Reality series which follows a group of friends living their day-to-day lives in Essex. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 11 23x11
Episode 10 23x10
Kady's efforts at playing Cupid with Diags and childhood friend Jodie don't go to plan. Essex's most eligible bachelor Sam Mucklow seems to have a quandary on his hands, and Dan and Amber host a supper, but sparks fly over the guest list.
Episode 9 23x09
Diags is set for a date with Jodie but will his fear of rejection mean that he will scare easily or will he finally let his guard down?
Episode 8 23x08
Yaz returns after her time away, and both she and Lockie are on journeys of self-discovery in a bid to help their relationship. Dan is charged with finding Diags the perfect date in order to solve his loneliness. But will Diags get friend zoned? Meanwhile, Chloe is riddled with insecurities and tries to channel her inner diva to tackle her confidence problems.
Episode 7 23x07
The GC is deliriously happy and is in full nesting mode choosing furniture for the house of her dreams with Arg. Pete and Shelby's relationship has turned bitter since their break-up and she's been slating him behind his back. Meanwhile, Tommy continues to get the boys of Essex to bare all and tap into their emotional side.
Episode 6 23x06
Diags organises a trip to Newcastle, which Pete hopes will help Lockie to forget his relationship woes. Courtney and Shelby need the trip to take their minds off their exes.
Episode 5 23x05
Yaz and Lockie feel their increasing arguments have started to affect how they behave with their friends. Lockie admits that there is trouble in paradise, but how will Yaz react when she finds out that he's been having these conversations behind her back? Another warring duo that need to settle their beef is Sam and Pete. Will Pete sip his brave juice and issue an apology? At the Essex End of Summer Gala there's a surprise arrival who's set to turn a lot of heads, but who is this mystery guest?
Episode 4 23x04
Tensions are running high after power couples Lockie and Yaz and Dan and Amber had their run in at Essex-Fest. But it seems that the agg is spreading as Yaz has also managed to fall out with Courtney and Chloe Meadows. Yaz says she feels isolated, but after her outburst at the girls over the weekend, will they ever be able to forgive her low blows? Are Yaz's friendships repairable? And will she admit that she has problems with her anger?
Episode 3 23x03
Battles start to brew between Essex's biggest power couples as Yaz and Lockie clash with Dan and Amber. What will happen when the couples come face-to-face at Essex-fest, Essex's answer to Coachella. Meanwhile, Tommy tries new methods to keep his mental health in check.
Episode 2 23x02
The Essex power couples return home after an eventful time in Sardinia. But can Myles manage to smooth things over in Essex? Meanwhile Gemma is feeling renewed in energy and decides to focus on her business.

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