis and tries unsuccessfully to get a phone number for Macs mother. Instead, Brittany sends a letter to Macs mom in care of Cottonwood High School. J.T. tries to tell Mac that Brittany is up to her old tricks again, but Billy interupts. Rianna confides in Mac that she is uncomfortable with J.T. around, but doesnt want to let Raul know. Malcolm tells Mamie what happened with Olivia and Michael, and Mamie wishes she could talk some sense into her niece. Alex and Michael disagree on the custody battle and Malcolms character. Alex is looking out for the welfare of Nate, and accuses Michael of only wanting to win. Michael explains that as Olivias attorney, he must accept his clients requests. Gina arranges Malcolms surprise for Alex over at the Colonade Room. The only catch is Malcolm has to fit it in tonight. Malcolm is ready as Alex enters the room.
Ep. #7174 29x78
Victor is concerned that Tricia is out of the hospital. Tricia knows that Victor thinks she was partners with Matt, but she states that she paid for her mistakes. Like Sharon, she was also hurt by Matt. Victor cant believe that she didnt figure out Matt sooner. She tells him she is staying in therapy and will find a way to make amends. Keith returns and questions Victors visit. Victor tells Keith that his family wasnt happy about Tricia being set free. Keith tells Victor that Tricia is haunted by what happened and is working hard to get better. Michael wants to know what Phyllis plans to do about Jacks proposal. Phyllis is mad at the way Jacks family treats her. Michael knows she loves Jack, but is afraid of marrying him. Nikki is shocked that Jack asked Phyllis to marry him. She asks Jack if Phyllis is really the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Jack tells her he wouldnt have popped the question otherwise. Phyllis calls Jack to tell him she is leaving on a last minute business trip. Brad and Ashley bring Abby to visit with Colleen. They invite Colleen to the Jabot boutique, but she declines. When Ashley leaves, Brad talks to Colleen about going to dance school. This perks up Colleen and she is a bit surpirsed that Brad knew about her performance at Julliard. Colleen didnt realize that Brad cared, and Brad tells her that he does because shes his daughter. Ashley speaks with Olivia about her concern for Brad. She is concerned that with Colleen being present, it would take Brad away from her and Abby. Olivia doesnt want Ashley doing anything she would regret. Billy wants Rianna to remind Mac that J.T. is a jerk. Rianna claims Mac and J.T are just friends and she doesnt want to get in the middle. J.T. approaches Brittany and tells her that shes pathetic. He knows shes up to something. J.T. speaks with Mac and tells her there is something she needs to know about Brittany.
Ep. #7173 29x77
Sharon is shocked by Victorias news about Tricias release from the hospital. She rushes to Victor and demand they press charges against Tricia. Silva says they have no case because Tricias only involvement with Nicks case was that she helped Matt hack into the Newman computer. Victor tells Sharon that there may be something he can do. While Keith is away, Tricia hears Matts voice. They discuss their troubled childhoods. Matt tells her to be more cautious because people are watching her. She says she can handle anything and she is startled to hear a knock at the door. Victor is there and he asks how she is doing. The Jabot gang arrives at the boutique with their report cards in hand. Billy doesnt want to talk about grades or college for the summer. To her delight, Brittany finds out Mac attended Cottonwood High School. Sean apologizes to Jill for not calling her after she spent the night at his place. Jill explains that Sean keeps throwing her off balance and she doesnt know how to respond to him. A frustrated Jill decides to walk away. Sean grabs Jill and kisses her. Ashley praises Brad for saying Colleen shouldnt move in with them. Brad thinks keeping a low profile is best for Colleen. He says what happens over the next few weeks could determine how his relationship with her grows in the future. Brad assures Ashley that his life is with her and Abby. They decide to bring Ashley to Johns place to cheer up Colleen. John speaks with Phyllis about her behavior in the house and around Colleen. Phyllis tells Jack that her feelings were hurt by John. Jack explains that his dad doesnt want her to give a bad impression to Colleen. Jack tells her that things would be better if she accepts his marriage proposal. Phyllis wants Jack to stop pressuring her about marriage. Jack realizes that she has been purposely avoiding him. Frustrated, Jack suggests that Phyllis move out. She snaps back and agrees to leave.
Ep. #7172 29x76
Nikki explains to Victor that although shes tried hard to please him, she has obligations to herself and Nick. She explains that Warton would probably end up in jail, so she decided to keep him at Jabot. She says he earned a second chance, but Victor disagrees. She says she gave her word and cant turn back. Victor admires her determination and they decide to have dinner together. Warton explains to Nick and Sharon that Nikki decided to keep him at Jabot. He assures them that he wont let Nikki down, but Nick is concerned Warton will get into trouble again. Ryan tries to calm Victoria after she finds out Tricia was released from the hospital. Ryan says the doctors wouldnt have let Tricia out of the hospital if they thought she was dangerous. Victoria says the doctors are clueless. Victoria is upset because she thought the nightmare was over and that she could finally start focusing on them. Ryan understands where Victoria is coming from, but asks her not to let Tricia spoil their future. Keith asks Tricia how it feels to be home. Tricia says its the perfect place for her right now. Keith exits into the kitchen and Matt Clark enters. Tricia tells Matt that if she didnt want him there, he would be gone. She says she is always in control except when she takes her pills. Matt says she learned everything from him. Tricia disagrees saying she's been faking people out since her mom died. Matt warns Tricia that although shes fooled most people, she should be cautious of Ryan. She explains to Matt that she brought him back because he is the only one that will appreciate what she intends to do. Alex tells Malcolm he is crazy for thinking about kidnapping Nate. Malcolm blames Michael for finding a way to delay the hearing. Alex comforts him by saying things will work out as long as he remains calm. Phyllis invites Michael out to dinner after she tells him that Jack proposed marriage, but Michael declines. Michael tells Phyllis he is uncomfortable and frustrated with trying to make Olivia see what is best for Nate. He says the only people that are going to win are the lawyers. Mac tries to find out why Rianna is so upset about J.T. being part of the group. Billy and Raul are still annoyed that they have to work with J.T.
Ep. #7171 29x75
As Sean is setting up the equipment, Mac mentions to Rianna that Billy is dealing with J.T. being in the group. She thinks he has to get over his jealousy, just like she does. Billy comments to Raul that Brittany is trying too hard to be nice and helpful. Raul doesnt agree with Mac that J.T. has changed, recalling that he once hurt Rianna when they dated. Mac explains to Rianna that Raul is concerned about her and suggests that she reassure him. Brittany teases J.T. about how he must have felt to know that Mac wanted him around. At Yves, Nikki and Victor realize Victoria set them up. Victor is glad they care so much, but he is tired of Victoria and Nick interfering in their lives. Victor admits to Nikki that ever since she became more independent, she has made decisions that have constantly put them at odds. Nikki says that was never her intent. At the coffeehouse, Nick tells Sharon about the little stunt Victoria arranged for Victor and Nikki. Next on Victorias agenda is to find Warton a job at another company. Warton enters and thanks Sharon and Nick for being so generous to him. They assume he was let go by Nikki, but he tells them he is being kept on. Alex thanks Olivia for her help in gathering evidence against Lawson Medical. Malcolm interrupts their conversation and explodes at Olivia for extending the hearing date. Michael Baldwin enters and Malcolm blames him as well. Olivia was glad Michael witnessed Malcolms bad temper. Michael reminds Olivia that he advised her not to delay the case, as it will get her no more closer to her goal. Olivia gets insulted and exits. Malcolm tells Alex the only thing he can do is flee the country with Nate. Keith and Ryan are shocked that Tricia is checking herself out of the hospital. They question Dr. Burns about it and he explains that he normally would not be willing to release Tricia so soon, but he feels it may be best for her recovery. Keith assures Ryan that he will be taking care of Tricia from now on. Tricia says her pills are her lifeline, but when Keith and the nurse exit, she removes the pills from her mouth and puts them in her pocket.
Ep. #7170 29x74
Phyllis is totally caught off guard by Jacks proposal and bursts out laughing. Jack explains that he is serious and she composes herself. Jack tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Phyllis tells Jack that she needs some time to think about it. She has reservations because she loves him. Jack doesnt understand this, but Phyllis stops him from talking with a kiss. Brad attempts to break the ice with Colleen, but without success. John thinks Colleen would be better off staying with Brad and Ashley because he knows Phyllis will be a bad influence. Brad wonders if moving Colleen to their house would be disruptive for her. John agrees and decides Colleen should stay, but he will talk to Phyllis about her behavior. Although Brad and Ashley think Jack and Phyllis should move out of the house, John likes Jack living there and Phyllis makes Jack happy. Victoria and Nick talk about the family growing closer again, and how she plans to bring Nikki and Victor back together again. When Nick asks her about Ryan, she tells him that he may be cutting the cord with Tricia even as they speak. Keith and Ryan go to visit Tricia at the hospital. According to Dr. Burns, she is recovering well. Tricia tells Dr. Burns that she feels reborn. Ryan and Keith are glad to see how well Tricia looks. Tricia tells Ryan that she is sad their marriage is over, but letting him go is the right thing to do. Tricia realizes she is truly moving on, and tells everyone that she is checking herself out of the hospital today. Alex listens in on Olivias interview with Dr. Ingersol. He tells Olivia how Lawson Medical will take care of her if she orders fewer tests. Olivia tells him she must think things over before she signs the contract. Warton overhears Nikki tell Leo that shes thinking about terminating his employment. Leo reminds Nikki that Wartons parole is conditional and terminating him may cause problems. Warton confronts Nikki and tells her he likes working there, but Nikki tells him she has only one option. Later, Nikki arrives at Yves and is surprised to see Victor there. He tells her that he is there to have dinner with Victoria. Nikki is there for the same reason.
