The former Chicago cop and security guard of "The Jerry Springer Show'' gets his own talk show adapted from the popular "Steve to the Rescue'' shows he did while filling in for Springer. Wilkos says he hopes his show will provide him with a platform to stand up for everyday people and help viewers in need on The Steve Wilkos Show. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Molestation: I Came to Steve for the Truth 11x83
Mo and Monica return to the show because Monica's 4-year-old daughter says Mo touched her inappropriately; Malcolm suspects that Jennifer allowed their children to be molested.
Racial Violence: They Tried to Hang My 15-Year-Old Son 11x82
Fifteen-year-old Jason was brutally beaten by boys in his neighborhood who yelled racial epithets at him, and his family had to move in order to be safe.
Cheating, Pregnancy, and Betrayal 11x81
Jarvis' fiancee says fights between them have gotten so bad that she suffered four miscarriages; Matthew started to suspect his girlfriend was cheating on him after she began receiving phone calls from other men in the middle of the night.
Child Abuse: You're All Suspects 11x80
Parents and their partners take lie-detector tests after a large hand print is found on a 4-year-old's thigh.
Steve, She's Not the Victim Here 11x79
Marquesha wants to salvage her relationship with her physically abusive boyfriend; David thinks his three children's mother has been seeing other men.
I Think I Saw My Brother Molest My Sister 11x78
Johnny says he is not the one who molested Ena's daughter, and he suspects that one of her sons may have done it.
Was She Raped? Am I the Father? 11x77
Lino doesn't believe that his girlfriend was raped and doubts he is the father of her daughter; Brandon denies all four of 24-year-old Caprice's children.
Were You Neglectful or Was It Child Abuse? 11x76
Alex's son was taken away after strangers noticed that the child had two black eyes; Stephen says accusations of physically and sexually abusing his children are false and are an attempt by his ex to keep him from seeking custody.
Update: Do You Believe Me Now, Mom? 11x75
Past guest Marissa returns to the show because she and her husband accuse each other of being unfaithful.
You've Broken My Heart for the Last Time 11x74
Aaliyah refuses to take back her child's father unless he can pass a lie-detector test; Brandon says that he has cheated on his girlfriend several times, but that it is her fault because she slept with someone else while he was incarcerated.

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