On the surface, The Royle Family appeared to be humdrum and low on incident - but such ordinary appearances belie the fact that it was a groundbreaking work of exceptional comedy invention. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Christening 03x06
The day of Baby David's christening has arrived. Everyone has gathered at the Royle house for the buffet Barbara has prepared, including Twiggy's new girlfriend, Michelle. Denise worries she has nothing to talk about with Baby David while Antony announces that he and Emma are getting married (leading Barbara and Jim to guess that Emma is pregnant).
Antony's Going to London 03x05
Antony announces that he and Darren, the managers of their band, are going to London to find a record deal. Jim continues to pour scorn on their plans, while Nana contributes £3 to their trip.
Elsie's Funeral 03x04
Nana's old neighbour, Elsie, has died and Nana and Barbara have just returned from the funeral. Jim becomes annoyed with Nana as she fluctuates between mourning and planning to pilfer in Elsie's flat.
Decorating 03x03
Jim and Twiggy decorate the dining area for Baby David's christening by scraping off the wallpaper. Dave is blackmailed into helping when he arrives. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Barbara is cooking bacon sandwiches for everyone whilst talking to Denise and Cheryl.
Babysitting Again 03x02
Baby David has stayed the night with Barbara and Jim so Denise and Dave could go to the pub for their anniversary. They arrive with hangovers. Meanwhile, Joe cut his hand while grating cheese for Cheryl.
Hello Baby Dave 03x01
Denise and Dave bring their newborn, Baby David, to visit his grandparents. Barbara is shocked that Denise is leaving all the work to Dave. Meanwhile, Antony brings Darren over, who was caught attempting to steal a fridge/freezer from his place of work.
Antony's Birthday 02x06
The Royles and all their friends gather at the house to celebrate Antony's 18th birthday. They are all nervous when they finally get to meet his girlfriend Emma.
Barbara's Finally Had Enough 02x05
Barbara cries to Denise that she is sick of Jim's laziness and lack of compassion while Jim complains to Dave that it's the menopause that's making Barbara act this way. After a while, Barbara storms out the house, but Jim does nothing and watches Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Dave and Denise. Barbara returns and Jim consoles her.
Nana Comes to Stay 02x04
Nana has had her cataract operation and is staying with the Royles. Jim is unwilling to hide his annoyance. Antony's band has split up.
Nana's Coming to Stay 02x03
Jim is annoyed when he learns that Barbara has invited Nana to come and stay after her cataract operation. Antony announces that he's become the manager of a band called 'Exit', which the family find hysterical (especially Jim).

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