Ep. #7169 29x73
As Cassie and Noah play at the Newman family barbecue, Nick reminisces about the 4th of July celebrations of his youth. Nikki arrives and tells Nick that shes thinking of transferring Warton elsewhere. Nick believes Nikki has already gone beyond the call of duty, and believes that as long as the new job doesnt mess up Wartons probation, its a win-win situation. Nick also thinks transferring Warton will help her relationship with Victor. Victor arrives with gifts for the children. Ryan arrives home from a bike ride, and he and Victoria discuss what they will do with their day off. She suspects Ryan doesnt want to attend the Newman barbecue, and Ryan suggests an alternative, as they kiss and make love. Ryan and Victoria recall the first time they met, the first time they made love, and their wedding day. Ryan hands Victoria some documents and she is surprised to see that they are divorce papers. Ryan is happy that they can now move on with the rest of their lives together. At Pauls apartment, Mary comments on Isabellas terrific cooking and how she should teach a cooking class. As they are speaking in the kitchen, Marissa comments to Lynne on how chummy Isabella has become with Paul. Lynne agrees, admitting she is reluctant to move out of the apartment until Christine returns because she doesnt trust Isabella. They both watch Paul and Isabella laughing on the terrace. Marissa remarks that Paul is acting as if Christine is gone, and Lynne responds that she will be soon if she doesnt come home. Malcolm arrives at the coffeehouse and surprises Nate with baseball tickets. Just as Malcolm tries to assure Mamie that Olivia will never find out about their visits, Michael and Chantal walk in. As Malcolm and Nate embrace, Michael spots them. He admits to Chantal that hes having second thoughts about taking Olivias case.
Ep. #7168 29x72
Billy and Raul are upset that Jill included J.T. in the summer campaign. Jill asks Mac and Brittany if they are okay with it and they don't object. Sean feels Jill is playing a risky game by including J.T. Mac tells Billy that J.T. has changed and he should give him a chance. However, Billy reminds her that she and J.T. werent always just friends. She assures him everything is different now, then questions him about Brittany. He tells her its different because Brittany has always been a part of the Jabot campaign. Raul tells Billy to talk to Jack about not wanting J.T. involved, but Billy decides not to because it will make Mac think he doesnt trust her. Alex is in Neils office with Olivia and hears her tell the Lawson representative that she cannot meet with him. Alex asks why she didnt take the meeting. Olivia wants Neil present, but Alex tells her that his presence isnt necessary. Alex begins to worry about the case falling through, and Olivia accuses her of overreacting. Malcolm enters and is surprised to find Olivia working with Alex. Malcolm tells Alex that he talked to his attorney about visitation rights. Later, Olivia calls Alex to tell her she is going to meet with Dr. Ingersol from Lawson Medical. Alex thanks Olivia for helping with the HMO case, and reminds her not to push too hard with Dr. Ingersol. Olivia interviews with him as Alex listens in. Traci tells Colleen that she is going back to New York to try and fix things with Steve. Colleen is upset that Traci would go back to Steve after what he did to her. As Traci leaves for the airport, she tells Brad to look after their daughter. Ashley tells Brad not to push his relationship with Colleen. Jack invites Phyllis to his hotel room for lunch. They talk about each others families, and how neither one is perfect. Jack and Phyllis agree that living together has worked out well. Jack tells her that he wants to make sure she knows how much he loves her. He then asks her to marry him.
Ep. #7167 29x71
Brittany applies for a volunteer position at the homeless shelter. She mentions to the coordinator that her close friend Mac used to volunteer there. Brittany continues to press for information on Macs mysterious past, but the coordinator thinks they should talk about business. J.T. knows Jill wants to talk to him about being part of the Glow by Jabot house, but he still feels its a bad idea. She understands he and Mac dated and assumes he can keep things civil with Billy, although tension makes for better drama. Jill wonders if hes afraid of losing out again and mentions that round two is about to start. Raul, Rianna, Billy, and Mac are preparing for the on-camera scenes at the pool house. Rianna suggests they give Brittany the benefit of the doubt and try to get along this summer. Finally, Brittany arrives carrying gifts for Billy and Mac. Sean is about to get the campaign underway when Jill arrives, followed by J.T. Olivia agrees to go undercover and apply to Lawson Medical. She hesitates when she first gets a call for an interview, but Alex assures her she will be listening nearby. Colleen invites Brad to wait with her until Traci returns. Brad senses she is unhappy and suggests she check out the Glow by Jabot house. Colleen breaks down exclaiming how much she hates Steve. Traci enters and sees Brad comforting Colleen. Traci had decided with Jack and Ashley that it would be best if she return to New York alone. She declines Ashleys offer to have Colleen stay with her and Brad and decides to have Colleen stay at the Abbott house. Traci fears Colleen may resent Steve and turn to Brad as a substitute. Brad tells Traci that he wont try to take Steves place, but he cares about Colleen. He admits it hurts him to be shut out like this. All he wants to do is be there for her at the worst time in her life. Traci finally agrees to letting Brad spend time with Colleen.
Ep. #7166 29x70
Isabella wonders how Paul is so close to wrapping up the case when James is still in prison. Paul tells her that authorities have been trying to pin something on him for months, but need new evidence. Isabella offers to let Paul look through her personal files. Paul is anxious to wrap up this case, since he has developed strong feelings for her. Alex and Neil are confident about nailing Lawson Medical. Alex questions Dr. Kimbrough, in order to find information on Lawsons physician incentive program. Dr. Kimbrough gets upset that he ever talked to Olivia, but Alex reminds him that what he has done is unethical and its in his best interest to cooperate. Olivia wants to help Neil and Alex as much as she can, reminding herself what happened to Raul when Dr. Kimbrough misdiagnosed his diabetes. Raul and Rianna dont understand why Brittany wants to spend the summer with Billy and Mac. Brittany explains she lost everything and this job is all she has left. Brittany bought gifts for Rianna and Raul as a peace offering. When she asks them about Macs past and why she was so camera shy last summer, Raul tells her to mind her own business. Rianna wonders if Brittany has changed, but Raul comments that shes putting on another act. Billy assures Mac that her mother and step-father will no longer hurt her; he will protect her. Mac feels confident and she is tired of hiding from her mother, who probably doesnt even want to find her. Kay enters and tells Mac that Silva has some important news regarding her mother. Silva tells Mac that Amanda Browning no longer resides at her old apartment in St. Louis and left no forwarding address. They have fulfilled their duty by trying to reach, so Kay may now process the guardianship papers. They all celebrate. Jack offers Brad advice on wanting to become more involved in Colleens life. Brad feels that Ashley isnt happy with it, but he still wants to be a father to Colleen. Ashley speaks with Victor about her family problems. Ashley is confused, but thinks Brad is over-anxious about building a relationship with Colleen. Victor tells her not to worry, and everything will work out. Traci goes to Jack for advice, and Jack suggests she go back to New York and Colleen stay in Genoa City. Traci agrees that its a good idea and asks Ashley what she thinks.
Ep. #7165 29x69
Nikki confronts Warton about his bad attitude and reminds him what all her family has done for him. Warton feels hes going to be fired soon. He realizes Nikki stuck her neck out for him to do Nick a favor, but he knows he will be gone when he makes his first mistake. Warton also feels shes using him, and hes going to lose because of what is going on between her and Victor. Nikki speculates that he thinks everyone is against him and suggests he fight back. Larry admits he was pretty angry when he ran into Victor at the coffeehouse. He apologizes for what he said to her and Victor, and realizes he has to learn to control his temper. He also realizes that this is the first real break anyone has given him, and hes not going to throw it away. Victoria informs Victor that Warton screwed up at Jabot, and now Nikki is having second thoughts. They assume Nikki let him go, and are relieved Warton is out of their lives. Victoria predicts the Newman family will be a lot closer. Paul and Isabella enjoy a wonderful dinner at Marys. Paul mentions Isabella is also a great cook, and suggests they get together again next week. Mary embarrasses Paul by showing his baby pictures to Isabella. Ashley warns Brad not to interfere with Traci and Colleen. Brad knows Tracis situation with Steve will allow him to be closer with Colleen. However, Ashley wonders how much comfort Colleen can get from a man thats almost a stranger to her. Brad thinks Ashley doesnt want him getting close to Colleen. Traci tells Colleen that she and Steve are having marital problems. She confirms Steve is having an affair. Colleen is devastated. She wants to go back to New York, but wonders if her parents will get a divorce. Traci hasnt made any decisions yet. Billy and Mac tell Raul and Rianna that they have agreed to let Brittany work with them this summer. They are certain Brittany wont be able to handle seeing them everyday. Brittany tries to convince J.T. to be a part of the Glow campaign, but J.T. doesnt see himself fitting in. She asks if Mac ever talked to him about why she didnt want to be on camera last summer. J.T. knows Brittany has something on her mind.
