Steeped in circumstances, legal complexities and raw family emotion, a will has the ability to tear families apart or bring them together. In "THE WILL" Investigation Discovery invites viewers on an emotional and intimate journey as the final wishes of the deceased are revealed to the family members left behind. Expressed in dollars and cents, heirlooms and even last words of wisdom, a person's will is often a telling reflection of what they perceived of their loved ones. But, what happens when there's room for interpretation to the final will? Or worse what if a person leaves no will at all? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Estate of Brooke Astor 03x15
The estate of New York socialite Brooke Astor is settled.
The Estate of Gary Coleman 03x14
The estate of former child star Gary Coleman is examined.
The Estate of Jerry Garcia 03x13
In 1995, Jerry Garcia, from the Grateful Dead, dies at 53. The rock legend leaves behind a family and a multi-million-dollar estate. Both Garcia's will and the IOU's he made spark lawsuits that land those closest to Garcia in and out of court for years.
The Estate of Jimi Hendrix 03x12
The estate of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix is investigated.
The Estate of James Brown 03x11
Examining the estate of soul singer James Brown.
The Estate of John Kennedy Toole 03x10
The estate of author John Kennedy Toole (1937-69), which included his unpublished manuscript "A Confederacy of Dunces," is examined.
The Estate of Norman Otto Hipel 03x09
The Estate of Stieg Larsson 03x08
A dispute over the will of author Stieg Larsson is examined.
The Estate of Robert Johnson 03x07
Chronicling the search for an heir to blues artist Robert Johnson's estate.
The Estate of LaTanya Haggerty 03x06
In 1999, LaTanya Haggerty, an unharmed woman with no criminal record, is shot dead by the police. The family is given an 18 million dollar payment by the City of Chicago. When LaTanya's half-sister is cut from the deal, a dramatic legal battle begins.

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