Gerald Wright runs the Baselricky Council Health & Safety Department with a team of misfits who, despite their best efforts, seem to cause as much chaos as humanly possible in their mission to make Britain safer. Few Council Officers take their commitment to the health and safety of the public more seriously than Gerald Wright. A man dedicated to the minimization of risk, even where no actual risk exists. If only Gerald were able to control his own life with the same benevolent despotism with which he regulates other peoples'. Sadly he can't. A recent divorcee and new single Dad, Gerald's personal life is just one long struggle against the petty irritations and inconvenience which bedevil all our lives. Those 21st century slings and arrows of outrageous fortune against which Gerald's lengthy rule book is no defence at all. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Deadly Receptacle 01x06
Tensions run high for the Big Ballroom Night and, while investigating the size of takeaway coffee cups, Gerald and his health and safety team uncover a startling conspiracy.
Curbing the Kerb 01x05
Gerald and his team decide that kerbs are dangerous trip hazards, while Sue sees another side of her mum's new boyfriend.
Concealed Sharp Objects 01x04
Gerald clashes with the Mayor in his fervour to author his own iconic hazard warning. Sue is threatened with industrial action and Victoria's DJ career stalls.
Lethal Swing Back 01x03
There is a toilet roll thief at large at Baselricky Town Hall, distracting Gerald and his Health and Safety team from a vital investigation into the safety of playground swings.
Conkers Bonkers 01x02
Gerald and his Health and Safety team set out to prove that playing conkers is dangerous, while Sue insists he makes a quiche for his ex-wife Valerie.
The Rogue Speed Bump 01x01
Gerald and his Health and Safety team identify an irregular speed bump on the streets of Baselricky. At home, he contends with bathroom hoggers.

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