Ep. #7164 29x68
Victoria confronts Victor about the state of his relationship with Nikki. They argue over Wartons release and Nikkis involvement in it. Victoria cant let it go, and pleads with Nikki for her to reconcile with Victor. Nikki points out that Warton would go back to jail if she changes her mind about him. Shes not ready to jeopardize Wartons freedom because Victor is angry at her. However, her decision will be made soon enough if Warton doesnt change his attitude. Jack senses Phyllis is doubtful about their relationship. She feels guilty about all of her failed relationships in the past, and thinks Jack shouldnt be with a woman like her. She warns him that shes a bad risk in relationships. Jack believes they have a chance this time to make it right and learn from their mistakes. He tells her that shes good for him and he hopes hes good for her. Phyllis confirms he is so good for her. Mary tells Paul that she doesnt want him to misinterpret how she feels about the relationship between he and Isabella. She believes Isabella would never threaten Pauls marriage, but she sees how happy Paul is when they are together. Traci reveals to Ashley how foolish she was to think she had the perfect marriage. Ashley advises her to talk to Steve, but Traci isnt ready to do that. Later, Ashley mentions to Brad that she stopped by the coffeehouse to see Traci and that Jack arranged an accidental meeting between Colleen and Raul. Colleen loved meeting Raul and Rianna. Ashley admits Traci isnt doing well, and she told her something very disturbing.
Ep. #7163 29x67
Victoria doesnt believe that things will stay the same between her parents. Victor doesnt see it working since Nikki is amused in finding ways to irritate him. Nikki admits to Brad she had doubts about Warton because of what it has cost her. Her decision came at a time when her family was getting very close. Brad encourages Nikki that its not too late to bridge the gap between her and Victor. After witnessing Warton lose his temper with Brad, Nikki reconsiders her decision. Warton agrees with his parole officer that he should straighten things out and apologize to Brad and Nikki. Olivia learns from Dr. Kimbrough that Lawson Medical gives its doctors a finanical incentive not to run more than a certain number of expensive tests. The doctor gets a bonus check every month if he doesnt go over his limit. She rushes to tell Neil and Alex and urges them to talk to Dr. Kimbrough. Phyllis is sorry she missed last nights dinner with the Abbotts. She tells Jack she wants to be there for the next one because its important for her to make a good impression on the entire Abbott family. Jack mentions to Ashley that Traci asked him to arrange a little surprise meeting for Colleen with Raul. Ashley speaks with Traci at the coffeehouse where Colleen is getting her picture taken with Raul. Ashley asks Traci if shes having marital problems. Traci doesnt see the point in explaining what happened since it wont change anything. She hasnt talked to Steve about it yet because shes too angry to be alone with him. Also, she doesnt know how shes going to tell Colleen because she idolizes Steve. Traci asks herself how Steve could betray her and Colleen like this. Ashley reminds Traci that her family is always here for her.
Ep. #7162 29x66
Mac reveals to Billy that she was afraid of her mom because she didnt want her to bring her step dad. Mac tells Billy that she was sexually abused by her step dad when she was thirteen. One night, when her step dad was drunk, he tried to unbutton her blouse when Macs mom returned home. Mac told her mom what happened, but her mother didnt believe her. Mac had no choice but to leave. Billy comforts a weeping Mac. Jill tells Brittany that the information she was holding over Macs head is no longer pertinent. She wants Brittany to drop it, but Brittany reminds her of her advice to get even and keep options open. They both decide that J.T. is the best way to break up Mac and Billy. Jill suggests they throw J.T. into the mix at the Glow by Jabot house. Alex tells Neil she had no trying to speak with doctors about Lawson Medical. She mentions she ran into Malcolm and that he was acting strange. Alex knows Neil is aware of Malcolms behavior and is dying to know why hes behaving this way. Neil thinks Alex can draw her own conclusions about Malcolms character. Alex concludes Malcolm is a terrific guy, a good man and father. Phyllis tells Malcolm that she thinks its a bit early to be popping the question to Alex. Sharon and Nick decide to postpone the coffeehouse expansion since hell be working on some projects for Newman enterprises. Raul tells Olivia that he has been exercising a lot and Dr. Kimbrough has been giving him many tests. Rianna suspects Dr. Kimbrough is overdoing it because he missed the prognosis the first time. Olivia asks Dr. Kimbrough why he has become so cynical about his profession, and what has Lawson Medical done to him to make him this way.
Ep. #7161 29x65
Brittany and Billy are both stunned that Mac wants to be on camera this summer. Billy thinks it will be fantastic, but Mac knows Brittany is upset. Mac mentions to Brittany that it will be interesting for the viewers to see Billy with his old girlfriend and new girlfriend. Later, Billy reminds Mac that it was more than just stage fright that kept her off camera last summer, but Mac tells him that her mother wont be a threat anymore since Kay has filed for guardianship. A delighted Mac tells Billy that she wants the whole world to know theyre together, even if her mom finds out where she is. Brittany tells Jill about Mac working on camera and asks what is Macs big secret. Jack confronts Jill about her secret relationship with Sean. Jack says he will not use her affair against her if she stays away from Mac. Victor persuades Sharon to talk to Nick about expanding the coffeehouses and the projects at Newman. Sharon knows they have to make sacrifices for Nicks career, but Nick isnt sure if the timing is right since he just got home. Sharon assures Nick that she can keep it together if theyre apart. Nikki confronts Victor as to why he is so hostile towards her. She asks why they cant be friends. Alex approaches Dr. Kimbrough at the Hospital, mentions shes an attorney for Newman and questions him about Lawson Medical. Although he would love to talk, Dr. Kimbrough is hesitant. Neil warns Malcolm to be careful about seeing Nate behind Olivias back. Neil asks if Malcolm proposed to Alex yet. Malcolm tells him hes getting to know her much better. Alex approaches Olivia and brings up Malcolms request for visitation. Olivia refuses to discuss this with Alex and proceeds to give her advice on Malcolm. She tells Alex to look beneath Malcolms handsome exterior. Neil is the one with character and integrity. Alex finds it funny that Olivia is praising Neil, even though he isnt backing Olivia on the visitation issue. Alex tells Olivia that she is in for a big fall.
Ep. #7160 29x64
Victor claims that the only link between he and Nikki is their children. Other than that, they have nothing more to say to each other. Nikki wonders what Victor and Nick are up to. Nick tells Nikki that hes staying close to home for a while, because he feels Sharon is putting up a front about putting the Matt Clark nightmare behind her. Nick explains that he and Victor came up with a plan for some projects at Newman Enterprises. Victor goes to persuade Sharon to ask Nick to commit to one project only, but Sharon doesnt understand why Nick cant expand the coffeehouse and handle one of Newmans projects. Malcolm thinks Alex must be really proud for coming so far in life. Alex notes it doesnt make up for the hard times. She is certain his childhood was not easy and he's been sucessful. Malcolm thinks they make the perfect pair. J.T. warns Brittany that Billy isnt interested in her anymore, and calls her a loser. Mac doesnt feel threatened by Brittany. Shes only upset Brittany is playing head games by pretending shes Billys friend. Kay assures Mac that the guardianship will go through. Jack knows the only thing holding Jill back from messing with Billy and Mac is Billys threat to cut her out of his life. He also has some other news to keep Jill in line, but needs more time to work on it. Sean prepares breakfast for Jill, and she thanks him for an amazing night. Sean promises Jill that he will be discreet about their relationship.
Ep. #7159 29x63
Billy asks Mac again if she would allow Brittany to work with them on the Glow by Jabot campaign. Billy thinks the more Brittany is around them, the more she will realize their relationship is over. Billy returns home for an Abbott family dinner, and announces that he and Mac decided to let Brittany work with them this summer. At dinner, John expresses how happy he is to have his family close to him and makes a toast. After dinner, John and Ashley notice somethings wrong with Traci. Jack tells John and Ashley not to pressure her. Brad thinks Tracis marriage is secure enough to let Colleen stay with him for the summer while Traci returns to New York. Kay informs Mac that she has a petition to the court to become her legal guardian. Mac is overjoyed. She exclaims her whole life is wonderful and safe, forever. Raul cant imagine Billy and Mac caving in to Brittany, but Rianna knows Brittany is a determined person when she wants something. Later, Billy calls Brittany on her cell phone and tells her that she can work on the summer campaign with them. Brittany assures him that he wont regret this. After dessert, Sean takes Jill for a walk in the park, a ride in his convertible, and then back to his place. Jill thinks Seans leading her on, but he tells her he has been building up to this moment. He takes her to his bedroom, they kiss and fall onto the bed. Isabella rushes to Paul and informs him that James sent her a threatening letter. He wants her to confess to tax evasion and get a short sentence, since she wasnt connected to the money laundering. Paul has to find out where the letter came from before paying James a visit in jail. Isabella asks if she should hire someone else to finish the job even though she only wants Paul.
