Shawn and Marlon Wayans star as Shawn and Marlon Williams, who live together in an one-bedroom brownstone in New York City. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Rope-a-Dope 05x22
Shawn and Marlon sell Pops' boxing memorabilia, but when their dad's feelings are hurt, they try to retrieve the goods from the new owner, Roy Jones Jr.
Three on a Couch 05x21
Shawn blames his family for not being successful after meeting a successful old pal.
Dreamgirl 05x20
A famous singer wants Shawn to father her baby but she doesn't need him in the baby's life.
Everybody Loves Shawn 05x19
Marlon returns to Everybody loves Everybody, but everybody seems to like Shawn after saying one line.
Hip Hop Pops 05x18
The boys throw Pops a suprise 50th birthday but the celebration only reminds him on how old he is getting.
Crazy 4 U 05x17
Shawn and Marlon are head over heels trying to get the attention of Dawn, a new psychiatrist that moved into the building.
Pops Gets Evicted 05x16
Shawn tries to impress the building's owner with a bunch ideas for the lobby but Pops diner has to get evicted first before anything can happen.
Jump! 05x15
The brothers teasing about Dee's job gets her suspended and the boys try to get her job back.
Saving Private Marlon 05x14
Big Brother 05x13
Shawn doesn't like the way Marlon is treating is little brother, so Shawn gets one himself, but his little brother turns out to be a former criminal.

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