Jarod is a Pretender - a genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to assume various identities at will, be it doctor, test pilot or lawyer. Taken from his parents at an early age, Jarod was brought up in the Centre, a think-tank facility where he believed his computer-like mind was being used to benefit mankind. But when he learned the simulations he solved were being sold to the highest-bidder no matter what their intent, Jarod escaped. Now on the run, Jarod embarks on a search for his true identity while also attempting to balance out any wrong his simulations have caused by helping people who are as powerless as he once was. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Inner Sense (2) 04x20
Facts become clearer concerning Ethan and Mr. Raines; Zoe is kidnapped.
The Inner Sense (1) 04x19
The fourth-season finale has Jarod being contacted by his father, who tells him where to locate his sister.
Corn Man A Comin 04x18
After buying a camcorder at a pawn shop, Jarod tries to find the mother and daughter on the tape, which ends with them in peril.
Meltdown 04x17
While Jarod plays gang member, attempting to find a little girl's killer, Miss Parker tries to learn about a project concerning her late mother.
School Daze 04x16
Jarod poses as a sixth-grade teacher to help a young murder witness; in another plotline, Miss Parker is reunited with a woman from her past.
Junk 04x15
Jarod poses as a drug addict to help a mother who was once addicted and is now in rehab, but doesn't understand how she got there.
The Agent of Year Zero 04x14
Jarod poses as a Government agent in order to help a visually impaired Cambodian woman who accidentally encounters the colonel responsible for the killing of her family.
Ghosts From the Past 04x13
While Jarod poses as a member of a racist group, Angelo is convinced that someone from Jarod's past is out to kill him.
Lifeline 04x12
Jarod becomes a bodyguard for a gunworks owner and his fiancée, who's hiding a couple of secrets.
Cold Dick 04x11
In the style of old detective movies, Jarod poses as a Las Vegas PI searching for a missing showgirl.

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