Ep. #7158 29x62
Mac cant believe Billy is thinking of letting Brittany work with them. Billy points out that Brittany wasnt the only one playing games, but Mac doesnt think that gave Brittany the right to say she slept with him. She makes it clear that they are going to have problems if he thinks Brittany has any excuses. He assures Mac that no one will come between them, but Mac still doesnt trust Brittany. Victoria approaches Brittany at Crimson Lights, and offers her a Brash and Sassy business card. Victoria is confident that they could find something for her at Brash and Sassy if Jabot doesn't work out. Sean and Jill go back to his apartment for dinner. Jill comments on the apartments minimalist style and Sean explains that he made so much money at a young age and focused too much on material things rather than life. Tonight, Jill is the center of his attention. Jack tells Ashley about Phyllis having ammunition against Jill. He witnessed Jill kissing Sean at Jabot. Ashley doesnt believe this is a time to create conflict. Brad asks Colleen to spend the summer with him in Genoa City and work on the Glow by Jabot campaign. Colleen is happy with the offer, but she declines saying that she and Traci are going back to New York. Ashley and Jack are confused by Colleens decision, and wonder if Traci has hesitations about returning to New York. Traci tells Jack she cant return to New York because her husband is having an affair with another woman. Phyllis questions Michael about the woman he was speaking with earlier. Michael warns her to leave it alone and she finally promises to keep out of it. Isabella wants Paul to know that last night was her fault, not his. Paul tells her that he needed her comfort and affection, making it clear that shes not the one breaking up his marriage. Paul will be visiting Isabellas husband James in a few days, and will hopefully close her case. When Isabella meets Mary for dinner, she is handed a letter by her bodyguard from James.
Ep. #7157 29x61
Paul decides to close Isabellas case. Michael tells Isabella that he will handle everything, but Isabella is concerned Paul will realize the truth about her. She reveals it would kill her if Paul found out about her ruse. Michael notes that Paul now means a lot to her, but Isabella thinks any chance she had with Paul is doomed because of her lies. Michael reassures her he will distract Paul. Nikki goes to Paul for advice on hiring Warton and he respects her decision. He tells Nikki that Christine isnt due back until the fall, and things between them have gotten worse. Paul explains to Nikki about Isabella and why her case has kept him from going to Christine. Nikki thinks Isabella is attracted to Paul, but Paul doesnt care. Sean wonders if there is a connection between Jill and Brittanys attitude about staying on as a Jabot kid, but Jill suggests he spend more time thinking about his work. Sean offers to cook dinner tonight for Jill hoping to get her mind off work. Billy and Mac question why Brittany would want to be around them all summer. Brittany clams she wants to be at the house because she likes being a star. She doesn't want to lose that and her relationship with Billy. Billy agrees to think about it, but has major reservations. Billy takes Mac to the Abbott hideaway where they spend time alone together. Mac wonders what Brittany is really up to, and is glad Billy isnt giving in to her. Billy then says they should consider letting Brittany work with them this summer. Nick talks to Victor about Warton being on probation and asks to jump right back into work. However, Victor convinces Nick that it would be good for him stay home for a while. Warton goes to Crimson Lights and gives Sharon a gift for Noah and Cassie. He mentions that he should have killed Matt Clark before things got that far. He assures Sharon that hes going to try to get people to trust him again.
Ep. #7156 29x60
Nikki asks Victor to respect her decision to hire Warton, but Victor feels that she made a foolish and possibly dangerous mistake. Victoria hopes Victor has no more doubts about her relationship with Ryan. She is tired of fighting and asks why her family cant stay close after a crisis. Victor had also hoped this time would be different until he learned what Nikki did. He concludes that some things never change, and feels this is another attempt by Nikki to prove her independence. Nikki realizes she and Victor have no future together, but she cant help feel in her heart that she and Victor were meant to be together. Sharon remembers the romantic evening she had with Nick in the Arabian tent and plans some surprises for Nick. She prepares Nick a wonderful breakfast, and brings him to the bedroom, and gives him a massage. She then suggests they go to Crimson Lights. Nick questions if she is still hesitant, but Sharon assures him she is fine with it. Brittany still wants to work at the Glow by Jabot house. Jack thinks it might be uncomfortable for Billy, but Brittany is willing to keep things running smoothly. Brad, Ashley, and Sean think it would make things interesting, but the kids are left to decide amongst themselves. Brittany tells Billy and Mac that she is relieved the truth came out, and she can now move on, but Mac doesnt believe Brittanys sudden change of mind. Rianna convinces Raul to post his diabetes story on the website, so he can educate others. Sean is impressed with Jills sudden change in attitude about her sons relationship with Mac. Ashley is concerned again for her fathers recent memory loss.
Ep. #7155 29x59
Its obvious to Jill that Brittany doesnt know how to deal with Billy breaking up with her. She pulls Brittany aside and asks if she is ready to break up Billy and Mac. Billy and the gang arrive at the Jabot board meeting to discuss the changes in the Jabot summer campaign. Billy reiterates he and Mac are back together, and they will be working together on the summer campaign. Jill understands that this is business and goes along with a new campaign idea of Ashleys. Brittany enters, and asks if she is still one of the Glow by Jabot Kids. Neil insists he has no problem with Malcolm proposing marriage to Alex, as long as its for the right reasons. Malcolm goes to see Alex, who has been suspicious of Malcolms mysterious mood. Malcolm assures her that everything will clear up very soon. Phyllis mentions to Neil that Alex and Malcolm could not get close until Neil backed off. She also tells Neil that theyre on the same side since they both want Malcolm to be happy. Nikki and Victor discuss Victorias dilemma. Nikki wonders if Victor feels Ryan will not be able to turn his back on Tricia once she is out of the hospital. Nikki mentions that Victoria is definitely her mothers daughter, always seeking the grand passion. In reference to Nikki hiring Warton, Victor asks why she does things that would upset him. Ryan tells Victoria that if they hang in there, they will start their new life together very soon. Tricia continues her psychotic episode, where she hits Victoria and begs Ryan not to leave her. Dr. Burns believes the medication will help her get back into reality and stop being tormented by delusions. Tricia agrees to take the medication.
Ep. #7154 29x58
Jill tells Kay that Billy and Macs relationship is not going to last, so she is not going to get agitated over it. This makes Kay suspicious. Jill still believes their relationship is totally wrong, but creating an uproar may only bring Billy and Mac even closer. Sean convinced her that ranting and raving isnt the answer. Jill could lose her son that way, and she refuses to let that happen. Mac and Billy appreciate Raul and Rianna forcing them to talk because thats why theyre together now. Brittany wants Billy to tell her face to face that hes dumping her. Brittany exclaims that she will never forgive him and there is no way she will ever forget. Mac tells J.T. that she and Billy are back together, but doesnt want to lose J.T.s friendship. J.T. states she has already put up the wall between them. Malcolm explains to Neil that if he marries Alex, Michael will have a difficult time trying to paint Malcolm as a playboy. Neil didnt realize they were that serious. Alex enters, but Malcolm chickens out of popping the question. Dr. Burns assures Tricia that its a good sign that she agreed to treatment. She wants Tricia to understand why things happened so she doesnt make the same mistakes in the future. Tricia slips into a fantasy about her and Ryan as husband and wife. Victor wonders if Ryan can leave his past behind him now that Tricia is getting the care she needs. Victor warns that he better not be stringing Victoria along. Victoria asks for Nikkis support, and assures her that she and Ryan are going to make it as a couple. Traci declines Brad and Ashleys offer to stay with them while she and Colleen are in town. Instead, Traci decides to take Colleen and stay at the Abbott house.
Ep. #7153 29x57
Mac explains to Kay and Esther that she and Billy talked everything out and are back together. After Mac leaves for Billys, Jill enters and figures out what Kay and Esther are talking about. Kay warns Jill not to bother Mac. Jack wonders if Billys good mood is due to the kiss in the elevator. He continues to tell Billy that it was all planned by Raul, Rianna, and Phyllis. Mac and Billy discuss how Brittany reacted to the news of their reunion. Billy feels that Brittanys pride will kick in and she'll find someone new, like J.T. Mac feels that J.T. is too good for Brittany. Mac also says that J.T. is a good guy, but Billy disagrees and is worried about her friendship with him. Mac assures Billy that she will no longer continue the friendship. Brittany tries to goad J.T. into taking a stand against Billy and Mac, but J.T. declines. Nevertheless, Brittany vows to get even. Gina questions Michael about Christines absence. She has a feeling that Michael is behind this and is worried about the consequences. Paul tells Lynne that he feels his life is out of control. He apologizes to Isabella for the kiss and tells her that the prospective apartment fell through. He asks if she would stay with him. Michael calls Isabella and asks how her plans are coming. Isabella doesnt feel well about Paul being so anxious to finish her case. Michael says hell take care of the diversions to throw Paul off the track, and for Isabella to keep Paul occupied. Malcolm thanks Neil for his advice on being honest about his feelings with Alex. He also tells Neil that he and Alex are committed to each other. Malcolm continues to mention that Olivia convinced him to hold off on the papers. Suddenly, Malcolm has a crazy idea that marrying Alex may solve everything. Phyllis has lunch with Alex, in a effort to get to know her better. Alex is hesitant to talk about her relationship, but Phyllis says there is nothing to worry about.
