Set in 1968-1973, the series tackles the social issues and historic events of that time through the eyes of main character Kevin Arnold. Kevin also deals with typical teenage social issues, including those prompted by his main love interest, Winnie Cooper, as well as typical family troubles. The story is narrated by an older, wiser Kevin, describing what is happening and what he learned from his experiences in an alternately nostalgic and ironic tone. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Independence Day (2) 06x22
Kevin, furious with Winnie over her infidelity, plays another poker game, this time losing all his money and his car. He then punches the guy Winnie kissed, quits his job and hitchhikes home because he is now without a car. Winnie is fired from her job because of Kevin's tirade; and she, too, hitches a ride back home, and Kevin happens to be picked up by the same couple. Winnie tells Kevin her side of what happened; but their argument becomes so heated that they are both dropped off at the side of the road. Soon after a thunderstorm occurs and they find refuge in an old barn where they decide they don't want to lose their childhood relationship. The next day they make it back home just in time for the Independence Day parade, and the present-day adult Kevin reveals the fates of himself, his family, and his friends from that day onward. Part two (conclusion) of the two-part series finale.
Summer (1) 06x21
Winnie takes a summer job as a life guard at a hotel resort, while Kevin considers a cross-country trip with his friends, an idea that Jack soon quashes knowing that Chuck and Jeff is cross-country without Chuck's Own Parents and Jeff's Mother's permission. Frustrated, Kevin then quits his job at Jack's factory and drives to the resort to see Winnie. Kevin then takes a job as a waiter to be near Winnie, but is then disappointed when he and Winnie are so busy they have no time for each other. Kevin gambles his gas money playing poker with the resort's house band and manages to win big; but later, when he finds Winnie to tell her of his good fortune, he becomes shocked to see Winnie kissing a co-worker. Part one of the two-part series finale.
Reunion 06x20
The Little Women 06x19
Poker 06x18
Eclipse 06x17
Nose 06x16
Hulk Arnold 06x15
Unpacking 06x14
Ladies and Gentlemen... The Rolling Stones 06x13

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