A blend of thrilling murder investigation and raw character drama, anthology series The Sinner follows the investigation of a chilling new homicide each season. Detective Harry Ambrose employs unusual tactics and a deep capacity for empathy to solve his cases … with a boundless dedication driven by his own dark past. Departing from the traditional "whodunnit," the series delves into the "why" -- exploring the buried traumas, psychological factors and philosophical reasons that might compel a seemingly "normal" person to commit unspeakable acts. Add to my shows

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Part VIII 04x08

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Part VII 04x07
Unsure whom to trust, Ambrose hunts down his pursuers.
Part VI 04x06
A shocking new crime further rattles the town of Clark Harbor; Ambrose and Meg team together.
Part V 04x05
Ambrose discovers the source of Percy's ritualistic practices and dives deeper into her past.
Part IV 04x04
When the Muldoons push to close the investigation, Ambrose refuses, pushing Sonya to the brink.
Part III 04x03
Ambrose heads to the mainland to learn more about Percy's past and uncovers dark family secrets.
Part II 04x02
A new suspect leads the investigation into an ongoing feud between the Lams and the Muldoons.
Part I 04x01
Ambrose visits the town of Clark Harbor for a getaway and finds himself at the centre of a tragedy.
Part VIII 03x08
Jamie seeks vengeance, putting him on a collision course with Ambrose.
Part VII 03x07
After a major turn in the case, Ambrose's tactics are scrutinized.
Part VI 03x06
Jamie pays Sonya a surprise visit; Ambrose goes to extreme lengths to get a confession.