Ep. #7152 29x56
Victor is surprised when he sees Warton in his house. After Nikki explains that she has brought Warton to the house for new clothes, Warton leaves. Victor is stunned when Nikki confesses that she offered him a job. Nikki states that she believes Warton is a decent person with good intentions, but Victor doesnt trust him. Ashley tells Jack that she is concerned about Brads sudden desire to have Colleen spend part of the summer with him. Ashley also thinks Traci was pleased to learn that Brad isnt Abbys biological father. Jack speculates that Traci likes being the mother of Brads only child. Ashley isnt sure she is ready for the changes that are about to come, but Brad expresses excitement over the arrival of Traci and Colleen. Isabella tries to comfort Paul, but he is too distraught over his situation with Christine. Paul explains that Christine took another job and made accusations of him being unfaithful. As he is explaining, Paul slips about his difficulty in resisting temptation. He grabs Isabella and they kiss intensely. After a moment, Paul stops, and self-consciously retreats to his room. Phyllis cant understand why Michael is so calm about Christine and Paul being separated for a long time, but Michael tries to convince Phyllis that he has no hidden agenda. When Isabella calls Michael, Phyllis gets even more suspicious, but Michael wont admit or deny anything. While dining at Ginas, Neil admits that his social life is non-existent at the moment. He fantasizes about Alex, dancing the night away and embracing in a passionate kiss. Malcolm cuddles with Alex at his apartment, commenting on their beautiful night together. Malcolm explains to Alex that he could never measure up to Neil in his mothers eyes. Alex opens up and mentions that she can understand because her father left when she was younger. Malcolm apologizes for stirring up feelings, but Alex thanks him for a great evening and gives him a parting kiss.
Ep. #7151 29x55
Sharon is impressed with the romantic evening, but Nick says it isnt over yet. After enjoying dinner and the hot tub, Nick brings Sharon into the bedroom to make love. Warton reports to Nikki that his first day went well, and she offers to give him an advance on his paycheck since he has no money. Nikki brings Warton back to the ranch to give him some discarded clothing when Victor arrives. Brad and Ashley ask Jack if he is okay with Colleen staying at his house if she agrees to visit over the summer. Jack is fine with the idea, but becomes offended when Brad and Ashley express concern over Phyllis negative effect on Colleen. Brad returns home and is happily surprised to see Traci and Colleen. Chris breaks it to Paul that shes accepted a job in Australia. Paul is upset because she didnt consult with him first, but Chris reminds him that he never consulted her before allowing Isabella to move into their apartment. Phyllis insinuates to Michael that Chris and Pauls marriage is on the rocks, but Michael doesnt confirm or deny.
Ep. #7150 29x54
Jill breaks it to Brittany that Billy and Mac are back together, and expresses her disappointment in Brittany for not holding on to Billy. Jack tells Jill that Billy and Mac are young and in love and there is nothing she can do about it. Billy doesnt care if Brittany tells the world that she broke up with him, as long as the world knows he is now with Mac. Nick admits to Sharon that he planned the Arabian getaway as an expression of his desire for her happiness. Malcolm agrees to Olivias request for holding off the serving papers until Nate is out of school. Olivia then confronts Alex and asks if shes the reason Malcolm is fighting for visitation rights. Alex defends herself saying that she is only trying to help Malcolm out of a painful situation. Chris complains to Paul about hearing Isabellas voice when she calls her own home. For the sake of his marriage, Paul decides it would be best if Isabella moves out. Michael calls Chris and asks if shes interested in a job in Australia for a couple of months.
Ep. #7149 29x53
Mac and Billy kiss and embrace each other in the elevator. Billy assures Mac that his relationship with Brittany is over, and asks her to have faith in him. Jill is shocked when the elevator door opens, and Mac and Billy are engaged in a kiss. Jill demands to know whats going on, but Billy tells her to back off. Keith arrives at Ryans with Dr. Walker and Dr. Burns, from the Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Ryan tells them that Tricia isnt well at all, having blocked out what happened to her. Tricia doesnt understand why they are there, and begins to go off the deep end, until Ryan assures her he will accompany her. Michael tells Olivia that he can make Malcolms lawsuit appear to be a vindictive act. Olivia runs into Malcolm at Crimsons Lights, just missing his meeting with Nate and Mamie. Sharon admits to Doris that its really hard to believe her ordeal is all over. Nick surprises Sharon and takes her horseback riding. He takes her to a secluded part of the ranch where, to Sharons surprise, they discover an Arabian tent with carpets and other riches.
Ep. #7148 29x52
Billy and Mac are stuck on the elevator at Jabot. At first, they are disturbed by the whole ordeal, but then confess they still have strong feelings for each other. Jill is surprised to discover Billys break-up with Brittany, and is annoyed with Jack for not keeping her informed. Sean suggests that if Brittany and Billy dont object to being together, the break-up could add drama to the Jabot website. Brad and Ashley object to Warton working for Jabot and order him to leave immediately. Nikki convinces them its a condition of his probation. She tells Warton everything will work out fine if he holds up his end of the bargain. Victor thinks Victoria is doing a lot of wishful thinking, trying to continue her relationship with Ryan. Ryan calls Keith from his apartment, and tells him to hurry over because they need to figure out how to approach Tricias delusional state. Tricia asks Ryan to make love to her, but he tells her hed like to just hold her.
Ep. #7147 29x51
Richards decides not to give any type of parole to Warton. Nikki responds saying she may be able to propose an alternative that may give Warton a second chance after all. Tricia refuses Keiths offer to go to London for further treatment. Victoria thanks Ryan for a wonderful evening of lovemaking, and offers to help him clean out Tricias belongings. Keith looks to Ryan for support in his decision to commit Tricia. Billy confirms to Jack that its over between him and Brittany. Billy tells Jack he doesnt want to go back to Mac, feeling that Mac is different than before and has moved on with her life. Raul and Rianna talk about how stubborn and confused Mac and Billy are acting, and whether or not they will get back together.
Ep. #7146 29x50
Richards decides not to give any type of parole to Warton. Nikki responds saying she may be able to propose an alternative that may give Warton a second chance after all. Tricia refuses Keiths offer to go to London for further treatment. Victoria thanks Ryan for a wonderful evening of lovemaking, and offers to help him clean out Tricias belongings. Keith looks to Ryan for support in his decision to commit Tricia. Billy confirms to Jack that its over between him and Brittany. Billy tells Jack he doesnt want to go back to Mac, feeling that Mac is different than before and has moved on with her life. Raul and Rianna talk about how stubborn and confused Mac and Billy are acting, and whether or not they will get back together.
Ep. #7145 29x49
Jack wants to know if Billy and Brittany are having problems, since it may jeopardize the summer campaign. After explaining to Rianna what happened with Brittany and Billy, Mac decides it would be best if she stayed away from Billy for the time being. J.T. is confident that Mac and Billy will not get back together, but Brittany is not so sure since she lost to Mac at her own game. To get Jacks mind off of work, Phyllis appears in a nurses uniform and undresses down to a teddy. Brad is optimistic of his daughter Colleens return, and how it may bring Ashley and Traci closer. Sharon tells Nick that being back at Crimson Lights reminded her of Matt, and she cant get over the fact that she was completely fooled by him. Tricia is excited to be leaving the hospital soon, and asks to call Ryan. Ryan assures Victoria that his marriage to Tricia is in name only, and that he and Victoria are meant to be together.
Ep. #7144 29x48
As Billy is about to watch the tape, Brittany grabs the remote out of his hand and confesses that they never had sex that night. When Brittany asks for his forgiveness, Billy replies that her deception was intentional and malicious. Billy refuses to discuss it further and leaves. Mac shows Brittany the tape for a different day, indicating she was bluffing all along, and the truth finally came out. Raul and Rianna wonder why J.T. is so worried about Mac going back to Billy, and questions if J.T. wants Mac. Ashley confesses to Brad that it was awkward to see Traci, especially since Traci didnt go to their wedding or know about Abby. Traci is having second thoughts about her book signing and wants to return to Genoa City. Paul wants to discuss Isabellas case with her, but she avoids it and hopes it will all go away. She calls Michael saying she is having second thoughts, and is considering moving out. Neil admits to Ryan that he is attracted to Alex, but he wont let that get between him and Malcolm, affirming that he will stand by Malcolm through his ordeal. Neil confronts Malcolm and Alex, and apologizes for holding a grudge. Ryan and Victoria agree to just spend some time together before making any commitments.
Ep. #7143 29x47
Brittany accuses Mac of bluffing about having a copy of the tape, but Mac reveals to Billy that there was a second camera recording at the Jabot house last summer. Brittany freaks out when Billy goes to pop it in the VCR. Rianna and Raul confront J.T. about spreading the rumor, but realize that it was Brittany. Jack agrees to Phyllis planning a 4th of July bash. Ryan probes Neil about his feelings for Alex. Malcolm confides in Alex that he doesnt want to lose her. However, Alex thinks hes not being honest with himself. Michael wonders if Olivia is refusing visitation out of spite or for Nates welfare. Nick and his family and friends celebrate his returning home with a pool party at the ranch. Nikki confesses that because Warton came through for the family, she sees him more favorably.
Ep. #7142 29x46
Brad plans the first annual Carlton family Memorial Day barbeque. Traci surprises everyone with her arrival, as she is on her way to Madison for a book signing. Ashley informs Traci that although Brad is not Abbys biological father, he has adopted her as his daughter. Traci hugs Ashley and hopes they can see each other again soon. John thinks Ginas new place is marvelous, and they sing a duet to celebrate. Jill spots Jerri from Survivor. Jerri, who is also a big fan of Jabot Cosmetics, pitches herself to Jill as a possible spokeswomen for Jabot. Kay and the family visit the Chancellor grave site and pay homage to Phillip. At the coffeehouse, Raul injects himself with insulin and thanks Rianna for her support.
