Got a question about your money? How do you make a will? Can I get a house with my current FICO score? How about, which loan will ending being less of a headache in the long run? No need to fear, Suze Orman is here! The 5 time New York best selling author has all the answers to your questions. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Series Finale! 14x13
The goal of money and financial forever lessons; classic clips from 13 years of the show; financial transformations and surprises; a Ferrari; a Louis Vuitton handbag.
500th Episode: Forever Nevers 14x12
The five money moves not to make; a woman's dream home becomes a financial nightmare; a yoga retreat; an acoustic guitar.
Timeless Rules of Investing 14x11
The two most important rules to know when investing money; a woman faces up to her mistakes in order to plan for the future; a 1971 Alfa Romeo; a midnight-sun run in Iceland.
Financial Forevers 14x10
Timeless money lessons; a mother needs help bouncing back from a financially devastating divorce; a Corvette; a metal detector.
True or False Family Finances 14x09
What's true and what's not true when it comes to your legal, financial responsibilities to family. A couple facing financial challenges questions whether they should go through with a wedding. Viewers ask if they can afford a Chevy Equinox, a 25th anniversary trip to Spain.
Spend Your Way to Retirement 14x08
Money Rules For Relationships 14x07
Following money rules to strengthen relationships; a wife puts her husband on a small allowance; a new BMW; a dormitory-room bedding set.
Millenial Money Moves 14x06
The money moves to make right now for people under 35. Should you take on student loan debt to improve your income in the future? Viewers ask if they can afford a week at a baseball academy, solar panels.
The Best Way Out of Credit Card Debt 14x05
The steps to take to get out of credit card debt the fastest and most cost-efficient way; a stressful relocation leads to out-of-control spending; a storage barn; a MacBook Air.
Bad Money Habits 14x04
The bad money habits to break to create a secure life; a man living a financial lie wants to come clean to his friends and family; a Florida getaway; a nutrition course.

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