'The Secret Life of Pets' follows Britain as a nation of animal lovers and poises the question how much do we really know about the lives our pets lead? Add to my shows

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Episode 8 01x08
A look at how pets settle into their new homes. With puppies, kittens and piglets that have been featured throughout the series moving into new homes. Plus a horse that has managed to work out how to escape from it's home.
Episode 7 01x07
A look at the unique personalities of pest across the country, looking at the idiosyncratic behaviour of various animals. A brave hamster attempts a daring stunt and a naughty puppy is sent to a training school. The show also explores the hidden intelligence of pets.
Episode 6 01x06
A look at pets wilder instincts, as no matter how domesticated animals are, they always have something fundamentally wild about them. The show follows six-week kittens as they begin to show their predatory instincts. Secret cameras pick up what a pomeranian gets up to when left alone and a counsellor hopes to get to the bottom of a feud between two rabbits.
Episode 5 01x05
A look at how pets communicate and what the noises they make actually mean. The show meets a super-intelligent parrot and looks at how a dog has changed the life of a young boy with autism.
Episode 4 01x04
This episode looks at how pets are family animals that need the company of others. It features dogs who miss their owners, and how puppies that play-fight will be more successful family pets in later life. Also featuring is a randy ferret called Mr. Peabody.
Episode 3 01x03
The show follows the abilities of pets to defend and protect. As we learn how a black Labrador helps a 6-year-old girl make the most of her life. The hidden cameras follows Ella as the post arrives and Noddy as she meets some neighbourhood rivals.
Episode 2 01x02
In the previous episode, a little of newborn kittens were featured. The kittens are now developing at different speeds however one of the kittens is beginning to struggle. A three-week-old puppies are taking their first steps.
Episode 1 01x01
This episode focuses on the birth of a new pet. The show follows three new litters of puppies, kittens and piglets who will be monitored throughout the series. Gypsy becomes an over-protective mother when she gives birth to her puppies. Pandy gives birth to four kittens and Kew anxiously awaits giving birth to her piglets, who are soon born and are fighting over her milk.

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