Ep. #7141 29x45
Mac figures out that Brittany started the rumor. Mac confronts Brittany and threatens to use the tape against her. Brittany reveals the tape isnt there anymore. Jack asks Billy how he would feel about Mac being involved with the Glow by Jabot house this summer. Billy says its a bad idea. Paul insists on helping Isabella and tries to convince her not to leave town. Michael, who had been watching them the entire time, encourages Isabella to pursue a relationship with Paul. Isabella is reluctant because she doesnt want to break up a marriage. Ryan comments to Neil on his relationship with Alex, and how he is possibly hiding something. Phyllis tells Malcolm that she moved into the Abbott house and wants to throw a pool party to celebrate. When Nick visits Warton in jail, Warton tells Nick that he is going to back out of the deal.
Ep. #7140 29x44
Sharon is comforted by Nick after waking up from a terrible nightmare. Nick is happy to be home where he can protect his family. Nick, Sharon, and the kids decide to spend the entire day together and go on a picnic. Victor asks Alex for an update on the HMO case. He is glad to hear her progress, and how she and Neil are getting along better. Mac is furious at J.T., and wants to know who started the rumor that they were having sex. Phyllis makes it clear to Brittany that she is now a member of the household and has the responsibility for looking out for Billys best interest. However, she agrees not to tell Billy about the tape. Isabella admits to Paul that there was a part of her past that she would like to forget. Paul comments that everyone makes mistakes and its not right for him to judge her. He then takes her hand as Michael looks on. Olivia confronts Dr. Kimbrough about his misdiagnosis of Raul. He remembers Raul sounded like a typical teenager going through the usual changes. Olivia doesnt think this is the whole story.
Ep. #7139 29x43
Isabella tells Michael that she is finished repaying her debt, and is leaving town. Michael knows Paul could not have connected Isabella to him, and asks what is really making her uncomfortable. Michael agrees to stop asking Isabella personal questions and lets her spend the night. Isabella calls Paul to tell him shes leaving town, and Paul convinces her to meet him tomorrow morning. Tricia agrees with Ryan that treatment would be beneficial and suggests going to England with her father. Tricia also relays her fears to Ryan that Carter Mills is still alive. Sharon admits to Nick that she may still be in shock. Nick says that it is over and that he is determined to put the events in the past. Billy confides to Raul that he is glad their friendship is repaired, but all of them being friends again is not going to happen. Raul believes both Billy and Mac are suppressing their true feelings for each other. J.T. tells Mac that she could have found happiness with him, and kisses her. Mac admits that Kay must have been right about her trying to run away from her problems, but too many obstacles prevented her from being with Billy. Although not easily convinced, Phyllis understands Brittanys motivations with trying to keep Billy and Mac apart.
Ep. #7138 29x42
Nick returns home thanking everyone for making him a free man. Billy, Mac, and Rianna decide to throw a welcome home party for Raul at the pool house. Mac tells Kay she wants to go to Central America for summer break and build houses for poor people. Kay wonders if this is just a way to get away from Billy. Raul thinks Mac and Billy have a huge misunderstanding and its time to straighten things out. Paul tells Isabella he found more incriminating evidence on her husband James. Isabella gets nervous and exits, leaving Paul wondering what shes holding back. Christine declines Michaels invitation to Fiji. Isabella rushes to Michaels office and tells him she wants out. Ashley thanks Brad for setting up a wonderful evening with her dad, and is relieved John is okay. John suggests to Gina that she open a second restaurant and attract a whole new clientele.
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Tuesday January 25 2000 29x37
Ep. #7132 29x36
Sharon doesnt believe there is any other choice for Nick but to run. However, she is worried about the consequences this will have on the family. Nick and Sharon realize they must stay together no matter what price they have to pay. Victor insists to Silva that Nick is innocent and would never leave town without contacting him first. Kay and Nikki have no idea where Nick and Sharon could be, but assure the kids that their dad will be home very soon. Phyllis rattles Jills cage, but Jill is not easily intimidated. Jack wants Phyllis to cool it with Jill, and she agrees. Now that Phyllis and Jack are back together, Victoria is worried that Phyllis will leak information to Jabot. Although Sean and Jill have difficulty in letting their guard down, they both agree to take the risk of getting to know each other. Ashley thinks Olivia is kidding herself if she thinks Nate will get over Malcolm. Malcolm hopes that Olivia will realize that letting him see Nate is best for everyone.
Ep. #7131 29x35
A shocked Nick holds Matts breathing tube in his hand as the crash team rushes in. Matt dies. Sharon concludes that Nick has to run or be convicted of murder. Victor makes it quite clear to Richards and the police that Nick is innocent and will not flee. Phyllis drops the bomb to Victoria that she and Jack are living together. Jill finally agrees to Jack that shell back off of him and Phyllis. When asked if he really wants a boy, Brad assures Ashley he just wants to spend the rest of his life raising their family with her. Rianna warns Mac about Brittanys deceitfulness. Billy explodes at Mac, after she admits to being Cleanqueen. Billy accuses Mac of tricking him and manipulating him into telling her things he never meant to. Mac tries to apologize, but with no success.
Ep. #7130 29x34
Although Nick is furious at Matt for what he allegedly did to Sharon, he knows he has to keep his cool in order to be exonerated. Matt and Nick are left alone in the hospital room, while the cop goes to get a nurse. A cunning Matt grabs the tube from his throat and shoves it into Nicks hand. A stunned Nick can only stare at the tube in his hand. Michael calls Christine asking if shed like to go to Fiji with him. Chris is impatient that her trip is taking so long, but thinks she should stay put in Hong Kong. Mary confronts Paul about Isabella, and concludes that his marriage is over. Ashley lets Brad know she wants to have a child together. Brittany reveals to Billy that Cleanqueen is really Mac. Rianna asks Mac if she is keeping any secrets from Billy about her relationship with J.T.
Ep. #7129 29x33
Richards tries to get Matt to confess. Matt is willing to talk, but only to Nicholas. Although Nick is nowhere near off the hook, Nikki and the kids are happy he is out on bail. Sharon rushes to Nicks side. Nick becomes livid when he sees the bruises on her and asks if Matt is responsible for it. Ryan is in disbelief and saddened by the direction Tricias life has taken and wishes he could have helped her. Victoria assures him that he tried, as they hear that her condition has worsened. Mary asks Lynne what she suspects Isabella is up to with Paul. Paul argues with Christine about meeting in Hawaii. Chris calls Paul back and Isabella answers the phone. Isabella says she is staying there and Chris hangs up. Much to Jacks surprise, Phyllis arrives at the Abbot House with her belongings, expecting to move in. J.T. decides not to help Brittany with spreading rumors and advises her to quit this before it backfires. Mac sees Billy on-line and goes to a terminal to log on into his chat room as Cleanqueen. He asks her for advice on something.
Ep. #7128 29x32
Victor tells everyone that he got a call from the D.A. and that Tricias car has been found in a ravine. Both Matt and Tricia are in critical condition. Although there is no evidence linking Matt to the drugs, Victor tells Richards to get Nick released from jail immediately. Victor goes to visit Nick, telling him Sharon is fine and that he is free on bail. Nick promises Warton he wont forget his help. Lynne is convinced Isabella is after Paul. Mary, not knowing Lynne is sharing a room with Isabella, thinks Paul is living in sin. Phyllis suggests that Jack and she get a place together and asks if he is ready to move out of his fathers house. Jack replies that he wants to take things slowly and leaves. Brittany admits to Billy that maybe Mac and J.T. arent sleeping together, but that Mac is definitely moving on and J.T. expects more than hand holding. Mac wishes that everyone could get along and tells Rianna that J.T. has changed for the better.
Monday January 24 2000 29x31
Ep. #7126 29x30
Sharon asks Matt about the photo of Matt Clark. Matt explains that Clark has been holding a grudge against Nick and Sharon for years and has been forced to live as a fugitive. He continues to tell Sharon that Clark is unrecognizable because of plastic surgery. Sharon cant believe that she may have spoken to Matt Clark without even knowing. Sharon looks into his eyes with horror, realizing Carter is Matt. Meanwhile, Victor is on his way to the cabin. Nikki stays back at the ranch to look after Noah and Cassie. Nick snaps that Warton could have revealed Matt Carters true identity sooner, and threatens to hold him accountable if anything happens to Sharon. Ryan regrets not having helped Tricia and making her leave with him. Victoria has no sympathy, and thinks Ryan should have let her die. Although insulin and proper diet will assure Rauls health, hes worried that hell never be the person he used to be. Billy takes Mac home and comforts her. Neil is uncomfortable with Malcolm and Alex's relationship, but wont explain why. Olivia visits Neil and is glad that they can still be friendly despite their problems. Neil suggests that Olivia could solve their problems if she let Malcolm see Nate. Olivia isnt about to change her mind, and leaves.
Ep. #7125 29x29
Victor and Nikki rush back to the ranch only to find out from Miguel that Sharon had already left to meet Carter. Paul and Victor find Ryan bound and gagged in Matts apartment. They call Victor in his car to tell him where Matts cabin is located. Matt realizes hes being followed and tries to lose whoever it is, not knowing its Tricia. Sharon, whos been waiting at the cabin for Matt, starts searching for the evidence. She finds a picture of Matt Clark, and finally puts it all together just as Matt pulls up in his car. Olivia explains the basics of diabetes to Raul and his friends. She informs him that once he learns about the disease and its treatment he will be fine. After Jill compliments Sean on a great dinner, she hints at his attraction to her. Jill gets embarrassed, but Sean pulls her in and kisses her. Neil tells Malcolm that he has known of his relationship with Alex through Olivia. Neil agrees to tell the judge that its in Nates best interest to have a relationship with his father.
