season 1

Air date Episode Title
28.05.2014 01x01 Episode I: The Premiere Menace
04.06.2014 01x02 The Wrath of Wheaton
11.06.2014 01x03 Rise of the Wheatons
18.06.2014 01x04 A Nightmare on Wilm Street 4: The Dream Master
25.06.2014 01x05 Episode V: The Episode Strikes Back
02.07.2014 01x06 Wil Wheaton and the Half Blood Project
09.07.2014 01x07 Wheaton Academy 7: Mission to Moscow
16.07.2014 01x08 Wil Takes Manhattan
23.07.2014 01x09 Wilraiser: Revelations
30.07.2014 01x10 Wil Master: Axis of Wheaton
06.08.2014 01x11 Wil vs. Hedorah
13.08.2014 01x12 For Wil's Eyes Only

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