Ep. #7124 29x28
Sharon is on the phone with Matt, who informs her he has a taped conversation and photo of two people who may have framed Nick. Sharon agrees to meet Matt at the cabin hes been staying in. Matt locks Ryan in the apartment with the gas stove turned on, and leaves. Tricia, who had returned unexpectedly and overheard Matts phone conversation, decides to follow him. Warton calls Nicks bluff, revealing that Carter is really Matt Clark and the so-called evidence is a trap. Warton insists to Nick that hes not blowing smoke, and that Sharons life is in danger. Victoria is very worried about Ryan, and asks Paul to go with her to the address where Ryan went to look for Tricia. Nick calls Victor and tells him that Carter has been behind this nightmare, and to hurry back to the ranch and warn Sharon. Sean reports all the hits the website has been getting, and that the audience really cares about the Jabot kids. Jill suggests they use the kids now in their summer campaign. Sean suggests he and Jill go back to the Chancellor House for dinner. Jill slips into something more comfortable, while Sean cooks her dinner. J.T. hesitates in his decision to help Brittany spread the rumor about him sleeping with Mac. Mac reminds Billy that they were always friends even when he tried to scare her off. They all visit Raul, who is on dialysis and has no clue what happened to him. Raul asks Billy whats really wrong with him.
Ep. #7123 29x27
Matt drags a bound and gagged Ryan into the closet and locks the door. When Tricia tells him that Ryan saved her life, Matt says Ryan was going to commit her to a mental institution. Tricia confronts Matt about the date rape pills, but he denies using them on her. He forces her to leave for Peoria while he takes care of a few last minute details. Nick continues to pressure Warton about his accomplice, saying its wishful thinking that his partner will get him released in a week. Victor and Nikki decide to share their suspicions of Matt with Sharon and warn her of the evil lurking in the shadows. Matt finally calls Sharon back, telling her that he may have the answer to all of their prayers. Brittany claims that Mac is taking advantage of the situation at the hospital and acting like she owns Billy. Brittany is angry with J.T. and wants to make Billy think that J.T. slept with Mac. Mac mentions to Billy that there is a very good reason Brittany isnt trashing Mac anymore. Billy wishes all of them could just hang out without all the drama. Brad claims that cancelling the campaign could have devastating effects. He thinks its a big mistake turning their back on Glow by Jabot because the teen market is so hot. Sean suggests that they set up a link on the Web site to the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness once Jabot goes public with Rauls condition. Malcolm agrees with Alex that it may be a little early for them to walk down the aisle, but he believes they might have a future together.
Ep. #7122 29x26
Jill and Ashley catch Jack and Phyllis kissing in the Jabot boardroom. After witnessing Jill tell off Phyllis, Ashley is disgusted by the delight Jill has in causing other peoples pain. Jack promises Phyllis he will never hurt her again and they decide to go to her place. Paul informs Victor that the plastic surgeon who worked on Clark never saw him after surgery, concluding that Clark is unrecognizable. Victor calls security at the ranch and orders no one outside the immediate family to be allowed on the grounds without clearing it with him first. Matt is at the cabin setting up a tripod and camera, fantasizing about the ultimate payback hes been wanting for years. Sharon takes Cassie to visit Nick, and assures him she will do everything she can within the next week to help exonerate him. Nick mentions that something big is going down and Warton is on the brink of making a deal with him. Ryan arrives at the address Lynne gave him and finds Tricia passed out from the gas. As Ryan tries to convince Tricia to go to the hospital, Matt whacks him on the head and he falls to the floor. Neil tells Mamie he will testify on Malcolm's behalf. When Neil asks Mamie if Malcolm is dating Alex, he brushes it off as if he doesnt care. Malcolm takes Alex out to Ginas for dinner and dancing. They discuss their careers and hopes of starting a family someday. Malcolm shocks Alex when he asks her to marry him!
Ep. #7121 29x25
Tricia runs to Michael upset and confused because she realized the pills found in Matts room are used by men to rape women. Michael offers to help her, but Tricia runs away scared. Back at Matts room, Tricia is berating herself and goes to open the oven door and turns on the gas. Sharon goes to Paul for information on Matt, but Paul keeps silent until he can speak with Victor. Paul doesnt believe Tricia could be involved in such a vindictive act. Victor suggests to both Neil and Alex that they terminate all contact with Lawson Medical as soon as possible, because the HMO case is now a moral issue. Victor suspects that theres a renewed friction between Alex and Neil. Olivia is exhausted from a rough night in the ER and Reese wonders how she keeps it all together as a single mom. Much to Nates surprise, Malcolm arrives at the coffeehouse for another secret encounter. Malcolm tells Mamie that he is thinking about going to court to fight for visitation rights. Later, Mamie explains to Neil what Malcolm plans to do and that he is asking for their support. Jack and Phyllis continue their long kiss. Phyllis is under the impression that he canceled the spring break campaign to prove his love for her. Jack reluctantly admits to Phyllis that the cancellation had nothing to do with her. However, he admits he cant stop thinking about her. She admits the same and they kiss.
Ep. #7120 29x24
Matt admits to Sharon hes upset about leaving town and reveals he has some information that may free Nick. Sharon begs Matt to tell her, but he says its too risky blame someone and leaves. Tricia calls Ryan and says she just wants to hear his voice, and apologizes for all the mistakes she's made. Ryan and Victoria tell Victor, who had already put out an APB for Tricia. Phyllis tells Victor theyre beating Jabot in the spring break campaign, but hasnt yet figured out why the Florida trip was cancelled. Tricia hears Ryans voice once again, as he says he wants to help her and she should trust him. Tricia snaps out of it when the lab technician calls with the results from the pill she had analyzed. Christine calls and tells Paul that her trip has been extended. Paul explains to Isabella that he and Christine never had communication problems before, but now things have changed. Michael calls Christine to tell her about the trip he planned for them in Fiji, but she gets called away before he can make the offer. Jack tells Billy, Brittany, Rianna, and Mac that the Florida trip has been canceled. Brittany begs J.T. for help in keeping Mac away from Billy by saying he should guilt Mac into going to Hawaii. However, after all that has happened with Raul, Mac decides not to go. Jack agrees to Sean posting a message on the website that one of the Jabot kids is sick, not naming anyone. Jack hopes that eventually they can educate people on diabetes. Nikki and Jack think something is going on between Jill and Sean. Phyllis shows up to surprise Jack and explains that she is there because of what he did for her. She kisses him. Rianna runs out of Rauls hospital room and announces he is awake.
Ep. #7119 29x23
Victor threatens Detective Richards that he will expose his incompetency to the press if he doesnt put out an all points bulletin on Tricia McNeil. Victor comforts Nikki, assuring her that she is strong like him, and they will get through this. Tricia rummages through Matts suitcase, recalling her daydream where she found pills in Matts bag. Matt pulls out another suitcase, tells Tricia to start packing and instructs her to leave for Peoria ahead of him. Matt shows up at Sharons doorstep. Victoria and Ryan both come to the conclusion that Tricia isnt solely responsible for setting up Nick, but her anonymous boyfriend could be the threat. Victoria figures Tricias boyfriend is a manipulator, and is probably controlling her. Paul returns from South Bend with no lead on the Matt/Carter investigation. Isabella missed Paul and they spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying each others company. Just as Paul comments that he cant remember the last time hes had a good laugh, the phone rings and Christine is on the line. Rianna, Billy, Mac, and Brittany spend the night in the I.C.U. waiting area. Olivia reports that Raul has no sign of brain damage, but hes still on dialysis and is semi-comatose. Jill doesnt want to abandon the Jabot campaign after making all of the preparations. Jack insists that the Florida trip will not work because the viewers want to see the original Glow kids, not replacements. John agrees with Jack, concluding that they are going to have to cancel the project.
Ep. #7118 29x22
Ryan confesses to Victoria that it might have been Tricia who could have gotten into the computer system. They tell Victor and Sharon, who confirms Tricia was at the jail visiting Larry. Victor and Ryan agree that it all doesnt make sense, but Victoria and Sharon remind them of what Tricia did to Tony. Ryan disagrees that this has anything to do with Tony, but Victor wants to speak with her as soon as possible. Tricia gets confused by Matt, and opens up her suitcase and sees hundreds of little white pills. She fantasizes that Ryan comes to save her, but she pushes him away. Matt goes to rent a cabin in a remote location and cant wait for tomorrow with Sharon. Nick tries to make a deal with Warton, but Warton tells him theyll talk in a week. Nick thinks he is admitting guilt when he says this. Billy is upset that they ignored Rauls symptoms, but Mac reminds him that they never would have known what was going on if it werent for him. Olivia tells everyone that Raul is in recovery, and explains to them that he is diabetic. Jill, Sean, and Jack discuss Rauls condition, and realize their Jabot Spring Break campaign is a total loss. Sean suggests they explain why the Florida trip was canceled on the website, Jill agrees, but Jack wont let them use Raul that way. Malcolm confesses to Alex that he sometimes wonders how she feels about him, but after cooking such a great meal, he knows she cares. She tells him the secret of wonderful food is not to eat alone.
Ep. #7117 29x21
Olivia is working on Raul, when he seizures and starts to have a cerebral edema. Raul convulses again, and Olivia calls for an operating room saying that Rauls about to have a stroke. Rianna insists she should have done something to help Raul, but Mac and Billy try to convince her that there was nothing she could do. Noah is sad to see his father still in jail and wants to make another birthday wish to set him free. Sharon tells Nick that she thinks Tricia came to visit Warton. Warton tells Nick he feels bad for the kids, but cant say anything about who hes working with. Tricia returns to Matts, wishing she had never gone to the jail and is sick of being manipulated. Matt apologizes, promising hell explain everything later when they meet up in Peoria. Alex arrives at Malcolms, thinking he wants to discuss filing custody, but Malcolm just wants to spend the evening with her. Since they want to keep their relationship low key, Alex offers to cook dinner at his place. Victoria suggests to Victor that maybe someone close to the companys employees may have gotten access to the Newman computer mainframe. Ryan recalls when Tricia asked about his computer password. Victoria asks Ryan what he may know, but he doesnt want to discuss it. Sean takes Jill to Crimson Lights and Jill fills him in on the feud between the Newmans and the Chancellors. J.T. asks Brittany if she is more upset about Raul being sick or that her trip with Billy is being delayed.
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Ep. #7104 29x08
Matt tries to show Sharon that he is there to comfort her. He suggests that she invite some friends over to take her mind off of things or that he could go over the accounting books with her. Matt realizes shes not up for company now, but wants her to know that he would do anything for her. Victor approaches and tells them hes going to see Nick. Sharon asks to join him, since she had prepared to bring Nick the care package. Victor speaks with Matt and thinks its time he moved on with his life and leave Genoa City as soon as possible. Nick gets the package from the guard and fights back tears when he sees Cassies drawings. Victoria visits Nick, and explains to him that the Jabot campaign is going to provide some stiff competition since Phyllis wasnt the undercover spy she had hoped. Nick wonders why Victor hasnt been more aware of the competition, but ultimately Nick blames himself as Victor is too busy trying to get Nick out of jail. Jack admits to Ashley that he had real feelings for Phyllis and he is not going to give up on her. Jack is fed up with Ashley and how she thinks she knows whats best for him. Michael sees Phyllis and tells her that he spoke with Jack and that he is hurting as much as she is, maybe even more. Michael tells Phyllis she should give Jack a second chance. Isabella explains to Paul and Lynne that she was attacked by someone who was sent by her husband. Isabella is afraid of what her husband, James, will do if she reports this. Paul says that this case has his full attention until he is certain Isabella has nothing to fear. Mamie stops by to see Malcolm with an idea of how he can spend time with his son. Mamie tells Malcolm that she will have to deceive Olivia, in the best interest of Nate. Alex tells Neil she came up with a new strategy in the HMO case. She believes there may be evidence that Lawson Medical is compensating doctors to go easy on expensive tests. Shes going to the judge tomorrow and demand that Lawson Medical open up more of their files. Alex thanks Neil for reminding her that losing is not an option.
Ep. #7103 29x07
Tricia tells Matt that she found the pills in an unmarked bottle in his dresser drawers. Matt convinces Tricia that the pills are asthma pills, when they are actually date-rape pills. Matt leaves for the coffeehouse with the pills. Nikki and Sharon are putting together a care package for Nick. Nikki tells Sharon that life can change for the better just as quickly as it can for the worse. Jack sees Phyllis at Ginas and tries to get her to listen to him, but she storms out. Michael, who has just witnessed the exchange between Jack and Phyllis, offers his perspective to Jack. Paul admits he has never seen Phyllis fall so hard for anyone than she has for Jack, and that Jack shouldnt give up on her. Michael talks to Gina about Hong Kong and that the trip has put a huge strain on Christines marriage to Paul. Gina says that this is only temporary and that they are meant to be together. After a last attempt to find out if Isabella is being followed, Paul decides that the case is closed. Isabella apologizes to Paul about having misguided instincts about her husband. Paul goes back to the office the call Chris, but he is still upset with her for not telling him about Michael visiting her in Hong Kong. Isabella comes into the office with her clothes ripped, hair disheveled, an abrasion on one wrist and cut on her leg. She faints and falls into his arms. Jill brings some paperwork to Ashley and Brads for them to sign. They are slightly annoyed, but Jill thought this would be an especially good time since they must be in a good mood now that Jack has broken up with Phyllis. Ashley and Brad are surprised, but they are also relieved to have Phyllis out of their lives.
Wed Jan 05 2000 29x06
Ep. #7101 29x05
Nick is unnerved as he recalls the last time he was in prison with Warton. Warton tells Nick that he would like to fight him and settle the score. Nick will agree to fight if he confesses to the frame up. Victor and Paul discuss Nicks situation, and are hopeful of Warton losing his cool and exposing the truth about he and Carter Mills' involvement. Victor thinks Matt Clark could be another lead, though it would be difficult to orchestrate this set-up without being identified - unless he was concealing his appearance. Billy and Rianna express concern for Rauls on-going health problem. Raul remembers that he and Billy were best friends, but Raul isnt ready to let him off the hook yet. J.T. and Brittany discuss Macs knowledge of the staged sex between she and Billy, wondering why Mac hasnt run to tell Billy yet. Alex informs Malcolm that Neil went to bat for him regarding the Olivia/Nate ordeal. Malcolm is not impressed, and Alex concludes that its too little, too late. Malcolm asks Alex to dinner and she accepts. They kiss. Ryan brings Neil pictures for the Brash & Sassy layout, but they wind up discussing Malcolms bad attitude. They then talk about Tricia and how troubled she is. Neil reminds Ryan that shes running around with another man. Tricia thinks Carter is upset because Warton attacked him, but Carter argues that she has been hassling him and butting in where she doesnt belong. Carter tells Tricia that Warton is in jail and explains he was only trying to protect her. Tricia understands Carter always takes good care of her and she tells him she will never question him again.
Ep. #7100 29x04
As the guard gets Wartons bedding and uniform, Nick and Warton see each other for the first time. Although Warton denies it, Nick is convinced Warton has something to do with him being in jail. Victor vows to Nikki that he will have answers regarding the person who is responsible for Nicks arrest. Nikki feels bad for Nick and Victor thinks the whole family is being tested, but they will prevail. Nikki feels powerless, but Victor urges her to be strong. Edmonds is upset that Nick isnt being charged for manslaughter since the drugs from the bust and the rave are the same. Edmonds orders that the dumpster outside of Crimson Lights be checked tomorrow because he is determined to nail Nick. J.T. suggests Brittany be nice to him considering all he has done for her. After viewing the tape, J.T. tells Brittany he knows for a fact that she didnt sleep with Billy that first time in the pool house. Mac is surprised to learn that Billy and Brittany didnt sleep together and Raul asks if this changes anything. She explains that it does since she broke up with Billy because he and Brittany were sleeping together, but Mac wants to see the tape anyway. Mac then confronts J.T. asking why he didnt tell her what was on the tape, telling him she never should have trusted that he changed. Olivia is having dinner with Ashley at Ginas discussing the Malcolm/Nate situation, telling her that Malcolms lifestyle is wrong for her son. Ashley agrees to support Olivias decision to keep Nate from Malcolm. Jill and Sean are also at Ginas. They tell each other they had a great time and Jill wants to learn more about him. After Sean leaves, Gina approaches Jill telling her she thinks Sean is coming on to her. Alex goes to Neils office to tell him she had a bad court session. It was her against five lawyers from Lawson Medical. The judges dismissed Alexs motion and although she can bring it up again, she needs more evidence. Neil explains that this is how a case works and that she is just worried she made a major mistake.
Tues Jan 04 2000 29x03
Ep. #7098 29x02
Phyllis slaps Jack and accuses him of using her after she gave her heart to him. Jack tries to explain, but Phyllis runs out and goes to Malcolm's looking for consolation. Phyllis tells Malcolm that Jack admitted to her that he betrayed her. Malcolm tries to see the whole picture because Jack might have been under more pressure than her to get information. Jill admits to Jack that she told Phyllis, but he has no one to blame but himself. Jack tells her that he will never forget what she's done and will find a way to repay her. Sean calls Mac and introduces himself as the new webmaster for Jabot. He tells her about putting some clips of the Glow by Jabot kids on the website. Mac agrees to help out. Sean goes over to the Abbott pool house to find the stored footage for Mac to view for him, while he screens the other tapes with Jill at the office. Brittany and Billy talk about the bad timing they have of trying to be alone, since Sean interrupted them in the pool house. Sean looks forward to meeting Mac, but Jill warns hell be disappointed. Sean cant understand why a woman like Jill is so uptight about a teenager. At Crimson Lights, Warton makes it clear that he is on to Matt trying to put the blame on him. He punches Matt in the face. Sharon calls the police and urges Matt to press charges. Warton shows up at Matts room where Tricia has been waiting for him and refuses to leave. At the courthouse, Silva tells Victor that he filed the appeal and believes the judge will grant bail since Nick isnt charged with Jordans death. Also, the evidence against Nick is almost entirely circumstantial.
Mon Jan 03 2000 29x01